finally finished it omg

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omg! when do you finish finals?? -css

the way they do finals at my university is they started yesterday and finish on wednesday next week. i have one more today and a presentation tuesday night and my last test is at 7:30 on wednesday morning. which is rough because i’m barely a person at 9 am let alone 7:30 and i’m also learning that entire class over the course of the weekend because my professor didn’t teach very well

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:0 so you're finished uni? congrats!!!


I took my last final yesterday (omg it was utter bullshit. that class was utter bullshit- but that’s neither here nor there since it doesn’t matter anymore!). I technically won’t get my diploma for a couple of weeks but I am done! <3

Honestly, can’t tell y’all how relieved I am to be done. It was fun, I learned a lot, but I’m ready to move on with my life and do other things :) Again, thank you!


~ (( Spidogiri ! :D )) ~

Guys, I finally finished the Halloween-drawing :‘DDD ! omg, I’m so happy I’m done with it….. I apologize for taking so long because of my exams + School + driving School ;/////;) OTL

but Tadaaaaaa >w>)/ ! Otogiri as a spider :D !…or sth. Since she uses threads a lot…. why not creating spiderwebs too v.v) ?~

aaaaaaaaaaaaand have some Zenny too :DDD !

I started playing Mystic Messenger 4 weeks ago….. and I love this game so much x’D <3 I finished Zenny’s and Yoosung’s route so far….. and accidently got a bad ending at the 4. day :'DDD but now Jaeheeeee >3>)9 - my faves are Zen n 7 8D ! and… furthermore I thought about creating a Speedpaint of 7….maybe… when there’s time and stuff =/////=)~

hope u like 'em :DDD !

Omg I just finished a final, and the classmates are talking about it. Turns out the girls sitting next to us have the same final next so we’re telling them everything. Apparently it’s the same questions, but what if it turns out our professor has different questions for the two classes🙃

Finally finished. THIS TOOK WAAAAH TOO LONG. Just oh my fucking god it makes me weep. Like seriously. I was trying to go for no out lines. And I had to look for a already made scroll cause I kept drawing a messed up one. BUT OMG I AM HAPPY ITS FINALLY FINISHED.