**quietly jumps aboard the blog awards bandwagon**

i’ve wanted to do this for a while but wasn’t sure when to start…until today!

aight, so here be the rules for this thing:

  • all you have to do is reblog or like this once. you can re-reblog it if you want, but just one time throws your name into the ring, so
  • you don’t necessarily have to be following me, but it’d be cool if you did!
  • your blog must be about 75% gaming (a bit rich coming from me, seeing as my blog is all over the place, BUT most of the blogs i follow are gaming blogs, sooooooooo…)

next up, the categories~! there will be one winner and two runners-up in each category

  • best overall content
  • best theme
  • best url
  • best edits
  • best gifs
  • kindest to followers
  • funniest blogger (humor is v important 2 me ok)

finally, THE PRIZES!

  • winners in each category: a special promo post every day for two weeks
  • a follow back (if i’m not already doing so)
  • their choice of two gifsets, two edits or a combination of the two (if it’s something i don’t typically work with, feel free to direct me to screenshots/video footage)
  • runners-up will receive a promo for one week, a follow back, and one gifset or edit

this ends on october 31 (so i have extra time to get stuff done), and the winners will be announced hopefully no later than a week afterwards).

good luck!

“Amy Farrah Fowler… Will you share this toothbrush holder with me?”
“I would love to”

THIS^ is just so important

You expected me drawing the hug? My dear friends @shamyartzzs and already did it, so I preferred to do another version of this moment. Another time I will, ok?

THANKS for your patience during these days, It was difficult for me to post everyday. I’m doing more drawings and sketches, also the Sheldon drawing tutorial will be out soon, I have to finish the final edit.

I appreciate all the messages I received telling me not to worry If I can’t post. Thanks. Your love and appreciation for my work are a motivation to me.

Have a nice day! No spoilers for the moment! But loved the pics and stories from the cast!!

Thanks for killing the fandom in each episode @therealjimparsons and @missmayim. We love it.

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Ah, yes, it’s finally here!! Are you thrilled?

Well, I am :D

I have based it on the 2015 US calendar, but since we are from all over the world, I then decided it would be nice to include International Days/Holidays instead of national days, and some of them are really… peculiar, you’ll see :D

The MM Days we’ll celebrate during the year are included. For each day, a call will be posted plenty of time ahead, so don’t worry about that, but this way you can already save the date and start thinking how to contribute (you know how I think, the more the merrier, and anyone can find their own way to take part and share the MM love).

Sadly, I only received a couple of birthdays date from fellow shippers and I didn’t have time to make more posts about it, so in the end there are no birthday dates in the calendar (which it doesn’t mean we can’t create a list anyway, if that’s something you want to do ;) ).

But down to business. You can choose to download:

Sizes based on this page.

Although in either case the original format is quite small, I worked the images so that they are at the highest possible quality (in other words, these files are really HUGE), which means that if you want to print the file at a larger size it shouldn’t look blurry or shabby, but, alas, I have not had time to check myself, so you’ll let me know if you do :)

Thank you to all these who first suggested their favourite MM moments, and thank you to everyone who voted (curious about the final rankings? *insert shameless self promotion* Check my gif series to find out! */end of self promotion*).

I also want to thank yankeecountess for first suggesting the idea and helping me figure out what I wanted to do, whatifthisstormends for looking over the earlier draft of the final layout and to scarletcourt who offered help yesterday (even though I didn’t need it in the end, I really appreciated it :D).

That is all.

I really hope you like the result and please do let me know what you think. It’s not perfect, but know that it’s made with love, as always ♥



Sorry for the long post! I wanted to share the progression of my tattoo design. I am so, so, so thrilled to get this done. It’ll steal away my tattoo virginity with a roughly 6″ x 4.5″ placement on my left shoulder. I thought the progression from what I initially had in mind to what was finalized on (digital) paper is interesting, so I wanted to memorialize it in a post. Realistically, I’ll be getting the second to last design done initially and the contour shading (courtesy of my fiance Ted @ ZombieGraves / TedGravesArt) done another day. The moons will have contoured shading as well to mirror Luna’s beautiful face. Also, just noticed I screwed up the sun with my last edit. To be fixed. All in all, I am head-over-heels for this design and can’t wait to meet with my tattoo artist of choice who is currently at the Portland Expo and has yet to read my e-mail! /sweats

30 Days of Gintama - Day 26

Day 26 - Random Page from Manga

I’ll never be able to ‘randomly’ pick anything, because I’ll always have something in mind. First, all the manga edits I’ve made previously – found in this tag – are favourite panels of mine, including one entire page I capped and edited because I couldn’t take anything out. Everyone featured, so far: Hijikata, Tae, Takasugi, Katsura, and Itou.

Now, for some manga panels I quickly capped, but did not edit:

Still a favourite to this day - behold the “final fort that protects Kondo…the final sword that protects the Shinsengumi.” Not even a curse could hold him back.

The beautiful smile of a beautiful person, inside and out.

And under the cut: me rambling again about Gintoki and Takasugi with some panels attached this time, plus Katsura and Bansai. Spoilers ahead.

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