“You know, you’re really cute”

This kind of feels like
‘5 Times Noct flirted with an oblivious Prompto’
'And one time he bought a clue’

Prompto being taken on dates and not getting it
Noct walking him to his door and standing there saying good night
'Okay bye Noct!! SLAM’
Goes back to the car dejected
'He’s still not catching on is he??’ Says Gladio

This pic happens and Prom is like 'Lol youre so weird Noct X’'DDD’
'Youre cute too buddy’
He drops his head onto Proms arms
'Hey Prompto, do you know what this blazer is made from?’
'Cotton and polyester blend’
'Boyfriend material???’
'Oh good one! I know one! Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.’
He’d do the arm around the shoulder move as their watching a film
And Prom would snuggle up to him ’S'nice Noct’
He thinks Noct has a bit of a headache because he keeps sighing
And like - He’s on a 'date’ with Prom and this girl comes over and starts to flirt hardcore with Noct
because Prince Noctis
And He’s like
'I’m with someone’
Proms a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable
'If you want to call time and go with her, I uh…thats ok’
'I’d rather stay here’
'Noct she’s really pretty’
'Yeah well, you’re prettier’
Noct internally winces and thinks 'damn’ didnt mean to say that
And Noctis is pretty sure his face is going to melt off
But he reaches for Proms hand anyway and Prom is gone purple
'How long have we been dating?’
’*Weeks* Prom’
'I’m an idiot’
'You really are’

commission of two very special boys