You go, Yoon Bum!

Can I just take a minute to say how incredibly happy it makes me that Bum gets to excel at something for once. Yeah, it’s kind of creepy that he knows all this stuff about Sangwoo, but at this point, I really don’t care. You get 100%, Bum! You be awesome! Be the best goddamn Sangwoo-trivia nerd you can be! Walk out of that station with your head held high, and Sangwoo’s dick erect! Becuase you can bet your ass that that level of obsession is going to feed Sangwoo’s narcissism, and ‘prove’ how much Bum loves him, and if Sangwoo does not get a raging boner from that, then I don’t even know who he is anymore!

Owned - pt 11

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“Y/N. Please.”

“Namjoon…please stop calling me. Think things through first.”

“Just tell me where you are. This is stupid. We need to talk. Running away from your problems won’t fix them.” He growled.

“Don’t you see that’s exactly what you’re doing?”

“Well what am I supposed to do when you turned everyone against me?” He yelled.

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Need a Hand?  // Kim Junmyeon Smut

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“Ugh! Why can’t I get this right!”

I’ve been in the practice room for at least 5 hours trying to get one part of this dance right and no matter how hard I try I just can’t get it right and at this moment it’s really getting frustrating for me because my comeback is in a week. Taking a deep breath I calming down before I try it again for what it seems like the 50th time today I grabbed my water bottle took a sip of water restarted the song and got back to practicing.


I screamed dropping onto the floor putting my head in my hands cursing at myself for

“You seem like you need help.Want me to help you?”

Someone said making me jump I looked to see Kim Junmyeon leader of Exo known as Suho I got up and bowed saying hello he smiled

“You never answered my question Y/N -ah”

“Umm I’m pretty sure you saw everything so yes can you help me?”

He smiled and nodded walking towards me taking the remote to the stereo turning the song on met and Suho never actually been this close before we’d always see each other in the in the halls of the company we’d occasionally give each other a smile and wave but this time I finally got to see what he was like up close and I have to say he’s cute no wait he’s hot. He moves to the side and watched me do the dance after I was finished he put his two cents in helping me out giving me some pointers but also making me laugh so the atmosphere wasn’t so awkward.

“Okay you seem a little stiff when it comes to this certain part. You’re suppose to be relaxed”

“I can”t help it, it’s just I ‘m okay with everything else but this move it’s suppose to be seductive and sexy; not saying I can’t be that but its kinda weird doing it in front of people…and it’s first comeback stage in a while so I’m nervous that the fans won’t like this comeback”

“So your stressed, maybe I could help you with that if you let me”

He said standing behind me so I looked at him though the mirror

“I thought you were helping Junmyeon.”

“I can help you a whole lot more if you let me”

His hands making their way onto my waist pulling me against against him kissing my neck his hand slowly sliding to my front down into my pants playing with the top of panties. We kept eye contact with each other the whole time he know that he’s driving me crazy with all this teasing but it seems like he don’t care at the moment that he was enjoying this to the fullest knowing he has you right where he wants you

“Please Junmyeon..please touch me”

He smirked at the sound of me begging for him to give me some type of release. He pulled your panties to the side still holding eye contact his slowly started to rub my clit making me jump at his cold fingers rubbing against me

“This is what you wanted right Y/n?”

he slid his finger in me I moaned closing my eyes he them pulled away making me whimper

“Keep your eyes on me baby or I’ll stop, Understand?”

I nodded opening my eyes looking at him through the mirror biting my lip as he started to rub my clit again then sliding his finger in me again

“Remember baby keep your eyes on me”

I kept my eyes on him he kept teasing me let me reach my peak only to stop before I cum and start all over again until he finally thought I had enough he turned me around and kissed me roughly grabbing my ass, nibbling at my neck making sure to leave marks against my skin not I minded at all

“Do you want to me fuck you against the mirror Y/N?”

Those words coming out of his mouth sent so many sensations through my body I didn’t even know that he can talk like that making me even more wet. He started to undress. I started to do the same glancing at him taking him in to remember this moment because this may not happen again. The only thing running through my mind is I really wanna suck his dick, would he let me?

