hey look at this lance

thats all, i just found this lance and i had to share him cause hes beautiful 

Ack, I haven’t updated in so long, so sorry! (ノД`) College finals were disastrous and I got a temporary job for a few weeks (which is why I haven’t been on). Plus, my birthday is tomorrow~! But have this transparent baby Nitori for your dash as an apology! I’m not dead yet! Also working on giveaway prizes! Please be patient, winners!

Based on this cutie

Also moving GIF version:

‘So I have a fear of heights! Is that really so cray cray’


A short follow-up to The Contract comic. I kinda wanted to try and make an official-looking thing. 

Here’s the table scene from page 1 in full size, because it’s awesome. And I BET you’d like to read the stuff on the board.

And here’s the comic on DeviantArt if for some reason you’d like to see it there.

#dva #overwatch #gremlindva finally got something done! I had totally forgot I had started this one! If you’d like to get your hands on this one DM “DVA” to me! I feel like drawing Mercy in Halloween gear now! Thanks for all your support guys! Also to all my commissioners I will be sending out packages this week as I now have the goodies I promised! Still no FSBOOK 002 yet , I’m waiting for the shipment!

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Malec + Social Media: In the Sin Bin by @otppurefuckingmagic style

Alec’s Instagram is run almost entirely by Izzy. Alec sends her the occasional picture (e.g., of the high line in Manhattan or his Tom Ford suit) to post to his account, but she otherwise fills it with photos from his games or of their family. She also uses it to expertly advertise his event appearances.

Magnus’ Instagram is a mix of personal and professional pictures. He tends to post OOTDs, but also adds pictures from days spent with friends or clients, like the tickets from his night seeing Hamilton with Tessa. Some photographs (e.g., of the Chairman curled up on Alec’s sweatshirt or Tarasov’s Road to Olympus) have special but secret references to his relationship with Alec.


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