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Riku, after completing his worlds: *breathy sigh while looking off into the distance with hearts in his eyes* sora… :) <3 <3 <3

Sora, after completing his worlds: wtf.. wha the hap.. what… *existential crisis*
The Man, The Legend, The Husband - BuckinghamAlice - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types
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Relationships: Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker
Characters: Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker, Rey (Star Wars)
Additional Tags: Post-Star Wars: The Last Jedi, No Spoilers, Established Relationship, Fluff, Emotional Hurt/Comfort
Words: 983
Summary: Lando helps Luke arrive at the decision to begin training Rey.
flesh into blossom - oleander (Branches_of_Light) - Steven Universe (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Pearl/Rose Quartz (Steven Universe)
Characters: Rose Quartz (Steven Universe), Pearl (Steven Universe)
Additional Tags: Explicit Sexual Content, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Fluff and Smut, Past Rape/Non-con, only mentioned once in passing and does not take place in the story at all though!, everything is languid and happy, and decadently sappy, PWP: Porn with Poetry, because lets be real its Pearl here

Summary: The hum she starts is an old tune, meant for the Diamonds and their ilk before she decides no, that isn’t quite right. A war song doesn’t suit her fancy either, and it takes one more try before she is satisfied with the notes. Something new, jubilant and untainted by those who would abhor Pearl’s freedom and their affections. She decides it is a song for the brilliant setting of the sun with all its magentas and violets and tangerines. The call of a nightingale and the whisper of a bubbling stream, the joy of a human child and the victorious cry of a soldier.

I Actually Screamed Because The New OP Is So Freaking Awesome!! (AS EXPECTED!!!) And my boys were looking so cool with these glasses!!

Uma had never seen the stars.

She had never seen the night sky draped above her like an onyx blanket patterned with minuscule specks of light. No instead, she’d always look up to be met with the sight of dense, ashen clouds obstructing her view. Low-hanging clouds that gave every inch of her surroundings an incurably bleak, overcast atmosphere. Clouds that reminded her of just another simple pleasure she’d been robbed of on the Isle of the Lost. Even from the very edge of her ship, The Lost Revenge, she’d crane her neck out just to get a glimpse of what she’d heard on TV was a sight that could set the wildest mind at ease, but to no avail. Even the thinnest mist at the mass of cloud’s edge was enough to block her view. No Uma had never seen the stars, until now. 

Floating aimlessly in the wide expanse of ocean between the Isle and Auradon, she looked up into the night sky. Burning with the sting of failure and in a form that resembled her mother’s, all she could do was look and cry silently. Salty tears ran down her face as cold waves lapped against her skin. Her tears reducing what would be a beautiful sight to a blurry mix of light and dark. It was the moment she’d long hoped for, but accompanied with the overbearing awareness that she didn’t get the wand and she couldn’t set her crew free, and blinded by the watery pain in her eyes, it was yet another dream sullied and destroyed. Another even simple desire ending in disappointment. 

She thought about letting go. About letting the ocean envelop her, taking her under to finally get some rest. To finally find some reprieve with the creatures of the deep sea. Slowly drifting into sleep while the anguish of defeat plagued her still, the idea was becoming increasingly attractive. She was so tired. So, so tired. She wondered if she had the strength to make it to shore. She closed her eyes, about to give in to her exhaustion when a single word came into her mind:


No. Suddenly imbued with her natural stubbornness, Uma knew this could not be it. This would not be another time she felt weakened at the hands of another. The dream of freedom had burned within Uma her entire life, strengthening as she grew older and ever-present in her mind. She would not allow liberation to elude her, her crew, or any lost child of the Isle. If she was fated to draw her last breath for any one thing other than old age, it would be in pursuit of that dream. The dark of night and the frigid tide would not be her end. Her passion, her strength, her being, was not to be reduced to a lifeless beast entombed by the sea. No, propelled by righteous rage and a fierce resolve, she would plan with the boy closest to her and patiently wait for a new chapter of her life to begin. The chapter that brings about the day she can face all those who believed they defeated her.

Floating, like a lone star against an onyx sea, Uma thought of when she would look her enemies in the eyes and say, “You didn’t think this was the end of the story, did you?”

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Mob Psycho 100 ending is SO GOOD. (*ugly sobbing)

*ugly sobs along with you* ;A; Uwaaah! I know man, I just read it too! Ahhhhh, ONE wraps everything up so succinctly, and on such a positive and hopeful note (much like how he did in Makai no Ossan too). :’))) So many characters were featured, showing what’s up with everybody after a brief time skip and ahhh, they all join up again in a happy celebration for Reigen’s bday. :’DDD It feels like such a wholesome send-off from ONE, with laughter and jokes and everyone supportive and content with their place in the world…!!! Waah, I hope ONE is proud and satisfied of his work, after finally completing the coming-of-age story he set out to tell! :’D I feel he ended it on a very strong note! So many emotions, indeed! X’3 


I…. Got nothing prepared…… you guys…….