finals snacks

Ooh, yes! Freddy’s got the bad guy frozen with a magnet!

Now, the gang can go grab the final Scooby Snacks and escape this virtual world.

Go get them, Scoob! 

I mean, the movie reiterated mere minutes ago that – to the digital people – magnets cause:

1. Immobility

2. Complete helplessness

3. Total lack of awareness

4. Temporary memory loss

So, you’re perfectly safe, Scooby!

…oh, no, silly, no need to be sneaky. Just run up there and grab them, this is everyone’s big chance!

…no, seriously, the bad guy can’t do anything. At all. You know he can’t see you, or react to your movement. You, or any of the rest of the gang, can walk straight past him.

…look, Scoob, just go up there already, please? There’s no reason to risk wasting time, all you need to do is go forward. Why isn’t anyone else trying to–

…oh, come on, now.

Y’know, actually, you could just walk around the side of the room to get to the Scooby Snacks, if you wanted. Or maybe even run, seeing as your lives are in danger and all.

Honestly, this could have been over in 4 seconds, had you not decided to slink around the random gray balls at Freddy’s feet.

or if the rest of the gang had just walked over there themselves during this copious amount of time. C’mon, lend the dog a hand! Your survival kinda depends on it.

…oh, goody, and now the gray balls randomly turn into yellow/green balls, because logic.

…oh, double goody, Fred also decided to get in unnecessarily close to the bad guy, and not watch where he’s going!

Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen.




Look… I’m not expecting a masterpiece of a script from Scooby-Doo, here, but when your heroes need to have a auto-win situation foiled by an intricately-choreographed series of bad decisions… maaaybe you ought to re-write the scene.

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how much shit do you think has gone down when noctis was sleeping that he doesn't know about

ohhhhh anon bless ur soul here we go

  • you can’t tell me that gladio and prom haven’t waited for noct to fall asleep and then tried to see how much shit they could stack on him without waking him up
  • the second noctis falls asleep prompto just starts putting various snacks on his torso 
  • gladio looks up a few minutes later and just dies 
  • “prompto what the fuck”
  • shh don’t wake him up
  • gladio refrains from mentioning that he’s fairly certain noct could sleep through a battle with a behemoth and just stays completely silent for a good two minutes before he just walks away
  • prompto is kinda worried for a minute because gladio looked really menacing what’s he gonna d o 
  • he’s back in like two seconds flat with a fuckton of ramen 
  • he always has at least five cups with him at all times
  • he sits down across from prompto and starts making a ramen tower on noctis’ chest and it’s pretty damn impressive
  • meanwhile noctis is sprawled out on his back - now with a bonus of food obscuring every inch of his chest
  • gladio isn’t sure why he’s doing this but he sure as hell isn’t going to stop now 
  • they finally run out of snacks so they just add random items where needed
  • hey prom hand me that flower” 
  • the focus rapidly shifts to ‘lets see how many flowers we can put in his hair before he wakes up’
  • ignis gets back and noctis has a pile of ramen cups on his chest and half of their supplies covering the rest of his body
  • and a flower crown?? he has to admit that’s kind of cute but he can’t for the life of him figure out why there’s so much food
  • and is that a chocobo plush??
  • prompto is just taking selfies with him while gladio tries not to laugh 
  • they both freeze up when ignis gets there because oh shit he’s gonna give us another lecture 
  • but ignis just smirks and takes off his glasses and no one has any idea what’s going on until he leans down and puts them on noctis the best he can when everything is fucking blurr y
  • prom starts laughing so hard he’s almost in tears because oh gods it’s a masterpiece 
  • they all just stare at noctis for a minute because what the fuck they just covered the prince in food
  • noctis sneezes and everything just falls 
  • they hear a vague “,,what the shi t” and prompto fuckin bolts
  • noctis just sits there in a pile of food and flowers and is entirely too confused for someone who just woke up
  • he learned a very valuable lesson that day: don’t fall asleep when everyone else is awake
  • (spoiler alert: he does anyway, and it goes about as well as you’d expect)

bonus: part 2

Why snack?

We all know that, to keep our brains running smoothly, we need to fuel them appropriately with a balanced diet. This is specially important during exams or other stress periods, because mental work burns more calories than sometimes we realize.

