Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count:544

Warnings: Dean’s kind of an asshole.

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Carrying the takeout food for dinner, you twisted the key and enter the motel room. There, sat in the middle of the bed, twisted in an awkward position, was Dean, stitching himself up.

You threw the keys and the food on the table, running straight in his direction. ‘Oh god, Dean! What happened? What are you doing? Here, lay on your side and I’ll do it.’

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Maybe I Love You Too

Whoo! Finally got something done that you guys would actually be interested in… maybe, I dunno! Anyway, if you are interested, here’s Virgil with a rose that’s just his style possibly from Roman and he is a blushing mess like me most of the time. I made two versions—one with just brown hair and one with Thomas’s fabulous new purple hair! 

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Character belongs to @thatsthat24 

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Based on this cutie

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anonymous asked:

Oh hello! I just wanna say that I really.. REALLY adore your blog. It feels like I'm "talking" to an open minded person and honestly, I love this kind of people. Seriously. Also, personally, I never get bored over a conversation with someone like that. Is just, amazing. Sooo, I just want to wish you good luck with this blog. Now, if I may, can you make a sweet scenario with our dear Fyodor with his s/o who was, in the past, his childhood best friend? (it's ok if you don't want to, I understand)

Ahh thank you so much! I’m glad that you get the impression that I’m open minded haha, since I do try to be. If you ever do want to actually talk to me about anything I’m always open for chats too. Whether it be about BSD or anything else.

I actually did make a scenario a while back about Fyodor’s childhood friend confessing to him, so this one can act as a continuation. Part 1 is here.

You can hear the water ebb and flow beneath you and the wind moving through the trees. It’s a cool Spring night, to be expected this time of year.

He’s told you before that he likes this temperature the most. He can still wear his much loved fur hat and coat, and he doesn’t run the risk of getting frostbite.

In the Winter he would always come home with slightly reddened cheeks and snow covered eyelashes. This is why Winter was not sad for you; there were things to look forward to.

You were grateful for so much. Neither of you had been fortunate in your early years, but in finding each other things had changed.

You had been sensitive back then, like many children were. It made you quite the target. In grade school you were called annoying by various children, and chased around the field by some as they insulted you. Crying just resulted in you being labelled as a crybaby. It escalated from there, and resulted in you becoming withdrawn and quiet. When you couldn’t hold your words back, the teasing continued.

You still wondered why this had begun in the first place. Children have a knack for picking out the weakest link it seemed. 

When you first met him he had transferred to your school a few years in. He was tall for his age, and quite expressionless. You were drawn to him from the moment you saw him. A part of you realized your opportunity. If you got to him first, perhaps he wouldn’t start teasing you like the others.

However, the boy avoided you as he did most everyone else. Many children, including you, attempted to speak with him. He would either walk away or never respond. Sometimes while playing outside, you would turn to find him staring at you from a few metres away, as if he wanted to approach you. You would wave, and he would walk away.

He finally spoke to you at a very strange time.

You had been pressing your hands into the ground. It felt like a sponge, as moisture from the rainfall was still imbued within it. A small pink worm popped out of the ground, and you eased it out with your fingers, staring at it as it wriggled in your palm.

“I’ll call you Mr. Wormy,” you said to it, “if that boy Fyodor won’t be my friend, I’ll just have to stick with you.”

“What are you doing?” you jumped at the sudden utterance, almost dropping the worm. Fyodor was standing beside you.

“I found a worm!” you said, holding your hand out to the boy.

He knelt down beside you. “It looks like a rat’s tail,” he said. “Can I hold it?”

You nodded, holding your hand closer. Fyodor picked up the worm, and watched it wriggle in his hand for a few moments.

“Can you be my friend instead of the worm?” you asked suddenly. “I mean, worms can’t speak. So they won’t bully me, but we also can’t talk about things.”

“They die quick too,” he responded. You nodded.

“We need to stick together, or else everyone will keep calling us weird.” you huffed.

“They call me weird?” he asked, seemingly unfazed.

“Yes! When you’re not around they call you all sorts of mean things. They’re scared of you, so they won’t call you that in person. Nobody’s scared of me, I cry too easily.” you exclaimed.

“So will you be my friend?” you repeated. “I’ll be your’s too. I don’t have to talk if you think I’m annoying. As long as you let me sit with you at lunch and recess. That way we won’t look strange for not having any friends.”

