oh my god just when you thought pearl couldn’t POSSIBLY get even gayer for rose…

dogadore asked:

So is Xiro like.. the warmest dog in the world?? Because I always notice naked rats feel super warm since theres no fur insulating them. :') I don't know if you live where there is cold weather but do you just use her like a big doggy heater? Because I would!

She is very warm, yes!
I live in eastern Washington state, so we get cold weather (it’s hot right now, though) but I haven’t had the chance to enjoy her warmth on a cold night. It’s still really lovely to have a little heater-dog snuggled up next to you on warmish nights, though. :3 As a bonus she’s finally learning to stop trying to lay directly on my head so that’s even more lovely. 
P.S. Naked rats are my favorite rats. :O

shininghime asked:

For the bias game: 2ne1, Red Velvet, 4minute ( I can talk about them with youuuu T^T).I hope you don't mind me bothering you :3

Ofc you are not bothering me and I don’t mind!
On the contrary, I am so boooored orz I really hoped someone would ask me about some groups! 
Okay, let’s see…

  • 2ne1

1. CL / Dara
2. Minzy
3. Bom  

I want to specify though that I like Bom; she’s just my least favourite^^

  • Red Velvet

1. Seulgi
2. Wendy / Joy
3. Yeri
4. Irene

Same as for Bom :3 

  • 4minute

1. Jiyoon / Hyuna
2. Gayoon (I actually I’m not sure about this order…? I mean, I like all three of them quite a lot^^”)
3. Sohyun
4. Jihyun

The fact about 4minute is that, even though I have finally learned their names and started to listen to their songs way more, I still know them more as artists than people; I mean, I haven’t watched any show with them in (aside from a couple of cuts here and there) and thus I don’t know their characters that well. Jiyoon, Hyuna and Gayoon are the three I have watched the most about and the ones who fascinate me more, but still I don’t know them well enough to state for certain who’s my favourite among them^^”
And about Jihyun, it’s not that I don’t like her, but I know close to nothing about her and she doesn’t catch my attention that much somehow. So… she’s the one I’m the most indifferent about^^”
Sorry for the long explanation, but I felt like elaborating more lol

I still need to work on 4minute^^”
But at least I’ve made some progress, considering till a while ago I didn’t even know all of their name lol
Once again, thank you a whole lot for asking!

Enjoy your evening!

(  send me a kpop group and ill tell you my bias order )

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It’s pretty awesome, but I still have a lot to learn. I’m finally taking a level design class this semester though so I’m pretty excited. ^^ I have a couple experimental things I’ve worked on but the only full game I’ve made that I’m proud of was this game I made for a contest last summer using RPG Maker VX Ace (so it was all design, minimal coding involved).

It only takes like 20 minutes to play, it’s fairly short. It was a fun little experiment and I might expand upon it one day. ^^

I plan on working on something soon possibly for mobile devices, coded in C# using Unity, maybe something for toddlers. My mom keeps talking about how she wants a decent app for my little sister to play with that will actually be somewhat educational, lock the screen so she can’t exit out easily, and will keep her attention. So far all the apps she finds are dumb drawing apps with ads everywhere for her to click on. :\ So that’s something I might make my side project this semester.

I’m also planning on minoring in Creative Writing to compliment my major.

anonymous asked:

hey caroline! I just wanted to tell you that I think you're so great for putting yourself out there and doing something for yourself while sharing it with us to help others. I know what it's like, I know how hard it is, I've been dealing with mental illness all my life as well but I haven't had the guts to go to therapy yet. I migh finally go through with it now though. I hope you can learn to love yourself, I already love you. Thank you for everything you do for us! All the love <3333

You know, therapy doesn’t seem like such a big deal until you are actually mentally sick and find it frightening to just speak to someone. For me, I finally realized I need to talk to someone who wouldn’t get emotionally attached to my issues. I hope one day you find it in you to get the help you deserve. If you ever want to talk, I am always here for you. Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for being so great. All the love right back at you. 

anonymous asked:

Hello! What are the top 5 - 10 Disney characters you would date or go out with and why? :D Please tell us 5 at least, and go up to 10 if you can think of more people! Thank you!!

5 People … ? Well.. alright then. 

1) Prince Charming

The first time that I ever met this man, he captivated me with his kindness, and I was drawn to how I felt so familiar and comfortable with him. I’ve dreamt of meeting him again, and perhaps finally learning who he is, and telling him who I am - though, I can only imagine how he’ll feel upon finding out my occupation But in my dreams, none of it matters - only our hearts and the way we make each other feel. Perhaps someday, I shall meet him again. 

2) Lumiere  (

Lumiere has been so kind to me - and I have certainly felt an instant connection with him; like a spark if you will. He’s gentle and quiet kind and I do so love the way he speaks. And even more so - I enjoy the way he calls me “Ma Chere.” He makes me feel rather like a girl, and wants to be my friend - he accepts me for how I am, and I can tell as I look into his eyes, he cares about me. It’s nice to have such a person in my life, and I would certainly be with him if he ever asked me to be. 

3) Prince Hans (

It’s certainly strange that during our first meeting, he carried a horrible, ugly red petticoat for my Step-Sister, Drizella, but I was certainly glad that he had. He was quite wise, and regal. And while he spoke of a horrible past, I could see in his eyes that he was good - that he tried to be good. I always believe in the best of people, and he certainly was no Madame. I did grow to love him .. or rather, perhaps - fond - like? Prince Hans. That day in the town, I almost begged him to take me with him, but I withdrew. I know he’s quite complicated and I know his heart is with someone else. Any woman that holds such a heart, is blessed. And while he may not see it that way, that is the truth. Prince Hans is more than the dark shadow that he thinks he is; he is layered and I think that makes him more human. 

