Spoiler alert: The Mikaelsons will eventually escape their psychic prison, triggering a long-awaited reunion between Hayley and Elijah that will serve as “one of the emotional cores of the season,” teases executive producer Michael Narducci. Complicating that relationship further will be Hayley’s daughter Hope, who “definitely shares her mother’s street smarts, but may or may not also display some of her father’s temper and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect her family.” Speaking of Klaus, “one of the great journeys of the season” will be his reckoning with Marcel — and there is “hope of healing some wounds.” Elsewhere, Freya will finally get a new love interest, setting the stage for an “emotional struggle [which] opens up a whole new dimension to the character.” (One final treat: Narducci promises we’ll get Claire Holt “for about half the season. Rebekah has an incredible journey to go on.”) - X


If I were to be asked whether I was Goo Seo Jin or Robin, I’d only have one answer to that question. I’m just a man who has loved you, who still loves you, and who only wants to be loved in return. Ha Na, I love you.

When you’re in love [Daesung]
  • Daesung (finally!)
  • Fluff/Romance
  • Request: you asked for it so here it is: a daesung scenario request. it can be about anything. like idk cuddling while looking in the mirror or something.

AN: so, I switched it about a little

“I don’t think I tell you you’re beautiful enough, do I?”

He appeared in the mirror, completing your reflection, and instinctively your body turned towards him as if you yearned for him. Daesung seemed to know it too as he came over to you to enclose you into his warm hold, head on your shoulder, turning slightly to place the lightest of kisses on your jaw. You smiled shyly, biting your lip as you watched him.

“You do,” you said softly. He pressed his lips onto your skin again before suddenly swinging you up into his strong arms, carrying you back to bed.

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okay but can we address the fact that kara only has a problem with james being guardian bc she is afraid he will get hurt?? it’s not because she doesn’t trust him, not because she wouldn’t want him by her side, or because he doesn’t have the heart of a hero. but because she’s so afraid of him getting hurt that she can’t stand by and let him put himself in harms way. kara is an unstoppable force and james is an immovable object, and i am so ready to see how this resolves.

And here is the McHanzo version!