On my own.- CH

“Was still getting used to being on my own.” He croaks out.

His eyes are drowning in yours and you are sure your legs are going to fail you any second. Two years since you had last laid eyes on him and yet here you are, outside the small bakery you would frequently visit with him. 

You know the line he just spoke, you would know the line anywhere. The line from the song he wrote for you when things had turned sour. The line from the song that put his band on the map worldwide, breaking down barriers that were seen impossible. The line from the song that filled arenas twice as fast and eventually stadiums.

You don’t have time to respond before you feel a familiar hand around your waist and a kiss planted on your forehead, the look of instant pain is painted across Calum’s face and yet you don’t feel any sympathy. He knew you had moved on, he knew you had started to build your life back and you knew he had as well. At first, you had watched from the sidelines as the girl with the wild hair and tattoo’s appeared next to him in pictures, being wary of her intentions and motives but time had told all she wanted was his heart.

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