Yes and no.  I’ve become accustom to hearing people call me fat or analyze what I’m wearing or eating.  It’s something that up until recently I’ve become offended by it.  Now I sort of take it in stride because they don’t know me and they don’t know the hard work I’ve put in to look the way that I currently am.

Yes, I’m fat. Yes, I’m overweight.  Yes, I struggle to find clothes that I can look good in and feel comfortable in.  Yes, I still make some unhealthy food decisions.

But I’m doing something about it.  I know this. My family knows this. My close friends know this.  And you, my followers, know this.  

That is what matters.  To a complete stranger my life doesn’t matter.  They look for someone in the moment.  They don’t care that I’ve put in 10 long months of training, working out, eating better to weigh 35 pounds less than when I started.

The common person just doesn’t care.  I used to be that person, analyzing people around me.  Looking at a girl that was heavier than me and telling myself that it’s acceptable that I am that weight because at least there is someone out there heavier than me.  

I admit I still am that person sometimes, analyzing why someone who is obviously obese eats the way they do.  But then I think.  I’m overweight, and I eat that way sometimes.  Maybe they have lost weight and are having a cheat day.  Or maybe it is genetic.  Or maybe they just don’t care.

But it is their choice, their life.  And I say is if that’s how they want to live it, so then be it, that’s the way that they live it.  And I know that I’m living my life, whether it is as other people think it should be or how I live.  It is my life to live.


The final Ashra is upon us. It is the opportunity to beseech Allah the Almighty for freedom from hellfire.

The translation of the dua to be reciting is: “O Allah, protect us from the fire of hell”.