4) Clopin (

He has been encouraging me to take ownership of my life and dare myself to do things rather wildly, like kiss him or swim in lakes. He’s certainly a breath of something - I’m not sure if its fresh air, but its something different and I think I truly need this in my life. I’m not sure if a real relationship could last between us, but certainly a wonderful friendship. 

5) Quasimodo (

He was so kind and took me in when I had no where to go. While, to others, he may look odd or different, to me, he is wonderful and perfect. I love the wooden carving he creates, and his wonderful sense of humor. If there was ever a person deserving of love - it is Quasi. 

6) Prince Eric (

Prince Eric has these beautiful blue eyes that I could certainly get lost in - and I’m pretty sure I did. And those dimples when he smiles… I only met him for a moment, sharing wishes and coins, but it was enough to grow a small likeness for him. He’s certainly handsome, and just as sweet and kind as he appears. Any woman to marry him, would be quite lucky. 

Those are the few that I have grown rather close to, and I ask forgiveness if I have forgotten anyone. 

<3 - Ella

Jon’s Toku Thoughts: UltraMan Ginga Episode 5

I’m happy that Kenta finally learned the secret too even though keeping him out of it caused them lots of issues in the beginning of the episode, but it’s cool Hikaru got a new Kaiju power without having to fight it. Well I mean he did fight Kenta but he didn’t it normally and knocked him out of the evil control. I am intrigued that Hikaru actually got through to Ichijouji, who saved Hikaru’s life actor their huge space battle. Though Dark Tiga looks like serious trouble. This is a fun and emotional series so far and I love Hikaru fighting for their impossible dreams, he’s a great main character so far. I can’t wait for more.


I don’t think I’ve been this happy in a very long time.
Happy with me.
Happy with myself.
Happy with who I am and who I can become.
Sure, some days I’m still mad or disappointed in me but its fleeting.
Overall, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.
I’ve finally learned to love myself.

I have no idea how I did it though…which is kinda even better.
It wasn’t a process.
It wasn’t some magic word.
It was just me.
Finally loving me.
That’s like…life magic I think.

oh man save me from myself ;A; i finally decided that i’m going to primarily learn Irish Gaelic though so i guess that’s good

…so much dutch has been learned but all i remember is “rundvlees” which means “beef” oh my god

6/24/2015 2:35 PM

I don’t know where any of the wolves went. I did see one of the cubs about ten minutes ago, but now he’s even out of site. No one’s in the den. 

One of the adults just came out, and so did a cub. The cubs are getting so big. 

The cubs could be out hunting with the adults. I just wish I could watch them hunt. I’m so glad, though, that they are finally learning. 

June 24th, 2015


Well, summer is such a drag. I haven’t had a “great” or “adventurous” day and I’m still waiting for those days to come. But oh well, just got to be patient. And I can’t wait for July 10 to come because that’s when I take my written test ^u^ I’m excited and hella nervous for it, if fail, I would have to go to DMV and wait in line and omg, that will take forever and I’m a impatient person… sometime haha. Well, goodluck to me haha. If I pass, I would get my permit and finally start learning how to drive even though I drove before thanks to Riss hehe. Then I would have to wait 6 months and BOOM! take my road test and hopefully get my license :D That would be around January, yes the beginning of 2nd semester! Dang man I’m going to be a sophomore and time has been flying by these days, so before you know it… I’m going to be a senior. I don’t even know why I’m stressing about the future lol, maybe because I’m excited but also scared. I don’t know what the future holds and it’s pretty scary ‘^.^ I like typing man, but I also like writing. BUT my handwriting is shitty xD haha well there’s nothing really interesting about this post, but ok. Bye :)

LOGOS: Conversations, Contemplation & the Complexities of Life

LOGOS: Conversations, Contemplation & the Complexities of Life A review of @JohnRNeeleman ’s Part 1/3

My world has been surrounded by death lately, whether in the media, people I know at a few of the places I work, or my own family. The deathwatch is exhausting, and in the past I’ve experienced the guilty wave of relief when life is finally over for those who are suffering. I’ve learned, though, that the freeing feeling often accompanied by someone passing, doesn’t always occur.

Sometimes, there…

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Study Spanish On line apprendre lespagnol And have Fast Final results

Spanish is just about the easiest languages to learn, though many people have difficulty capturing the proper accent. Not so, Spanish does occur to have extremely basic approaches to pronounce the five vowels, meaning there is only ever a good way to pronounce the words. English and also other languages tend to have discrepancies in pronunciation, but Spanish is usually a fairly continuous


I feel weak
I want to grieve
But idk how
I want to scream
I don’t care how loud
I want to cry
But my tears have run dry
Ppl crying over lost phones and self made problems
While everyday I’m wondering if life is promised tomorrow
I don’t hate America
Truly it’s all u know
But the white curtain has been opened
Smart phones, get ready for the show
Through this awakening
For whites,
cause blacks ain’t safe in their sleep

The shit ain’t a fluke
This shit the American Dream
The reality of your incestors
Is full of shame and schemes

I hope we prevail
I hope we unite
Grow strong , lend shoulders
Learn to cry and fight
Learn to find strength through
Finally feel as though we aren’t just yelling unheard like