Random stuff I wanted to discuss for a while: do you think I need a better watermark?

I used to have none just until recently (2016 or so), as a result, people spread my works all over the internet - against my will and often without proper credits, of course. Something had to be done, but I was passive and lazy about it.

When I restarted my Patreon in 2016, I thought it’s a good opportunity to finally put a readable, recognizable watermark over my drawings. I imitated the patreon font by hand:

..And started to put this in any decent drawing and doodle. I’ve been trying to be as discreet as it possible, not obstruct important parts, but still keep it visible, to let people know that there IS a protection and that I need their support at Patreon.

It’s been done very quickly and lazily, I’m still meh about watermarks, I’m still feeling uneasy about putting this over each and every tiny doodle, but internet is an awful place: people WILL steal your stuff. And you MUST sign your art, you must put something clear and readable (a document-sign-like squiggle of two letters won’t do) so that people would be able to track back to the original source if they see your stuff reposted. Believe me, they will. I’ve seen a lot of my own and other people’s art stolen.

So.. The whole purpose of this post (besides unwillingly giving you advices lmao) is to tell that I’m not very content with the current watermark. Should I leave it as is? It must be still working. I’ve seen art reposted even with this watermark on, but it feels like the reposts have diminished. I know that not everyone is fond of Patreon as a whole thing, but it feels like the best option if I want to attract new people. I could change the watermark to tumblr.. But what gives?

Another concern is just the form of my watermark! I’m merely an artist, fonts and designs are another kind of job. I could try my best at revamping the current watermark into a logo, or a logo + smaller links. What’s your thoughts?