part-sadist asked:

Yo 1,3,7,23,33!

1. What got you into Gintama?

Some years ago, I saw Gintama being mentioned a lot on TvTropes and slowly I got more and more curious about it and downloaded like four episodes of it. Before I could watch any episode though, my old computer somehow died and still think it couldn’t handle Gintama lmao

3. What was your first thought about Gintama?

After I got my new laptop was finally watching Gintama and I actually started with the first two episodes (I didn’t have anyone to warn me to not watch them or anything). But I actually enjoyed it from the beginning? I think at least when Gin ran away from these guys while saying he had some soap opera to watch back home, was the moment I fell in love.

7. Mention 5 things you hate about Gintama.

  • so many old chapters have horrible scanlations
  • it’s so hard to convince people to give this series a try
  • the first part of episode 111!!!!
  • many characters i love appear very rarely
  • that it will end one day and i can’t do nothing about it

23. What moment is the saddest ever for you?

When Gintoki finds Otose laying on the graveyard, the reveal that Gin was the one to execute Shouyou…. almost all of Gintoki’s past basically

33. If you lived in the Gintama world for a day, what would you do?

Freeload in the Yorozuya for bit and just try to have a good time

The final episode of Marvel’s Captain America spinoff Agent Carter airs tonight, and statistically, you’re probably not going to be watching it. Not a lot of people have been: despite a significant Marvel PR push, Agent Carter kind of flew in under the radar. I’ve been talking to my hardcore Marvel nerds I know, the history buffs who can tell you where and when and how the Howling Commandos made their debut, the die-hards who gritted their teeth and held on until Agents of SHIELD got good; and half of them never even bothered with the pilot.

And that is a goddamn shame, because Agent Carter is superlative television. It’s the type of period spy piece genre fans live for: clever gadgets and brutal fights, double-crosses and the kind of costumes and dialogue that tell you everyone involved really did their research. It’s accessible even if you’ve never cracked a comic in your life and skipped all the Marvel movies and Agents of SHIELD (though it’s full of easter eggs for the rest of us). Agent Carter is smart and funny and tense and heartbreaking, expertly directed and beautifully shot, and the casting is pitch-perfect, and I love it all: the knock-out spy lipstick, and the mad science, and the grappling on top of cars, and the occasional and unexpected moments of slapstick. I love Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) and Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) and Angie the waitress (Lyndsy Fonseca), and the shy small-town girl who turns out to be something else entirely. Hell, I even love the crunchy vets at the Strategic Scientific Reserve — SHIELD’s precursor agency — who call Peggy “sweetheart” and relegate her to taking lunch orders and filing reports.

If all of that were all Agent Carter brought to the table, it would still be more than enough. But it’s so much more. Agent Carter is a quiet revolution, and throughout all of those fights and heists and car chases, it is quietly and continually subverting what it means for a woman to be an action hero.

I wrote about gender and genre subversion in Agent Carter over at Playboy. Click through for the rest, and then please for the love of god go watch Agent Carter, because it is amazing.

FT fandom~

Listen if you ever feel like posting hate, sending hate, replying to hate (and posting it publicly), please try these steps:

* don’t do it.
* now, delete that draft. delete that hateful message you got. block that anon.
* watch your favorite anime episode. watch the silliest filler. the one that made you laugh so hard last time.
* not working? want to talk about it? send me an ask. vent to me all you want. i’ll do my best to be a good listener and try to give decent advice.
* still didn’t work? make a list of things or events or people that made you happy in this fandom. it doesn’t have to be big things. you finally decided on a nice url. your first follower. you found a senpai or ten of them. you made friends. you received your first message. something you posted got notes. that otp fanart made you squeal. that scene happened and your dash was filled with feels. 
* breathe. feel better? be proud of yourself. you have just helped lessen the negativity in this fandom. we’re proud of you.
* want to get something back? if it’s something i can do - doodle, drabble? crappy edits? tell me and i’ll do it. i’d be happy to do something for someone who’s as amazing as you. just please don’t let the hate spread. please. please.

Fairy Tail is a wonderful guild.

Fairy Tail is a manga full of stories of friendship.

