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Warning!!!! This post is long AF but my love for Christian can’t be contained so what better way to let it out than on his birthday 😊. I dug up all these old photo’s and screenshots that i have had saved for ages just for this post.There’s a little surprise at the end so please read all of it…. 

 First of all happy birthday to Christian Yu, 27 years old this year. I feel kinda emotional to know that I have been supporting him since his B.Boy B.Yu days and have continued to watch him grow and develop himself into the amazing and talented man he is today. Being an amazing dancer, rapper and leader for C-Clown we got to see his caring and playful side more than ever through the CTC series, Pops in Seoul, D-Style, Idol School, Gurupop etc. Although Christian is a positive and happy guy there are some perfectly justifiable moments at which he has had to set haters straight and i rate him for it because - in now way was he the reason for C-Clown’s disbandment. After C-Clown we got to see more of Christian’s skills and talents through his directing and this has been great because anybody who is a true supporter will know how emotive and passionate he is when talking about directing and editing. This post is basically just me expressing my love for the man that i have become so infatuated with over the years. 

 Let’s start from the beginning with baby Barom

So cute❤

Then he met Dabin as B-Boy B-Yu and they became brothers.

Yaaaas Dabin has always been Cute Af, don’t forget guys Dabin can dance too.

Then to his C-Clown debut and Disbandment 




JUSTICE ERA (idk why these are blurry)

and finally, LET’S LOVE ERA

Let me tell ya, this guy went from sweet, to cute to sexy. I fell for him even more when he got braces because he just looked so adorable.

and here you can see his Visual director skills come into play with the CrownTheClown series with his band members. Which then lead to him becoming the man we all love and know today, The Founder and Visual Director of DPR. Working with artists like Song Mino, Ikon’s Bobby, Taeyang, Owol, Fx Amber, Jay Park and Loco, Crush, Dean, and hopefully much more in the future, like that collab with Tiger Jk, etc.

but he still remains the same brother and mama’s boy…..

Now it’s time for a Christian spam

also I just want to add this in too, because dabin is such a cutie, and these pictures are a lost treasure that I forgot I had saved.

look at this precious little bean that everyone now knows as Live.

Request! Raphael x Reader.

It wasn’t always easy being a ninja turtle, not by a long shot.
Raphael and his family were in a constant battle, always looking over thier shoulders and watching each other’s backs. It could be crazy. It could be stressful.
And Raphael had the horrible habit of pushing people away when he was stressed out. It wasn’t to be cold or cruel or anything, it was to be kind.
Raph knew himself well, he knew his temper. He knew how vicious and scary it could be. So, to keep himself in control and to keep everyone happy, he closed himself off. He pushed them away.,
But when you have a girlfriend…probably not the best idea.
Y/N wasn’t sure what in the world was going on with Raphael, how could she? He wouldn’t even look at her. He gave one words growls in reply and practically ran out of the room whenever she came around.
She racked her brain for everything that had happened recently, trying to come up with something she had said or did, something that could have upset him. But for the life of her, she couldn’t figure it out…honestly, it wasn’t easy loving a ninja turtles.
But Y/N L/N had never been one to give up and she had a plan! The Godzilla marathon was playing in a couple of nights and she could come on over (Raphael had already asked her a week ago, practically crying with excitement), maybe bring take out from that Japanese restaurant that Raph liked.
Even with that in mind, she kept trying to cheer the turtle up and figure out what was wrong…if it didn’t work (and it didn’t), she still had the marathon.
Godzilla may wreck Japan in a daily basis but he might just save her relationship.
A couple days later, nothing had changed.
Raphael was still quiet and closed off and Y/N was about ready to cry. But she was still going to try!
The Lair was quiet whe, she showed up, the turtles all off doing thier own things. Y/N placed the food in the kitchen and wandered off to find her boyfriend.
She found herself walking towards the training room and, when she got close, she heard it. Blows landing on some poor punching bag (you had to feel bad for anything that got knocked around by a ninja turtle everyday) and Raphael’s low, quick breathes.
Y/N pauses before opening the door, hoping to find him in a better mood. Instead, she found him bearing the stuffing out of a red, patched up punching bag. Hard punches, powerful kicks,and each blow getting harder and meaner.
“Yeah?” He muttered.
“I thought you wanted to watch that Godzilla thing. Remember?”
He paused and Y/N noticed a slight smile, a little spark of happiness in his eyes. Then it fell and he gave another quick kick.
“Maybe later.”
Two words. Great.
Y/N didn’t want to deal with this anymore, she didn’t want to try. But she did want the last word.
“That’s fine. And, you know, when you actually decide to stop being such an ass, come in find me, ‘kay?”
She whirled around, determined not to let the turtle see the tears that were about to spill over. Storming her way to the door was easy, out racing a ninja wasn’t.
Raphael caught up with her in a second.
She spun around, confronting him.
“What? What now, Raphael?”
“Just wait a second-”
“A second! I’ve been waiting all week for-for a smile or a laugh or some sign that I don’t repulse you! And all I’ve gotten is the cold shoulder and wasted time.”
She was crying now, almost sobbing, and the sight killed Raph. He had avoided Y/N so he wouldn’t hurt her and look how well that had turned up.
“Babe, come on, it ain’t you…”
“Then what is it?!” She cried, covering her face with her hands.
He reached out, pushing her hands away. His green fingers wiped away her tears.
“I just…I just wanted some space. It was all stressed out and angry and-and I didn’t wanna snap.”
“Then say that! You can tell me that, Raph, I don’t mind.”
“I know, babe, I’m sorry.”
Y/N sobbed a little, her shoulders shaking. Damn, Raph could have a good cry right now himself.
“Come on, now…Y/N.”
“I’m fine, Raph, I’m just gonna-”
“Stay here, stay the night. We’ll get somethin’ to eat and we’ll watch TV until we fall asleep and then ya can go home tomorrow. Please, tiger?”
“…Okay. Yeah, okay.”
It wasn’t much.
You made up (you always did) and kissed (like, a ton) and watched Godzilla and finally fell asleep. His strong arms wrapped around you, holding you tight.
It wasn’t always dating a ninja turtle…but it was always worth it.


            TIGER & BUNNY :   THE RISING
                       ↘     ///    promo trailer.

Some gift art for awesome artist, Tamyra at nicoleships.

Was hoping I’d see her draw Nichole again cosplaying as Dagger/Garnet from Final Fantasy 9, one of these days. Sadly, it did not come to pass…. so I took it upon myself to show off Nichole’s cosplaying “assets”…. eheh…  

Go check her stuff out. Tell her I sent ya. :)