Finally something I’m happy with! Hope you guys like it as well! 

I also want to thank all of you for your support today on the post about my stolen artwork! Thank you for all the comments and likes and reblogs. The person has now taken the artwork down. I hope we’ve brought at least a little bit awareness of the art theft problem, because it is definitely needed.

You guys are amazing! <3 

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Orihime, how do you feel about a career teaching high-brow physics and doing research? Because you mentioned you wanted to be both a teacher and an astronaut, so... compromise? (This is a COMPLETE stranger totes not about to write fix-it fic)

Or I could do a stint as an astronaut, and then lecture at universities when I return to Earth! And I can run a bakery in my spare time. So much to do, so little time… this is a great idea, Anon-san, I’d love to go into academia!

Honestly, how many Korean groups have been together and remained successful and relevant for the entirety of their 10 years together? It is truly amazing what Big Bang has done and I really hate to see their own CEO just….disregarding that completely and in such a way that it lead VIPs on to think it was Big Bang releasing something on their anniversary. He played that date for hype and that is just so disrespectful. I don’t care if BB doesn’t care about CL releasing something on their day, VIPs care, that date is the date that Big Bang and VIPs have always held in their hearts together, it’s significance is huge. YG wouldn’t be YG without Big Bang, so to go and do that? That is why I am mad. I’m not mad at CL, I’m happy she’s finally releasing something (although she deserves her own day, not a whole fandom projecting their anger on her over this, so this sucks for her too), I’m mad at how YG played us, and Big Bang, yet again to promote someone else. 

30 Day Challenge: Day 18

Prompt: “Hey its cold. Light a fire or something. I swear you’re a cold-blooded reptile.”

AN: *Insert insane screaming here* The Question finally won something! I’m so happy!

Words: 655

           “Why in the world is it so cold in here?”

You smile as your brother walks through the door. He’s dressed in shorts and a god awful Hawaiian printed shirt, decorated with surfing dogs. You smile at him from underneath your throw blanket, and simply say “It’s hot outside.”

Dick doesn’t say anything as he makes a mad dash across the cold hardwood floors, in bare feet to the couch. He lands on top of you, and maneuvers you around until he is safely under the blanket with you. Once he’s fully covered by the blanket, he turns to you and says “It is cold in here. We need to light a fire or something, because I swear you are a cold blooded reptile or something.”

You grin  “You’re being a tad dramatic brother dear.”

           He looks up at you with this horrified expression “I am not being dramatic!”

           “Yes you are.”

           “Y/N! It’s summer and your apartment is so cold that we could build an igloo!”

           You smirk “That’s the point Dick, it’s hot outside and cold inside. It’s what keeps me from melting.”

           He stares at you and asks “Now who’s being dramatic?”

           “I don’t do the heat Dick. It frizzes my hair, it makes me sweat, and I tend to get light headed. I’d much rather stay cold.”

           “And what about that boyfriend of yours?”

           “Believe it or not he prefers the cold too.”

           “If I wasn’t I would have frozen to death last winter.” A second voice sounds as Vic walks out from his theory room. He’s dressed in his usual suit, with his faceless mask is in place. “Your sister likes to sleep with the windows open during the winter.”

           You smile and say “We make up what we overspend in summer by barely running the heat in the window.”

           Dick just stares at you and asks “Are you sure we’re related?”

           “Positive.” Vic says from the kitchen, not bothering to stick his head out “I ran tests just to make sure.”

           You elbow Dick in the chest to knock the snarl off his face as Vic comes back out. He walks back to the couch and bends down to eye level “I’ll probably be gone a few days, I’ll email so you know I’m safe, and I made several casseroles during meal prep on Sunday. They’re in the freezer with specific baking instructions, so please don’t eat nothing but take out.”

           You grin before kissing him, where his mouth would be “You take very good care of me. I’ll even eat a salad with them. Be safe.”

