The First Secret Theory - Charles was there!

As we are only two weeks away from Season 6, I decided to share my last long theory. The First Secret is an episode that always intrigued me. It happened after the whole show, and it’s when Alison received her first threats and her first –A message. I started watching PLL when season 3 was airing, and I came upon a spoiler about Mona’s reveal. That made me very confuse, as I thought this episode was supposed to lead us to –A, and Mona was totally not –A!

I re-watched it at different occasions, but this is the first time I watched it after the “Charles is –A Reveal”. And I got surprised with how much he seems involved! I know the writers said they didn’t know who was going to be –A after Mona, and only decided it by the time of the season finale. But I think they wanted to make –A a man, had some characters in mind, and this was their biggest clue. You’ll understand after reading this theory.

The Twins/Radley

I really don’t know if the story about the twins was there just to throw us off or is a real clue. It’s said somebody might have a twin sister, so… Anyway, Alison tells a little blonde girl killed her twin sister and was sent to a mental institution. This girl escaped the day before Halloween. The weirdest things are: there is a “haunted house”, which Aria believed “something bad happened there”, one of the girls is the Alice ghost who visited Ashley, and all the twin clues on PLL. After the girls pass by the haunted house, a Radley car is shown. Is it a clue about the twins? One of them left Radley that day? Are the twins Bethany and Alice? Is their storyline a version from the books? Or are Alison and Courtney happening on the show? 

Even if none of this happens, I can see a weird connection in that scene. We first see the Radley car. Then, there is someone getting inside the haunted house. I think this is Charles, and either he’s been to Radley or is related to a Radley patient. Also, the patient and/or Charles could’ve lived in that house.

The N.A.T. Club and The –A Team

“There might be one other member of the NAT club that you don’t know is a member of the NAT club.” – I. Marlene King

Ian’s got a new toy. Here’s the beginning of the N.A.T. Club. I wonder if he didn’t have his “contacts” back then. The people he was filming for, or who was helping him. I’m talking about Charles. I think Charles is the secret N.A.T. Club member and who started to send Alison the –A messages. I don’t know about the other messages she gets during the episode, but the first –A is obviously him.

I believe the N.A.T. and the –A Team are connected because both like to watch people. During the episode, we see –A spying on Alison/the liars several times, even before Noel’s party. Here are some screencaps:

There’s a connection with –A’s attitude and the N.A.T. Club’s. We see Ian filming in two moments of the episode, inclusive during the costume party, and Jason talks to Ali about “the movie they are making”. We also see someone watching Alison (-A), sending her texts and stuff. I think Charles joined the N.A.T. Club somehow so he could spy on Alison in a better way.

Noel’s Party

We have a sense of partnership between Mona and Lucas at school, and now between her and Jenna. Mona is dressed in a Cat Woman costume, and I don’t believe she left the party, changed clothes and went to scare Alison. She seemed very different than the Nerdy Mona, and she was apparently having fun in that disguise. Mona hits she wants to become popular. Alison: “Do I know you?” Mona: “No, but you will”. That’s what she always wanted.

Some people are not seen in the party. These people are Toby, Jason and Garrett. Wren and Ezra aren’t there too, but this could mean they aren’t related to that people in any way. We learn Ezra was studying at Hollis at the time, and supposedly Wren wasn’t near Rosewood. Now you understand what I said in the beginning? The people who didn’t show up and Lucas, who is revealed as a “baby zombie”, are the suspects!

Charles’ attack

So I believe the boy/man who was visiting the haunted house was actually preparing himself for the Halloween show. He may or may not have lived there once. I think that was Charles. I can’t help but think that scene was related to the attacker.

Ok, when the “baby zombie” attacks Alison, she is sure it was Noel. That’s a clue about being a male who attacked her. Then, the stuff inside the house looks a little familiar to me. Maybe Charles brought some of that old stuff to his Dollhouse? Oh, and there’s also a dollhouse there. And a suit, another male hint. 

