person: so how are you doing today

me inside: how many seventeen videos have i not watched yet did they have lots of weird and hilarious moments did meanie finally had a lot of interactions like i am so deprived of that ship it must always sail forever did they have soonseok talk i wanna hear dat yo when is seventeen gonna release their new album i am waiting for it very much i’ve been listening to the 17 carat album countless times now it’s unbelievable is seungkwan finally getting popular should i watch the first and second episodes of intouchable right now vampire jun rules did minghao b-boy somewhere does wonwoo rlly exist ugh what a life ruiner is mingyu making coffee rn is hansol rapping like he’s only 17 and only got a few dollars rn sevenTEEN sEVENTEEN SEVENTEEEENNNN

me outside: good.

Hannibal First Look: Meet Will's Wife — and the Red Dragon's Lady Love!

Ch-ch-changes are coming to the second half of Hannibal‘s third season — as anyone who watched last weekend’s “Digestivo” is well aware.

VIDEOSHannibal Stars, EPs Preview a ‘Smiling, Laughing’ Will — and a ‘Physically, Logistically Big’ Finale

After Dr. Lecter’s surrender to Jack Crawford — following Will and Hannibal’s escape from the clutches of Mason Verger — Bryan Fuller’s beautiful nightmare will flash-forward several years in this Saturday’s installment (10/9c on NBC), and we’ve got first-look images of your old faves in fresh settings, plus the show’s new Big Bad.

In Episode 8, “The Great Red Dragon,” we’ll meet Richard Armitage’s Francis Dolarhyde (aka The Tooth Fairy) (aka Red Dragon), a serial killer with a set of chompers that would make the Big Bad Wolf a little envious — and a penchant for targeting entire households for slaughter. Also introduced in the hour is Will’s wife Molly (played by Nina Arianda).

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The August 1 hour — “…and The Woman Clothed With The Sun” — features the return of Lara Jean Chorostecki as Freddie Lounds and the debut of True Blood‘s Rutina Wesley, playing Reba McClane, a blind woman who becomes a love interest for the sociopathic Dolaryhde.

Check out images from both episodes below — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments and tell us if you’re stoked about where the show is headed over the next six weeks!

Launch Gallery: ‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Photos

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I FINALLY got to watch “I Am Cait” and kudos to @caitlynjenner she is flawless! She’s sweet, funny, and incredibly wise. I honestly have never seen a full episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and I’m not a big fan of reality TV but I am so excited for this show! In the first episode she addressed the suicide rates in the trans community and the lgbtq+ Yay for Caitlyn because she’s amazing! ❤️💜💛💚💙 I also think it’s amazing who much her family loves and supports her and it has made me feel a little warmer about the family in general #transisbeautiful #iamcait #caitlynjenner

Guys I won’t lie, I feel like shit rn. But since I’ve been in bed for 3 days I’ve used this time to try and catch up to stuff.

I’ve caught up with Fluttering Feelings, Their Story, FiNALLY got past that first episode of Carmilla’s second season etc etc.

But none of the above is the reason why I’m in zombie mmode desperately typing my way out of despair. NOPE.


Two weeks ago, I slipped in the kitchen and spilled boiling water on myself—first it hit my knee, then it splashed down the rest of my leg. My skin was, at first, flushed and felt no pain, but then came the burning sensation. And, as if my sensory nerves had finally woken up, the burning got increasingly worse, so I sat in my shower and sprayed my leg with cold water as I watched UnReal. It was “The Mary” episode, which—without giving anything away—didn’t help. 

When the burning became tolerable, I got out, patted my leg down and slathered it in Polysporin. I covered it all with two layers of gauze and went to bed. 

At work the next day, people asked whether it was a tattoo or flesh-eating disease. Those were my two choices: either I purposely sunk ink into my skin or something was devouring it from within. On the street, people would immediately stare at the leg, and then work their way up to my face, where I caught their glance. They’d immediately look away.

The last two weeks, I’ve been so much more aware of my own skin—whether it was how people responded to it, or how it healed. The skin blistered and turned a blue-red. And as much as I couldn’t always watch it heal under the new layers of gauze, I could feel it in so many ways. 

The blisters popping and oozing water down my leg. 

The scabs rubbing against the gauze. 

The scorched skin finally peeling itself off, or tagging itself to the gauze. 

As disgusting as this all sounds, there’s something so nice about being aware of that outer layer, especially when I’ve been stuck in my own head for a few months. That I can peel off the old flesh and unveil a newer layer of skin means that my body’s cells regenerate. This makes me realize although it is vulnerable, it can bounce back. (The skin’s healing has a threshold too, and the damage can’t be so extreme that it disrupts the body system.) 

But healing and regeneration are signs that show, I guess, that I’m still here. It means my body is still working.

xeair asked:

Sure, sorry. So my question again: Why did Eobard Thawne travel back in time to kill younger Barry? According to the comics, he needs Barry to become Flash first so that he can be Reverse Flash. So it'd cause a paradox. Same thing with killing his mom. Could that be the real reason for why he got stuck in the past? This is something I still don't get.

