fun fact: i began reading homestuck bc a friend told me that there was a canonically gay couple down the line (that couple specifically being dirk and jake) so i spent all of my time trying to catch up and do u want to know the first upd8 i read when i finally caught up???????? the fucking upd8 where dirk broke up with jake. hussie is out to get me and my blood 

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last night i had a dream about joining a group of furries. their leader decided that he didn't like me so i had to run for it and hide out in the mountains for a few years, away from the furries. and when the furries finally caught up to me i had to duel their tyrannical leader and i won by voring him, leading to me replacing him as the furry king. i woke up with a sense of fear. i'm blaming you and every other post gen for this


Remember a couple of days ago I asked for BotW playthrough recs? I can’t remember who recced it, but I finally settled on one of them and have basically been watching it non-stop since. I’ve finally caught up to their one episode of the playthrough released per day, but I ended up marathoning probably 20 hours of it up to that point. @_@

This is the reason I have been neglecting Tumblr. I have so much stuff in my inbox and drafts I gotta sort through now, oops.

(Also remix challenge which I have had on my mind the entire time but haven’t actually sat down and written anything for yet because of no reason other than personal character flaws. >>;;)