Notice it was just a scary prank, as he didn’t actually kill her. But he had a knife, which ended up with Alison. Is he related to the twin story somehow?  Or is she? What did Alison do to him that made him seek for revenge?

The first –A text

What called my attention was how the party was when the girls got back. These lines stuck out to me:

Melissa showed up, also Ian and Wilden were there. How weird is that a song called “Pretty Little Neighbor” was playing? They were singing the exact words: “Pretty little neighbor, I love you”. It reminds me of “Love Thy Neighbor” in Charles’ vault and Wren’s apartment…

Credits to wrenischarles for this picture

After that, we see masked Lucas calling Alison a bitch, and he then reveals himself. Only after Alison gets the first message signed by –A. Sent from the mysterious “baby zombie”. Not Mona, but Charles, the attacker.

Who is Charles?

I may be wrong, but I feel like I’ve got the writers figured out. They want that baby zombie as an –A reveal somehow. Because he is –A indeed, Alison’s –A! So Charles is any one of the boys who weren’t seen at Noel’s party, or Lucas (who was revealed). They are: Jason, Lucas, Garrett, Ezra, Toby and Wren. (prettylittleliarsbiga, I came to the same suspects as you!)

If everything I said in this theory is right, I could say Wren is Charles. He fits perfectly in all this, and he can have a backstory we don’t know about. We learned his father had mental health problems, and he seems to be in the right place at the right time. His motive remains unknown, and I won’t risk theorizing about it, as I like to analyze more visible clues. I hope he makes a big comeback, but I’ll talk about the other suspects too. Most to least likely:

Jason – He was very suspicious during this episode. He gave Ali the package with the voodoo doll, talked about the N.A.T club and he never went to the party. Why wasn’t he there? He was never confirmed to have hurt Ali in any way, but their relationship was very weird. Problems: I can’t connect him to Radley and he is already a known member of the N.A.T. Club.

Lucas – He was revealed to be blackmailed by Mona in season 3, but he is still a suspect. He never admitted sending Alison the first text signed as –A, but who knows? He is the obvious choice at that time, because he was bullied by Alison. If he is responsible for the text, then he must take a great role in the Uber –A game. It would be a shock if he was involved with the N.A.T. Club, but he is much younger than the other members, so I don’t know. Problems: I can’t connect him to Radley and he wasn’t the boy inside the house, because he was at school with a different outfit.

Ezra - He was already “revealed”, and I have no clue about his motive on hurting Ali back then. Did he know her at the time? I can see him as the “secret” N.A.T. Club member, as he had all that surveillance equipment. I don’t remember him interacting with Ian, so it’s possible they were once working together. Problems: I can’t see his connection with Radley and the person in the haunted house. He was seen at Hollis later that day, wearing a different outfit from the mysterious boy. 

Toby – Another “revealed”, I don’t know if they are going through that path again. As far as we know, Toby was a “good boy” and didn’t have a motive back then. Unless something else happened before the Jenna Thing. He can be related to Radley, though. Problems: He couldn’t be inside the haunted house, because Toby was seen talking to Emily right after that scene.

Garrett – I hope he is really dead, but I will mention him here because he was wearing a baby zombie costume on the Halloween Train. Even if he isn’t Charles, he could have been Alison’s –A and have a story that relates him to a bigger picture. He was very suspicious with Jenna and the “page five” thing. I wouldn’t like it, but it’s a possibility.

About Mona

After re-watching this episode, I started to believe in the theory Mona stole the game from Charles and Charles stole it back. Or they were a team. She may have learned about –A when she found Alison’s diaries and decided to use that identity. Charles and Red Coat found out about it and made Mona reveal herself, so they would take their game back. Yes, I also think they are working together. The –A Team was created, as Mona started to work for someone else, and she became a source from inside of Radley.  

