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Anyone who’s still up (or sees this in the morning) (especially my gdes peeps, but also anyone who wants to give input), what are your thoughts on this poster? Mostly, how do you feel about the placement of the words “is the most stimulating force in unleashing the”?  Thanks? 

I finally saw Thor: Ragnarok last night and it was just as glorious as I hoped it would be. I know I’ve ended up deep in the Captain America rabbit hole, but it sure was nice to get back to my MCU roots. 

Priorities during finals week

Good Luck to all the baby nurses and nurse practitioners studying your gluteus maximus off during finals week!!! 

I am sending good vibes your way!!

Send back some good vibes for this final final I have of this semester!

:)  !!

Nurse on! 

Student Lyfe #19283749

Finally got my visa extension today!

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….which also serves as a friendly reminder that I really have to start doing the master thesis because I only got time until 31 March 2018….

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…then back to Indonesia for good!

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