So, my friend @littlethingwithfeathers likes to cook. She also likes Hannibal. So for the past couple years, every now and then she’ll throw a Hannidinner, in which she makes delicious, fancy food and we listen to the Goldberg Variations. Here’s a sampling of food porn from the first three!

And mad props to @catcmack for providing the absolutely sinful desserts. 

Funny story for the Fannibals: the first episode of Hannibal I ever watched was after the original Hannidinner, which was thrown in concert with the Season 2 finale. Yes, my first episode of Hannibal was Mizumono. That, in fact, should have ruined a whole lot of things when I went back and got hooked on the series last year. However, because @littlethingwithfeathers served quite a lot of very good wine, I remembered absolutely nothing of what I saw (until I saw it in order), save for the final scene on the airplane.

Totally forgot to post this with finals week drama (among other things) but I corrupted one of my coworkers to watch VLD. He was hesitant to give it a try but I got the sense he would like it so I pushed him to at least watch the first episode and then see what he thought of it after that.

Long story short, he was totally hooked after the first three episodes. I have never felt more proud in my life than I did at that moment.

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i am still not okay with Regina making Emma feel guilty for Killian's return (i know Emma didn't regret him returning) but it still sucked to see her feel bad over it when it was zelena and regina's fault for trusting hades

Yeah, the way Emma got treated in the S5 finale by everyone but Killian and her parents was just terrible. Hard to watch. Like Regina doing it is pretty much par for the course at this point, and Rumple is a dick to everyone, but man, watching Henry be so nasty to Emma that episode was not fun at all. 

I’m just glad Killian came through that portal and the first thing he did was tell Emma he knew she’d find them. After the constant jabs from the others the whole episode, it was a refreshing bit of ‘oh look, someone actually has faith in Emma!’


Ok guys, finally I got my chance to watch the episode. 

I think that this is gonna be one of my favorite after 2x10 and 3x12. In my opinion it’s perfect. It’s summary of the reasons why I love suits. I mean, I felt sad for the whole situation in which they are all involved in different levels, I laughed like a crazy with Harvey Jessica, Louis and Norma (poor woman…Rip in peace), I was upset with Louis at the very beginning and actually for the first time I’m scared for someone, Mike. Have you already seen 6x02 promo? Please don’t tell me Mike is gonna be injured . That peace of s*** of Frank Gallo! I already hate him but I also think that Mike has been too naive, to trust him. I thought that Mike was smarter than that. Said that, I can’t wait for next week!

So I FINALLY got around to seeing the first episode of Brief Encounters AND I LOVED IT

My thoughts so far:

  • I love all the ladies, but right now i think Pauline is one of my faves she is too funny
  • I KNEW Queen Shaz would bring it. Dawn is so fucking awesome I love how she’s so unabashed about herself bless Sharon Rooney for portraying this BAMF so amazingly
  • I hope Nita figures out what to do about her pregnancy she seems like a good friend I want her at peace.
  • I actually think that after the next ep Steph and Bunny might find a way to become allies?? Idk I think that after the talk in the bathroom they’ll figure out Terry ain’t shit.
  • That is all if you haven’t gotten around to watching it yet then you definitely need to get on that cause it’s a hilarious show with a great cast of amazing women.
Steven Universe 3x06 “Steven Floats” and 3x07 “Drop Beat Dad”

Steven’s back!  Steven’s back!  Steven’s back! 😉

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hey there! this episode was so sad 😭 i love it how well tulip knows jesse though, and all the flashbacks!!!! they were best friends!!!! they brawled together!!!!!! jesse stood up for tulip! and now he's being a dick, lol, but still!!!! it's going to be so satisfying when they finally do reconnect.

First off, thank you for sending in this message! 

Now, this episode was incredibly sad. Poor Tulip got sent away, and the two of them ended up being separated. But the two of them obviously reconnected somewhere along the way, and I’m curious to see how they managed to find their way back to each other. I’m not sure how or when it happened, but it should be interesting to watch. 

Jesse was so angry that he prayed for his father to go to Hell, which is obviously the root of his all modern day problems. He’s attempting to save the town, so he could keep his promise to his father because he feels responsible for his death. Except he’s extremely misguided on how to go about doing so. That and he’s in denial about the status of the town in general.

Also, did you notice the parallels between the flashback and Jesse & Tulip’s modern day situation? Jesse & Tulip were separated by external circumstances when they were kids, but they managed to find their way back to each other. In modern day, they’re separated again but by more internal circumstances (e.g. Jesse’s power trip and unwillingness to admit that he can’t save the town) this time. I’d imagined it’s gonna follow the same pattern as before. It’s just gonna take a little while to get there, which is fine because Jesse needs to learn his lesson anyway. He’s being a douche, and he needs to realize that he can’t keep treating people like this. 

Tulip’s a fiercely loyal woman who loves with her entire being, and Jesse needs to stop taking advantage of that.

Thanks again for sending in your feedback! I love hearing from you guys.