Non-signed messages

I am not 100% sure Charles is the one who sent Ali the threats without the –A signature. It could have been Mona, Lucas or Melissa, too. Mona and Lucas have an interaction at school in that episode. Lucas says something like “One day she’ll get what’s coming to her”. Lucas might have threatened Ali at the Costume Shop and Mona and/or Lucas sent the voodoo doll. I’d still prefer it was all from Charles. Or that the voodoo doll was sent from Melissa. She admitted to threaten Alison anonymously because of Ian. In this same episode we see Ali and Ian talking at Spencer’s. Maybe Melissa wasn’t –A, but she acted like –A. Foreshadowing she is Black Veil, maybe?

Nina Dobrev Reflects On Her Incredible Vampire Diaries Journey One Last Time Before Saying Goodbye

After six seasons, 133 episodes and four characters, Nina Dobrev is saying goodbye to The Vampire Diaries.

When Dobrev scored the lead role in the book series adaptation, she had just one significant role on her resume with the Canadian hit Degrassi: The Next Generation. Over the course of the next six years, viewers would watch the actress show incredible range as she transitioned from orphaned teen to newbie vampire, all while experiencing love for the first time and, yet, much more loss. She would also play a badass 500-year-old vampire, Katherine, and a vampire with her humanity shut off after the death of her brother. She’d later become a college freshman and, finally, she’d become human again. With just one final episode left, Dobrev, like her character, prepares to leave one significant chapter behind, and in her own words looks back on the journey that got her here.

In 2009, Dobrev flew to Vancouver to film the CW pilot. 

I remember the first day on set like it was yesterday, which freaks me out! We shot in Vancouver, and I was with Kat Graham. We basically spent the whole day shooting in the car. Kat was driving and she had straight hair that was so weird looking and so did I. We kept having to crash because of the crow and we didn’t really know each other that well, but we were getting to know each other, and Kat’s a terrible driver, I just want to throw that out there. When we almost fake-crashed we almost real-crashed. It was a good day and we were all really excited. That pilot turned into six years of great memories that I will have with me for the rest of my life.

Early on, the cast began doing press and appearing at Comic-Con. Still, it took awhile for enormity of the show’s reach to set in. 

It was a gradual feeling. Look, we shoot in Atlanta so for years we didn’t really understand the magnitude. It wasn’t until we started doing press tours and began traveling across the globe to promote the show that we realized how popular it was and how big the fandom was. Also, I don’t feel any different and I surround myself with people who don’t treat me any different. So I know the show is very popular, but I don’t have people who give me special treatment by any means. But I think one of the first few times I realized was when a friend of a friend’s kid in high school said our poster from the show was on their locker and all over their rooms. I was like “Really?” And they were like, “Yeah, unless you watchThe Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights you have nothing to talk about on Fridays.” When somebody told me that I was like, “We’re a pop culture reference now; that’s so cool!”

In the sixth episode of Season 1, Dobrev first portrayed Elena’s doppelganger Katherine in flashback. She’d go on to play her in present-day and later she’d also play the original of the Petrova doppelgangers, Amara, as well as the first in her bloodline, Tatia, who appeared on The Originals. In one scene, Dobrev played all three at once. 

It was definitely a challenge, but one that was exciting. I loved playing all the roles and it kept things fresh for me over the six years. It never felt stale and I never felt bored because I had so many different challenges and things I got to do. That was the good side of it. But it was very exhausting and at a certain point unmanageable and kind of unhealthy to work 16 hours a day for nine months straight – at night. As humans we’re not made to exist in that capacity. But [executive producer] Julie [Plec] understood that so they wrote less Katherine and spaced it out and eventually we said goodbye to her altogether.

In Season 3, Elena and Damon had their first real kiss and the fandom ignited. But Dobrev admits she didn’t know that they’d become the couple at the center of the show. 

I never knew what was going to happen more than an episode in advance, let alone during the course of the series! And I liked it that way. After a few years Julie trusted us a little more and would tell people more, but I never wanted to know more than what was happening in that episode because it helped me go through what the character was going through. I wanted to be just as shocked when I read it for the first time when she felt that heartache or pain or whatever it was. So I couldn’t have anticipated six years ago the course [Damon and Elena] would’ve gone. But now in retrospect, I could see it about halfway through.

