finally we finished our telephone art game!
I’m super happy, It was fun to do  (●´∀`●)
thanks to all my friends for joining me in this  ♥

GixyeArachanVenaMalfoyGeorgetteAlessiaSagnottiLuxferoIcchanNatsuAisuHanajulymarteMorita ☆RikoPlantkinTitulitu


Finally finished this! 

Ever since Deo dumped me in meme hell I’ve been stuck with these guys. Haha! Kidding. 

But anyways, I’ve been working on this for a while and I am so happy this is finally done. I had so much fun doing this. However, I did cry a lot with working with all those details. 

Song: Thomas the Weed Engine


WHouaaa we finally finished the switch around meme with onesandwichshort (Chlore) and tinti-risuart (Risu) !! It was so fun to do it! 

Seriously i really like their awesome their art

so please to check their artblog if you have time !

❀ Three-sentence fics based on your url ❀

I saw a meme that asks followers to send in three-sentence fics based on the poster’s url, so I thought I’d do the opposite. Cute idea, right?

  • Mbf me
  • Reblog, likes won’t count
  • Send me this face (❀ฺ´∀`❀ฺ) and a preferred pairing - one that would work with your url please haha. Makes my life easier.
  • Unlimited until I feel like stopping
  • If I’m not in your url fandom, we’ll work something out :3

On an unrelated note, I finally finished picking people for all three of my networks. It took about 67 years.