One easy and effective way to get that extra energy our brains need are snacks. When used in conjunction with an already good diet, they can give a much needed boost to your memory, attention, comprehension…

When to snack?

I’ve found the best time to go for a little snack is during studying breaks. I use the pomodoro technique, so every 25 minutes I’ll have a little break, and that’s when I do my snacking. Not every break has to be a snack-break, of course!

If I am cramming, I find eating while studying also works, but it is messier and can interrupt your focus. So try your best to plan little breaks at set intervals!

How to snack?

Eat small things, both in portion and in size. Finger foods are much better than stuff you need utensils for. Bite sized foods work best and are generally less messy. Small portions mean you get energy as you need it, and that you won’t overeat or force your body to do a heavy digestion while studying (trust me, you don’t want that! You want all the energy going to your brain and not your guts!).

What to snack?

Here’s where many people get stuck, but truth is possibilities are endless. I advise against junk food, but even that is better (in moderation, of course!) than having nothing at all. It is a good idea to plan ahead what you will be eating and snacking that week: this way you can make sure you choose a variety of foods with good nutritional values, and your choices are wiser.

Some ideas:

  • Drinks
    • Fruit smoothies (a favorite here is frozen strawberries, banana & cinnamon)
    • Tea (any type, hot or iced)
    • A small cup of hot chocolate
    • Orange juice
  • Fruit and vegs
    • Grapes
    • Berries (I’m a fan of blueberries, but to each their own!)
    • Carrot, green pepper and/or celery sticks
    • Hummus (pair it up with the vegetable sticks and it’s yummy!)
    • Guacamole (it can work as a dip, too!)
    • Clementine wedges
    • An apple
    • A banana
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Pickles
  • Carbs
    • Oat cookies
    • Bread sticks
    • A good old sandwich (this one is too much for me, but it’s good for longer breaks)
    • Hard pretzels or pretzel rods
    • Dark chocolate (but do not overdo this one!)
    • Popcorn (same here!)
    • M&Ms (or similar, but in moderation)
    • Granola bars
  • Fats and Proteins
    • Nuts (I’m specially a fan of walnuts, but any one goes!)
    • Olives (pitless)
    • Cheese (wedges, mini cheese balls, diced…)
    • Yogurt
    • A hard boiled egg
    • Cold meats (diced, rolled up slices…)

The list, honestly, is endless, as are the benefits of regular and healthy snacking for students like you and me.

ETA: Adding more snack ideas as I come up with them. Feel free to share yours!

(Note of the Author: Please forgive any mistakes I may have made. English is my third language and sometimes I get brain-hiccups while writing long things!)

Peppered Kisses

Characters: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff (so much fluff I’m drowning in it)
Word count: 1598 words
Requested by anon

A/N: Finally, Admin Caramel’s first scenario on this blog! I took a break in-between revision and just wanted to write this request (cuz I’m a sucker for fluff)

We will get to the other requests eventually, but it won’t be soon as we’re busy with school and life (Admin Dumpling and I are about to do our exams) - Admin Caramel

It was late at night and you were seated on the couch with a book in your hand, curled up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate on the coffee table. You heard the door opening, but paid no attention to it, too engrossed in the plot to allow any distractions. It is only when you felt a heavy weight land on the couch did you finally look up.

You see Jimin sprawled across the entirety of the couch, with his head on your lap, looking up at you with tired eyes.

“Hey,” he tiredly greeted you. You noticed his hair was slightly damp with sweat, his shirt soaked from the intense dance practice they just had.

“Ew, get off of me Jimin,” you shrieked, not wanting to dirty the blankets or yourself.

“You stink,” you continued, attempting to push him off your lap and the couch. But to your dismay, his dead weight refused to budge no matter how hard you tried to push him. Seeing that your efforts were futile, he simply whined and latched onto you, burrowing himself in to your stomach.

You giggled at the ticklish feeling, and once again tried to push him off. He only latched tighter onto you, unwilling to let you go.

“Come on, let me go and I’ll draw you a bath,” you suggested with a smile on your face at his antics. It was only then was he willing to let you go,  but not without making you promise to cuddle with him after his bath.

