finally finished it omg

It took forever to finish, but Kafu’s backstory is finally here!
omg, you don’t know how many times I had to correct this.
If you want to understand it better I recommend you to read this first you’ll understand this even if you don’t read it, but I’d be happy if you do (??)

DISCLAIMER: MENTIONS OF DEAD, PROSTITUTION, SUICIDE AND SOME TRIGGERING THINGS. I tried not to be specific, but I don’t know your sensitivity, so better be careful.

Kafu was raised alone by her mother as far as she can remember. She didn’t know anything about her biological father, how she was conceived or her mother’s past, but she didn’t care, the love she received was more than enough for her. However, Kafu and her mother were never truly alone: Kafu’s mother was really beautiful and men surrounded her like flies. They were mere toys for her, though she didn’t show it in front of her daughter. That was until she met the one who would be her new husband, a very wealthy and good-looking man who treated them really well. For Kafu, though, happiness never lasts for long. Her mother died of disease when Kafu was ten, only two years after her wedding. She hadn’t time to know him well, yet she had no option but to live with an almost complete stranger who she would desire to have never known.

Secrets always came to light and the ones her stepfather had were no different. After two years living with him she knew that house like the palm of her hand, except for one room. Its door was always closed, she didn’t know where it led and her new parent didn’t allow her to enter, so her interest was instantly picked. One night she sneaked in and could see what she thought was a pub, or what at least that’s what her stepfather claimed. At first, nothing seemed out of normal, maybe the little scenario was eye-catching, but that wasn’t what grabbed Kafu’s attention. Women were dressed very gaudy and their behaviors weren’t what you are supposed to see on a bar. You could see all kind of people there and all of them were men very well accompanied. It was then when Kafu started to realize where all her father’s fortune came from. Kafu’s stepfather discovered her intrusion and from then on he became very overprotective: He banned her from doing things more and more every time and he wouldn’t leave her alone a single second. His eyes were scary and she felt like a replacement for his wife instead of his daughter, to the point Kafu feared even looking him in the eye. She avoided him at all costs and spent all the time she could with the prostitutes. If they weren’t busy and didn’t go near any client her stepfather didn’t mind them to be together. This resulted in Kafu feeling as if they were her sisters. They were really kind; they sang and played together all the time, usually in the main room of the brothel, where her parent could still see her.

A year of hearing her singing with the prostitutes was enough for Kafu to pick the interest of some of the customers, which loved her voice. Seeing the benefits of this, her stepfather “suggested” to her to give singing on the scenario a try. In no time she became the jewel of the brothel, the little star with blond hair and angelical voice. But underground people are greedy and always want more and more. When Kafu became 15, clients started to send her multiple presents and offer his tutor big amounts to “be the first one”. Money blinded him, making him go to convince Kafu to fulfill her “fans” request no matter what. In consequence, a heated argument broke out between them: shouts, insults, threats and some thrown objects ended up in tears and the discovery of her ability in the worst way possible. The way there couldn’t be a “first time” anymore. It was inherited; the day her mother died was the day her ability transferred to Kafu. All the men that Kafu’s mother attracted with no effort, all the times they loved her so much they obeyed all of her demands and the lust that made them completely insane. This was her mother’s power fault, power that became her daughter’s one.

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OKAY I HAVE OFFICIALLY AND FINALLY FINISHED READING IT OMG JUST OMG okay so I know everyone is more on a yoongi side for this fic and I haven't picked a side yet but it's not yoongi for now just cuz we haven't even begun to discover jimin and his story arch and how he will intertwine with oc's storyline. Also there is still much to uncover about yoongis character. IM SO PSYCHED SOS


me: is writing a soulmate fic
also me: wouldn’t it be funny if she ended up with somebody else

I agree with you though! We’ve hardly had time to discover anything about Jimin and Yoongi, and as time flows I’m betting some shippers mind’s will change and switch!

Thank you so much for reading and for messaging me!  ♡


I finished this finally omg

@teimi replies to your post: “Am I finally finishing Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood? I think I am”

Omg did you finish it ???

Nah man. I tried binging it with some housemates of mine but..i have to space this out. I can’t watch it all at once. You have to savor it. Or else I’ll be done with it too fast and..that won’t be good for either of us lol. I’m already getting back into it, and it’s honestly so bittersweet.

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Hylia bless this blog. I was the anon who requested Revali on the table. I was laughing my ass off for five minutes when I finally finished reading it. You guys just made my day.

Omg I’m already blessed by Hylia I wouldn’t have you amazing people otherwise-

Thank you so much for requesting it, I need more gold like that in the fictional world.

OMG, props to me for FINALLY finishing the final versions of the line work on ALL the digital pages and added text after a rigorous few days (and some very long Adventure Time playlists in the background), so now after my author looks them over, the last phase is to add color! @@

Omg 😭😭😭

So I FINALLY finished the vampire diaries and omg my heart. I ugly cried for at least the last 20 min of it like non stop crying screaming why.. sorry neighbors I HAVE A LOT OF EMOTIONS AND THERE IS A HUGE VOID IN MY HEART RIGHT NOW


*coincidentally finished this while Boy Meets Evil was playing*
but omg i never drew jhope i always avoided him
i broke from the pastel theme cuz the orange hair didnt really match the pastels idk man
but jhope and red
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