Helena and I went to the mall together. She found the black mullet skirt (some people call them hi-lo, but they’re mullet skirts) at Forever 21 for $6.80!! not even marked down and exactly what I was looking for, swishy and knee length! 

That green top, on the other hand was $40 bucks at Express and was not purchased. Damn good though if I had the money… Anyone want to buy it for me? :P

The two red/gray dresses are also Forever 21, but not special enough, plus I was on the skirt hunt. We also bought me a blue sleeveless top with neck ruching at Wet Seal (!!) for like $10 bucks which makes a spectacular outfit, that I wore to a party the next night. Went over very well, will post outfit pic later!

Thanks Helena! Go Malls!

P.S. that one mirror says “#liveyourlife” damn straight

i haven’t worn a skirt since late august. this is awesome. (finally found THE perfect skirt! a plain black cheerleader skirt. and for $3, too)

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I’m pretty sure I finally found the skirt…finally. I say finally because I’ve been looking basically non-stop since last night. I’m kind of stunned at the price, tbh. I know the pictures look different color-wise but trust me when I say I’ve looked at thousands of skirts in the past day and this is absolutely the only one that looked like hers lol.

ANYWAY, Kirstie was looking absolutely radiant in their new video for “Joy to the World”. She was wearing her puff-sleeved shirt from the Louis Vuitton FW2015 line (post here) and what I think is this Lord & Taylor Pleated Shimmer Skirt $78 ON SALE $54.60

A Kirstie skirt for under $60…GO GET IT

It seems that I’ve finally found a top to go with this skirt!!! And an outfit for school tomorrow….people won’t notice that I wore this top twice in a week…right? Hehe I’ve been so full of ootds since school has started that perhaps I should begin taking better quality photos of them!


I have a failed collection of mini skirts with a split on the side, finally found the right one. hunterthelabel is awesome and they make all their clothing on a made-to-order basis. Wild Wood Studio was just opening up in Canberra when I left so I never got to go in the store, but it looks incredible and everything is designed and made locally too. I realised, all my favourite clothing brands are Aussie now. Some pretty amazing designers coming out of here lately..


TAYYYYY yesterday i FINALLY found a high waisted black skirt 👍🏼 so now my 1989 world tour outfit is finished ! A cat crop top, that has 4 bows in the back 🎀
I’m so happy 😍 and now i just gotta figure out details … But taylorswift i can’t wait to see you in amsterdam and i’ll also have a pink heart light sign ❤️
See you in 24 days (!!!!!!!) 😘

American Horror Story: Coven, 03x10 “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” - January 9, 2014

Veda “Chateau Leather Skirt” - $330.00 (no longer available)

I’ve been looking for this skirt for about two years now and finally after closely examining pictures I found it. The color of the skirt looks different in the picture on the right because it was taken with a flash but here’s a picture of Kristin Cavallari wearing it, there you can see that it’s the same color. 

Worn with: Urban Outfitters headwrapPins And Needles topBCBGMAXAZRIA jacket, MICHAEL Michael Kors bag, Free People socksPrada boots