finals weeks for some of you

Had a bit of a frozen “there’s too much to do so I should just do none of it” moment over the last, er, few weeks, but I finally managed to push past it and catch up on all my job-application and paper-writing stuff tonight, and anyway, if you need this message right now, here it is: 

It’s not too late, you still have time, doing some is better than doing none, breathe deep, it’s gonna be okay, I’m rooting for you.

G’night, tumblr! <3

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Is it okay if we were to write Male reader x Negan for smut week? As a guy, I want more of them so I just wanted to see if others do too? Us guys fantasize about Negan too! 😂💕

Absolutely dear Nonnie!!!! OMG…where have you been all my life? I am so excited you found us!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Please join us! I cannot wait to read or see some hot Negan/Male action! And you can add more than fic… Art, aesthetics, all accepted!

Please tag @negansmutweek and #Negansmutweek17 #Negansmutweek

Also, so we can share your work beyond smut week @negans-network

I am a founding member of Negan’s Thirst Squad™ and we are so excited to finally have a male member! Tag #negan’s thirst squad

My only rule is all parties involved in sexual activity are of adult age.


Before I say goodnight, I feel terribly that I won’t be able to write for you guys for a few days; I’m studying for my finals, and my dad is off work this week so I’m going to be spending time with him. It’ll just be a few days and I’ll try my best to squeeze in some writing!!! Until then, here’s another general character blurb to get you to bed :)Also, I’m on mobile and the note and actual writing won’t separate so please bear with me!!! … … … … … … … … He smiled before he yawned, walking into the bright yellow kitchen of your shared flat, as he saw your back turned to him. He smelled pancakes - burning pancakes - and heard you singing your favorite song. Badly. He chuckled softly to himself, running a hand through his unkempt hair as he leaned on the doorframe, watching you ‘cook’. You hit a high note - tried, and failed to - and he laughed, louder than he had intended. You whipped your head around, smiling when you saw he was awake. “Didn’ know I was getting breakfast and a show, sweetheart,” he mumbled, grinning as he opened his arms to you. Walking into them, you giggled softly. “Only the best for my man,” you replied, kissing the skin closest to you. He chuckled, pressing his lips to the top of your head, smiling like an idiot. He’d never been so in love.

God said something to me last week and i’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you about it. it was kind of like this.

i sat in the quiet on my bed, finally breaking a long silence

“where are you?” i asked him. his response came right away, soft and low.

“right here.”

i thought for a moment.

“what’s standing between us, though?”

“nothing,” he said. gently. warmly.

“but why does everything feel so dark?” i asked. i felt the tears come, hot and stinging. i pushed them down, trying to be brave for some reason.

“you’re closing your eyes,” he said, with a little laugh in his voice.

and you guys, it was true. i was standing in the middle of the same light that caused Moses to cover his face, with my hands over my eyes asking God why it was so dark. like a kid playing peekaboo! we had a good long laugh about that. i don’t know if i can truly translate the joke, but me and god laughed for a long time.

there is no dark corner to hide in, there is no wilderness to enter alone. in the valley, he’s there. in the desert, he’s there. i’m not turned away, he’s all around


Exciting day for Lot 9!  (That’s my lot, in case you were wondering–lol!)  Got a working heat pump, all the vinyl flooring installed, and the interior door delivery came (finally!  3 weeks late!).  Now that the floors are in, cabinets are set to be installed on Friday.  This is all very exciting for me.  LOL!  (I know, that door picture is pathetic, sorry.  But you know what doors look like, I assume.)

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Have you got any plans of doing tolder cc?

Heya! Yes, I’m planning to do some toddler CC in the future, but as I mentioned before I have finals this week, and I didn’t touch my game for almost two weeks, it’s not even updated to toddlers yet. But yes, I’d like to make some CC to them, tho’ I might wait a bit, seeing this many issues the new update does and the lack of properly updated S4S. :)

Saki Nikiforova // 17 // 1,64 m // Demisexual // Daughter of Victor Nikiforov & Yuuri Katsuki

Igor Nikiforov - Saki Nikiforova - Arina Plisetskaya - Aiden Plisetsky - Eva Babicheva - Daniel de la Iglesia - Yue Far de la Iglesia - Nina Popovich - Niran Chulanont - Seline Giacometti - Noemi Giacometti - Ethan Leroy - Luca Crispino - Haru Kenjirou - Seo-Hyeon Lee - Ji-Hu Lee

Moodboard for @gittana‘s Yuri on Ice Lovechild AU

Hello my lovely new followers! I’ve gotten so many of you last weeks! And as I don’t have time to draw anything for you guys (cos final exams), enjoy this little sketchy doodle I did for @sunaoteam (my best pal, check her blog out, she is deep in the otayuri hell) cos she wanted some Otayuri/uniforms (btw it was incredibly hard to choose pretty uniforms for them… Otabek is wearing some random Kazakhstan army uniform that I was unable to identify, while Yurio is sporting some russian marine uniform and stylish AK-47). 