Let’s try to emulate the broships that we admire so much. 


okay click on each one to see the words better. there were just so many pictures and tbh I think all of them are necessary for this.

so yeah imma rant so it’s obviously not going in the tag here because I care too much about Jay xD

but okay we all know that he kind of snapped in episode 24 and got uncharacteristically angry at Cole. then after that it started happening more often to the point where it’s almost normal rather than scary (seriously when I first watched episode 24 and that part happened I was so…for lack of a better word, shocked. honestly my mouth was hanging open the other time and I had to watch it a few more times before I was finally like okay yeah that happened)

buuuuuut last time I had a whole watchthrough of ninjago I realized that he actually does it once before, in episode 16 when his evil clone mentioned for literally no reason except to piss Jay off that he had kissed Nya. like he didn’t really snap so much, probably because all of the other guys were killing off their clones, and since the clones were bad guys it wasn’t exactly unnatural for him to get upset and then completely destroy his evil self.

but after that it’s more prominent because he’s getting mad at his own team. most notably Cole.

and something else I noticed is that the reason is always Nya. evil clone kissed Nya. Nya got kidnapped by bad guys. suddenly Cole has a thing for Nya. like seriously she has been the source for all of Jay’s development over the course of the show


My Anime List - Winter 2014/2015 (1/3)

So I finally got the time to post the list of series that I’m currently watching. I got to watch the first season of Durarara while I was on vacation so I got to watch the second season, although as of this post only have watched the first episode, since right now had a really hard start at the university and my free time went down by a lot, I have manage to watch most of the episodes of the series this season out of the 24 series that I’m watching only have a backlog of 4 different series about 17 episodes that I haven’t watched of 4 different series. But that is about it so here is my list.

Absolute Duo -Genres (Action, Ecchi, Romance, School, Harem, Supernatural)

Akatsuki no Yona -Genres (Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo)

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo -Genres (Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi)

Dog Days” -Genres (Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic)

Durarara!!x2 Shou -Genres (Action, Mystery, Supernatural)

Fairy Tail (2014) -Genres (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen)

Isuca -Genres (Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Supernatural, Seinen)

Junketsu no Maria -Genres (Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Historical, Magic, Seinen)


Upstaged By A Steaming Cuppa Joe

So, we finally got round to watching the first two episodes of the last (*sniffle*) series of Foyle’s War yesterday. 

This scene is from “High Castle”. I giffed it because I was mesmerized by that steaming cup of coffee sitting center stage. It seemed Foyle was too, since he was staring at it pretty intently, obviously thinking - that’s another series on another blog, btw.

Anyway, I think that was sort of the point, and it worked for me. What can I say? I haven’t had much sleep of late.

And then, hey presto! He picks it up and drinks it! I never wanted to actually BE a coffee cup so badly in my life ;O)

Of course, I had to include some shots of the Master, doing his masterful thing.

TVLINE | The last episode had several callbacks to the series premiere, with Abbie in the road at the end and the string cover of “Sympathy for the Devil.”
Oh man. I hadn’t heard that version of “Sympathy for the Devil.” Raven told me it’s what they were planning, some of it shot-for-shot mirroring the pilot. I got very excited when he told me that. I just watched it. I got the kind of shivery excitement that I used to get at the beginning of the first season, which was such a nice relief to feel that, to just laugh and say “This is so cool” again. I think that’s what a lot of viewers have been waiting for.

So. I FINALLY got to watch this week’s The Musketeers episode. I liked it! Some thoughts on the ep and next week’s promo that aired at the end:

1. I’m a bit gutted that it appears that the Annamis crucifix was something that Rochefort might have given to the Queen. I feel it cheapens the gift somewhat. Although it will of course conveniently fan the flames of his ire towards The Musketeers (and possibly the Queen). Thoughts?

2. Rochefort becoming First Minister was, for me, a bigger plot twist than R’as asking Oliver to head up the LOA in Arrow this week….!

3. Distressing lack of Annamis. Take note BBC, this is not something I’ll accept on a regular basis

4. Bonacieux is dead! Ding dong! Let’s hope Constance doesn’t assume D’artagnan killed him…

5. Porthos is getting some background! Finally! Excited to see what next week reveals.

6. That scene when Rochefort walks out of the King’s rooms and through the Musketeers was hilarious! Their thoughts were all over their faces. They wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire…!

7. Treason, eh? Looks like the ball’s starting rolling towards the finale (sob sob)

This is like a parallel to the first episode.. Being behind bars, escorting then going off course etc…
Yes I’m watching again for a min.. Y’all got me curious after I heard Katrina ass “finally” evil


[originally posted 2.16.15]

Recently we went somewhere very pretty for Ninnin filming.

My favorite place.

The sea ^ ^

I took a couple of stylish photos… haha

I felt very harmonious and happy the whole time ^ ^

Around this time is when the scent of spring starts to come through.

I really like the ocean in the winter but

when it’s not hot or cold

in the spring or fall is when I really love it.

How many times will I go to the sea this year??

Do you all have a place that you like??

Tell me.

Yesterday was Tokkyuger’s last episode, so finally, next week…

Ninninger starts!!

The other day, we all got to watch the first episode a step ahead of everyone.

Please watch the innocent us!


I’ll do my best in filming again tomorrow!