At the end of Season 3, Elena died with vampire blood in her allowing her to transition to becoming a vampire moving forward. Dobrev, for one, was happy to put the human behind her. 

I liked Elena the human in the beginning the best. Look, I love the journey she went on, and you saw her grow up on camera and become a woman and learn from her mistakes and go through heartache and death and she became a multi-dimensional, very layered human being. But I also felt like she experienced so many bad things that she eventually got a little whiny and really sad because people kept dying around her and that’s understandable. When she became a vampire she really came into her own and felt stronger and she used to run from her villains, but now she would fight them.

Dobrev, who hasn’t gotten to see her final episode, says filming was incredibly emotional, but full of closure for both her and the character. 

I’m biased because it’s my goodbye episode, but it’s beautiful and sad and it’s definitely a roller coaster ride – or maybe it’s just that I went through a roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s an exciting new chapter that I’m looking forward to, but I’m very sad I’ll be away from my family and friends. What I have to keep reminding myself is that I’ll still have them in my life. It’s a very bittersweet, nostalgic episode that I think pays tribute to the character very well, and there’s a moment with every single character. Everyone will get what they’re looking for from it. I felt like there was closure for me and there will be closure for the character. And now the adventure begins for both me and the show, and it’ll have a different vibe and energy, but I’m looking forward to how Julie does it because she does it so well.

Thanks to the endless fan videos, Dobrev says she’ll continue to relive her favorite moments which, by the way, she has trouble narrowing down. 

I’ve always loved doing the period episodes so “Lost Girls” when Katherine was introduced was one of my favorites. But it’s hard to narrow it down. Online, a lot of different fans have been making videos of the best moments, which is cool for me to look back and remember certain things on set and certain moments and certain times of my life. I should’ve talked to you a week ago when I was watching all of these videos and crying!

Looking to the future, Dobrev couldn’t be more excited about the uncertain road ahead, but is forever grateful for the show - and of course the fans - that got her here. 

Looking back on the last six years, which I’ve been doing a lot of through my pictures and the fans, it’s almost like a relationship. The fans are as much a part of our family as we are on set and so I’m really happy I got to go on this journey and we got to experience this together. It’s been great and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it and now it’s time for me, Nina, to get to go off and live my human life.


Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson Fanfic Masterpost

When I finally got around to watching Daredevil, I binged the whole first season in a day. And then I shipped the hell out of Matt and Foggy. The one thing I hate about getting the whole season in one day on Netflix is now we have to wait a whole year for new episodes. Hopefully these fics will make the wait easier. (Updated 5/22/2015)

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ok, i have watched only one episode of Atlantis ever and it just happened to be tonight and it was the series finale (woops). But holy shit, i have never got so attached to characters so fast… the first scene i saw was two guys just staring longingly at eachother and i was like wtf, i ship it.

then i found out that one of them was the triangle guy and one was the little kid whos wings melt, so i was like ‘great he’s gone die’ but then it turned out they actualLY LOVE EACHOTHER!!!

then his dad gave him the wings and i was all like ‘FUCKKKKKKK NO’ but he didn’t die woop woop and then him and triangle guy kissed. i shall now proceed to watch every episode of atlantis :):):)

Vincent and The Doctor

So after this long and tiring year of university, I’m finally able to watch doctorwho again. I resumed my watching of season 5 (I had seen the 2 or 3 first episodes before). And I had a hard time adjusting to Matt Smith, but little by little I got used (as always). But Vincent and The Doctor… I am seriously blown away, I shed some tears. I’m a very huge admirer of Vincent Van Gogh’s work, and Tony Curran just nailed it, he was powerful, emotional, this was for me the best episode of season 5 so far. I felt just like Amy in the entire episode, this was so beautiful. And really I only get those strong emotions when watching Doctor Who. Last time I cried before DW was The Parting Of The Ways, Doomsday and Journey’s End. Vincent and The Doctor will definitely go on the top of my list of favorite DW’s episodes. I’m not okay, I need some time to recover from this amazing and wonderful episode.

