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Pardon me, but have you lost your mind?”
Please don’t judge me, but I really enjoyed that.”
At the moment I’ll live with the potential for future trouble over the certainty of actual trouble.”
Certainty is not a word I throw around lightly.”
Believe it or not, this place didn’t collapse the moment you walked out the door.”
There are no legacies in this life, are there?”
That fight will be the fight of our lives, make no mistake. But on the other side lies paradise.”
In a moment when stability is at hand and the world is at your feet, your first instinct is to go out in search of someone new to fight.”
Can’t believe you left me for that old lady.”
So you’re deliberately challenging my authority here?”
This is fucking madness.”
You think I’m inciting mutiny?”
So what, then? You preside over a trial that sees me hanged?”
You think I’m gonna let this stand?”
So that’s what this is. You’re annoyed at me, so you’re gonna destroy everything I’ve built.”
You’ve absolutely lost your mind.”
What the fuck are you talking about? ”
You don’t give a shit about money or respect, or the things you’ve built here.”
I’m offering you a life free from them.”
As long as it doesn’t cross me, you’ll hear no complaints.”
I’m gonna push you and your men right into the fucking sea.”
You told me to keep emotion from clouding judgment. To act in everyone’s best interest. I believe that’s what I’m doing.”
In some ways, it had to come to this. Me deciding if you live or die.”
An offense like that demanded an example be made of you. The bloodier the better.”
Today, I’m a little less worried about perception than I used to be.”
You’ll sit in this place and rot with the rest of the whores. Something tells me that’ll sting worse than dying.”
Loyalty, it’s supposed to mean something. It does to me, anyway.”
Time and again he gambles with our lives. That is, when he’s not taking them in cold blood.”
Once more his influence grows and we’re at his mercy with no way to challenge him.”
What exactly do you hope to accomplish by doing this?”
Don’t waste this moment.”
I know we haven’t spoken, but I just want you to know how sorry I am.”
I was standing between you and your dreams for this place. You did what you had to do.”
Nothing is permanent and fates change so quickly.”
Never let anyone stand in between you and your ambitions.”
Today you have everything you have ever wanted. I suppose we can only guess what tomorrow will bring.”
Why am I still alive? Why didn’t you kill me?”


WHouaaa we finally finished the switch around meme with onesandwichshort (Chlore) and tinti-risuart (Risu) !! It was so fun to do it! 

Seriously i really like their awesome their art

so please to check their artblog if you have time !


Finally finished this! 

Ever since Deo dumped me in meme hell I’ve been stuck with these guys. Haha! Kidding. 

But anyways, I’ve been working on this for a while and I am so happy this is finally done. I had so much fun doing this. However, I did cry a lot with working with all those details. 

Song: Thomas the Weed Engine