I HAVE BEEN HOARDING THIS TALL/SHORT POST IN MY DRAFTS FOR SO LONG. SO FUCKING LONG. you have no clue. and now I finally realized I have the opportunity to use the idea, thank you kagehina!
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"P P G" Creative Process and GIMP specs
►Concept: The PPG have come just in time, each arriving from their separate corner of life, to save the city of Townsville since they dedicated their lives to that sort of thing.

(above)►Canvas size: 1000x1500 at 100dpi.  ►Brush used for sketching: Pencil sketch (16x16) scaled at .40, brush dynamics: Pressure - Opacity and Size.  ►Reference used: Blossom by Artgerm►Each girl’s design include a nod to a major villain.  Fuzzy Lumpkins for Bubbles, Mojo Jojo for Buttercup and HIM for Blossom☺☻

►Conceptualized the final composite►Inspiration: Cencoroll poster►Background: photo of Townsville, Australia used as a base ☺☻
External image
(above)►Blew up the image to 3000x4500p at 300dpi►Line art done with Brush: Circle 03 (5x5) scaled to 2.00, brush dynamics: Pressure - Opacity and Size.☺☻

(above) ►Sketch, shade, and flats layers merged painted over to bring up the quality of the picture.  Brushes used are all the standard Circle sizes►Nod’s to my favorite and most memorable PPG song: "L O V E tattooed on Buttercup’s fingers (because her fist makes Mojo’s world go ‘round); Dandelion’s on Bubble’s Fuzzy Lumpkin colored book bag (probably full of things to make people feel better when they try to hurt her with the things that they do); Blossom’s shirt will include a company logo of a heart with ”Puppy Dogs & Kitty Cats“ (maybe she works at a cute pet shop? but had to ask her boss to be excused before joining her sisters to kick HIM’s butt) Feel free to leave thoughts and questions! (I may not be able to address them but I will have read them) FINAL IMAGE HERETUMBLR|FACEBOOK|INSTAGRAM

He allowed himself one last kiss, scraping his teeth against Jemma’s lower lip and causing her to gasp sharply against his mouth, as he raised his pistol towards the door.

When the door burst open, the lock shattering into pieces against the rotten boards, Jemma was still holding holding tightly onto Fitz…

- Wait Out the Sun by @agentverbivore

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Damian + kids his own age (ft. Nell Little, Maps Mizoguchi, Colin Wilkes and Maya Ducard)

One of the things I’m most loving in the New 52 is seeing Damian interact with kids his own age, like Maya and Maps, and even start forming friendships. I still miss Colin, though

My little demon baby finally learned to form (sort of) normal relationships with kids his own age! I’m so proud. <3

(Also, check out how non-whitewashed he is in the more recent comics! THIS PLEASES ME SO MUCH.)


Bo and Lauren are on undercover for a case. 


AU: Where Lauren is a newly graduated doctor, who recently transferred in a new town to fulfill her career. And Bo works as a bartender in a popular pub, called The Dal.

Both of them are looking for a flatmate to save some money. 

I couldn’t decide which 

I actually really liked how this turned out, despite my difficulty grasping digital media. I mean… I basically just paint and it takes forever. I feel like I’m finally learning some new things, though! 

Aldebaran, art, and design © me! Ren fair monsters © Hauket.

April 18th,
You said you wrote about us in French class and named it, “Toujours,” which translates over to “Always” in the English language.

April 20th,
You called me to inform me you were leaving home. I had missed the call because I was out driving my drunken father back home. When I got back and saw your missed call, I worried all night. You should have called her. After all, she was your girlfriend. I was just a ghost from the past.

April 22cd,
Your friend texted me to tell me you had made it to school and your were safe. My hands finally stopped shaking.

April 24th,
Even though four days ago I learned she was still your girlfriend and when you told me that you still loved me, and you wanted me back was a big fat lie, when I saw the picture of you two on Instagram, I felt the whole world shake. It felt like you watched as you let her rip my heart out to make it even funnier.

April 26th,
I slept that whole Monday and luckily for me, school was out. The 26th of each month was our special date and it broke every fucking ounce of strength I had to know your lips were pressed against her lips, her body, or even worse, her soul.

April 29th,
It is currently 11:58 p.m. and I am drunk. I want to tear you out of my fucking veins but I feel so goddamn weak without you.

April 30th,
It is now midnight. The end of one day, and the beginning of a new one. I forgive you. I do, but I never want to hear your voice ever again. You’ve made a bigger mess than I was when I met you. I hope she was fucking worth it cause lord knows I must not have been.

—  April hurts.