Story Time With a Witch-In-Training

The following is the confession of a Witch, and the story of a short journey that began in the fall of the past year. Everything said here can be taken as Red Truth, I can assure you of that.

Back in November of last year, I had just moved to a city in the east to finally strike out on my own and live with my fiance. A few weeks after I arrived, looking for something to do I finally gave into my fiances badgering to sit down and read through Umineko. So I got a hold of a copy and, after wrapping up a then current watch through of the first season of Goodbye Mr. Despair, I hit the ground running with episode 1.

My first experience with Umineko, which also was my first experience with 07th Expansion in general, was not exactly a positive one. Episode one is a slog at first, as it serves more as an introduction at times then an actual story. But as the story dragged on, I soon found myself enthralled by Ryukishi07′s talent for writing interesting characters and convoluted mysteries.

During this time, due to a joking suggestion, I managed to deduce a very important truth regarding the mystery of Umineko that ended up staining my entire perception of the series as a whole. When asking my fiance, who is well versed in 07th Expansion lore, if Shannon and Kanon were related, a question I asked due to the latter calling the former “Nii-san,” my follow up statement, the joke mentioned above, was then “Well, are they the same person?” My fiance then just laughed. He would then later introduce me to the existence of Sayo Yasuda far before she was mentioned in the story, thus came the stain. Due to the fact that I knew about Sayo nearly from the beginning, though not her full story, I ended up seeing Umineko as her story from even early on. It is a love story, not a mystery, and I cannot see it any other way even now.

But I digress, I played through the rest of Umineko over the course of about a month and a half. Episode 2 was fun, 3 tedious, and 4 one of my favorite works of fiction of all time. Chiru, however, is something special to me. With all of the pieces in place, the pacing of the story improved and I really began to get into it. I loved Erika, reveled the cuteness of Beatrice’s wedding in episode 6, and then balled my eyes out during episode 7′s recountance of Yasu’s history, and again during the magic ending. It was an experience that still holds strong in my mind even six month after the fact, and I’ve discussed many times over the meaning of it all with my fiance, friends, and the fans online. That is why I love Umineko so much. There is just so many angles from which to look at it. It is a love letter to the mystery genre, a meditation on the nature of writing and fiction, a love story, and more. Even if the cat box has been destroyed, there is so many meaningful shards left to discover for fans both new and old, that I feel nothing was lost in the process. Umineko remains as good now as it was when it was first released, which is a truth I will hoist in red if needed.

In January of this year, half in jest, I sent a tweet to Ryukishi07 via 07th Expansion’s official Twitter account asking for an interview. I had not thought I’d get a reply, but only wanted to try on the off chance that he’d reply. And he did. A few weeks later, I got a reply saying that he’d be able to conduct a e-mail interview! Needless to say, I was immensely excited, even as a relatively new fan of his work and soon wrote up a series of questions that my fiance then translated into Japanese and then sent off to R07 himself. The questions returned like a boomerang not long after, and contained advice about writing, his thoughts on mystery, but most important, when I asked about Sayo, Ryukishi07 revealed that the Umineko manga was the Truth, with a capital T, of Umineko.  I had only wanted to know how R07 came up with Sayo, I hadn’t thought I’d accidentally get an answer that opened the cat box forever. I’m not sure how I feel about the role I played in that, but I nevertheless retain it was an important act on the part of the author. As it allowed him to take control of his own work from the hands of those he mocked so relentlessly in episode 8 with the army of goats.

Anyway, In February I got a text on Facebook from a friend who works on the guest relations council for a certain anime convention. He asked how I had managed to get a hold of Ryukishi07. I returned that I’d found him on Twitter, then e-mailed him. My friend took that e-mail address, and manged to get R07 to come to the con, which was in May. So while I played only a small role in the process, the long string of events; my playing umineko in November, choosing to tweet at the author in January, and then the above all came together to form something great for the fandom. I’m very happy I had such a role in the grand scheme of things and hope everyone at that convention had fun. I know I did.

