(image credit) due to 8tracks’ limited availability to the US and Canada, i’ve had to make the switch from 8tracks to Spotify and i could not have regret it in the slightest. thus, i’d like to share with you the greatest benefits i’ve come across during this exam season ~ enjoy!

  • the theory of everything soundtrack: lifechanging. this is omnipotent for any subject, for any situation - complete with instrumentals for any mood. +check out “cambridge, 1963″, “rowing” and “the wedding”.
  • kill your darlings soundtrack: much like the “theory of everything” soundtrack, it is so reminiscent of soothing and motivational atmospheres. throws you into a world of romanticised poets of the 1940′s. +check out “typing” and “plan on a boat”.
  • 500 days of summer soundtrack: for something indie, calming and motivating at the same time. throws you into an indie romance and tbh, you’re gonna love it. +check out “please please please let me get what i want”, “sweet disposition”, “quelqu’un ma dit” and “hero”.
  • all the little lights, passenger: if i’m going to suggest an artist’s ENTIRE album to you to study from, this has to conquer them all. his indie pop/folk compositions perfectly accompany any revision session. +see bastille, kodaline and the neighbourhood for similar.
  • relive harry potter! : complete soundtrack for all 8 movies of the franchise. didn’t want it? too late, you’ve got it.
  • studio ghibli collection: the magic that is joe hisashi and hayao miyazaki, complete in one playlist for all your focus/relaxing needs.
  • 8.5hrs of disney: 175 of the most timeless tracks from the animation industry of our childhood.
  • spotify’s intense studying #classical collection: i haven’t yet tried this one however i’m going to, especially with over 14hrs of listening time.
  • sensuality: i found this just the other day however it’s a beautiful collection of bass-heavy, strong-beat, simple melody pieces.
  • my own revision essentials playlist: this works without fail for myself, perhaps it can offer you something too - however do make your own and collate some tracks which are 100% no fail for you!
  • and finally, your discover weekly playlist: i’ve linked mine, however spotify creates this playlist for you on a weekly basis, publishing every monday to provide music recommendations. i cannot emphasize how incredible this service is and the amount of music i’ve discovered is phenomenal!

It’s that time of the year again! Good luck to everyone taking their Final exams! I hope these help you get through it. Feel free to print them out, put them on your bedroom wall or whatever helps you to get motivated

12 June 2016 ||

I really love aesthetically pleasing and organised desks, but most of the time mine looks like this. And who cares, as long as you’re getting things done, right? :) Have a nice weekend!

18 Apr 2016 ||

First day back at university! I just had my first class in Medieval English. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m having a coffee while copying my notes. 

bullet journal printable by @plantstudies@highlighteurs