Okay I finally got to watch girl meets ski lodge 1 and 2 in its entirety. I admit I was devastated when I heard that lucas chose riley. you all know im lucaya trash. But honestly watching all of the episode i realized that i was really happy with how the episode turned out. Although i think the rucas ship has less chemistry than lucaya i honestly saw that first love cuteness and realisticness in the i choose you scene.

Although i will always love lucaya and riarkle im completely okay with how that episode turned out. I love joshaya and i honestly think it is the best for maya at least at this point in her life. She needs someone that likes only her and who she doesn’t have to second guess. He blushed like a maniac and i wouldn’t be surprised if they get together quicker than “someday”. The important part is that riley and maya are both happy. I don’t agree that maya never had any feelings for lucas because their scenes together prove that wrong. However i do agree that maya had the triangle continue to protect riley. Once she knew lucas was a good guy(enough that she poured a smoothie on his head) and realized although she liked him that’s not exactly what she wanted. She knew it was time to let riley and lucas be together because they were finally ready.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future episodes but if these were the ships that it ended in then id be okay because disney specializes in coming of age stories and first loves. and all of these ships are good first loves maybe not to last forever(not like riarkle for example) but good relationships for the point of life their in.

Also someone please find zay a girlfriend pour baby needs some attention. All he needs is a hug.

okay rant over.

Attack on Titan

So yeah you can say I’m late. =P

Attack on Titan was one of those rare series that I didn’t know about at all. I didn’t find out about it until I kept seeing people walking around with the emblem. As nerdy as I am AoT was the first series where the fans were the ones to introduce me to the series rather than finding out about the series myself first. At first I thought everyone was running around with the Band of the Hawk emblem but for real why would everyone be into Berserk. AND THEN every convention I went to there was always a fuckton of AoT cosplayers.

Being a shonen series I’m always skeptical. I watched the anime on Netflix a while ago but tuned out. The first couple episodes did seem really interesting but not enough for me to follow. Then I finally got Funimation streaming and decided I’d give it another try.

The live action movie is actually what really piqued my interest to give the anime another try. Well what more can I say it had Haruma Miura as the main character. I had never seen the anime so I actually liked what I saw of the movie.

Anyway I’m with the crowd. I loved Attack on Titan. I can see where all the hype is coming from. Some pointers that make Attack on Titan great:

- Male/Females are treated the same: There is a distinct LACK OF sexualization when it comes to the female characters. There are no tits magees running around. Not only that they are both treated the same. Mikasa is one of the strongest soldiers and never is her gender mentioned. Not only that she also has a great design - nothing was distinctly girly about her as well as any other female character. What I mean by that is…well look at Berserk.I love Casca but c’mon…really - her sword has a heart shape on it, she has a pink cape, and she has boob armor. On top of that she’s getting attempt raped every 3 seconds and her gender is always a part of the story. Not the case here. Not one character has their gender repeatedly mentioned.

That comes with the deaths too. Cute girl with pig tails? Yep, she gets slaughtered with the rest of the crew. Armin is more of a support character and never is it mentioned that he should be stronger because he’s a guy - he’s weak (physically) because he’s weak. He works better as a strategist which isn’t a bad thing at all.

- Character development: In the beginning of AoT you can feel the helplessness and desperation that Eren and Mikasa felt. You can feel how excited Eren is seeing Captain Levi in the beginning. Later on in the series Eren becomes one of Captain Levi’s troops and holy shit character development the Eren and Mikasa you see at episode 25 is completely different from episode 1.

- Art/Music: Probably the main thing that makes Attack on Titan good - Tetsuro Araki. AoT has the same director as the Death Note anime. With Death Note I actually read the manga first before seeing the anime. And Tetsuro Araki did an excellent job bringing it to life. It’s the same greatness I see in AoT. There’s plenty of insert songs that give life to the scenes. Also the art is a little stylistic (yes lots of Berserk salt while I’m talking about AoT just because of the new anime) with the thick outlines and cross hatching on the faces…well one anime that I’m not naming fails ridiculously with that but the cross hatching helps with AoT.

Other Comments:

- AoT def has that Game of Thrones thing going on with it. They let you get attached to characters and then they die!

- I love Levi. Levi is what’s missing from my Otome games. Once again AoT is so damn popular that it was the fans that were telling me about the series. I went on a business trip and actually one of the guys on that trip was a big anime nut…despite being an athletic 6′5 African American guy. He was all about AoT and he told me about the series and even showed me some of the OVA. I saw Levi. At first I was like…this is like a 16 year old kid what is so badass about him!?

Well a year later I understand. Guy is short as fuck but he has the charisma and personality of a leader. And he can kick ass. He’s also older than me!

- Mikasa is the opposite of the usual childhood friend. Tall and muscular (though you don’t see it since she’s always covered up) and even has a realistic weight. She’s a character that I’ve seen in various other series…yet executed poorly. She’s the one that’s usually saving the main character and is seen as one of the best soldiers.