With that,


alright so some real talk for a bit — every now and again, on tumblr and IRL, somebody questions my love for naruto, often confused as to why i’m so obsessed. and i wanna talk about how it acts as a coping mechanism.

the first episode of naruto came out more than 10 years ago, and the manga obviously even further before that. i started watching much later and finally got back on board somewhat recently after a break. along with one piece, these two have the deepest roots in my pop media consumption as an even more youthful youth than i am now hehe. my point here is that battle shounen anime go on for ages. ages. and they grow. they grow with you.

what these two series do for me, among other things, is act as a constant. when life seems to go a bit wrong and shit gets a bit heavy, naruto and one piece will never fail me. they will always carry their heartwarming, simple, pure and universally relevant themes of unity, love and diligence. for years it has not changed, and for years to come it still won’t.
you can’t watch a series with episodes numbering in the hundreds and age reaching double digits without some very prominent emotional investment. investment as a child that almost always returns a profit in terms of mental stability as an adult. that inextricable link to your childhood is so valuable, and although very possible to maintain without this sort of aid, the synergy these shows provide is welcome assistance. it’s sad to see when people, as they grow older, sever these connections to their youthhood. “i have matured!”, they’ll say. “these are kid’s shows and i’m not a kid anymore!”
to think that being youthful is demonised so…

i remember during a pretty rough time a couple of years ago, i could just watch where i was up to in one piece, and all i could think about was myself as a kid, looking up to luffy, almost no different from how i am now. i was so envious of my younger self. and although temporary, my anxiety and fears dissipated. i know, it seems ridiculous, like "they’re just anime you weeaboo loser idiot" but i honestly don’t care. it reminded me that there’s always hope, that there’s always something in the world that can always be indefinitely good, even if it’s just a concept.

right now i’m feeling a bit heavy in the soul, and there’s nothing more i’d like than to just sit back and watch this shitty ass anime that’s so effectively captured my heart despite a period of time where i really hated it. shouts out to uzumaki naruto (and monkey d. luffy, too!), for being an inspiration to us all. and thanks <3

Thanks to Netflix, I’m finally getting around to giving Farscape a go. Part way through first episode and so far I’m excited because it’s got that actress who played Dr Lara Stone in Casualty in it, (she also played a baddie in last series of Sarah Jane Adventures)

Today has been really productive for me:

I’ve also watched

  1. last 5 eps of series 4 of Game of Thrones
  2. Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings
  3. An episode of Firefly

It’s only 6.40pm, I’m got plenty of time to watch other stuff as well.

oh my god it’s actually over. I started watching parks and recreation in march of 2014. I could probably find the day if I tried but I don’t want to. My friends were being shit to me then and I needed an escape. It was a Sunday and I finally took amazon primes offer on watching amy poehlers show. The first episode I watched was season 5 episode 4 “sex education”. I got about half way through and thought “okay I really like is. I’m gonna start from the beginning.” I watched the whole first season that day. It took me exactly one week to finish all 5 seasons and what was available of the 6th. I fell completely in love with everything about the show and it quickly became a very important thing in my life. I cannot that this show enough for all it has given me and all I have learned.
-I learned that sometimes you need to leave a good situation from Mark Brandaquits oops Brandanwitz
-I learned to treat yo self and to be proud of who you are from Donna Meagle
-I learned unconditional love from Jerry Larry Terry Garry Gergich
-I learned that you can try and fail a million times but happiness will always prevail and to be a baller from Tom Haverford
-I learned that being passionate comes in all different forms from Craig Middlebrooks
-I learned how to be a friend from Ann Perkins
-I learned to use the word literally and to always be positive from Chris Trager
-I learned that sometimes we have to put the people we love before us and that everyone makes mistakes from Ben Wyatt
- I learned that nothing is better than loving your friends, your job, waffles, and yourself and that determination can never be a bad thing from Leslie Knope

There’s so much more this show has given me and taught me that I can’t even put into words because ill start crying even harder.

This show has made me laugh so so so many times.
Leslie falling into the pit, gay penguins, rappers names for plants, weed in the community garden, Fred armisen, practice dates, MRI dates, pikitis, YOU SHOT ME, my Benz, 94 meeting the telethon, Andy samberg, the flu, stop pooping, am I not doing cartwheels, Ben who hasn’t had gay thoughts human disaster Wyatt, camping, impromptu weddings, Jerry’s painting, the snake hole lounge, anytime lil Sebastian is present, model un, Pawnee goddesses, Dave returns, bus tour, bachelor parties, Benz parents, doppelgängers, filibustering in roller skates, Ron singing witicha lineman, AND SO MUCH MORE!

Thank you so SO SO SO much parks and rec, your show means the world to me and I can’t believe it’s over.

