finally wearing that crop top i bought

Took you long enough

Request from Anonymous: May I request a smut where Christian yu Is your best friend you take him to a party and some guys decide to flirt with you & touch you and then Christian gets jealous and then confesses

I’m sorry this took so long D: And it’s a very long read so I hope it makes sense. 

“Christian, wanna be my plus one to a party?”

“Whose party?”

“One of my friends from my old work place is having a birthday party. You should come. I don’t know many people there so I want my best friend there with me”.

“Ahh so you want me to keep you company? Alright, I’ll go with you.”


The party was being held at your friend’s house so Christian suggested driving there instead of taking a taxi.

Christian was already at your house waiting for you. You were taking longer than expected.

“Why are you taking so long? I thought you picked an outfit already,” Christian called out from the living room. He flicking through the tv channels aimlessly but didn’t mind it too much because he was in your company. Christian and you have been best friends for quite some time. The both of you had gone through multiple breakups in the past but always got by it through your friendship.

You finally decided on an outfit. You have been working out so you were proud of your body and decided to wear something to show it off. After checking yourself out for the millionth time, you stepped out of the room. Christian saw you and he was speechless. You were wearing a tight black skirt which was just above your knees and a strappy floral crop top. The skirt was hugging your curves and the crop top showed off your toned stomach. To top the outfit off, you wore your strappy heels and a choker you just bought.

“How do I look?”

“Umm wow. I mean, you look very good. And what about me?”

Christian stood up to show you his full outfit. He was wearing a white tee and a pair of mustard chinos. For his kicks, he just wore his converse shoes.

“Nice and simple. I like it”.


“Happy birthday, Karen!!! Here’s your gift. I hope you like it.”

“Thanks [Y/N]! And you look so good. Wow girl, I’m jealous of your body. And who’s this?”

Christian was standing slightly behind you. He hands were in his pockets and knowing him, you knew he was nervous. 

“Oh sorry. This is Christian, my plus one.”

Christian gave your friend a hug and before she pulled back from the hug, she winked at you. You stuck your tongue at her and shook your head.

Karen introduced you to all her friends and in between mingling with her friends, you lost Christian. You looked around the place but still couldn’t find him. Giving up you joined the birthday girl with her friends. They were just sitting around the table playing some card game. There weren’t much room left to sit so you just stood awkwardly around them. You didn’t know what they were playing and you soon lost interest. You were about to leave and get something to snack on when a guy stood up.

“Hey, do you wanna take my seat?” 

“Um nah, it’s okay. You can sit, I’m going to get something to eat anyway”.

You then left him and walked over to the kitchen bench to look at the limited selection of snacks. 

“You know the good snacks are hidden in this cupboard”.

You turned around and saw the same guy who offered you the seat walking to the cupboards and opening it to reveal more snacks. He grabbed a packet of Oreos, chips and some lollies and put them on the bench.

“Dig in”.

“This is great, thanks. I’m [Y/N], by the way”.

“I’m Matt. I’ve heard you used to work with Karen?”

“Yeah we used too. So what were you guys playing? It looked confusing.”

“Ahh the game is like if Uno and Snap had a baby. Sounds fun but it’s actually boring and confusing. Do you wanna play games on the PS4? 

You nodded and followed Matt to the living room. He turned the PS4 on allowed you to choose the game. 

“Oooo let’s play Just Dance 2017!”

Matt laughed and didn’t disagree. He put the disk in and handed you the controller.  

The two of you were dancing and later on, other people decided to join. You let them play while you took a break. Matt saw you sitting on the sofa and he decided to join you.


“I haven’t danced that much in a long time. Look at you, you’re sweating so much”.

Matt laughed and you went to get a tissuebox. 

“Here let me wipe that for you”.

You proceeded to wipe his sweat. You started from his forehead, cheeks and then his neck. All the while, he moved closer to you and had put his arms around your shoulders. Once you were done, you didn’t even realised his hands were on your thighs. You could have sworn he may had given you slight sqeeze on the thigh. You didn’t stop him but just stared into his eyes. Matt took your silence as an ok so he moved his hand to your inner thighs. The other hand was holding onto your shoulders tightly. His face was moving closer to yours. 


You looked over and it was Christian who had called your name. You were startled so you brushed Matt’s hands away from you and stood up. Christian was looking at you confused at the same time he looked upset. Matt also stood up beside you.

“Who’s this?”

“This is Christian. Christian, this is Matt.”

Matt reached out his hand to greet Christian, but Christian just ignored it. Matt retreated his hand. 

“I’m not feeling too well, [Y/N] so I’m heading back home. Are you coming as well?”