Gonna finish it soon, hopefully :/ 

Sending positive vibes to all the anxiety-ridden, school-going, finals-week-surviving people that are currently reading this. Know that you’re resilient, you’re full of strength, and you’re much smarter than you think you are. Though it seems like a never-ending timeline consisting of final exams and projects, remember that you will get through this stressful little chapter. Just keep holdin’ on. It’s simply a matter of time.

Lastly, remember to take some time for yourself these next couple weeks to practice self-care (working out, re-filling your medication, taking mental and physical breaks to relax, and filling your mind with positive ideas and reinforcing affirmations.) 

You’ve got this. 

*raises cup of coffee in the air*

Here’s to you, my friends. 


Reminiscence- Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 29

Beginning: Pg. 1

Previous: Pg. 28

Next: Pg. 30

Sans is officially a Royal Sentry!  But it seems that Gaster may still be holding back some secrets… What does the Royal Scientist have to hide?

I hope you all enjoy the new page! With finals coming right around the corner I might not have a new page ready until the third week in December… But I’ll keep you all updated. Thanks for your patience. AND BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR A SPECIAL REMINISCENCE ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON!  

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ahh i have some exciting news !!! im finally able to sell these hand painted journals for yall!!! they are $20 each and $25 if you would like something custom :) also shipping is free!! since theyre hand painted and hand shipped by me please know that they might take a week or a little more to send out to you :D if you would like one feel free to message me!! thank you!!

Before the Finale (Thoughts on the YOI Fandom)

Tomorrow afternoon we come to the end of probably the most amazing twelve weeks of my fandom existence. This has been the wildest ride imaginable, and to be honest, I still can’t believe that what started as a shitty sideblog for this GAY ice skating anime has turned into over 12K followers. 12K AMAZING FOLLOWERS, in a fandom that grew overnight into something beautiful and fulfilling. I have some things to say to all of you before this final episode airs, so please bear with me as I sob through this note…

This is a shout out to all the gif makers, because without you we wouldn’t have all these beautiful screencaps of the show. You’re the backbone of this fandom, and without you, we’d be nothing. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to all the amazing artists, because without you the fandom would be a less vibrant and colorful. From all the sketches to the comics to the high res portraits (and everything in between), sweet and G-Rated to the full-on SIN, you help us fulfill our dreams with color and images of those in-between moments. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to all the meta writers, because without you this fandom would fall into panic and disarray as we try to sort through our feelings post-ep. You help us discover our own truths to the show and help our head canons grow. You’ve all been exceptional, and I’ve loved reading them all! Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to all the fic writers, because you keep the episodes going. You fuel our imaginations and fill in those details between the scenes and episodes. You thrill us and you fulfill us with the most tooth-rotting fluff to the dirtiest smut, and we love you for it. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to the yoi blogs, who keep this fandom running. You’ve all been inspirations to me, and the amount of content is insane. You’re all amazing, funny, and wonderful. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to you, the fans, because this fandom is everything. All of us have come together to become part of something so astounding, something that is making history, trending every week, and bringing more and more people into this fantastic show. We don’t have ship wars, we have spelling wars, and that’s pretty surprising considering how we all just go with it. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your likes and reblogs and the messages and love. Thank you for being here, right now, at this moment, as we go into the final episode. We’re here for you. We’re going to be crying with you, and I hope beyond hope, that this fandom continues as strong as we are now as we move into the black abyss that is post-finale. I love you all.

Lastly, here’s a shout out to Kubo sensei and everyone at Mappa. You did so very good.

Here’s some tissues and a blankie. We’re all going to need them.

Sleepy Confessions

Summary: While talking in your sleep, you admit something to Steve that takes him off guard (Modern AU). 

Word Count: 1,330

A/N: Here’s a fluffy Steve/Reader fic. Enjoy :)

Originally posted by blackiekhalifa

Rubbing your eyes, you stumbled into the living room as you took a seat on the couch, nuzzling against Steve as he watched a movie. During the past couple of days, you’ve been staying up late to study for exams and finish countless projects that were due on finals week. While you managed to survive through the craziness, you were severely sleep-deprived and relied on coffee to stay awake.

A smile played on Steve’s features while he gazed at you, his arm casually draped around your waist. “Shouldn’t you be in bed?” You answered him with a yawn as he chuckled, trying to get you on your feet. “Come on, you need some rest.”

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