finals problems

I want to write probably a million pages of meta because I’ve now spent two months thinking everything through and it’s like it’s starting to make sense to me and I want to share that, but guess whose real life insists on intruding upon my quality time with Sherlock and John.

For now though, just…

I’m on TV. I’m on kids’ TV. I’m The Storyteller. I’m … I’m The Storyteller. It’s on DVD…

(Literally on DVD)

I know you two. And if I’m gone, I know what you could become, because I know who you really are: a junky who solves crimes to get high, and the doctor who never came home from the war.

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something I really want to know now it’s not if skaikru will FINALLY include Murphy and Emori in their group but who Murphy and Emori will include in their team.  

I mean, for now, the skaikrus are okay with them even if we know they weren’t very okay with Murphy in S1 and 2. But thanks to Abby, they are finally accepted.. The only problem is Murphy and Emori don’t trust many people because of their past.. They know how people are. Even if Murphy respectes a lot Raven, he knows she is capable to give him to grounders or to an other clan if she needs too.. Emori?? We saw in “Gimme Shelter” she will need time to trust them. Like Luisa said, she didn’t have the book to “how living in peace in society” while Murphy had the volume 1. 

Also, I love they way they are standing away from the main group. They aren’t a part of them in this episode. They have the same position and it’s also a great reference to their scene in the 403 when Murphy told to Emori he began to manipulate Abby. They’re doing that to survive, that doesn’t mean they hate the skaikru.. It’s just, they don’t trust them.

This is the part they didn’t show you in The Final Problem.

That rope was for Sherlock to climb down into the well to John. John had been struggling to keep his head clear of the water for a good while, and he was getting exhausted; hypothermia starting to set in. It was going to be another 10 minutes or so before the police arrived to unchain John and get all of them out of there, but that could seem an endless and fatal time for a fatigued man barely able to get a gasp of air. 

Sherlock was quite a bit taller than John, so he took it upon himself to clamber down into the well and take on John’s weight so his friend could rest. How overwhelmed with relief he must be to be able to finally save his best friend from that cursed well. At this moment, it’s just the two of them, nothing else and no one else mattered.

(Discontinuity Error: I forgot to add the skull and some bones; I might add them later but who knows)


Nothing more than a distraction, a little scrap of ordinariness for you to impress, to dazzle with your cleverness. You’ll find another.

This was so painful to watch, because I got the sense that John really did believe Mycroft’s every word. If you assume that this was all happening in John’s head, you realize that this is how he sees himself, this is what he’s afraid of, and it gets even more heartbreaking.

“This is your heart”

“And you should never let it rule your head”

“You could have chosen any random number and walked out of here today with everything you’ve worked for”

“But you just couldn’t resist it, could you?”

“I’ve always assumed that love was a dangerous disadvantage”

“Thank you for the final proof.”

  • BBC: "And then, Mycroft's umbrella turned into a sword! And then a gun! And then a drone grenade propelled Sherlock through a second-story window unharmed! And then there's an island in the middle of the ocean that holds a Hannibal Lector woman with magic powers of mind control! And then Sherlock gets teleported back to his old mansion! And then Sherlock learns the power of love from his psychotic killer sister."
  • Us: "..."
  • Us: "..."
  • BBC: "We're very proud of this show."
  • Us: "..."
  • Us: "..."
  • Us: "Yeah, so Sherlock and John are in love."
  • BBC: "Now that's just crazy."