I think if you re watch the beginning of the finale (episode 1x23 “Fast Enough”) it sort of explains in a condensed way why he RF wants Barry dead. Also in (1x19 “Who Is Harrision Wells”) it explains his intentions when he sent the decoy (Hannibal Bates) to kill Barry who can shape shift into Wells/Eobard Thawne. Even 1x20 “The Trap” has more information about Eobard’s plan when Eddie was captured. I think the show stated that he is stuck in the past because he didn’t have enough speed force power to go back to where he’s from. Eobard sat in the wheel chair the entire time to keep charging himself as Cisco said when they looked underneath the chair. I’m not really good at remembering things I may need to re watch myself but I would say episodes 1x19, 1x20 and 1x23 are where Eobard explains his purpose as he wants Barry to stop his mother from being killed because he knows what it will do to him in the future.

It’s kind of like what Henry was saying to Barry before he made his decision: “Barry there’s a natural order to things. Things happen the way they do. We may not know why at the time but there must always be a reason. I believe that. I’ve had to believe it. (Barry: “I can save mom.”) At what cost? If you said time would change what if it changes you?”

That is basically what he says to Barry to give him something to think about. Then his future self stops him completely. This is what RF wanted. If Barry would have interfered with the timeline, like his father said, it would have changed things for the worst. But now with Eddie did, we are left with a black hole towards the end of the season. Season 2 will bring out the conclusion of Eddie’s decision and Barry’s resolution. Just re watch until then! :)

mongroffchele asked:

I loved when StBerry finished together, I love Lea and I love Jon, and I kinda love Jesse 😂😂😂😂 ok, I just like Jesse 'cause I love Jon, but anyway StBerry

Jon is such a sweetheart, like he is probably one of the nicest people on earth! And Groffchele are friendship goals as f. The ultimate BROTP! 

You know what, I watched the first three seasons of Glee without any outside influence - without being on Tumblr, without hearing anyone’s opinion, without knowing who the actors were, I simply watched episode after episode - and I immediately liked Jesse. I thought he was an interesting, funny, kinda dark character and got excited when he came back in s2 and s3. I also shipped St. Berry since s1, even though I was a huge Finchel fan back then! 

Of course, when I finally found out that Lea and Jonathan were best friends in real life, I started to like Jesse and St. Berry even more, but the fact that Jesse was played by Jonathan had nothing to do with me liking him in the first place.

So yeah, I don’t like Jesse just because I love Jonathan, but that is still a factor you have to consider. I know that many people only like Jesse because Jonathan is such a bae, but I can’t really hold it against them bc who could dislike this face????

Motivational Monday :Peggy Carter Edition

(pic not mine)

So I’ve gotten into Marvel recently. I’m not entirely sure why or how this obsession started but I’m really glad it did. I rewatched the Cap movies and fell in love with both of them and I can’t wait till the third one comes out (the day before my birthday). Anyways that prompted me to finally watch Agent Carter. I was going to watch it when it originally came out but I missed the first two episodes and then couldn’t catch up cuz I couldn’t find them anywhere. Finally I got my hands on the entire season and DEVOURED it. I finished it in about a day. I know I’m obsessed. Anyways, this show deals with a lot of things, sexism being one of them. Peggy is a badass but because she’s a woman no one see’s it. She’s invisible and is treated like shit. To everyone at her job she’s just another pretty face.

I love Peggy. Peggy Carter is goals. We all live in a world where people share opinions, where people say what they think, where people disagree. Most people try and try to gain validation through other people’s word that they forget that the person who has to live with it all is themselves.

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Show Me The Money: tl;dr

When I first started getting interested in SMTM, it was because of Bobby and B.I. I watched all of their performances, but never actually watched the show. I read articles about the show as well, but never really paid attention to it.

After I found out that Loco was the winner of the first season, I started watching all of Loco’s performances.

It wasn’t until the producers of Show Me the Money 4 were revealed that I finally got into it.

I’m a massive Jay Park fan, Loco fan, YG stan, and BBC, so how could I not watch the show? Finding out that Mino, Taewoon, Hanhae, and the rest of the cast for Show me The Zico were auditioning for the show, it pretty much sealed the deal.

I’d watched the first two episodes and absolutely. My mind had matured to hiphop. Before, the only raps I listened to were the ones that belonged to idols that I liked, but because I listened to some of Zico’s old mixtapes, I finally gave myself some kind of knowledge of hiphop and rap. Well, I could at least tell what was good and what was not.

So, to educate myself further, I decided to watch all of the third season, silently bracing myself for the hate against idol rappers that was apparently everywhere during the season. I remembered watching Bobby and B.I’s performances and seeing the sinister faces of the other underground competitors, I remembered reading about OLLTII’s diss rap towards them. Truthfully, I was scared that I’d get really defensive of the boys and just give up on the show.

