The last chapter of FT has been published today and it’s been a long hell of a ride.

I started watching the anime back at the end of 2011/start of 2012. It was one of these animes that’s always around and I had actually watched the first episode maybe two times already but I never got interested enough to continue, even though the manga had all my fave elements: fantasy, adventures, a little bit of humour and apparently also sad and touching moments., and of course romance. Then one day I saw this picture of topless, bandaged Gray and Erza blushing and I remember thinking: OTP material right here (turned out Gray is always shirtless and Erza was blushing because she had found Lucy’s panties drawer lol). I asked who they were so I went and finally got to watch the whole thing.

I fell in love with the story and the characters. Gray was my bb since day 1 and I couldn’t wait for Erza to appear. I shipped them so hard at first but then Juvia appeared; I remember thinking I’m gonna love this girl so bad even if she’s a bad one because WATER GIRL; turned out she was Gray’s romantic interest. I didn’t like them together at first but they eventually grew on me and here we are now (I believe Tenrou was the arc where I said okay Lola, they’re the cutest). Lucy and especially Natsu took some more time but I love them both so much now, too. The secondary characters are also so lovable, my girls Mira and Lisanna, Cana, Laxus… I could go on forever and of course JELLAL THE MOST PRECIOUS BUN.

I didn’t pick up the manga until the GMG; chapter 334 made me feel so, so much I decided I needed to read it, too. Also I love Mashima’s style with all my heart and god, the anime doesn’t do justice to Gray’s design. I discovered a whole new world with Gray’s design💙💙 Even though I have had my ups and downs with FT (the last two arcs were kind of meh) overall is definitely one of my top 3 mangas and it will always have a special place in my heart. Here’s to hoping for Mashima’s next work!!

The Bet

Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Request: Can you write a Bucky x Reader one shot where they are sparring and one of them gets pinned to the mat and they kiss? Fluff with a bit of teasing? (Maybe from the other avengers?)
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, a few dirty innuendos? Idek 
1,577 words

Notes: I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS REQUEST BECAUSE I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT. I’m so so sorry it took this long, darling anon. It took this long and it’s not even that good but I hope you like it anyway! <3 Thank you for the request! :’) (I got carried away with yours too, lmao)

Wrapping up the bandages around your knuckles and wrists in the Tower’s training room, you sighed slightly annoyed. 

It was friday: the day you’d always have a sparring session with Natasha. 

The ritual started against your own will but your dad (a.k.a Iron Man) was convinced that you needed some self defense classes, putting Natasha as your teacher. 

Now, you actually enjoyed the whole thing. It made wonders to your body, you actually knew a few moves now and Nat turned into a partner (not just a teacher, even if she could still beat your ass).

It had gradually turned into something you could work your stress and frustrations off. 

And you just had a shitty week: spending all your time with your face buried between books studying for your college finals, your teachers apparently giving you a hard time just because you were Tony Stark’s daughter, almost failing your favorite class…

Just in the day you were most looking foward to work out, Natasha was unusually late. 

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I’ve recently raved about Pitch (please go and watch btw, I NEED A SEASON 2!!), and now I’m going to rave about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I had watched the pilot when it first aired and while I had mildly enjoyed it, I wasn’t really hooked. Still, it was a show that I had on my back burner for when I had nothing else to watch. Well, that time finally came. I binge-watched the whole thing and I want to yell from the rooftops how amazing this show is! If you can get over the title, you’ll be rewarded. There’s so much that I love about CEG! The main character is deeply flawed and her whole arc is coming to terms with her flaws and overcoming them. She’s deceitful and misguided and self-centered and selfish, but she’s also a poor soul who is struggling with depression and mental illness and who strives to make herself happy. She has the most beautiful friendship with one of her work mates, which is almost like a love story? It’s so real because that’s how women experience friendship with each other. Fighting with your bestie is worse than a breakup, and this show nails that. There’s this cool dude who’s the boss and is super sweet and the best dad ever, and after divorcing his wife and meeting some new people thanks to Rebecca he realizes he’s bisexual? He actually SINGS about his bisexuality, and it’s the most beautiful song ever? Anyway, there’s so much to love about this show, but the thing I like the most is how real it is in a way that few shows are. What’s more, it’s real while being funny. It’s real about tough things - like self-loathing and depression - and it nails exactly how we feel when we are going through all of that stuff but it makes you laugh about it! Which is so precious! And yes, sometimes it’s just ridiculously funny. Anyway, to give you a taste of why I can’t get over how awesome this show is, I made a list of my favorite songs so far…

1. You Stupid Bitch – An ode to self-loathing and self-hatred

You ruined everything
You stupid bitch
You ruined everything
You stupid, stupid bitch
You’re just a lying little bitch who ruins things
And wants the world to burn
You’re a stupid bitch
And lose some weight

2.  Oh My God I Think I Like You

My feelings get stronger every day

I’m like a little girl, not in a role-playing way

Are there condoms that can prevent these feelings?

Is there spermicidal lubricant that can kill

The fluttering in my heart?

Is there an IUD

That can stop the image of you and me

Getting married on a hillside, surrounded by ducks

And then we get into a rowboat?

