Finn | Heathens 2/2 | Bálor

Title; Heathens 2/2

Pairing; Finn Bálor/Reader, Demon!Finn Bálor/Reader

Words; 6,630

Summary; All that’s happened, it is enabling him to take exactly what he wants until he gets what he desires, we’ll be at his whim…

Warnings; NSFW, mentions of deals with devils, oral sex, DemonKing!Bálor has a dirty mouth, voyeurism kink and bloodplay if you squint hard, latex free, spanking, hair pulling, biting, violence, some post-assault trauma and aftermath 

A/N: It’s here, but it’s not all over yet. There are other fics coming in Heathens!verse, after part two of Daydream Away. Daydream Away is in final revisions and editing, I’m hoping to have it out next week sometime, barring any further disruptions from my personal life. There may be some shorter works coming as well. I am participating in the 14 Days of Valentines party being run by @wrasslesmut. Please leave some love and/or constructive criticism.



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Safe Haven

NOTE: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all of you beautiful beings! Accept this story as a sort of Vday gift from me to you. I have been sitting on this story since October, revisiting and editing it nonstop. And while i was never really sure that i wanted to post it, M encouraged me to think about it. And so, we finally decided on putting it up. It may not be great, or even good at all and i apologize for that. All in all, enjoy your day and hopefully you all enjoy the story!

 ~~R, xx

Members: Chanyeol x Reader

Type: Fluff[?, maybe, still not sure]

Word Count: 2,833

-Admin R

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“It’s just a bench. Why do we have to sit at that particular one? There’s plenty of others around here,” your friend says to you, motioning towards the numerous benches that lined the park’s pathway. The pathway is lined with trees spaced out just enough for a bench to fit in between each tree. Little yellow daisies trailed along the bottom.

Little did your friend know, this particular park bench was the one thing that was truly special to you. You quickly drag your friend along by the arm once you see the couple that was previously occupying the special bench leave. The two of you walk down the pathway, passing a few vacant benches until finally, you both reach that particular bench and sat down in a soft silence.

You let the silence wash over you, closing your eyes, taking in the feeling of the gentle wind kissing your face, and breathing in the cool brisk air around you two.

“Do you miss him?” your friend asks, breaking the silence.

“Yes.” You say calmly, eyes still closed absorbing the air around you. “You know… I actually come here a lot when he’s gone.” You continue, “this is where some of our best memories took place, believe it or not. This was the start of it all. Right here on this bench,” you shifted in your seat. “And I like to come here whenever I feel empty… or frustrated… or happy…”

The wind stops, you open your eyes and turn to your friend, “when I am aching to go back in time and relive some of the best memories, even for a moment, I come here, to this bench.”

This is your safe haven.

You begin to tell your friend about the real relationship between you and Park Chanyeol.

It was an autumn afternoon, cool brisk air and fallen leaves of orange, reds and yellows coated the park. You were sitting there on that very bench a year and a half ago. Earbuds in, listening to your music and taking in the scene of the park. All felt right in the world, according to you. It wasn’t often that you would find yourself here for no simple reason, but that day you needed somewhere to go and just breathe. So, there you sat. On that bench, letting go, enjoying the moments passing by and then plump.

You felt someone sit next to you. Turning your head to face the person that interrupted your peace, you saw a guy staring back at you. Your eyes scanned his figure, taking notice of his soft, smooth skin, his pink chapped lips and his warm eyes matching the color of his dark brown hair. He was looking back at you with a smile covering his face from ear to ear. His presence struck a chord in your heart, one that you never knew your heart could even play.

“Hi.” He says to you, his deep voice filled your ears, sending goosebumps all over your body. Just like that you were swept up off your feet, ‘hi,’ so simple. But it was enough to send butterflies through your body from head to toe. Normally you wouldn’t be in the mood to interact with strangers, especially not with one that uninvitedly interrupted your peace. However, feeling content at the moment you decided to just go with the flow. He introduced himself first, following him you tell him your name, his eyes never leaving yours.

“What are you listening to?” he asks, realizing you still have one earbud in. You were listening to a song by an artist that you were sure he wasn’t going to know. No one ever knew when you told them. But you decided to indulge him anyways and he listened intensely to every word you said. His almond shaped eyes still never leaving you when you spoke.

He was genuine, sweet, and he seemed eager to be in your company. The two of you ended up talking for almost an hour on that bench, the people all around you moving fast. But with him, time froze and it was just you, him and that bench.

“Ah, Y/N, you have such a beautiful mind, and you speak so wonderfully. I want to see you again.” You felt your cold cheeks turn a light shade of pink as you blushed at the sweet and honest compliment.

“Would you let me take you to dinner?” he asks, this time his smile exposed his pearly white teeth, which shone a light in every dark corner of your being.

You continued telling your friend about how you two first met. You took your friend back through time with you, letting them experience the moments you treasured most. The memories that had been locked away only for you and Chanyeol were now being opened up. Your friend listened to your recounting of the memories with the occasional sounds of admiration leaving their mouth. You opened up to your friend on that bench and let them inside your mind. You needed someone to know the feelings you had for Chanyeol.

