Helena and I went to the mall together. She found the black mullet skirt (some people call them hi-lo, but they’re mullet skirts) at Forever 21 for $6.80!! not even marked down and exactly what I was looking for, swishy and knee length! 

That green top, on the other hand was $40 bucks at Express and was not purchased. Damn good though if I had the money… Anyone want to buy it for me? :P

The two red/gray dresses are also Forever 21, but not special enough, plus I was on the skirt hunt. We also bought me a blue sleeveless top with neck ruching at Wet Seal (!!) for like $10 bucks which makes a spectacular outfit, that I wore to a party the next night. Went over very well, will post outfit pic later!

Thanks Helena! Go Malls!

P.S. that one mirror says “#liveyourlife” damn straight