“Am I the weird one ?”

Just so you can understand the context: Zack can’t touch nor feel snowflakes because he is an enhanced with mako soldier, and since it was the first time he was seeing snow, he was wondering if snowflakes were always melting before touching everyone’s body. Cloud is very moved by the fact that, even if he isn’t showing it, Zack seems very sad to be different because his body changed when he became a SOLDIER. Having a super-builded body sure is a great thing but it can also be alienating.

I absolutely love how Muffy drew Zack’s face on the second picture. The first time I saw it, it was a strike to the heart. I was idolizing this doujinshika even more than I had been doing before. She portrayed so well the sadness and pain inside Zack’s heart by the way he is closing his eyes… This picture really broke my poor little heart, I feel so sad for Zack. Muffy can always get me all moved because I feel very close to her characters. Here, you just want to hug Zack and tell him that Cloud will always be there for him. ;_;

There is so much more than pain in this face, I can also see gratitude towards Cloud for trying to comfort him. I also like the way he is hiding the pain from Cloud by only making this face freely once hidden by his hair.

This is one of the numerous things why Zack (and Cloud but I’m talking about Zack here) is my absolute favorite character. He is all strong and protective, self-confident, nice, hyper, childish, over-enthusiastic but he also has his own suffering and he kept a kind of innocence that makes him an utterly, extremely adorable character. ♥

Yeah, I’m definitely in love with Zack, this doujinshi and the artist.  

Extract from : 06Carbon - THAW by Muffy (finalworld)

I just got “Stress” today. How long it took me to complete the “Age of Shin-Ra” series…
Okay, so this is me now :

Everything is from finalworld. Except the two books at the bottom of the first picture, on the left. They are Zack x Cloud Anthologies in which Muffy contributed with a story for each of them. If you wonder, I didn’t put the doujinshi at the top on the first picture in order of publication. The ones at the top are from the same series : “Age of Shin-Ra” or the “Atoms series”, as I like to call it. Therefore, I put them in the timeline order of the series.

What follows is a long personal speech about my love for finalworld and those doujinshi.

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