A few days passed and it was the night of your first date with Park Chanyeol. He picked you up at your apartment, stunning in his light grey buttoned down shirt paired with simple black pants, matching the color of his shoes. He took your breath away, simply standing there at your door. He appeared to be taller than you had remembered, and he smiled softly at you as he admired the way you looked in your dark blue dress with your hair swept over to one shoulder. His mouth fell slightly open at your beauty and you giggled shyly at his loss for words.

“You look good, too.” You say, easing the nerves between you two. Chanyeol giggles.

“Shall we?” He asks, extending his hand to you. And so you two were off, heading to a little bistro.Dinner was far better than expected, you both finished your meals and shared stories of your most embarrassing moments over dessert with time freezing yet again for you two.

Leaving the restaurant, you thought the date was over but Chanyeol intertwined his fingers with yours, a perfect fit, and led you further down the street, passed his car. You were simultaneously curious and anxious. But curiosity got the better of you and you followed along happily. As he was guiding you to a new destination, he started talking with you more about his profession and how he loves being in a music group. It’s both exhilarating and exhausting but he wouldn’t have it any other way. You listened to him speak with his heart and admired how his eyes somehow managed to shine bright even in the darkness of the night. You both stopped in your tracks and you realized he ended up leading you to the bench where you two had first met.

There you both sat and admired the way the park looked at night under the trails of dimly lit lamp posts mixed with the moonlight. Chanyeol reached his arm around you and you slid closer to fit by his side. The air was cool but he was warm.

“You know, Y/N, if I asked you to climb that tree right there and scream with me, would you do it?” he asked. You looked at him, trying to figure out if he was serious or not. He looked at you with a childish grin glued on his face. He got up and the next thing you know you were in a tree yelling into the night air. It was absolutely ludicrous but oddly enough, it felt so right. He stopped to look at you one more time.

“I don’t know how, Y/N, but you look incredibly beautiful.” He says to you.

“It’s because there’s not a lot of lighting out here, so you can’t actually see how absurd I look at the moment.” You respond jokingly. He leans forward, mere centimeters from you, his eyes scanning every inch of your face, you felt your heartbeat rising. He’s beautiful, you thought to yourself.

“Hmm, yeah. You’re right.” He says and lets out a laugh as you hit his shoulder. He pouts and you giggle at his puppy dog face.

“You know, that’s not how you get brownie points with your date, by agreeing when they say they’re not beautiful!” You say, letting out another laugh. Chanyeol then cuts off your laughter with his finger over your lips. He leans forward again and his fingers now rest on your chin, your heart begins to flutter. The familiar rush overcomes you as your stomach swirls inside. He lifts your chin and leans closer to you as his soft lips meet yours. Chanyeol kissed you with such passion, it left you feeling numb. You kissed him back as you wrapped your hand around his neck, pulling him in closer. His tongue grazed your bottom lip and you parted your lips, allowing him entrance.

Never in your wildest dreams, would you have thought that you would have a date ending with a kiss on top of a tree in the late hours of the night. But sure enough, there you were.

Park Chanyeol was the one to give you such adventures.

You can feel your friend gushing over the sweet memories. “With Chanyeol,” you say,  “life’s a long rush of adrenaline. But through the rush, he always managed to make me feel safe and secure, no matter how crazy it may have become.” You continue to share more memories with your friend. Some good, some bad, all real.

It’s now been a few months and your relationship with Chanyeol has been a mess of adventures and mishaps, all of which you wouldn’t change for the world. You were lucky enough to meet him at the time when he was in the off months of his career and now he’s telling you how it won’t be like this much longer. He’ll have to leave, and the atmosphere around you two turned serious. When he leaves it won’t be for 5 days or a week, it will be for months. You knew it was bound to happen soon, being the rational person that you are you didn’t let yourself get too worked up over it. This was a part of dating Park Chanyeol, and it’s a sacrifice worth making. But despite all of that, it still pained you to think about going months without seeing him.

His touch, his smell, his lips, his presence will all soon be nothing but faded memories after a while.

“Jagi, what are you thinking?” he asks you, as you lay with your head in his lap. His long firm fingers grazing through your hair sending beautiful chills down your spine. Remember these moments, you think to yourself.

“I’m thinking about how I’m going to be able to get the snacks from the top shelf when you’re gone? No more midnight snacks for me, I guess.” you say jokingly, trying desperately to make light of the situation. He giggles and squeezes your arm with his other hand.

“I’ll bring all the good snacks down for you, Y/N. We can’t have you sleeping on a hungry stomach every night.” He responds lightheartedly.

Chanyeol gets up from the couch and goes toward the stereo, he puts on some music and grabs you by the hand. “C’mon, Y/N. I bet I can dance better than you to this song.” The two of you danced and sang along to all of your favorite songs, making the best of that moment. You treasured every awkward dance move, every accidental fall, every note sung out of tune.

You especially remembered the moment that ended the night with you both on the living room floor, clothes thrown carelessly to the side. Your bare bodies breathless and intertwined with each other, remember these moments.

