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AU where the guys' S/O loses their sight instead of Iggy? They put on a brave face, insisting that they won't be slowed down, that they can still keep up and fight. They act like it's not as big a deal--when eventually they can't keep bottling it up. Reality can't be avoided forever, and they're *terrified*. Scared of being left behind, a burden, and understanding if their boyfriend wishes to abandon their relationship. He wouldn't, but they're so *scared*. They finally cry after the injury.


When I received this ask, I audibly said “Oh wow,” in the middle of the living room. So happy y’all picked it for tonight. Hope you like it. 

Tagging cool people who might enjoy these angsty af feels: @stunninglyignis​, @themissimmortal​, @nifwrites​, @electronerd47​, @ebony-and-chocobos​, @stephicness​, @itshaejinju​ <3 


“He’s awake, Y/N,” Ignis’s distinguished voice rang through your ears in an echo. 

You never knew how loud the world truly was until you were robbed of your sense of sight. 

“Would you like me to assist you to him?” Ignis offered you in a volume just higher than a whisper. Ever since your incident during the Starscourge, you denied any sort of handicap or assistance from any of your traveling companions. 

“No, Ignis. I’m fine,” you stated rather coldly, raising to your feet from the fitted chair that you had become rather fond of during your stay in Altissia’s Leville. 

You couldn’t remember the color of it… but the fabric felt comforting underneath your finger tips. 

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Jan is clearly a good person and at the end of the day her heart is in the right place. Like any well rounded character, she has strengths and weaknesses. Stories would be boring if every character was a moral saint. Imo, yeah, she's aggressive & yes she wasn't nice to Sylas, but she also has her own worldview & reasons for doing things. From her POV, it's easy to understand why she reacted that way to him. She's also a teenager, so expecting her not to react like one is a reach imo. I like her.

yeah honestly like whenever people tell me how january is awful or whatever i’m like ‘so you’d rather a boring story where nothing happens’ or when i’m feeling especially feisty ‘so you want to tell me how to tell my story’

i just don’t get what people want from Me when they tell me how awful january is. esp when their only evidence is really obvious slapstick comedy and Oh No She Bullied An Older Stupid Rich Boy