3. I Could If I Wanted To - because it’s safer to half-ass everything than try…

Whoop-dee-frickin’-doo, a happy dad

With his big dad calves and his stupid baseball cap

And his T-ball shirt and dumbass son

Throwin’ a ball, like it’s so important to know how to throw a ball


Who cares about throwin’ a ball or havin’ a kid?

It’ll get ya nowhere in life

Not like gettin’ anywhere matters

Although I guess it does if you care

Which I don’t!

But I could! But I don’t!

But I could if I wanted to, yeah!

4. Sexy Getting Ready Song - WATCH THIS. There’s nothing sexy about getting ready for a gal!

God, what
This is how you get ready? This is some
This is horrifying, like a scary movie or something
Like some nasty-ass patriarchal bullshit
You know what? I got to go apologize to some bitches
I’m forever changed after what I just seen

5. Face Your Fears - yeah, but just… maybe… don’t do what Paula is telling you to?

If you’re scared of bees (If you’re scared of bees)

Get stung! (Don’t have an EpiPen ready)

Reach for the stars (Literally touch the stars)

Face your fears! (Stars aren’t that hot)

Face your fears (Face your fears)

Join the Marines (Join the Marines)

Swim right after eating (Don’t wait 30 minutes)

Cause you are amazing (So amazing)

Wipe back to front (Don’t wipe front to back)

Drop out of school (School is stupid)


Now some may say
“Oh, you’re just gay
Why don’t you just go gay all the way?”
But that’s not it
‘cause bi’s legit
Whether you’re a he or a she
We might be a perfect fit
And one more thing
I tell you what;
Being bi does not imply that you’re a player or a slut
Sure, I like sex
But I’m no ho
I take things slow
Until I feel at ease

7. I’m A Good Person - when you want to believe you’re good but you’re kind of a douche?

I’m a good person all over the place
I cum my good right into your face
Everybody says I’m one good ass chick
And if you don’t think so you can lick
My balls. Which, again, are filled with good


I’m a good, such a good, real good person
I’m a good person through and through
I’m a good, such a good, real good person
Lemme hear you say it too
Say it. Say it! Or I’ll kill your husband
I’ll do it! I’ll gut him like a fish
You’re a good person
Aw, thank you

8. I Gave You a UTI - Weird topic for one of the catchiest songs in the show, IMO

I’m so good at sex
Your maidenship got wrecked!
My penis is the reason you may die, die, die!
I gave you a UTI!

9.  Settle for Me - because we’ve all almost begged someone to love us…

So won’t you settle for me
Come on and settle for me
Say yes or no before I choke on all this swallowed pride
I have no problem being picked out from the bottom
If he’s your broken condom, I’m Plan B!
So lower those expectations and settle for me

10. You Go First - when we’re in a fight with our besties and we want to apologize… after they apologize first…

So… go ahead and say

you’re kind of sorry!

‘So I can say… Oh, no, no, no please!’

Just like I rehearsed!

If you open the door…

I’ll apologize so much more!

Yes I will… But you go first!

11. We Tapped that Ass - best song about anal sex ever okay?

On the table you were
willing and able!

On the ottoman
you took a lot of man!

And in the safe in the closet
I made a deposit!

I also tapped that Ass
all over this house!

12. Who’s the New Guy? - the meta song about the show self-awareness regarding its characters and plots…

Who’s this new character?
I mean, he’s such a “character”
Such a big persona
that’s not relatable at all.

Do we really need a new guy
this far into the season?
and by far into the season
I mean it’s almost Fall.


Is this some desperate move to
try and help our ratings?

You mean our terrible ratings
on Legal


Will he be here forever?

Or just two or three episodes?

I mean, Karen’s manic episodes.

anyway, it’s awesome, go watch it! it’s on Netflix!


To celebrate the end of Cipher Hunt, here’s some human form Bills that I put in the last Patreon sketchbook! I was so happy that Gravity Falls got added to Hulu, as it meant I was finally able to watch the whole thing. Of course I fell in love with the angry triangle god. Anywho, human design I think still needs some work, but I like it. His outfit is supposed to be reminiscent of a circus ringmaster. The two “normal” eyes are always closed, so you can make up your own conclusion for what’s actually there. ;)


I’ve seen gifs of this, but finally watched the whole thing. You should, too. 

Cate Blanchett

Kristen Wiig

Seth Rogan

Richard Gere

Elizabeth Banks

Maika Monroe

Eddie Redmayne

Jane Fonda

Rooney Mara

Bryan Cranston

Amy Schumer

Benicio Del Toro

Domhnall Gleeson

Charlize Theron

Samuel L Jackson

Jennifer Jason Lee

Saoirse Ronan

Joel Edgerton

Mya Taylor

Margot Robbie

Peter Sarsgaard

Bel Powley

Jacob Temblay

Brie Larson

Bradley Cooper

Paul Dano

Greta Gerwig

Carey Muligan

Alicia Vikander

Thoughts on The X-Files:

When I was little (like maybe four or five?) I would get so scared I would cry if I heard the X-Files theme music. My mom and her ex would watch it after my brother and I went to bed. I would cover my ears so I didn’t hear the music, but then get out of bed and stand quietly in the hallway watching.