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Road Trip || Jocks + Alex

Originally posted by sifresiniunutandavinci

Pairing/s: Zach Dempsey x Reader (Platonic) , Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader (Platonic) , Jeff Atkins x Reader (Platonic), Justin Foley x Alex Standall 

Fandom: 13 Reasons Why

Request:  Is there any way you could do an imagine that goes along with the request you got: “Could you do headcanons for a roadtrip with reader and the boys (justin, zach, monty, jeff etc.)” that you did? I hope this makes sense..

Author’s Note: It’s not really an imagine, it’s just little moments based on some of the headcanons I posted. Also, just so you know what the car looks like, imagine the car from paper towns, when they go on that roadtrip (if you haven’t seen it you should). 

L/M means Landmark

Y/N/N means Your Nickname

S/N means Song Name

And, I’m sorry, all my followers that don’t like Justin/Alex, but there’s a bit of them in here. 

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Two Men, Three Angels, And A Baby, part 6

Part 5

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Lucifer’s announcement weighed on Sam’s mind, but he kept it to himself. He spent long nights continually searching for a cure, looking at the same sites and books that he’d already trekked through.

Time continued to pass and soon, the air turned crisp and the nights grew spooky. You’d always liked Halloween, and Sam wanted to celebrate the holiday with you, even if you were a baby.

One day, he walked in to find you and Dean in the living room. You were standing on his lap, your fingers gripped tightly around two of his.

“Look, Sammy! She’s weight-bearing now.”

“Look at you, Y/N!” Sam said with a smile, earning a giggle from you. He sat down next to his brother, finally noting what was on the TV. “Dude, what the hell are you watching?”

Friday the 13th. It’s some awful remake, but Y/N seems to really fancy that one guy.”

“Dean, she’s going to have nightmares!”

“Calm down, Sam. Y/N loved horror movies when she was normal. Why would that change now?”

Sam kept his mouth shut. He didn’t want to worry his brother.


Sam smiled and reached over, carefully taking you from Dean. “So, you can stand now, huh? Do you think you can walk?”


Sam carefully stood you on the floor, his fingers in your grasp. He stood, bent over; he realized how much taller he was than you. Slowly, Sam helped you take a few steps, earning another giggle from you.

Sam heard a click behind him. Turning, he saw Dean holding his phone up. “Dean, what are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Dean said, sliding the phone back in his pocket. “Definitely not getting blackmail photos.”

Sam scowled but felt himself being pulled away as you continued to try and walk.

“Hey! Go grab me a beer while you’re up.”

You were able to make a teetering way out of the room, but Sam’s back began to ache slightly. He swooped you up, which made you giggle, and made his way into the kitchen. He grabbed a beer for Dean and one for himself.

“Are you hungry, Y/N? You want a snack?”


Sam opened the cabinet and let you examine the snacks, finally pulling the package of Goldfish out when you pointed at it. He handed it to you, watching as you tried to unfurl the top, as he filled your bottle with water.

“Sammy! Just the man I was looking for.”

“Gabriel? What are you doing here? Have you finally found the cure?”

“Not yet, but we’re looking. Promise. But I do have a question for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Ahh!” You shook the package of crackers, still unable to open it.

Gabriel smiled and took the package from you, easily opening it and shaking a few of the fish into his palm. He held it out to you and you carefully took one, slipping it (and your fingers) into your mouth. “I was wondering what your plans for Halloween were.”

“Uh, I hadn’t really thought through that.”

“You taking Y/N out to trick-or-treat?”

Sam looked down at you. “Well, she might actually like that…”

“Of course she will! Kids love candy and dressing up. So, what’s her costume gonna be?”

“I… I don’t know, Gabriel. I’ll probably pick up some princess dress or something.”

“That’s no fun! And we’re not gonna rake in beaucoup candy if we can’t all coordinate.”

“Coordinate? All? What–”

“You don’t honestly think we’re going to miss her first Halloween, do you?”

“It’s not her first,” Sam pointed out. “And who’s ‘we’?”

“Me, Luci, and Cas, of course.”

“You… want to go trick-or-treating with us?”

“Duh. Well, I don’t know if Luci wants to, but he will. But we’ve got to go as a group, costume-wise.” Gabriel studied you and Sam. “Hmmm… you said you’re gonna dress her up as a princess?”

“I don’t know, Gabriel.”

“I can work with that.” Gabriel smirked up at Sam. “Has anyone ever told you you look like a young Judd Nelson?”