The last link in this string was R07′s press junket last Saturday. I camped out about fifteen minutes before hand for the sake of getting a good seat. But that was a bit pointless, as no other journalist even bothered to show up for the Q&A session. In effect, I ended up having free reign to ask Ryukishi07 whatever I wanted for half an hour, and god was I nervous. I rarely get that way, but being able to interview someone who had come to be one of my favorite authors in person, was something I never thought would happen, not in a million years. It felt like it was a small miracle, and I still can’t believe it actually happened. 

So here I stand, a fan of six months, who had gotten to interview Ryukishi07 twice. I probably don’t deserve this honor, but hey, it happened, and I’m happy it did. That is my story of my time as a fan of 07th Expansions, its been a wild ride and I doubt it will end anytime soon. I’ve got Higurashi to play, Rose Guns Days to finish, and am looking forward to Trianthology as well.

So here is to the future, hopefully none of us will end up crying to hard in the end.


Why I asked what I did.

On the topic of Witches: This was simply because I love  Umineko’s witches and wanted to know how Ryukishi came to choose them as the game’s antagonist.

On the topic of Erika, Rika, and Bern: I was more asking when and how he decided to reference his past works in Umineko, but it turned into a discussion of how he used his characters as “actors.”

On the subject of Yasu: This was the big one for me. I love Yasu, and wanted to see what her creator had to say about fan conjecture that there are elements to her story that echo themes often associated with transgender women. His answer,, or lack thereof, was interesting given how much the manga has revealed to us, the fans, via Confession of the Golden Witch. So in the end, I didn’t get what I wanted, but the fact that it was not denied, like Rosatrice which I will discuss below, was enough.

On the Subject of Rosatrice: One, with how much misdirection and lies Ryukishi07 uses in his work, I swear the man is a sorcerer. But more seriously, the admittance that he knew about Rosatrice and mentioned he used theories like that to throw people off Umineko’s true mystery was a bit of a revelation for me. This stupid theory can finally die, thank Featherine for that.

On the subject of card games: My last question was a silly one composed at the last moment as time ran short. But the fact that Ryukishi07 used his card game experience as a means of promoting Higurashi when it was new was incredibly amusing.

anonymous asked:

Finally found links where I can watch EXO showtime with english subtitles (most of them anyway) and I never got why people said Chanyeol and Kris got along because in the couple of first episodes I had watched, C seemed quite mean to K but I'm watching one and he's like feeding Kris and messing around with him and I might just die.


I haven’t watched Showtime lately because it makes me sad sfhkghsdfkjg

So yesterday I finally got to watch Time after Time (7.11) for the first time. I’ll just say this: after several months of seeing gifs and screencaps on here, I thought I had already hit peak appreciation for the 40s outfits Dean gets to wear. 

People, I was wrong. 

When he’s interrogating that guy and starts out in the heavy, heavy longcoat (!!) and then takes it off and reveals the SHOULDER HOLSTER and then ROLLS UP THE SLEEVES of the white button-down … I don’t know if I’ve ever been so affected by clothes. Everrrrrr.

Also the episode overall was a joy from start to finish I thought. I really enjoyed Sam and Jody’s B-plot (rusty bacon shirt notwithstanding haha) and Sam doing the ritual at the end was hot af. 

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How do you finish gossip girl?! It's taken me over 2 years to watch the first season and a half... It's such dedication

it took me 5 attempts of rewatching the first 7 episodes to get me genuinely interested in it, then i got half way through season 2 and gave up then decided i needed background noise so i went back to watching it and in s4 i just? fell in love? and in s5 the fashion was iconic and now im proud to say i can finally understand why blake lively is on the cover of every magazine as the “it” girl 3 years after gossip girl is over

OUAT S4 finale... WTF happened here?

I finally got tired of trying to dodge spoilers and watched the finale… and what I’m taking away is that I’m not sure how I feel about it. Which is how I feel about every episode, so I’m not entirely sure I needed to watch a double episode instead of doing homework, or more importantly, reading fanfiction. 

