Renamed Musicals
  • The Last Five Years: We were happy for ten minutes
  • Bring It On: just like the movies but better because Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Dogfight: All My Friends Are Dead by: Eddie Birdlace
  • American Psycho: Benjamin Walker's abs ft. Jennifer Damiano
  • Spring Awakening: horny German teenagers make me cry thirty times
  • Gypsy: Broadway dance moms
  • In the Heights: remember Lin Manuel Miranda before Hamilton?
  • Jersey Boys: we're all shitty people but at least we're shitty people who can sing
  • How to Succeed in Business: life is good if you can lie
  • Matilda: Carrie Jr.
  • Daddy Long Legs: haha she said "daddy"
  • Children of Eden: the bible ft. belting
  • Tick, Tick...Boom: Remember Jonathan Larson before Rent?
  • Urinetown: urine jokes and Hunter Foster
  • A Chorus Line: we're all suffering so we cover up our emotions with dancing
  • Newsies: hot gay teenage boys stomp a lot
  • The Book of Mormon: we're all suffering so we cover up our emotions with religion
  • Footloose: let hiM BE A DANCER!!!1!!
  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: crazy women take lots of Valium
  • Next to Normal: crazy woman takes a lots of Valium
  • Avenue Q: ruining your childhood one song at a time
  • Bullets Over Broadway: Zach Braff can sing?
  • If/Then: Elphaba marries Roger
  • Parade: JRB can't write anything happy
  • Honeymoon in Vegas: JRB finally writes something happy
  • Ragtime: everyone's a little bit racist but it's okay because it's 1910
  • The Full Monty: suicide and strippers
  • Jekyll and Hyde: Frank Wildhorn needs to chill
  • Wonderland: Frank Wildhorn really needs to chill
  • Bonnie and Clyde: Frank Wildhorn finally finds his chill
  • Catch Me if You Can: Aaron Tveit ignores his feelings with jazz numbers
  • Merrily We Roll Along: we were all happy for like ten minutes
  • Cats: what?
  • Spelling Bee: guy from Modern Family ft. erection song
  • [title of show]: what musical theatre majors go through after college
  • Calvin Berger: Cyrano with horny teenagers
  • Legally Blonde: Laura Bell Bundy can belt my face off
  • Little Women: Jo isn't straight but alright whatever
  • Assassins: kill a president and all your problems will be solved
  • Clinton the Musical: the best thing to come out of Broadway in 50 years
  • Carrie: Matilda with murder
  • Rent: we're all dead inside but it's alright
  • Jasper in Deadland: we're all dead inside but it's not alright
  • Falsettos: family is important ft. the guy from into the woods
  • Company: love is stupid and so are all of you
  • Evening Primrose: literally wh a t the fuck
  • The Frogs: literALLY WH A T THE FUCK
  • School of Rock: these kids have more talent in their left pinkies than you ever will
  • The Addams Family: she's being pulled in a new direction
  • Aladdin: seriously SO much better than the movie
  • Bare: horny American teenagers make me cry thirty times
  • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: everyone hates Andrew Jackson boo hoo
  • The Bridges of Madison County: Kelli O'Hara needs to stop being perfect immediately
  • Finding Neverland: somebody wrote fanfiction about J.M. Barrie
  • Fun Home: you're gonna cry a lot
  • Heathers: literally fuckin chill
  • Hamilton: literally fuckin chill (reprise)
  • Love's Labour's Lost: horny college students are horny college students
  • Meet John Doe: Heidi Blickenstaff can belt my face off
  • Pippin: sad gay circus boy
  • Shrek: everyone makes fun of this musical but it's seriously amazing????
  • Something Rotten: 16th century fanfiction
  • Tuck Everlasting: become best friends with your kidnappers
  • Waitress: Deep Dish Blueberry Pie
  • Sweeney Todd: Deep Shit Blueberry Pie
  • West Side Story: MARIA!
  • Zombie Prom: lol why
Owned - pt 11

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“Y/N. Please.”

“Namjoon…please stop calling me. Think things through first.”

“Just tell me where you are. This is stupid. We need to talk. Running away from your problems won’t fix them.” He growled.

“Don’t you see that’s exactly what you’re doing?”

“Well what am I supposed to do when you turned everyone against me?” He yelled.

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Be More Specific

Summary: Don’t really have one. Just some smut.

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1105

AN: Y’all already know these summaries ain’t shit. I FINALLY FINISHED SOMETHING!! It’s been crazy and I’m happy to finally have something to post again. I barely proofread it so I apologize for any mistakes. It’s 1am my time and homie is tired.

Pictures/Artwork/Gifs are not mine. Credit goes to the original owner.