“I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“Shut up, Dean. It’s just one night.”

“But… look at this.”

Sam tried to hide his smirk as he looked at Dean in the blue tanktop. “I don’t see a problem with it.”

“Don’t give me that. Your costume is basically normal clothes!”

Sam had to admit, he’d lucked out. Gabriel’s costume for him was just a long-sleeved white shirt, covered with a red flannel, matched with jeans and boots. Sure, there were fingerless gloves and a bandana around the ankle, but Sam didn’t mind.


“Oh, you’re just loving this, too, aren’t you?” Dean asked, picking you up from the crib. He would never admit it out loud, but he thought you looked pretty cute in your sparkly pink dress.

“Come on, Mr. Jock. We’re supposed to meet the angels in ten minutes.”


Dean parked the Impala and got out, unbuckling you from the car seat. Sam buckled the baby carrier over his shoulders, tugging on it to make sure it was secure. Then he took you from Dean and slipped you inside.

“There you are.”

The Winchesters turned, finding the angels behind them. Dean started to laugh but covered it with a cough.

“I don’t understand why I’m dressed like this,” Cas said, fingers brushing aside part of the dark wig. He was dressed in all black, looking very confused indeed.

“I hate you,” Lucifer said to Gabriel. He was dressed in jeans and a green sweater.

“Come on! This is the best group costume ever!” Gabriel was dressed in his janitor’s jumpsuit from the first encounter he’d had with Dean. “Everyone loves The Breakfast Club.”

“Ah!” You kicked your legs out, intrigued by how it felt to be held up on Sam’s chest, but still have your limbs free.

“That’s right!” Gabriel said with a laugh. He handed you a small pumpkin bucket. “You ready to go get alllll the candy because you’re just the cutest member of the best 80s movie?”

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can you do the deku unplanned pregnancy thing, but for bakugou and todoroki? Like them and their s/o are still in school (18 obv) and they didnt plan it at all

I hope you mean headcanons because that’s what I did for Deku (here)

  • If we’re being honest, Bakugou isn’t happy about it
    • He’s pissed at himself for probably forgetting a condom
    • He’s pissed at you for not keeping up with your birth control
    • He’s just angry at the situation … he’s not ready to be a father
  • The unexpected pregnancy will put a strain on your relationship, but Bakugou would never abandon you, and he isn’t planning on doing so. 
  • Bakugou takes a while to warm up to the situation.
    • He still loves you, but he needs time to process the magnitude of the situation, so he might shut himself off for a few days. 
  • He becomes intensely protective of you
    • You cannot go anywhere without him. Don’t even try it.
  • Bakugou acts like he hasn’t read every single book on pregnancy, but you know better.
    • “Oi, dumbass, stop that. It’s bad for the baby.” / “Oh, yeah? Where’d you hear that?” / “I fucking read i—”
  • Just during your pregnancy, Bakugou has read enough pregnancy and gynecology books to a gynecologist for you.  
    • “That shitty-ass doctor doesn’t know anything.” / “You think?” / “That dumbass isn’t taking your nausea seriously enough. He didn’t run a single fucking test. Negligent prick. It could be nothing, but it could be something serious. We’re changing doctors.”
  • The best thing out of your pregnancy (besides his kid, of course) is your wild sex-drive. Bakugou will never complain when you jump his bones as soon as he walks through the door. 

  • Todoroki takes it better than you’d expect
    • Both of you are still young and still in school, 
    • He’s shocked but he’s glad it’s with you.
  • Todoroki is really on top of things
    • He likes to schedule the doctor’s appointments, drive you there, ask questions, read books about pregnancy
    • Whenever the two of you are home together, he stays in the same room as you, keeping an eye on you 
    • Todoroki also has come to enjoy making you snacks. He’s finally got the ratio of hot sauce to icecream just right (don’t ask).
  • He is a bit awkward around you at first. His touches are hesitant. He would be devastated if he accidentally hurt your or his child. 
  • Todoroki refuses to touch your stomach with his left hand.
    • It takes a lot of calm and patient coaching to get him over his fear, but he eventually comes around
  • Now he can’t keep his hands off you
    • He loves the feeling of your round stomach underneath his fingertips. 

when you come back after an hour-long break and the report hasn’t written itself yet