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10 songs on shuffle challenge

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Rules: No skipping, no cheating, tag ten people, and add a favorite quote from each song!

1. She’s My Baby- Wings

When the stars are in he skies, that’s the time she changes back into a kitten…” //really cheesy i know but is cute ok//

2. Give Me Love ( Give Me Peace On Earth)- George Harrison

“Trying to, touch and reach you with, heart and soul…”

3. #9 Dream

“Two spirits dancing so strange…”

4. Mother’s Little Helper- The Rolling Stones

“Doctor, please, some more of these

Outside the door she took four more…”

5. Sex Yeah- Marina And The Diamonds

“If history could set you free from who you were supposed be, if sex in a society couldn’t tell a girl who she should be…”

6. She’s A Woman- The Beatles

“Turn me on when I get lonely..”

7. (You’re Sixteen) You’re beautiful And You’re Mine- Ringo Starr

“You come on like a dream, peaches and creme,

Lips like strawberry wine…”

8. Sunday Morning- The Velvet Underground

“I’ve got a feeling I don’t want to know…”

9. Helen Wheels- Wings

“Shake some dust off of this old bus, I gotta get her out of town….”

10. Beast of Burden- The Rolling Stones

“So let’s go home and draw the curtains,

Music on the radio, c’mon, baby, make sweet love to me…”

i tag whoever bc im really really lazy :)


‘24 hours food’ zine/artbook Preorder is up! An original food zine presented by me! I am so glad to finish my first zine/book and I’m so excited!
The book’s theme revolves around food(In case you couldn’t tell), consisting of 24 pages worth of food!

There’s 2 bundle option for the book:

  • 1)24/7 delivery service aka the complete bundle
    You’ll get:
    -The book itself
    -3 button(set breakfast, lunch, dinner)
    -2 postcard sized prints(parfait&anmitsu)
  • Drive Thru aka the normal bundle
    You’ll get:
    -The book itself
    -one random button
    -one random postcard sized prints

Book Specification:
-24 pages of food illustrations!(Consisting of various art of food, 2 recipes, some gijinka, and more food!)
-consisting of: food, some recipe(s), gijinka, and food.
-Soft Cover: Art paper 260gr doff laminated, inside: Art Paper 210gram
-Staples binding!

you can found them at my tictail!
Pre order starts from 27th of July to 20th of August! After that, it’ll be on ready stock state but limited bonus :> 

So, someone over the weekend called out to me for Beta Noiz and I was confused because I’d never heard the term. I had a lot of people ask me if I was supposed to be Noiz, since my Usagi cosplay is far from finished.

So, I finally looked it up… And omg. I’ve seen the early art for Noiz, but I didn’t know what it was called. Guess who just got added to my cosplay lineup once I get Usagi done. X3



I’m going to make myself some tea, then get my well-deserved sleep, and hopefully post this on FanFiction. Not yet on AO3….that will come later.

Just a typical Sunday evening in the Acevedo-Mora home.

We just finished watching the season finale of Sense8….and OMG, I want more!


I finished updating my HTML

I took away a looooot of songs

And added a little more

It’s a small playlist

But I like it


I freaking love it omg

I’m back!!!!! I think I am addicted to this space. These few days I keep finding myself closing my mac and lying on the floor before words fill my mind and I have to come on here but only to find I cannot find the words to say anything really.

Since I decided I need to make a change and act my age I’ve just been going around reminiscing about everything n anYTHING. I keep wanting to go back and relive things and I’m not sure if that is bad for me. Church was good today (better than expected) and I guess I’m just glad certain things haven’t changed.

Tomorrow shall be a productive day I will walk to the library in the morning and then (finALLY omg) start on my medicine stats course, maybe finish a psych book and then buy some white choc chips home to bake a matcha brownie for my skipton mates (british much) before meeting them for dinner and hope for a good night with fungus (does this sound weird).

life is good life is good with friends and plans and plans for some self development I am excited to grow and change and be the best version of myself

I’m a tough cookie 💪🏼🍪

Working on GD’s next chapter now! Got about 2000 words and really excited to right the next chunk! Replaying the game has been super helpful for adding details, but man I cannot wait to see it in HD! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’RE FINALLY MAKING THE REMAKE OMG

Edit: I haven’t finished replaying the game yet probably because I keep stopping to make notes about things for GD

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[[ LOL it’s okay that happens to be me all the time on mobile 



yes that is a pineapple pillow 

also I see Enma as someone who has one of those giant plaid blankets that’s just left wherever it was last used and has probably been part of a chair tent at some point. 

you made flowers grow in my lungs on ao3.

Zayn loves being alone. It’s his need to get away from things when they get a bit too much that leads him to a cat that he loves way too much for it to not be his, and Liam who makes him feel things that he has never felt before.

featuring eleanor and louis as zayn’s best friends, tiger as zayn’s pet cat that isn’t actually his pet cat, and liam as the wonderful human that he is.

author’s note: inspired by mashallahmangoes‘s love for lonely!zayn talking to animals, this fic (like everything i do)  is for zayniejavadd for being amazing, and fantastic and incredibly supportive of the rampant ranting at 4 am, and forzayniepaynie who’s lovely words made me blush and motivate me to finish it. This fic is honestly like a child to me, and it takes a village to raise one, and without Bushra and Allison this fic would have not come to fruition - so thank you, lovelies. and camilancabello, for being the cutest ball of fluff.

this fic is my baby, i’ve always hoped to write something more than 5k, and today i’ve accomplished this. i’m extremely proud of myself, and i hope you all enjoy reading this as much as i loved writing it.

disclaimer: it’s not beta’ed, and as much of a perfectionist i am, i am just as lazy too. ignore the messiness, if found. also, the manips (black and white pictures aren’t mine, but i couldn’t find the source. if it’s you, please let me know so i can credit you properly.

also, i might add a small sequel if people don’t like the way i hurriedly ended things. 

I FINALLY FINISHED *huff huff* serious thanks goes to my friend pentapentapenta since I would have never gotten any of this done without their help omg thanks ;w;  Besides just wanting to finally get art of my character, I think the only reason I finished is because I wanted to participate in fuckyeahmonsterenbies witch week!

So this is my witchsona! They are a green witch, focusing on herbal remedies and general plant magic. I still haven’t settled on a name, but I’m thinking something like Rowan or Rowannan. They are genderfluid and stick to mostly the agender part of the spectrum. Though, they don’t mind being called a witch! I also need to name their cat who does not care too much for midnight broom rides.