First of all, I thought the whole premise was that villains got their happy endings, but none of them did except for Gold and he couldn’t even gloat and enjoy it because he believed he’d always been good. Also, I was really looking forward to seeing evil Emma, but that didn’t happen. Next season I guess? I also wanted to see Robin evil so that he and Regina could fight and she could kick his ass, which is the only time I like them being in the same universe. That didn’t happen either. Why did everyone else switch personalities but Robin stayed exactly the same? Massive plot hole so Henry could push true love’s kiss, which UGH Henry, shut up, you are a child and you are too innocent to understand the eyesex your mummies are having when they think no one’s looking.

I DID enjoy Henry in these episodes - he really stepped up and got a chance to be his own hero for once. (I’m still confused about why Snow’s impenetrable dungeon was a five minute sail away from the mainland though.)

Also, Henry is the new Author. Which is kind of cool, but also not a surprise to anyone. WE ALL KNEW THIS ALREADY.

Once again, the writers gave us that perfect balance of just enough SwanQueen to keep us dangling, and just enough heteronormative true love to make me want to puke. (Sorry, I’m just a little bitter.) This little exchange was kind of of hilarious:

Emma: Your happy ending is Robin. GO AFTER HIM.

Regina: My happy ending is not with a man. I am a strong independent woman.

Emma: You’re trying to be a feminist and I respect that. But your happy ending is still with Robin. You can’t live without him.

Regina: *sigh* You’re probably right.

I mean I’m paraphrasing but that’s basically what they said. GUYS I’M TRYING TO RESPECT YOUR CHOICES BUT THEY ARE SO BAD THAT I HAVE TO INTERVENE.

I feel obligated to watch Season 5 but I’m probably not going to enjoy it….

FAVOURITE MOMENT: Hook dies. Best moment of my life so far tbh. I hate him and Robin more than I hate Warren Mears. So now you know how serious it is.

WORST MOMENT: Robin doesn’t die. Hook comes back to life. Kissing. “I love you”. Other things I can’t be bothered remembering. 

Okay. I have spent too much time ranting about this, and no one is still reading by now.  If you are, what did you like and dislike about the Season finale?

2 in japan: 

Slept until 9am and felt quite tired still from yesterdays dancing~ 

After breakfast I started slowly doing my homework and at some point started to watch more of Lip Service although I really don’t like it anymore. I just want to know how it ends… 

Later in the afternoon I skyped for the first time with the lovely violettes-en-sucre❤ It was so wonderful to hear her voice and speak to her like that❤❤ 

Afterwards I had quick dinner (while laughing with my flatmates about an English teaching show that was on TV) and at 7pm met two friends to watch the Sherlock Pilot together and then the second episode of the third season^^~ It was fun, but I felt very tired towards the end~ 

And after they were gone, it finally happened: I got my period. The whole day yesterday I was worried it would start during our dancing XD" I prayed it would come later and surprisingly my body listened to me for once XD I’m happy about it, since I didn’t have my period last month… 

Anyway, now I’ll watch the last episode of that godforsaken TV show before going to sleep. 

(Oh that picture is one that my tutor took yesterday during the parade❤)

Guys, guys, gUYS! So I got my partner into Elementary and he’s obsessed. Can’t stop watching. Stayed up in till 7AM the other night just watching back-to-back episodes constantly. But the best bit?

He doesn’t know anything. And I mean anything. He doesn’t know anything about Elementary at all. HE DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT THE S1 TWIST WITH IRENE/MORIARTY.

And I’ve told him he’s not allowed to watch the final 3 episodes until he gets back to Uni tomorrow.

Guys I am going to be there to actually first-hand witness how an obsessive fan reacts to the Irene/Moriarty plot twist!!!!

on “A Controlled Descent”

so i just watched the season finale for Elementary and like. what??

who decides upon finding his sister dead, to like force some guy who got clean to find her by kidnapping his friend, just hoping to get the dude to fall off the wagon.

likee Sherlock didn’t have anything to do with her death. 