Now he’s gone on tour and all you can think of is how big and empty your small apartment feels without his presence. Some days are better than others. Communication is kept to a minimum, and sometimes the two of you miss each other by mere seconds on phone calls and video chats. But on the days that you actually catch each other, they’re spent showing each other things you bought, read and simply telling each other about your days.

Sometimes, on the evenings when you come home and your small apartment seems to have emptied itself, you find yourself at that park bench where you two first met.

It’s just a bench.

You feel yourself beginning to feel heavy as you begin to share the recent memory of your relationship.

You and Chanyeol never fought often. Communication and understanding was always present between the two of you. But that didn’t mean there weren’t days when you two would have disagreements. You both hated it when you fought, but you two were always able to find a way to end it with an incredibly lame joke, causing the both of you to laugh out all of the anger. This time was harder. The two of you were arguing about something you can’t even remember and your voices reached a level of loudness that neither of you had ever expected to hear from each other. This lead to many meaningless words exchanged at each other. But at the moment they felt necessary. Both of your hearts were broken, both of your bodies tired from the rush of anger flowing within you two. It was the day before he had to leave and this was the last thing you two wanted to be doing. Having had enough, Chanyeol stormed out of the apartment in the middle of the night.

An hour had passed and you figured he went back to the dorm where he lived with the other members. You grabbed your coat and went for a walk to clear your head, you absentmindedly wound up at the park, walking towards that bench. As you walked closer you noticed someone sitting there, you were about to turn around until you recognized the dark figure. It was Chanyeol, sitting on the bench, head in hands as faint whimpers left his mouth. You sat next to him, wrapping your arms around him and caressed him as tears left your eyes.

“Y/N, I don’t want the last memory we have of each other before I leave again to be like this.” You felt the same way, but all you could do in the moment was tighten your grip around him and let the silence wash over the two of you. That night was exceptionally hard. You both returned to your apartment, shared a few kisses and held each other tightly on the sofa watching some late night re-run. Still heartbroken and tired from the events of the night, you both ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, you awoke to an empty apartment and a note from Chanyeol.

“Y/N, our flight was moved to an earlier hour. I didn’t want to wake you. I will see you in a few weeks and I will call when I land. I love you, jagi. -pcy.”

“So it’s been two weeks, and he’s still gone. We keep missing each other and I haven’t been able to talk to him. I came here, hoping he can feel me calling for him. Lame, i know. I keep wishing he would come home and hug me, or hold me… anything.” Your heart starts to grow heavy. “I keep hearing his voice saying ‘hey jagi, I’m here’ … I don’t know, I just miss him.” You sit with your friend in silence for a moment and through the silence you try remembering his touch, the smell of his cologne, the sound of his laugh, you just try to remember him.

And that’s when you feel a touch on your shoulder. It’s familiar, the warm hand gripping you, giving you a little squeeze. Your heart flutters as you come to the realization. You turn and see him standing there. His almond shaped eyes looking into you, his pink chapped lips smiling from ear to ear, and his soft pale skin complemented by the sun’s warmth existing right before you. ‘Park Chanyeol’

“Surprise, Y/N!” He says as your eyes lit up, a big smile forming on your cool face looking back at your boyfriend. You instantly got up and embraced him into your arms.

“What are you doing here?” You ask with so much happiness and shock.

“I left the trip early! They will be fine without me. I needed to see you, Y/N.” He says and flashes that beautiful familiar smile, exposing his white-pearled teeth. Chanyeol sits next to you on the bench and embraces you into his arms. You breathed in his scent, tightening your grip around him. “I love you.”

It’s just a bench.

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I’m surprising absolutely no one with the photos of Izuku and Toshi, but there’s the edit of Aizawa that @caramelstroopwafel made, plus a rose bush I’ve been caring for (finally bloomed early last year), some pretty sky pictures, and my dog from her halcyon days.

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Hi there! Lately, I have seen a lot of “Weeks” relationated to Final Fantasy, but there were all dedicated to a single character (Like Tifa’s week and Lightning week) so I have have thought: Why not a Final Fantasy (englobing all the saga) Week?

You know this year we have a lot of good news! Final Fantasy XV finally comes to us this September, we know about Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XII Remaster ! Is there a better way to celebrate it than a Final Fantasy Week? I guess not!

So the Week would be this way:

Day 1: Your favorite character
Day 2: Your favorite videogame
Day 3: Your favorite invocation
Day 4: Your favorite quote
Day 5: Your favorite place
Day 6: Your Otp
Day 7: Free Day

The Week will be from June 27th to July 3rd. Please, if you are interested in it, reblog this post. All the edits must be tagged as #ffweek so all of us can see them! If you have any question, please ask me ^^
I hope you enjoy this c:


Johnny Depp Month Day 24 - Favorite Tim Burton Movie

Sweeney Todd is my favorite Johnny/Tim movie. I already made a post about it for all time favorite Johnny Depp movie (and favorite movie in general) so here’s a couple cute pictures from set I found recently.
(I might have saved these from tumblr. Idk if the first one is a tumblr edit but if it’s yours and you want credit just comment on this post)