- AoT is full of kids yet the story is so dark that I don’t even notice. Another series like that where the setting of the story was so dark was Basara. Basically everyone is a kid in that series. Probably also why both series have an alternate high school story (though it was only a bonus panel in Basara). I appreciate that because honestly I’m tired of all the gimmicky stories about high school kids killing each other. It was cool in Battle Royale. But then like every other week there’s some new innovative series with some gimmick that has high school kids killing each other. meh.

Overall: So yes after episode 25 ended it didn’t resolve anything. Another “lol read the manga!” I was debating whether I wanted to dive into the manga. The art in the manga is…rough. BUT! There’s the Colossal editions that I wouldn’t mind buying. The recent chapters are also available on Crunchyroll.

…Time to go to Hot topic and buy Attack on Titan merch J/K lolololol


The newly acclaimed web-series “About Him” is Fire!!🔥💦😍 It’s everything people have been telling you; the drama, the sex, the thrill! This is a show for Gay Black men; something to which we can relate. Finally!! 👏

I had come across a tumblr post a month back, and assumed it was some porn scene. Just this morning, I was on YouTube and it happened to appear in my suggestions. I decided to check it out, and I was like “blah” at first. Then I got 5 mins into the episode and I was finding myself loving the show. I love it so much that I sat and watched episodes 1-9… that wasn’t ENOUGH . . I actually started to scroll Google trying to find the final episodes and search for season 2!!! I was literally feigning for more 😅

More later on the Director of About Him; because I think we should support him and his films. Also more on the book “About Him” is based on and the books author Tyson Anthony!
Fatal Flaw: Avatar
Listen to Fatal Flaw: Avatar by randomshoes #np on #SoundCloud

Alright, this is the big one, Avatar the Last Airbender, the show that finally got Western Animated TV respect beyond being a political satire, and one of the greatest fandoms of the internet.  And from the moment this show was concived, Avatar was on the list of things I wanted to do, to the point that when we were making the first episode, we were also binge watching it so that we might be ready to record the review. Which means that this review was made only about three days after Dot finished the show for the first time and so we have a lot to say.

           For those who dislike spoilers and somehow have kept yourself isolated from Avatar (in which case…damn that’s impressive), here is the short version.  Avatar is wonderful show that tackles complex ideas and themes way more mature than what you would normally expect for a children’s show, it has some great characters and when it wants to be complicated it can deliver an amazing story for children and adults, making it one of the best Western Animated works ever.  Which is funny because half of this show is terrible, there is no middle ground here. Some of these episodes are breathtaking in what they deliver and when a tv show is able to talk about the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere in such a way that children will get it, that is amazing. But then you have all of the terrible stuff, particularly in season one and the second half of season three, the ham-handed, inconsistent morality tales, the absolutely hollow main romance, really anything that follows the standard Nick children’s show formula is just unwatchable. 

      And that’s the thing, this show is amazing at deal with complexity, it is remarkable how well it can talk to kids when it comes to showing them complexity.  But when it comes to simplicity, that is where this show fails hard, which is ironic when you think about the Taoist subtext, but its true.  Some people can thrive with simplicity, Totoro is a great example, but clearly this show is not one of them, they thrive in complexity, in challenging your expectations, nuanced characters and deep themes.  So whenever they move way from that, when ever they fall back on the standard by the book formulas of children’s TV, it just fails completely.  LIke seriously, what is the deal with Ozai that whole plotline was a mess.  If you’ve ever loved this show but had  trouble getting a friend to check it out because of the first few episodes, you know exactly what I am talking about.  So tips for writers, learn your strengths and play to it.  

We are doing legend of Kora later FYI.

     Also how cool is it that the most popular work of western animation of our time is almost entirely non white characters, that is admirable, imagine how good that will be for helping teach kids about diversity

ok so i just watched the first episode of Voltron on netflix 

and my final first thoughts are 

i’m gay for Keith and Alura(im probably spelling those wrong but whatever) 

Keith and Lance are also very gay for eachother 

Pidge is my child and is probably trans because i project onto characters i relate to 

the animation is stunning and i think i had a meltdown just watching it 

@artcanary this is your fault and i’m going to be screaming to you about it for the next few weeks while i watch the show 

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What's your opinion on the first episode of the new Higurashi live action? ^^

ahhh thanks for asking anon, you see i wanted to talk about my opinions right after I watched it but then I got lazy and I also took a few screencaps I wanted to comment on but then it didn’t seem worth it enough…so I’m glad you asked, it’s given me the motivation to finally let out all the thoughts I had.

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oml I finally got around to watching Stranger Things and I am LIVING. The XF-style cold open with the location/date in white serif font, the Twin Peaks-style small town vibe, Winona Ryder, just…EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS PERFECT. We only got thru episode 2 tonight but I wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow so I could stay up all night and watch the whole series.

so i finally got netflix back and first thing i wanna do is start watching race to the edge’s season 3 like yesterday, and jane the virgin s2 is up! which i either didn’t know or somehow forgot.

i could watch the episodes i missed…. or i could marathon rrte-s3.

and i am without a doubt obviously watching race to the edge s3, bc if you didn’t know im a HUGE httyd fan and ive been waiting to watch s3 for months. 🐲🐲