Maybe you should’ve been more specific when you’d asked if he was hungry. You’d gotten off work early and were free for the evening so why not be a good woman and feed your boyfriend. Maybe you should’ve been tipped off when he said, “Surprise me”. He’s usually very picky about his food. Maybe, you should’ve paid closer attention to the look he gave you when you showed up at the studio. He had immediately pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and his eyes trailed over your body as you beat a hasty pace towards the table.

“Ok, so I just grabbed some burgers. Nothing else was really sounding good. I saw some pictures from back home. Looks like there was a cookout and I’ve kinda been craving some barbeque but I couldn’t remember the name of the place you like.” You rambled on with your back to him.  You were too busy putting the food out on the table bent slightly at the waist to hear the soft click of the door shutting or the lock sliding into place. “I got onion rings and fries. I figured we could share them or” Your words were immediately cut off as one of his hands buried itself in the back of your hair guiding your head back and to the side exposing your neck. He simultaneously placed open mouthed kisses along your jaw and neck while his free hand snaked across your stomach with a feather light touch. Your ab muscles spasmed beneath his touch and your breath caught as his teeth lightly scraped across your neck. Loco could either be a very patient or very fever lover. It seemed like he was in a very patient mood. Something that you weren’t going to complain about in the slightest. His hand moved from beneath your shirt to the button of your jeans. He kept your mind distracted by whispering in your ear. The words rushed, slurring together and occasionally cut off but him biting either your earlobe or neck. He immediately kissed the small hurts away but you were sure there were going to marks all over before when you left.

He managed to pull your pants to mid-thigh and had your back pressed to his chest. You were each grinding against the other. Loco gently kicked your legs apart and slipped a hand into your now soaked panties. He ran a finger along your seam before dipping a finger into your core. A groan of approval met your moan of appreciation followed by a deep chuckle. He took a half a step back and gently pushed against your back urging you to bend over completely. His hands trailed over your back to your hips. He hooked his hands in your panties and pulled them down to meet your pants. He grasped both of your globes and gave them a firm squeeze and followed it up with a hard slap. You gasped not expecting the sting but growing wetter from the aggressive move and the possessive growling groan that accompanied it. He ran his hands all over your lower half. With your back to him you couldn’t see his lust blown expression or the appreciative smirk on his face.

“Grab your ankles” he urged and you quickly grasped them. You weren’t sure when he’d gotten his pants off but he had already lined himself up and was sinking in. The both of you were moaning. His fingers dug almost painfully into your hips as he strains to hold back trying to give your body time to adjust. He waited until you rocked back against him giving him all the permission he needed to move.

The pace he set was even and his strokes steady and direct. The angle had him hitting just the right spot from the get go. You placed one hand on the floor trying to steady yourself. The position and the feel of Loco pushing in and out, in and out went straight to your head. Your walls clenched around him. You felt the slight hiccup in his stroke and his knee briefly brushed against yours. “Don’t let go.” He grunted having felt the slight change in position. The room filled with the sounds of skin sliding on skin, clothes rustling, the occasional slap to the ass and two people edging closer and closer to their peaks.

That perfect piece of pure euphoria was almost in your reach. Loco’s pace increased and he was consistently stuttering in his strokes trying to hold off to make sure you came first. You could already feel his cock twitching inside of you. Something that always made your chest swell with pride. There was some primal joy in knowing you could evoke that feeling in another person. You knew you were a few strokes away from cumming. Your body was at that perfectly still space right before the rush hit. The moments leading up where you didn’t dare move in fear that feeling would pass completely. You were practically preening under his touch. The dam finally broke and the rush of heat that had been building low in your belly spread through entirely. You offered up the best lip service you could repeatedly calling Loco’s name. He finally gave his body permission finish and released with a growl followed by some of the filthiest string of curse word while he emptied himself in you.

He collapsed into a chair behind himself and pulled you into his lap. You were a mess. Your combined releases were running down your thighs leaving a sticky mess in their wake but you were too busy trying to get your brain to return from mush. You let your head fall back into the crook of his neck. Loco placed gentle kisses along your forehead.

“I thought you were hungry?” You asked a bit breathlessly and your body still shook ever so lightly. “More like I knew I would be” He answered. You let out a little laugh. “I’m going to need to change.” There was no way your panties made it through that and judging by the stickiness pooling on your thighs you were going to need a shower. “You know where my extra clothes are.” He answered. “You know Jay and Cha Cha are going to clown you right?” He asked. You nodded too satisfied to care. “Hand me an onion ring.” He said with a pat to your thigh. You looked at him with an eyebrow raised. “What? I told you I was going to be hungry.” He said with a little bit of a frown and a chuckle.
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Credence Barebone is Percival Graves’ personal assistant.

A modern secretary-esque au where Credence just wants to be good and Graves is a rich dick who likes to bite.