Around that same time I also wanted to marry Agent Scully and Agent Mulder. Both of them. We would all be married, and fly on planes together and go for nighttime walks in the woods and talk about aliens and point flashlights at things. (Admittedly my understanding of the show was limited).

On rainy days I like to eat tomato soup and grilled cheese and watch the X-Files pilot. I like how it feels like watching a movie. I like the familiarity. It is a good routine.

I have only ever watched up to the third episode of the first season, but I just started the fourth episode, so maybe I’ll finally watch the whole thing.

Scully is autistic. Mulder is autistic. They are both so autistic. My headcanons are as follows: Autistic intersex Dana Scully has PTSD and depression. Autistic genderfluid Fox Mulder has OCD and C-PTSD. They are a perfect autistic, mentally ill, alien-seeking dynamic duo and they are precious and I love them.

intricatesquiggles  asked:

I saw the first few episodes of the GSNK dub at Katsucon this year, and I've got to say I loved the dub! You and the rest of the cast did a spectacular job and all the jokes were still hilarious! (some were even funnier with the dub IMO)


But I’m also so glad to hear that! I only just finished watching it all last week because I wanted to make it special. It was really exciting to finally watch the whole thing put together though and it really felt like I was voicing in an anime or something! But seriously, the director, sound engineer, and I had so much fun recording and was so glad to hear it come through. Lots of little extra peeps and playing around reading lines made it all the more funny- at least for me!

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Finally watched the whole thing! Stray thoughts:

Sooo, apparently Lucas has never grabbed Riley’s head, it would seem, even if the unofficial thing has now been revealed to be more than it seemed before. That’s interesting. Her “that’s a good move” comments are pretty telling, plus her face when Maya tells her there wasn’t even a kiss, like…

Looks like they applied Sense & Sensibility on a micro level rather than a macro level. More on that later, I’ve got a bunch of stuff from a gal who wrote her dissertation on Austen waiting in my asks…

Turns out it WAS relevant that Riley was further along in the book than Maya…

Farkle is soooo in love with Riley, wow. His absolute main focus is HER happiness. Even if Maya is confused, you shouldn’t just be dismissing her (or Lucas) on that score, Farkle. Especially in terms of choosing to blab so publicly. But yeah…his primary motivation here is what he thinks will make Riley happy. Damn, dude. He even HAHs her again. Riarkle af.

Lucas went and sat with Maya at Topanga’s, awww…

The classroom scenes need their own post, but they’re definitely playing on passion and “supposed to/should do” vs “want to do,” something which is HUGE when it comes to Lucas…and of course bringing the girls’ (especially Maya’s) worries about their friendship to the forefront, good shit.

Was there a song playing during the party? Anybody catch what it was?

Lol Smackle and Lucas.

Lucas’s beeline to Maya without properly greeting Riley is awwwww in both the cute and the sad way…

Lucas went and sat and hi/hi-ed with Maya, aw…

Riley going over to Lucas…girl you don’t step back half as well as Maya did. But it’s okay, you’re a baby.

Lucas is some combination of jealous and disapproving when it comes to Charlie. He’s definitely still got some kinda residual Riley feels, but even so…his actions still speak pretty loud overall.

So, I definitely think the Maya card thing MAY have been an oblique reference to Josh. Riley glances over at Lucas, but he doesn’t look at Riley. He’s a guy who’s not so in control of his glances, so that’s telling. He gives Maya this look and he seems a little pained when she eats her card too instead of answering. He knows about Josh…and I just think if it were ONLY meant to telegraph the Rucaya triangle, we would’ve seen a shared Lucas and Riley glance there. But he only looks at Maya and he seems a bit stilted, with his focus never leaving her and how SHE might answer. And they’re cute as hell, looking at each other and chewing. Lol.

Farkle and Riley on the roof and the Smackle jealousy, damn.

It’s definitely important that the writers chose Maya to have a conversation with Cory and Topanga, and not Riley.

FARKLE, not Lucas, is more prominently in the background when Riley breaks up with Charlie and says a relationship needs more. That’s intentional as hell.

“WELL…THAT…KINDA MAKES UP FOR EVERYTHING.” Oh good lord. MY HEART. Riley peeped it too, she kinda knows what’s up.

Farkle that was so fucked up. I’ll forgive you when everyone else does, but damn. Riley’s face!

Maya and Lucas’s faces! My heart!

Lucas basically letting Maya decide what to do next, aw. It’s telling as hell that he doesn’t go straight to Riley, or step away from Maya *at all* until she walks away and sat down.

Lucas and Maya together at the stroke of midnight matters. All three of them together by 12:01 also matters.

Overall, this is a damn good episode. It’s Riarkle af, it’s Lucaya af, just at different stages. Farkle is borderline like Lucas was in GM Creativity, with the hyper focus on Riley’s happiness, I mean damn.

This is the absolute climax of the triangle. Gonna be crazy to see how it gets settled. Gah!

Just, please, please, show: don’t go full Betty & Veronica. I might never forgive you. Take a damn stand, make an actual choice, whatever it is, please and thank you.

More later!