finally finished it omg

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I've finally gotten around to reading & finishing These Fading Scars and omg it was truly incredible like it was honestly so so beautiful, it was one of the best fic i have read in awhile so thank you so much for writing it :)

Thank YOU so much for reading. I’m so glad you enjoyed it babe! Xx

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Ahhh thank you for Risky pt 2 :) I feel bad because everyone kept bothering and pressuring you but thanks for still writing, it turned out super good I LOVE YOU AND YOU'RE AMAZING :)))

Omg yeah I’m surprised I finally finished it. Thank you ☺️💜

Omg its finally finished!! And I couldn’t be more proud of it!!! I may just keep this one for myself lol shhhh. -D'elve  #voiceover #tea #quotes #philosopher #philosophy #philosophers #notes #wordstoliveby #wordstoremeber #lifequotes #selfhelp #mitahse #lovenotes #missingyou #smudge #smudging #teapot #teaculture #ceremony #teaceremony #poetry #prose #goodnight #inspired #inspiration #dancerslife #audio #writersofinstagram  #thelovers #meandyou #voiceover

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Omg I finally finish and this lit👊💥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Wow heyyy

Hey sorry i have been gone for so long so much has gone on
-my bff was gone all summer so i slipped into the worst pocket of depression
-i have been on my other oc blog since her design is ok to be sad there it fits them
-i wrote an event here but never put it into place because i want to revamp before i start it
-my best friend just came home the other day
-im on vacation
-my best friend and i finally finished borderlands 2 now we are doing tps finally omg

omg. omg. omg. The two biggest tasks are finally finished and waiting for review. I know there’s still more to do in terms of processing the responses, but I can finally submit insurance claims and eligibility requests. It’s like this 100lb weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was starting to feel that this day would never come… and maybe it wouldn’t have if I hadn’t really buckled down the last few days.


And in typical me fashion, the feeling I have now isn’t joy, or pride, but a deep sense of loss and sadness. The only way to move forward is to honestly look at and accept who I was, to have empathy and compassion for what I’ve been through, and it breaks my heart every time. I still have so much grieving to do before I get to pride.

One step at a time I guess.

EDIT: Also, biked home from work yesterday and didn’t get high this morning again. I feel the momentum building.
Supernatural - Buffy themed opening.
I am Supernatural fan, but I am also a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and to be honest, Buffy has some of the BEST intro’s to ever be on Television, so I thoug...

It’s one thing to edit a video, but to perfect it FINALLY after so many drafts - it makes one feel absolutely amazing. I am so happy with the result of editing one of my favourite TV shows; Supernatural, into an opening for the series.

Thank you SO much for watching! Much appreciated! 

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if you're still taking these - pelts you with them. ❁ - Wearing a top that’s too big for them, showing off their collarbone / shoulders. ✤ - Moving/putting up their hair, showing off the back of their neck. ✦ - Rolling up their sleeves to keep cool, showing off their forearms. ❉ - Stretching their arms up, showing their midriff

Flash Some Skin || @supremebirb​ || selectively accepting
- Wearing a top that’s too big for them, showing off their collarbone / shoulders.

Was he doing it on purpose? He had to know what it did to her. It was like there was a drawer of massive shirts for the sole purpose of falling open at the collar when he bent over to talk to her. Just that flash of line, of his skin moving over defined collar bones, it was hard to pull her gaze away.

She turned immediately, knowing she would react if there was mischief in his gaze. If that crooked grin was tilted up as he watched her gaze drift down the length of his neck and along his clavicle, she was liable to do something stupid. Like kiss him.

Instead, she focused her thoughts on the training ground, wondering what kind of trouble their kids were getting into. “How long until someone gets hurt?”

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