“Are you just going to stand there baby or are you going do something”

I looked at him then getting on my knees sucking on the head of his dick before taking it all in looking up at him seeing him biting his lip taking his hand in my curly hair and thrusting into my mouth taking charge. Hearing him groan was amazing I took all of him in he groaned a little louder this time he pulled away and grabbed my arm making me stand up picking me up making me wrap my arms and legs around him walking towards the mirror with my back against it the coolness of the mirror on my back feeling really good

“You ready babygirl?” 

“Please Suho..”

He thrusted into me he didn’t stop to let me adjust to his size he kept going at a nice fast and steady pace the only sound you heard through the room is our skin slapping against each other along with our moans. He had stopped to reposition himself and resumed to the task at hand, he then hit a spot no one’s ever hit before making me gasp and moan his name 

“Found it..”

He smiled and continuously hit that spot making me arch my back and claw at his back which in return I get low moans and groans in my ear. his thrusts became harder and faster I opened my mouth but nothing came out I put my head on his shoulder kissing, biting at his neck still clawing at his back

“I’m so close”  

“Me too” 

His thrust became rushed he brought his hand down in between us and started to rub my clit making me louder than I wanted to be I covered my mouth with my hand and Junmyeon shook his head

“No baby don’t hide those beautiful sounds from me. Let everyone know who’s making you feel this good. I want you to scream when you come, Let everyone know that I’m fucking you”

I nodded pulling at his hair kissing him pulling away when my orgasm reached it’s peak my body going numb 

“Oh shit! Junmyeon!” 

A few thrusts later he released in my resting his head on my shoulder we were in that position for a good minute before he pulled out of me standing me up then helping me get dressed before he dressed himself 

“Can I offer you dinner?” He asked looking at me I smiled kissing him 

“Yes you can” 

I grabbed my things and we walked out hand in hand talking passing Minseok and Baekhyun on the way out. Minseok whistled while Baekhyun laughed while saying 

“Finally he made his move” 

I looked at Junmyeon shocked and confused 

“I’ve been trying to think of a way to ask you out that’s why I was in the practice room in the first place”

“Well you got more than just a dinner today” 

“And you can say I’m happy I finally did something instead of being scared to ask you but even if we didn’t do that I’ll still be happy to have a dinner with you a least.” 

He kissed my cheek and we went to go get some food because after that I got really hungry..maybe there’ll be dessert afterwards.  

This might sound weird

But Alex Hogh Andersen is literally my motivation in the gym. I picture him and think of how hard he has worked on the show. Not to mention just how physical he is in general. It gets me to push myself harder to get the body I want. I’ve already lost two pant sizes and one shirt size (my boobs just won’t go away) in the last month. I’m seen more tone and definition, not to mention I have upped my weights. I’m happy I finally found something that has helped me stay motivated during my workouts!

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this has gotten pretty long and also i wrote most of it at 2 a.m. so don’t judge

  • ok, so one day Eddie Nygma decides to hit Gotham University
  • I don’t know why, probably so he can prove that he is smarter than anyone in there even though he doesn’t have a formal degree
  • and it just happens that the class he decides to hold hostage
  • is
  • psychology class
  • enter Professor Jonathan Crane

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AU Musing: Steampunk!AU

Okay so I FINALLY have an idea for that steampunk-ish AU idea that I think I could actually build off of (inspired by Bioshock, Fallout, and The Last of Us). So here’s the most basic gist of it:

In a universe ravaged by a devastating war that left the world to rot, there lies an airborne city that is known as a floating “utopia”. Except beneath it’s technology and shining pillars and thriving community, there is a much darker undertone to this city.

Rarity is a prisoner to this city, a mare forced into a life of experimentation for… well, I’m not sure yet (maybe she’s artificial life?). Twilight is not only her protector, but her jailer, a mare that isn’t so much mare anymore, now a living combination of flesh and steel and machine and magic (labeled as part of the “Guardian” series). Twilight has been forcefully bonded to Rarity in an attempt to make her loyal, but what wasn’t foreseen was how far that loyalty went…

They escape the city in the sky and go on a journey for refuge in the unknown world below.