Olivia was apparently super important to Oscar, but the first thing he thinks of upon finding her dead is Sherlock??? i doesn’t make much sense

The whole episode kinda felt like a fanfic with plot holes and flat characterization, especially for Oscar.

Like I cannot remember too much about Oscar from his intro episode, but I feel like his characterization for “A Controlled Descent” kinda surprised me.

The whole episode was bizarre and didn’t make sense but I was majorly worried about Alfredo and Lucy was peft as usual so w/e i guess but like damn. I’m weirded out.

Best part was Sherlock kicking the shit out of Oscar, like thank.

Gosh darn it.

So recently I finally made it to the first episode I ever saw of Steven Universe, Joking Victim. The first time I saw it I only watched it up until the part where Steven got the shirt for the doughnut store. By that point I knew that Amethyst was purple, Sadie was awesome, and I freaking hated Lars. 

Going through it all the way this time, I now know that Sadie is my favorite person in Steven Universe, Lars is hands-down the absolute worst, and Amethyst is very, very purple.

alicvnte replied to your post: psst Merlin will always be the greates…

i really want to get into bc i heard it was amazinggg but i watched the first episode and i was kinda meh, and i was scared cuz i knew i was gonna ship merthur and i heard it got canceled and shdajkh and i finally have time now AP’s are over..shud i?

i didn’t like the pilot either the first time i tried it. fun fact i guess. but yeah i went back to it and got so friggin attached. i think everyone should watch it (morgana is so important to me its bad). anyway its really beautiful and actually it didn’t get canceled it was only meant to have 5 seasons. Merthur is beautiful brotp or otp and its just a really beautiful dynamic and every character in that show is beautiful and all the relationships are wonderful. I’d say give season 1 a go and if it doesn’t hook you i don’t know what will

So it ended

I know it’s not the end when it comes to tvd in general, but I think the journey ended here for me now. The last four seasons I’ve been watching tvd for the salvatore brothers and their releationship and I’ve watched it for the first otp I ever got, delena. It sounds selfish and foolish that I watched a show for two pairings but then again I’m allowed to watch every show for what I watch them for. 

It’s strange that a pairing I loved so deeply took it’s end here, because yes to me it did. Elena won’t wake for sixty years and to me that equals maybe Nina will come up for the series final episode and we’ll see them reunited, but as for now the journey of the vampire diaries ends for me. I have to say I’m not too pleased with how it ended, but at least I got to know they’ll have each other in the future. (even if I bet something comes up and Damon will change a whole lot during the 99573450 seasons they’ll still get without Elena)  It’s an end of a six year old love, journey, miserable plots, broken characters and what not in my own opinion. I however did get a lot out of it. Thanks for the great times, the times I cried, laughed, got humiliated by getting obsessed with something so immensely. I’m taking my leave of the vampire diaries and thank you to everyone who shared the ride of this show with me. 

I finally finished watching the first season of Daredevil on Netflix and I CAN’T BELIEVE I FINISHED WATCHING IT I NEED SEASON 2 ALREADY UGH DO I REALLY HAVE TO GO BACK TO REAL LIFE NOW???

On the plus side, I forced myself to hop on the treadmill (for a second time today) just now to watch the last episode; so I got to burn some extra calories as I freaked the fuck out while watching all this sexiness. So fucking good.

It was cloudy and cold and just kind of gross BUT no fucks were given because it was LEG DAY today and I think I nailed that shit. I’m also on a mission to eat better and chug that water and today has been pretty damn good so far. (I picture maaany, many pee breaks tonight.)

Definitely need to get some lifting gloves soon. I don’t mind the callouses, but deadlifts were hellish on my fingers today. Not fun at all, especially since I freakin love deadlifts. Got to do some more shopping. And work on my grip strength, which is a little challenging with chronic pain, but gotta keep going.

Today’s workouts: 6.8 miles, 74 minutes lifting, 50 minutes yoga.

i got my grandma to watch the first two episodes of gcrowds with me aaa… im finally Done with family stuff ill be online soon