finals time!

you ever think about how super powers may be real? Not like flight or teleportation or super speed, but little powers that we don’t really notice

Like the ability to always guess something correctly, or for some reason animals aren’t as prone to being skittish around you. Or maybe you didn’t study for that test, but as soon as you sit down to take it, you know how to solve every problem

Idk. Sometimes i think about that


I’m sure this happened but they didn’t put it on the episode. Right? Just kidding, but I wish 😃


So I’ve finally had the time to watch the episode and I’d come up with this gifset. I hope you like it ^^


This Friday I’ll be giving away an Episode Gladiolus/Noctis and Luna poster for my Tumblr followers. On Saturday I’ll be giving away another one for followers on my Twitter: @VerryFinny. So be ready if you’re interested!

I am so grateful 😭👩🏽‍⚕️

Offered a spot on the alpha phi honors society, got offered a position in the Student Nurses Apprentice program at a very amazing hospital , good grades coming in (time to kill these finals), Got elected Vice President of the Student Nurses Association all while bringing in year number 2 with my newly turned 2 year old 💜AND @dagenl literally just keeps reminding me why we’ve been friends almost 9 years 😩💜


I finally found time to give makeovers to these two. They belong to gen 4 of Rose Legacy, in fact. Barbara Locke is daughter of Jasper and Marissa. Evelyn Rose is daughter of Abbey and someone I don’t remember because he’s just a random townie whose genes weren’t strong enough to mess her up anyway. :D Oh god I didn’t intend this to sound so mean. And yet…oh well.

I have taken Story Progression mod out of my game a few months ago. I don’t remember why but I’m considering putting it back just so I could get more spares’ kids to make over. Nothing is really happening in the town without it :/

I don’t have to pay so I could cancel taxes with my dad tonight and fold after the deadline, but I am going to be an adulty adult and get it done. Well. Mostly an adulty adult.