I’ve actually drawn a few quick sketches to work on some concepts of the suits the “Guardian” series subjects were grafted to to better protect their bonded charges. I’ll go into more depth when I upload those sketches (it’ll feature Twilight and Rainbow Dash in them) but until then yeah! I’m so happy I finally found something to work with for this AU; I’ve been wanting to try worldbuilding it for a while now. c:

The V hate problem

Ive mentioned this many times already but i cant help but just cringe. People are still ahting on v. Yeah yeah i get the whole “people are entitled to their own opinions blah blah blah…” but im seeing a big problem: it seems people have used tje V route to prove their hate for V and thats just not cool.

This route was made for the sole purpose of helping and saving V from a toxic relationship as well as helping him realize his mistakes and helping him love himself. In the end we accomplish this. We finally make him happy, something he could never be in anyone elses route.

However as i kept looking at people posts i saw the main reason for Vs hate. Now i only assumed it was due to the mistakes hes done and how selfless and stubborn he is. But then i saw that the problem lied in V keeping secrets, especially the one about saeran being the hacker.

In all honesty, for a long time i felt there was nothing i could say that would defend why V did this. But then i did some more thinking and i think i may have an answer to this problem.

The main reason i believe he didnt tell seven about saeran was because he needed his trust. At the moment he needed sevens help to save mc. If he had just immediately told him who the hacker was i think seven would have completely distrust not only v but also the mc and probably even stop the whole rescue in order to see saeran. Remember he was doubtful of her for a while and asked a lot of questions about the hacker and she would only say little about him or how she got to where she is. And v couldnt afford that. He needed to insure mcs safety above all. Now youre probably thinking “why he didnt tell seven when they got out of mint eye?” Well first off he was ill and im sure seven knew that the top priorty now was Vs safety, as well as trying to hide from rika. And how the heck can V confess such things when he could barely talk. We know it took him a while to get better. And once he was feeling better…well we all know what happened 😢 (damn you rika). So how the heck was v even supposed to tell seven about saeran when everything was going on. My point is, i think some of the circumstances didnt allow V to tell him the truth.

And now i bet youre thinking “why didnt v tell him after everything was over???” And to tell the you truth, im not quite sure either. I think i still need to look back and do a lil more research on how things played out.

But what i do know is that i think its a little unfair that people are quick to judge V for his actions without putting in some thought as to why he did things. Its always just bc hes selfless and doesnt want to hurt anyone (WOW HOW DARE HE!!! WHAT a MONSTER 😑😑😑). But i think V is smart. I mean he caught on to where the mc was and what was going on pretty quickly. I dont think he hid this one secret for no reason. I do wish we could have gotten a reason, but i guess its up to us to look into it. Just wish people were smart enough to consider it 😑😑😑😑

The Promise of Friendship

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Request: U should totally do a high school throwback where you and Ethan are going to high school together and he talks about wanting to start and YouTube channel hahah all of the foreshadowing™

Summary: GenderNeutral!Reader and Ethan talk about what Ethan wants to do with future.

A/N: hey all! Sorry for the long wait, sadly just couldn’t really find much inspiration the past week and decided to stay off this blog :( On a happier note I’ve seen Spiderman: Homecoming twice in theaters already and I loved it so much I’m trying to break a record and watch it in theaters like 5 times lmao in case anyone was wondering (pls talk to me about it if you’ve already seen it/love marvel as much as I do) Anyway hope you guys enjoy this one! Not my best, but I’m just happy I finally finished something :p

Wordcount: 469, huehue 69

Requests are closed right now, sorry!

