Amy’s thoughts on Targets of Hostage, belated and abridged.

So, I’ve FINALLY caught up with Targets of Hostage. And it was good. Flirty Shandy is good. Spinney heart-eye scenes are good. Sharon’s boob top is good. Notifying Taylor that they are actually frakking dating is more than good.

And in the old-fashioned sense of the word too!

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They totally haven’t done it yet!!!!! Bwhahahahahahahahaaa!


But did anyone else pick up on the DEFINITE tension between Andy and Rusty in the last few secs of the ep? (Apologies if this has already been discussed, I’ve not been on tumblr a lot recently to keep up with the fandom’s thoughts)

Andy’s “hell of a job” was soooo pissed-off-boyfriend-of-your-mother, being-angry-on-her-account-after-you-dumped-a-murder-notification, quite-literally, on-her-desk.

And Rusty wasn’t exactly eyeing Andy with pleasure either.

I know Duff said Rusty wouldn’t be cool with Andy dating his “mother” (I’m only using the speech marks ‘cos I’m quoting Rusty’s “this is my mother, Captain Sharon Raydor” to Gus- which to me seemed like it could be a pointed ‘Sharon’s my mom so back off’ to Andy but it’s probably not because I’ve been awake for 16 hours now and didn’t sleep well on account of that interview thing I’ve badgered on about enough for more than one lifetime- anyway, I’m totally not saying that Sharon isn’t Rusty’s mom, because she is. We cool? We cool), but Duff says a lot of things that don’t usually come to pass. Like a shopping mall lot… full of stolen shipper dreams… Damn, I wanna shop there.

So my point is… something about- oh yeah! Andy and Rusty don’t seem to be getting along. Yet. I wonder what caused the shift in Rusty’s opinion on Sharon and Andy? He seemed fine about the first date at Serve when Provenza asked about it - even called Andy “Andy”.

Wouldn’t it be great if he caught them kissing goodnight on date two or something and there were inappropriate hands?

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So I finally caught up with Gravity Falls. Is it weird that I hear “Hold Me Down” and my mind immediately jumps to Bill/Dipper?

“I sold my soul to a three-piece
And he told me I was holy.

He’s got me down on both knees
but it’s the devil that’s trying to
hold me down, hold me down-

Sneaking out the back door, make no sound.”


Okay so I got a fish from a carnival last Saturday ( 5 days ago ). I got him a 10 gallon tank with gravel at the bottom and a filtration system that aerates the tank. I treated the water with start right which removes all possible chlorine and adds a “slime coat” that’s suppose to help the fish feel good or something. I fed him once a day but he didn’t seem to go straight for the food. I noticed today he was opening and closing his mouth at the very top of the tank and I thought he was just investigating the surface bubbles created by the filter. WELP 4 hours later and he’s dead. What did I do wrong??? My only guesses are 1.the injuries he sustained while living at the carnival booth (a tail that was torn down the middle)in the little plastic bag finally caught up to him
2. The water in the tank was too warm. It’s been in the 80s recently and the tank is sitting in my unairconditioned room.

If you know anything about fish please halp.

RIP Icarus the carnie fish
I guess your name fulfilled your prophecy.

  Had a bout of artists block so I just started drawing and then this happened.

  (and then I made it transparent and put it on here for some reason)