           He gives you one last kiss before saying “I will.” Then he turns to your brother and simply says “Richard.” Before heading to the door. Just before he closes the door he calls out “Stay cool sweetheart!”

           Dick doesn’t speak again until Vic has been gone several minutes. “You know, you’ve been dating the weirdo for like two years, and he still refuses to tell me his name. I can only call him by his code name, Question. Do you know his name? And does he wear nothing but hat suit? What about the mask? Does he ever take it off?”

           You lean back a bit “These questions have really been bothering you haven’t they?”

           “First off puns are my thing, and yes they have.”

           You sigh “He does have other clothes than suit, no he does not wear the mask all the time, and at first he wouldn’t tell you his name because he wanted to make sure he could trust you, now he doesn’t tell you because he knows it bugs you, and you get on his nerves.”

           Dick just gapes at you “I get on his nerves? I GET ON HIS NERVES?”

           “Yes, would you like some hot chocolate?”

           Dick doesn’t answer, he just sits there kind of shocked. You just sigh and go to make some hot chocolate.


It seems we have something in common! I also have a tattoo from one of my favorite games..Kingdom Hearts. I have absolutely loved this game ever since it first got released. I have played every single game that has come out,gotten a lot of merchandise..I even have my own Keyblade! I gotten this done about 2 years ago and its my latest one (I actually have 4 all together now). I hope to get more in the future but I am so happy with how it turned out. Kingdom Hearts will always be some near and dear to me and I am happy you have finally gotten something for yourself! Ill just say that once you get one,you won’t want to stop LOL.

Enjoy your new ink,Jack!


PS Excuse my ugly skin haha

A half-serious thing.

I’ve always loved the idea of Angel!Jyuu being Priest!Kara’s guardian angel/spirit guide. I’ve been trying to draw it for the loooongest time, and I’ve finally been able to come up with something I’m happy with.

Karamastu talks to him all the time, and Jyushi wishes they could be together on a more physical level (Megami Choromatsu is too busy to play baseball). I think they’d be a pretty great team~

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I'm so happy that you finally found something that you love!!! If it's not too personal, may I ask what it is in particular and/or how you found out about it? I'm feeling rather lost myself in what I want to do after I graduate highschool.

just to clear things up i haven’t got the job (i haven’t even given it a shot yet aksldjfkldsf) but i want to be a webtoon artist at a certain korean portal site! i’ve always been reading them since i was in 5th grade and wanted a freelancing occupation related to both drawing and writing where i can create original stories and content! The webtoon market is really big and competitive right now but !! I’m going to give it my all (ง'̀-‘́)ง

also don’t worry too much!! i’m in my first year of college right now and just found out what i want to do so you still have plenty of time!! It’ll strike you one day I promise!

Surreptitious - chapter three

adjective; 1. kept secret, especially because it would not be approved of

Originally posted by cmtae

Warning - smut

Read the rest of the story here. My ask is always open for suggestions, comments, and requests. Thanks for reading!

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You've said you began shipping B&G around Aug/Sept around the time rumors of their budding romance started swirling. Did you keep a blog on them back then? I'd really love to go back & read first impressions & opinions. Thanks.

Haha noo I didn’t. But you did make me nostalgic for the first post ever posted about them on tumblr. I had been checking the tags for them for a couple of weeks and got so happy when something finally popped up. Before s9 started I wouldn’t say I was shipping it so much as like “hmm, that’s weird, I wonder…” but then as soon as she looked so excited telling him his hat was cute I was into it for sure and then the next week she threw those Loubies at him and I’ve been gone ever since. In October my tags were a lot of “i’m judging myself for this” and “omfg they are not slick” and a lot of keysmashes. 

I’m pretty sure I started forcing my thoughts on people in November. You can look at old posts here: 


I finally got the contact lenses for my Juuzou cosplay!

Of course I had to put the cosplay on and do a quick make-up and take some photos, haha c’x and theres one random megane juuzou because i was bored lol