Mad love for #malakas. Simple care packages for my adings, GLils and GGbabies to ease the stress of finals! I love you all and goodluck! For the record, it took about 3 hours to personally deliver 23/24 care packages. Now let the studying begin #finalsgrind (at The Palace)
Urban Cone - Come Back To Me (Vicetone Remix) [Premiere]
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Day 73

Couple more days till the end of finals, we can do this!!!

More Vicetone! This remix of Urban Cone’s Come Back To Me gives the original indie rock song a more electronic feel, with the emphasis on the kick drum. I honestly don’t know how to categorize this but from youtube comments say indie dance (whereas Beatport just says Pop/Rock). I really like this song because it’s catchy yet it doesn’t have the super must-party feel that a lot of Vicetone songs give - given that they make progressive house song. It’s a good change of pace, and enjoy the music!