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Never lose sight of who you are and who you’ve become. Learn how to move on from a past full of people and places and events that have hurt you but never forget that they made you into who you are now. Keep your friends as close as possible as long as possible. Tell people you love them whenever you can. Be thankful of the fact that we are alive and breathing and healthy. Be thankful we live in a world that is so breathtakingly beautiful and diverse. Love everyone. Love continuously.
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So I get on to see if Bonnie makes it through to the next episode. Because I planned on catching up to TVD today. I get on INSTEAD to see Enzo was killed and honestly I’m so done. Did I ship Bonnie and Enzo? No. Was my OTP Bonnie and Damon? Fuck yes. But I have come to terms with the ship NOT happening. Enzo made Bonnie happy. Bonnie finally had SOMETHING and they took that! So Elena gets Damon, Caroline gets Stefan and her goddamn June wedding. But Bonnie can’t get the ONE GUY who put her first?! Fuck this shit! She can never be HAPPY. Fuck this show, fuck the writers. I’m honestly done. I’m not watching shit until the series ends and I ACTUALLY know for sure that Bonnie gets a happy ending because screw all of this. I just want my girl to be happy. I honestly don’t care at this point who it’s with as long as it’s someone who loves her because she’s been through so much shit in her life - that’s all she deserves. Even if it isn’t my otp, even if it doesn’t fit my dream. I just want something for her. 

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Bruce had stalk his children whenever they go out on dates

10 years ago:

“M’lady” Dick Grayson said pulling out the chair for Barbara who rolled her eyes and ignored his voice cracking. “Real fancy bird boy” she said sitting down and looking around the Italian restaurant. “hey I got to impress, how often does a sophomore get to take out a senior?” 

“if you didn’t look so good in hot pants short stuff? never” Dick turned beat red but managed to stammer “well I knew there was a reason I wore them” 

“Good evening, can I start you off with some drinks” the waiter was at Babs’ elbow she looked up at him and narrowed her eyes, then smiled. “A ginger ale thanks” 

walking out of the restaurant arm in arm Dick grinning stupidly. “That was nice” he said getting into the passenger seat of her car. “It was, but I wish Bruce hadn’t been our waiter” 


A few Years ago

Tim and Kon stood awkwardly in line for a movie. They’d been dating for a little while but this was their first date date and neither really knew the rules. Things seemed to simple between girls and boys but what about between two boys? Was hand holding in public okay at this stage? was it expected? should they stand close together let everyone know they’re together? or should they avoid the attention and act like friends? Tim felt a beed of stress sweat roll down the side of his face. The line was taking forever and Tim couldn’t think of any small talk that wasn’t “so you have a really nice butt”. finally they were at the ticket booth. Tim smiled happy to finally have something to do and pulled out his wallet but stopped for a second looking at the old man in the booth. “um sorry, two for Ant-Man please?” 

Kon popped up the arm rest in the darkened theater and snuggled into Tim. “that was nice that he gave us the student price without asking for IDs that would have been awkward”

“Bruce is a nice guy that way”


“nothing, never mind” Tim kissed the top of Kon’s head and then rested his head on top of Kon’s.

Last Week.

Making out was a new experience for Damian Wayne. He was not surprised he was good at it, he was good at everything after all he was a Wayne. He was however surprised he liked it, he’d thought when he caught Drake or Grayson doing it that it was quite disgusting. In Billy Batson’s apartment in Fawcett City, on his couch, however Damian found it very enjoyable. He leaned back Billy looked a little dizzy, clearly not as good at breathing through his nose. Damian ran his fingers through Billy’s hair, glad to have a space where Alfred or Drake or Grayson or worst of all Father might walk in. They wouldn’t mind but having this light butterflies in the stomach feeling in front of them would be too painfully embarrassing to express. Damian ran his hand down from Billy hair to his red cheek and felt the warm coming off his flushed boyfriend and smiled. It wasn’t like most of Damian’s smiles, there was no mockery there just a pure happiness. It scared him to feel this way about anything, in the past only his animals, brief moments of his art and the joy of flying through the air as Robin had made him feel anything like this. This was more exciting, more heady. Just then he felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. Damian turned and looked out the window.

several rooftops over Bruce Wayne lowered his binoculars. Damian had just mouthed “Father, Go home”