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North, Stoick and Oswald have been friends since highschool and have an annual camping trip with all of their families which ultimately ends with Jack and Dagur fighting for an oblivious Hiccup's affections, when all he wants to do is go home and play with his cat, toothless.


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'-and that lads is how me great-great-great-great-great granddaddy twice removed brought down the fiercest dragon known to any Viking!’ Stoick stuck another marshmallow over the fire as he made a stabbing gesture with one hand, ‘and you know, they say you can still hear the dying roar of that Hookfang today, if yeh listen to the wind long enough.’

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9.15 // 9.24

The second to last chapter of Kitty Ranch is finally up on AO3. Thanks you drivebyanon for your always excellent beta work and chele20035 for pushing me to get it done. 

Summary: Katniss Everdeen is not one to look back at the choices she makes, especially if it means providing for the only person she loves - her sister Prim. This includes being a prostitute at the Kitty Ranch in Nevada. Her secret life and world are shaken when the rich media darling Peeta Mellark comes walking into her life. Modern day AU. 

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And I don’t know
how we separate
the lies here from the truth~

Memento Mori


Remember that you will die. Just be sure to decide whether it will be here, or in a Jaeger.

In the year 2017, a Category Four Kaiju brought the Icarus Tempest down in a deadly attack off the shores of Wall Sina. With it went Jean Kirschtein’s beloved co-pilot, and partner, Marco Bodt; his screams still echoing in the Drift long after he was ripped from the control center. Injured and bitter, Jean Kirschtein is discharged from the Jaeger program and grapples with the loss of his leg and his partner. In the year 2019, famed senior pilot Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert and Eren Jaeger, son of founder Grisha Jaeger, engage with a Category Four Kaiju in the Rogue Titan. With the Rogue Titan in shambles, Armin with radiation poisoning and Mikasa and Eren with matching scars, none of the injured pilots expect to step foot in a Jaeger once more.

But war brings people together for all the wrong reasons.


»» Slow build Mikasa Ackerman/Jean Kirschtein
»» Eren/Armin
»» Hanji/Levi/Erwin
»» Historia/Ymir
»» Reiner/Bertholdt/Annie
»» Connie/Sasha

Warnings: PTSD, depression, amputation, major character death.

»» Based on the commission from theicarustheory



i think the most heartbreaking thing about the episode was the deadpan way that cosima said, “what have you done?” as delphine breaks down crying by her side. she jumps straight to assigning the blame. what have you done. she doesn’t offer any comfort. the look on her face says, ‘what did you do this time?’ because delphine has gone behind her back so many times, betrayed her over again, that she expects it at this point.

and delphine, who’s been trying so hard to do the right things, to do the hard things that will save the person she love’s life, can do nothing but break down without cosima’s arms to hold her, as she remembers again and again that no matter how hard she tries everyone, even cosima, will stare at her with those accusatory eyes and those tired voices. even her best intentions are not good enough.