I’m ready

How to Get Away With Murder is Phenomenal (15 episodes was not enough ABC, fix this next season)

Some of you may know I just reviewed the Broadchurch season finale so when Shannon suggested I review this after the season finale I was more than up for it - a far better murder mystery which I honestly have nothing but praise for.


How to Get Away With Murder is incredible. It was the first of the shows that started last year that I watched religiously. It kept me guessing and give me well-rounded, diverse characters. The twists and turns have been constantly shocking, there was never one time I could predict what was going to happen, and I really usually can on murder mystery shows. I can’t express how thoroughly enjoyable it’s been. I honestly am devastated that we only got fifteen episodes, it was not enough, though they rounded the season out well, tied some things up and left some loose strings - they had to keep us guessing until the end and totally fucking kill me with that cliffhanger.

Let me first turn my attention to what I simply could not review this without mentioning, the awe-inspiring talents of Viola Davis as Annalise Keating. From her first moments on screen she blew my mind, she grabs on to my attention in every scene she’s in. I’m honestly having trouble putting into words just how good she is in this, how well-rounded and perfectly acted the character is. For want of a better expression, she is fucking on point all the time. I’m so impressed that this show has such a strong, black leading lady and does so without batting an eye and executes it so perfectly. Take notes every other show ever, have a black actress as your best most vivid character and don’t make her race her main story line. Develop her well and make her an actual person. To Viola Davis, can you please be in everything? Your shining light would make anything so much better.

In fact, all the characters are well-developed on this show, and it has such effortless diversity, I almost hate to point it out. It should be something shows are doing naturally, and of course they aren’t. By putting shows like HTGAWM on a pedestal the hope is always that others will follow suite, and so they should. #NoMoreGroupsOfWhitePeopleLivingInAnAmericanCityWhichInRealityWouldBeDiverseButYou’reIgnoringThatInApartmentsTooBigForTheirIncome2K15.

Minor rant over, and back to the characters. What I love about the show is that they’re not afraid to give you a dislikeable character in a major role, specifically Bonnie and Rebecca. Looking especially at Rebecca, I love how she is put in a light where you both sympathise with and despise her in the same scene, I think that shows incredibly clever writing and acting on the part of Katie Findlay. Also, congratulations to the show for being able to totally flip characters on their heads (I’m looking at you, Frank). The characters all interacted well with each other, and most of all they were believeable and well-acted. I can’t think of one on the show where the acting was something I took issue with, which for a TV show is so rare with me.

The overall plot had been totally thrilling all season. I’ve enjoyed both the main plots of Lila and Sam’s deaths and finding out the twists and turns of those cases as much as I’ve enjoyed the legal stories every week. I fully admit to being able to solve very few of the ones where guessing was possible.

The show is also one which isn’t afraid to dive in at the deep end when it comes to difficult topics. Infidelity is especially dealt with on the parts of Annalise and her husband, though I found it interesting that I sympathised with her and not with Sam (maybe it was because I just hated him, maybe it was because sleeping with a student is always sleazy and you already cheated on your first wife, fuck, I’m glad you’re dead). However, there are others that tend to be left alone by other shows that it uses too. One I liked from the beginning was the idea that Lila’s boyfriend wanted to keep her ‘pure’. So often with teenagers in shows you see the reverse, the male desperate to loose his virginity and the female less sure, and I liked the recurring theme of suppression of female desires. Another I liked to do with the legal side was the idea of representing a guilty client which you tend not to see on legal shows, though when you do they so rarely do it as well - don’t pretend you’ve ever seen ‘I murdered my first wife’ as a defense on anything before. Finally, I loved the story set up in the finale with Oliver and his being sadly HIV positive, STD’s are very rarely covered in shows, accidental pregnancy is far more common and I think if any show was going to cover it respectfully and well, this is the one to do it.

Finally, let’s just take a moment to relive that finale. Fuck. I was full on speechless for about seven minutes. I had wondered if a main character might die, but after the revelation of Frank as the killer? I thought there was no way they were going for another bombshell. Of course they did, that’s the show, and I’m ashamed for thinking otherwise. I was so glad Lila’s killer wasn’t Rebecca or Sam (though I still hate Sam more than Frank, I blame him) because I had no idea, I hadn’t even considered that Frank could be a suspect. Honestly, even while it was on those gloves I thought it might be Bonnie, though should have known she’s too tiny to do anything like that. Frank, you have betrayed my trust and lulled me into a false sense of security. Poor Laurel. I have a feeling she might be the first to work it out and have to live with it or give him in. I couldn’t predict which she’ll do if she’s put in a situation like that.

Of all of them, I’m glad Rebecca was the one to die, now we know she killed no-one she was definitely a disposable character, and she probably deserved it after what she did to her poor neighbour.

I genuinely have no clue where this show is going next season, what’s going to happen, who’s the killer, who dies next, but I can’t wait to find out!