Actually watching the show, I found almost no hostility towards Bobby and B.I. Iron and Olltii, who I’d pegged as pessimistic bullies because of their faces during Bobby and B.I’s performances, turned out adorable. I never would’ve expected that the person glaring at my two little idol boys backstage was the same person who bought second hand clothing and smiled so brightly, who only wanted YDG’s attention the entire time, but had to learn to do everything himself. Same with the person with the permanent bitch face and got overshadowed by Zico during the semi-finals, who turned out to have acknowledged B.I extremely quickly, who turned defensive when B.I was eliminated, who rained praises on Be I. Those moments that were unfortunately cropped out, could not have been seen by the people like me, who only watched for her idols. I never got to see the moment after Bobby’s L4L performance with Illionaire, during which Olltii had expressed his frustration at Bobby’s flirting, when Olltii had expressed his enjoyment of Illionaire’s song, with the Illionaire sign and a thumbs up. I never got to see Olltii hugging B.I right after he’d been eliminated, Olltii trying to soother Yook Jidam as she was trying not to cry, Iron smiling in his bucket hat and sandals, Iron and his sadness when YDG didn’t pay attention to him.

Even before this, the only thing I knew about Giriboy was that he was the dude who’s MV got mixed up with Taeil’s, but he’s actually cute and competitive.

I can’t even express how disappointed I was in myself when I’d completely fallen in love with these people who I’d seen as antagonists until now. How could I have loathed them even before I knew anything about them?

Anyway, I’m following SMTM4 really closely now, so that I no longer misjudge people and instead of sticking close to Mino or Hanhae, I’m listening to raps instead of background knowledge and stories.

SMTM4 Rooting-For progress:

Show me the Mino -> TEAM BLACKNUT -> #LilBoiOfGeeks

True Detective Season 2 Episode 6: "Church in Ruins"

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS. If you have not watched “Church in Ruins” do not read past this point. You have been warned.

This was the first episode that actually interested me! They finally got somewhere.. It only took six episodes of an eight episode series.

Colin Farrell’s relationship with his kid is so sad. I actually felt bad when he told him that no matter what he hears he’ll always be his dad. He even goes as far as to agree to leave him and his ex wife alone if she doesn’t go forward with the paternity test. She insists that she needs to know for herself and he begs her not to tell their son.

Vince Vaughn didn’t have much screen time in this episode. It starts with his confrontation with Farrell who is angry about having killed a man who he thought was his wife’s rapist. He finds out this isn’t true when the real rapist gets arrested and blames Vaughn for giving him the wrong name. Farrell believes that he had nothing to do with the name and they part ways without shooting each other. Farrell then goes to jail to verbally torment his ex wife’s rapist. Not sure how he’s going to kill him jail but I’m sure he’ll figure out a way.

The whole party scene was pretty crazy. Rachel McAdams is a beautiful badass. This whole scene was very chaotic between the action, the drug hallucinations and the chase aspect. She’s having a very hard time with whatever drug they sprayed in her mouth. She can barely keep herself upright while having hallucinations about her father.. I guess somebody has repressed daddy issues? She then forces herself to throw up to get the drugs out of her system. McAdams finds the missing Hispanic girl in the bathroom and makes it her mission to help her get out. After a very crazy sequence of murder and badassery they escape with Farrell and Kitsch. McAdams had an emotional moment at the end of the episode when she comes to terms with the fact that she killed a man while trying to escape. She really is such a wonderful actress.

The preview for next week didn’t give us very much to go on. There are only two episodes left and I feel better about it than I did last week. How do you feel about this season? Do you think the last two episodes will make it all worth it?

in my dc rewatch i got to the sealed western window case finally, and its taking me three days to watch bc the first 3 minutes has eisuke panting and i never have taken that out of context before. i am now mad and im having a hard time finishing that episode so i started kekkai sensen and now i want to boink zapp

10 Reasons to Love Tyrion Lannister

10 Reasons To Love #Tyrion #Lannister #GameofThrones

BY EMMA GUINNESS | July 19, 2015 I’ll admit, I’m a bit late in joining the Game of Thrones fandom. In fact, it wasn’t until last month (June 2015) that I finally got around to watching it and, needless to say, I have now binged my way through all five seasons. From the very first episode Tyrion Lannister stole my heart. Drinking and fraternising with a beautiful woman in a whorehouse, he is…

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bzdsentai asked:

Hi, I've got a quick question about the Kamen Rider Black sub links you posted. I've downloaded episodes 1 through 39 so far and I've noticed that no subs show up when I watch them. Is there something else I need to download or is it a problem with my video player? I use Final Media Player for "mkv" files by the way. Sorry for bothering you.

That’s weird. I know at least the first 6 work. Cause I watched them. Check your subtitle options and if all else fails download vlc