Tommy Lynn Sells killed several people before authorities finally caught up with him. He eventually confessed to killing 13 people in numerous states across the US, over an extended period of time. 

Among the most horrific of his crimes was the 1987 slaying of an Illinois family. For 13 years authorities had no leads or suspects for the murders. Sells later admitted to befriending the husband, whom he had met at a truck stop and invited home. The man’s wife, who was 8 months pregnant, and his 3 year old son were beaten to death with a baseball bat; during the attack the woman gave birth to a daughter, who was also killed. The husband was later found in a nearby field, having been shot in the head and sexually mutilated.

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i think my brain finally caught up with the fact that i’m actually in college now and i feel a bit overwhelmed

like, this feels very overwhelming for me and i just feel really uncomfortable right now.

and idk why.

  Had a bout of artists block so I just started drawing and then this happened.

  (and then I made it transparent and put it on here for some reason)