“I guess it’s fine,” Fyodor replied.

“Yay!” you said happily, “can I hug you?”

“No, I don’t like hugs.”

You pouted at his reply, but were still overjoyed that you had finally made your first friend.

You had stuck together since then, always the odd ones out. Now, you had been dating for a few months. Something you had dreamed of for years.

It wasn’t uncommon for the two of you to go on late night walks. Fyodor enjoyed the city the most when other people weren’t around. You enjoyed staring up at the moon and watching the lights in old Soviet era apartment blocks flicker on and off.

The sprawl of an empty city brought with it mixed feelings of wonder and sobering isolation. Yet as you became lost within the dark spots of the street his fingers fit between your’s and tethered you to reality. For to tug was to find him there.

His eyes had an ethereal quality at night. They were as dark as the water beneath you.

Your arms rested on the rail of the bridge, with your chin on top. Fyodor had his head on his hand.

Most of these strolls were full of silent contemplation. This had been one of those moments.

“Do you think that you’ll ever tire of me?” Fyodor broke the silence, eyes still fixed on the darkened horizon.

“No. Fedya, you’re probably the most interesting person in the world. At least to me.” you reply, slightly confused by his question.

He hums in response.

“If anyone got tired of the other, I’m sure you would get tired of me.” you continue.

“I’ve never once found you boring,” he replies. “Well, sometimes you talk about boring things, but that doesn’t make you boring.”

You let out a small laugh. “I’m surprised.”

“You shouldn’t be. I’ve told you many times, I wouldn’t have spent this much time around you if I found you boring and unlikable. I have very little personal relationships, and I should probably value them more than I do.”

Hearing him acknowledge his own faults was practically unheard of. But there was always more to him. You knew that you would never know him entirely, and yet you hoped you could someday.

“That’s because you value the whole, right? You’ll make the world a better place, and in bettering the whole, you’ll bring your loved ones joy. Am I wrong?”

There was no response, often the case with Fyodor. You would offer your analysis of his behaviour and thoughts, and he would make no reply. You never knew if your thoughts were correct, but you figured if you were on the mark it would show how much you cared for him.

You turn away from the water to examine his face. It’s neutral as usual, unreadable.

“I love you, and I think I always will. Just remember that.” you say.

He turned after you said this, cracking a small smile.

“I feel the same.” he says.

“Can I get a hug because you didn’t say ‘I love you’?” you say playfully.

“No. I can write it down on a piece of paper if you want, then you can look at it whenever you want me to say it to you.”

You shake your head. “Why do you always insist on not hugging? We’ve done things now that are way more intimate than that.”

“Hugs are strangely uncomfortable. Though I suppose I can grant you one,” he sighs, like it’s a big deal.

You smile, quickly wrapping your arms around him and resting your head against his chest.

“Hug me back please.” you say.

Fyodor slowly wraps his arms around you.

He’s told you once that he doesn’t see much value in hugs. However, some hugs can be quite valuable. As you listen to Fyodor’s heartbeat, it gives him a moment to look at you openly. Too guarded to display emotions when anyone is looking, he stares at you lovingly, momentarily completely enthralled.

@davekatweek Day 2: AU/Trope Day.

this is a bit late, but yep finally got something done.

This is a sort of spy-themed AU thing, where Dave and Karkat work with different, rivalling government agencies. This was going to be more elaborate, with both of them working together to take down the Felt (which in this AU is this huge underground mafia sort of thing), but I didn’t have the time so I hope this will do.

My personal fave of all the art I managed to get together at the 11th hour. 
I have been promising people Haruka and Michiru since… . . probably Anime Fest 2015 and I FINALLY got something done,

Nto as detailed as some of the pieces I do like this, but I really liked the simplicity of this one. IDK. 

Again, debuting at A-kon 
Galactic Dust Bunnies Both 2016


Two days late, but I finally got something done for Nomi’s birthday! (aka the anniversary of the day I posted my first ever drawing of her) ;P

I’ve had this gal for three years now, and she’s still going strong! This year has been big for her with Dragon Ball, seeing as Xenoverse 2 dropped back in October and has given her numerous new adventures! And what better way to celebrate three years than with her three husbands? XD

Here’s to many more years with this beautiful lady! ;D