So I get on to see if Bonnie makes it through to the next episode. Because I planned on catching up to TVD today. I get on INSTEAD to see Enzo was killed and honestly I’m so done. Did I ship Bonnie and Enzo? No. Was my OTP Bonnie and Damon? Fuck yes. But I have come to terms with the ship NOT happening. Enzo made Bonnie happy. Bonnie finally had SOMETHING and they took that! So Elena gets Damon, Caroline gets Stefan and her goddamn June wedding. But Bonnie can’t get the ONE GUY who put her first?! Fuck this shit! She can never be HAPPY. Fuck this show, fuck the writers. I’m honestly done. I’m not watching shit until the series ends and I ACTUALLY know for sure that Bonnie gets a happy ending because screw all of this. I just want my girl to be happy. I honestly don’t care at this point who it’s with as long as it’s someone who loves her because she’s been through so much shit in her life - that’s all she deserves. Even if it isn’t my otp, even if it doesn’t fit my dream. I just want something for her. 

@fetacheeseandsoup said: i do

this has gotten pretty long and also i wrote most of it at 2 a.m. so don’t judge

  • ok, so one day Eddie Nygma decides to hit Gotham University
  • I don’t know why, probably so he can prove that he is smarter than anyone in there even though he doesn’t have a formal degree
  • and it just happens that the class he decides to hold hostage
  • is
  • psychology class
  • enter Professor Jonathan Crane

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It’s been a little over week since the OUAT Season Finale and…

  • I’m still quite happy with how my characters ended. Rumple made the right choices (again) and didn’t get karmically smacked down for them this time. The journey to the Rumbelle happy ending (beginning) may not make any sense, but I’ll take it. I don’t have to worry about them anymore and we got a dance and a kiss and a baby and dinner with the family. It’s all good.
  • My finale happiness might have something to do with the bit where I haven’t watched a good portion of the last two seasons. It probably helps that I didn’t see many of the plot holes, nonsensical arcs, and ooc behavior.
  • I thinking about when I would have checked out of the show if I wasn’t in the fandom. I’m thinking probably mid-5a, which is when I stopped watching live and started skipping scenes/episodes. However, it’s possible I would have picked it up again with HHH and then 100% dropped it in 6a. I despise 6a. But I enjoyed 6b, so there you go!
  • On that note, OUAT is done for me. They wrapped it up and next season is a new show with the same name. I’ll be checking it out simply because Rumple will be there (and I know I’ll want to gif him), but I’m not feeling any emotional connection.
  • And a question: What is so angry making about characters you don’t like getting a happy ending in the finale??? There are characters I can’t stand with their happy endings at the dinner table, but so what, I’m happy about my characters. Is it that people convinced themselves the characters they hate were going to be the Big Bads and finally die in the last season? I avoid A&E’s interviews, but they’ve been real consistent about how their plan was to give their main villains (esp Regina) their happy endings.
Never lose sight of who you are and who you’ve become. Learn how to move on from a past full of people and places and events that have hurt you but never forget that they made you into who you are now. Keep your friends as close as possible as long as possible. Tell people you love them whenever you can. Be thankful of the fact that we are alive and breathing and healthy. Be thankful we live in a world that is so breathtakingly beautiful and diverse. Love everyone. Love continuously.
—  all love (via fraagmented)
The Wrong Wand to Take

Well…. This took me a while. ARGH DAMN INTERNET FUCKED SHIT UP!

ANYWAY here’s a Bad Boy AU of Star vs The Forces of Evil. And the reason why it’s possibly badly written is me rushing the hell out of it!

WELL I’m just going to shut up and keep writing and stuff.

Some of you Filipino readers may cringe on some sentences. I did that because of other fanfics using other languages for certain characters. I thought I could give it a try, really.

This is a submission to @starcoweek3.

I stared into my phone, and kept scrolling down for more stuff at facebook. I was bored, and I didn’t mind time pass through like snails racing in a speedway.

When I took notice of the time shown at my phone, I noticed that it was getting late. 7 PM Late. And Star wasn’t home.

2 hours ago, she said that she had somewhere important to go, and that she will come back around 6:30 PM. I didn’t bother asking more details why, but I bothered waving to her as she was about to leave.

It may not seem to be a bad boy thing to worry about her, but as a secret boyfriend of her, that was an exception

I wondered that her being late would mean something bad. Not normal girl bad, but Mewni princess with a magical wand that could level a continent bad. Kidnapped by Ludo or anyone at all? Lost her way to this house? Impossible. She lived here for quite some time now.

I called her cellphone, but no response. After a few missed calls and a few voice messages, I decided it was time to look for Star.

I had to make a snack first, just in case it’ll take me long. Quickly after taking a slice of bread, covering it with chocolate, and rolled it up, I went to the front door and about to start my search for Star.

When I opened the door, my search was indeed over. Star limped to the front door and looked like she was beaten up, and not in a good way.

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