Waving good-bye to her twin as she set off for the library, Devola leaned against her locker and stretched her neck out. All-nighters were starting to become a painful fact of life. She twisted the knob of the combination lock and shook it impatiently. “Ugh… Damn thing…”

finalreplicant started following you


The woman sat up in the grass. Of course she would recognize that boy immediately. She had traveled with him after all. He was… very important to her.

She seemed genuinely surprised. Almost like she hadn’t seen him in ages. Kainé didn’t even know what to say at first. In all truth though, she was very happy to see him. The little voice in her head made her aware of the fact.

‘Oh hey sunshine, look who it is~’

She would of glared at the shade, if she were able to. Instead she turned to her friend, a smirk slowly forming on her face.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

The look on her face showed that the words were meant in a more friendly, teasing manner and not a reprimanding one.

Song of the Ancients: Devola and Nier

Devola shook out her hands as the tavern began to close around her. The last note she had played had been quickly consumed by the sound of clanking mugs, shuffling chairs, and the overall murmur of closing time.

Best time of day, Devola thought to herself, as she put the instrument in its case. Always has been. “G'night, guys,” she said, giving a wave jauntier than she felt before leaving the tavern and heading back to home.

There weren’t many people out at night time. It was considered a prime time for Shades, and most people were asleep anyway. Most people, though. A few brave souls were still up and, among them, Devola saw a familiar face.