Here’s a tiny art challenge time for all you budding Sailor Moon artists out there! I thought it would be fun to try and draw Neo Queen Serenity for once casually having fun on a day off, which is something that’s rarely been touched on, and this is open to all regardless of your skill-level.

You can either chose to draw her in the common white dress she wears, or if it’s easier (like for me) to draw her in casual clothes either from the anime, manga, or your own designs even.

Finally, this is somehow influenced by this post of keyofjetwolf, which I thought was such a cute idea, so good luck all to you all! ^^

edit: I forgot to say please tag your drawings with havingfunwithserenity

Hello loves! FINALLY POSTING MY OLD PAUL VALENTINE’S DAY FANFIC!! This is by far my most favorite one that I have written so far. Probably the best one as well. This is my Valentine’s Day gift from me to you! Hope you enjoy it! I even made this lovely edit to go along with it! Again, thank you so so much for your endless support! 


It was Valentine’s Day and you were all by your lonesome. You had thrown on some clothes not paying attention to your appearance at all. You had, “I haven’t got someone to spend Valentine’s Day with,” written all over you, from your messy hair to your outfit that you had thrown on lazily. Not only did your appearance give away not having a Valentine, the grocery bag filled with heart shaped chocolates and the stack of chick flicks under your arm gave you away as well. You had a lovely Valentine, except he wasn’t even in the same country as you. You were all the way in London, England while your boyfriend (Old Paul), was all the way in New York promoting his new album, “Kisses On The Bottom.” He had called earlier in the morning, sadness in his voice, telling you how much he loved you and that you’d have your Valentine’s Day as soon as he got back. You could hear the longing in his voice for you and you had to fight your tears away, pledging your love for him as well. His voice alone melted your heart, and your voice melted his heart as well.

As you juggled the chocolates and movies in one arm you unlocked the door to Paul and yours flat with the other. You almost debated going in for a second. Knowing Paul wasn’t going to be waiting for you at home with his loving arms wide open and his lips eagerly ready to kiss yours. But you thought to yourself, “Well I haven’t got any other place to go, do I?” So, with a heart filled with sorrow and your lip pouted into a slight frown you opened the door slowly. As you stepped into your flat an aroma of sweet pink roses flooded your nose. You turned around, mind curious as to why your flat smelled of roses, and to your surprise saw a trail of pink roses leading to Paul and yours bedroom, lit up by a scattered line of small white candles.

Your heart seemed to stop beating for a split second while your mind registered the scene that had unfolded before your eyes. Then it hit you, the only person who could’ve done this was your lovely Paul! You quickly followed the trail of roses and candles to your bedroom, stopping at the closed bedroom door. You could hear Paul’s new song, “My Valentine,” playing from behind the door of your bedroom. On the door was a heart shaped note which read, in Paul’s beautiful handwriting, “You didn’t really think I’d leave my Y/N baby alone on Valentine’s Day, did ya?” The biggest smile grew across your face, tears of joy already welling up in your eyes. You were so taken over by your emotions that you were still holding the grocery bag and movies in your hand. With an eager hand you pushed down the handle to your bedroom, opening it slowly, not exactly sure what scene awaited you behind that door, the only thing you knew was the love of your life was there waiting for you.

As the door finally opened your mouth fell open in surprise, your eyes widened and your movies and grocery bag slipped out of your hand. “Surprise to see me darlin’,” a familiar, deep Liverpool accent asked, happiness in his voice. You were speechless, your lovely Paul was laid across your bed on his side, an arm propping up his head, and he was completely naked except for a red heart-shaped pillow embroidered with the words, “Be Mine,” cheekily placed in front of his, most likely excited, member. A big, beautiful smile formed across Paul’s face his big brown puppy dog eyes looking into yours with all the love in the world. “I-I Paul! How did you, I mean h-,” you were cut off by Paul placing his finger to his lips, making a “shhh” noise. “Oh come here my beautiful Y/N, I’m here and that’s all that matters,” he said lovingly and with excitement in his voice. Paul then motioned you over to him seductively, pointing at you and moving his pointer finger in a way telling you to come to him. You bit your lip and obeyed making your way over to him, shedding each layer of your clothing slowly along the way. Oh the things this man did to you, Paul definitely still had his charm, even at 72.

