tbh i think production meant for the twin twist to be exposed in the house

  1. they have very noticeable differences. juliz was scouted, they could’ve found twins more identical than the nolans if they wanted it to work
  2. they put a self proclaimed big brother historian in whose favorite season included the first twin twist

i honestly love that it got figured out bc now we get to see the twist play out in a completely different way than bb5

Ian/Jane: Asking Out

“Jane! Wait up.” He said, trying to catch up with her after class. It was their last class of the day and so far every day this week she seemed to be making a beeline for the door. Between that and her refusal to make eye contact he figured it was something he did. He finally caught up to her a few minutes later outside the janitor’s closet. “Hey, can you talk to me please?” he asked, stepping in front of her. 

chaosgalian asked:

"And you are mortal?" Chaos asked looking down from the tree he was sitting in. ((Mun: hello^^))

Prompto had felt something around. He was looking, but he didn’t look up. He was startled, hand reaching for his hip as he looked upwards. What was he looking at? “Mortal?” The words finally caught up to his brain as he stared. “I’m assuming you’re asking for my name?” Prompto was confused, and he didn’t like that so he kept his hand near his hip, ready to reach for his gun at a moment’s notice. He needed to be careful. (Hello!)

finally all caught up on orders.. i’m so looking forward to waking up in the morning, cleaning and then getting straight to work. there are so many stones i want to work with!!! i’m so excited.