All of the Exciting News

SOOOOO super exciting things have happened to me in the past few days, first I just came back from New York which was amazing!!! Second I went zip lining, again amazing. Third and most exciting of all I have finally hit 200 followers. I can’t describe how unbelievable it is to think that 200 real people are following my train wreck of a blog. You are all lovely and I want to do something special for you, so ……….

I going to post my first fanfiction soon in celebration of 200 followers!! It will be Bellarke and it has been edited so I am hoping to put it up in a day or so. (this post is also committing me to it so I can’t back out)

So now I am going to open the floor up to you guys, ask me questions!  I want us to get to know each other. Please!!! 

A normal feeling day!

So fingers crossed I have been having a reeeeeeally good day. I have finally sent off my written work for my interview a week on Monday (which has taken me like all day but I just wanted to be sure!). I realised (since I hadn’t looked at it post head shave yesterday) that waiting for my hair to be done was clearly distracting my mind from my work because looking back at it this morning I couldn’t believe how much I wanted/needed editing and changing. So I am glad I got my hair sorted yesterday!! I am happy with what I have submitted and I hope they are as well. I know he won’t read this, but I can’t even begin to say how amazing the academic at York has been in making sure that an interview can take place outside of when they would be able to get all the partners involved (one will be in London as it involves the whole Science Museum Group not just the NRM), and allowing me to do it by Skype because it’s not feasible on that date for me to be travelling to York. So to you Geoff, I know you had to make it work for me, but you are an incredible man and deserve a medal even if I don’t get this CDA!! But let’s hope everyone else they interview is a load of rubbish 😉.

Next step for the interview now is prepping like a crazy bitch. I have printed out all of my stuff I have given to them and the advert to scrawl all over in the hospital, an amazing girl who was on my Public History MA has offered to email me some academic work through regarding her placement at the NRM, and I’m going to research them, the SMG, the uni, it’s facilities, and the project overall like there is no tomorrow. Then I just have to sell myself! Too much to do? Maybe, but what else am I doing next week but being pumped with chemo for 5 days with some interruptions!?

I am now going to spend the rest of my late afternoon having a little tidy of my room, packing stuff for Monday (I have a fun list - who doesn’t love a list!), and having a little go at some headscarves. Oh and mum bought me a couple of other hats which I will take some photos of because they are wonderful!

Regarding lack of hair, I am so over it now! I was yesterday really, but when I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror it in no way shocked or upset me. If anything I need the ones that haven’t fallen out to hurry up already so I can can have no stubble and a smooth head and even-looking head (such a weirdo). I also can’t stop touching it because I am apparently obsessed with it now. ALSO I tried on Conchita today and it was soooooooooo strange! I looked like the old me again. I am considering it for my interview just because it looks damn good, unless I can kind an amazing headscarf to rock before then! I will get a photo of me and Conchita at some point as well but can’t be bothered today!

Oof, sorry that was a long post but hopefully you stayed with me. Got some lovely visitors coming round tomorrow morning (old music teacher and her daughter, who are insanely amazing, and Stuart with his dad who I haven’t seen in ages and miss beyond words!) which I am excited about! Hopefully I will be feeling and looking good 😉. If any fun development happens later I’ll post again but I’ve bombarded you guys enough already, so love to you all!

Sophie and Blob


VGM Mondays

Song: Spira Unplugged from Final Fantasy X

Good day everyone and welcome to another edition of VGM Mondays! Today’s song is Spira Unplugged from Final Fantasy X. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been playing quite a bit of Final Fantasy X-2. I am happy to say I finally beat the main storyline after all these years and now I’m just doing a new game plus and working towards that Mascot dressphere! Anyway, time for this song.

Often when I wake up and am going about my day, especially on a Monday morning, this song frequently pops up in my head along with another that I may do a post on a later date. Anyway, this is seems like a good “morning” song especially since when it’s first heard, Tidus, the main playable character of FFX, is just waking up. It’s a nice and relatively relaxing stringed instrumental rendition of what I see as the game’s main theme, Suteki Da Ne (Isn’t It Wonderful?).

It just seems like a song to play when you want something upbeat but not too energetic. Just something to stroll along to and with a mellow positive tone. All in all, a nice feel-good instrumental.

Thanks for reading and listening! Likes, reblogs, comments, questions, and followings are all appreciated. Until next time.

Bluefanguy, out.


I can finally say… I’m back! Since this is my first outfit post right after I was unactive for a month all I can say is I am thrilled to share it with you guys! The past few days was a struggle between wanting to have a beach trip or a roadtrip (since it is clearly summer) and fulfilling duties as an intern… It is clearly with no doubt hard to choose from the things that you want to do and from the things that you need to do. To shake things up a bit, I decided to do some edits on my tumblr posts, so expect more of the texts or words over the picture kind of thing cause that is what i am aiming for. Now, this outfit is more on pastel colors since I have been doing the basic/monochrome outfits in almost all of my posts… The pastel blue turtleneck is currently one of my favorite and the white blazer is just an additional touch to the look that i was trying to achieve. Next, is the pastel blue shorts that I decided to pair with the whole outfit because it really looks good with the blazer and the top. 

pastel blue turtleneck: thrifted

white blazer: Mango

pastel blue skirt: Bayo

nude flats: Parisian