By the time you reached him you were completely naked, Paul’s eyes scanned over your body slowly as he licked his lips, his eyes filled with lust. As soon as you were with in arms distance of him, he pulled you onto the bed, making it so he was hovering above you, his eyes scanning over your lips. Your hands wrapped around the back of his neck as you looked into his beautiful brown eyes, “Did you plan all this you sneaky, clever man,” you said making the both of you giggle. “Only for my beautiful baby,” Paul said passionately, tucking your hair behind your ear with his soft slender fingers. After much anticipation you pulled Paul’s lips to yours, your lips pressing together passionately. After that there was no stopping the both of you. Paul’s soft lips began to move against yours as he let his fingers lightly trail up your thigh, causing a soft moan to escape your lips and a shiver to run throughout your body. You ran your fingers through his gorgeous light brown hair as Paul kissed you harder, letting his tongue swipe teasingly at your bottom lip, his already leaking cock pressing up against your thigh. You let your tongue slide against his as you reached down to take Paul’s rock hard member in your hand, pumping him slowly but hard. “Oh Y/N baby, that’s it,” Paul moaned against your lips. Just the sound of his moans set you on fire, making you so wet you almost couldn’t handle it. You let the pace of your hand wrapped around his cock quicken, causing his hand to make it’s way to your breast, squeezing them playfully as he bit down softly on your bottom lip. You then felt a hand wrap around yours, stopping you from pumping Paul’s leaking cock, “F-fuck Y/N, your gonna make me come already if you keep that up,” Paul moaned breathlessly. You giggled as Paul placed a soft, sweet kiss to your lips. “You think that’s funny do you Y/N,” Paul said playfully, a slight growl in his voice. You nodded your head letting another giggle escape your lips, but the giggle didn’t last long as Paul wrapped his soft lips around one of your breast, squeezing the other one, and rubbing your hardened nipple between his finger tips. His lips then left a trail of wet opened mouthed kisses down your body, sending shivers down your spine and your breath to hitch in your throat. He then spread your thighs with the soft palms of his hands tortuously slow, kissing down them, coming extremely close to your dripping wet center. He placed a kiss on your sensitive clit, his eyes looking up to yours with lust, “Now it’s my turn love,” Paul growled, a devilish smile forming across his lips. His tongue expertly swirled around in circles against your clit, causing you to arch your back in pleasure and moan loudly. “S-shit Paul, oh right there,” you moaned. Paul wrapped his lips around your clit, sucking and licking forcefully as you bucked your hips up slightly. “P-Paul you’re gonna make me come already,” you screamed. At that Paul licked up your dripping wet folds slowly, and made his way back up your body, the tip of his cock gliding against your thigh as he did.

Paul pressed his lips to yours passionately, moving them against yours slowly but hard while he took his cock in his hand, gliding the tip up and down your throbbing and very wet center. Both of you were close to your orgasms from all the teasing, and you needed Paul inside of you more than anything, “Paul baby, fuck me please,” you begged as he continued to tease you with his cock. “Mmmm is that what you want my love,” Paul asked in a seductive tone. “Yes! P-please Paul, I need you,” you begged, and at that Paul pushed his throbbing cock deep inside you, making the both of you moan loudly.

“Oh fuck Y/N baby you feel so good! So fuckin’ tight,” Paul moaned as his fingertips dug into your hips and he pushed his member in and out of you at a slow, hard pace. You pulled him into kiss you, both of your tongues exploring each other’s mouths as Paul’s pace quickened. His hips moved against yours expertly as he hit your sweet spot with each thrust. You wrapped your legs around Paul’s waist pulling him impossibly closer to you. You could feel his chest lightly resting against yours as he pumped his cock in and out of you at a delicious pace. “Y/N I-I’m so close baby, fuck you’re so good,” Paul growled into your ear, then placing wet open mouth kisses on your neck, causing you to come closer to the edge. “Oh P-Paul…me too, fuck you make me feel so good,” you moaned bucking your hips up forcefully, causing Paul’s cock to start to twitch inside you. Paul began to pound into you hard, the sound of skin on skin filling the room along with your loud moans. You bucked your hips up, moving them in sync with his thrusts, causing you to reach your climax. You moaned his name loudly as a powerful orgasm ripped through you, your walls tightening around his now twitching and throbbing cock. “Come for me baby, come inside me Paul,” you moaned as you continued to buck your hips against his. “F-fuck Y/N! Oh baby,” Paul moaned as he came inside you, thrusting into you sloppily and roughly, practically screaming your name. As you came down from your orgasms, Paul kissed your lips sweetly and tenderly, his cock still throbbing inside of you.

Paul then laid you on top of him, your chest pressed against his, your hands moving absentmindedly across his glistening chest. Paul stared into your eyes, his thumb gliding across your bottom lip. “I love you so much my beautiful Y/N.” You smiled at him and brushed your hand along his still flushed cheek, “And I love you my handsome Paul.” Paul leaned you in for another kiss, his wet lips pressing ever so lightly against yours. “Was this a good surprise baby,” Paul asked his eyebrow raising up slightly, a smile forming on his gorgeous face. “Good…. you mean absolutely incredible! I loved it, I more than loved it, if that’s a thing,” you told him as his fingers traced patterns against your exposed back. “Good baby, oh and by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day,” Paul said, the two of you giggling and kissing each other’s lips playfully. You spent the rest of the night cuddling naked under the covers, eating the chocolates you had bought earlier and watching all the movies you had rented. It was by far the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had, and it was spent with the love of your life.

OSRR: 195

apparently my post didn’t post last night.

suffice it to say that marathoning Fringe after a long day of pain and running back and forth for an injured mother and the best older sister is my favorite thing.

that’s all.

I think.

Edit: my post from yesterday finally posted! we’ve been having problems with the internet all day.

Everyone is sick.

And half of the people who aren’t sick are helping in the Philips Museum.

So I’ve been on my own here pretty much all day.

I sat down with René to make a few final edits on the Museum Kids Factory logo, despite the event having started already, and honestly it just got better. It’s very green now. Also, I’ll update the previous post I made about the logos with the sketches and the final version.

Right now, I’m making online flyers to spread on the facebook page.

I don’t start at the museum until this coming Wednesday, but we already dropped by so we could get some instructions on how everything works, from the Oculus Rift to the littleBits.

It’s gonna be fun.

Today I’m working from 8.45 until 17.00, which makes a grand total of 8 hours and 15 minutes!