“Umm. Yeah I’ll go with you. Let me say bye to Karen first”.

“Are you sure you wanna go, [Y/N]? I can drive you home later. Your friend can leave first if he wants”.

Christian scoffed and gave Matt his death stare.

“Um I actually need to be erm up early tomorrow anyway. Thanks for the offer, though. Um good night and Christian, wait for me in the car. I’m going to find Karen.”


You tried making small talk with Christian whilst in the car ride home but he wasn’t giving you much attention so you gave up and stared out the window. Once you arrived at the front of your place, Christian parked the car on the driveway still looking upset.

“So er thanks for the ride, Christian and I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Christian was sitting in silence.

“Ok, what’s on your mind? Why are you so quiet? And where did you go throughout the night?”

“Were you gonna kiss him?”


“if I didn’t called out your name, would you have kissed him?”

“You’re asking me if I would have kiss a guy who I just met tonight? Do you really think I’m that kind of girl. You should know better”.

“I’m sorry. I just….the way he had his arms around you and his hand.. you let him do that?”

“I don’t know what I was thinking. I just missed being touched, you know. It’s been far too long and I have needs, Christian. I’m sure you do too”. 

Christian laughed and nodded in agreement.

“I totally know what you mean. It has been too long for the both of us, huh?”

“Mhmm. Wanna go inside? Or do you need to go home to rest?”

“Inside. I need water. I’m so thirsty.”

You unlocked the door and headed to the kitchen to grab two glasses from the cupboard. Christian was eyeing you top to bottom as you were trying to reach the top of the cupboard to get the glasses. You turned around and saw Christian’s gaze fixated on you. 

“Like what you’re seeing, Christian?”

Christian broke his gaze and pretended to play with his hair. You poured water into both glasses. 

“You didn’t answer my question earlier”.

“Well..I would be lying if I said no”.

You moved closer to Christian and stood between his legs. You then placed both your hands on his shoulders. 

“What are you doing, [Y/N]? I think the alcohol is getting to you”.

“I didn’t drink a lot. You have really nice hair, why do you always playing with it?”

You brushed one hand through his hair.

“Seriously. What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just admiring your hair that’s all. Anyway I’m going to get change. Lock the door when you leave please”.

When you started to walk away, Christian grabbed your wrists. He pulled you in and wrapped his hands around your waist.

“Now what are YOU doing, Christian?”

He didn’t hesitate anymore and he kissed on your lips. You were surprised at first but then you slowly melted into his arms. He pulled back for the both of you to catch your breathe.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kiss you so suddenly. You look very beautiful tonight and I couldn’t help it. And I mean, you look beautiful everyday not just tonight.”

“You think I’m beautiful?” 

“So beautiful”.

You smiled at his response and you put your lips on his. This time you took control but it wasn’t for long. Christian took charge and guided you towards your room. Once you reached the edge of the bed, Christian pushed you down gently and you watch him take off his shirt. You traced his upper body with your eyes. 

“Hey Christian, I thought you have been working out”.

“You really shouldn’t be making jokes, [Y/N]”.

You giggled at his harmless threat as he crept over your body. He positioned himself between your legs. You ran your hands along his arms while he kissed your lips and you pulled him in closer with your legs. He then moved his lips to your collarbone and you let out soft moans every time he bit over that area. You knew come the morning, you would have marks on your neck area but you didn’t care.

“Let’s switch places”.

You hummed out a yes and with one swift move he pulled you up and you sat on top on him. He continued to kiss your chest and then he tried to take off your top, but he was having trouble since it was a tight fit. 

“Seriously [Y/N], why do you wear this contraption? How do you take it off?”

“There’s a zipper at the back, genuis. Here let me do it”.

Once you took off your top and tossed it aside, you realised you weren’t as comfortable because your skirt was making it hard to sit. 

“Hang on, let me take this off as well. It’s so uncomfortable”.

“Leave the choker on, [Y/N]. I like it”. 

You got off the bed and unzipped the skirt but you also took the liberty to take your bra off as well. Christian sat up from the bed and his eyes were filled with lust as he watched you. Once the skirt and bra hit the floor, Christian grabbed you again and you positioned yourself on top of him. The both of you continued to exchange kisses back and forth and before you know it, you were lying on your back. You didn’t even remember how Christian moved you. His lips slowly moved away from your lips to kiss your neck, shoulders, breasts and stomach. Once he reached between your legs, he placed small pecks on the inside of your thighs. 

“[Y/N], your underwear is soaking wet”.

“Well take them off them”.

Christian didn’t hesitate and you lifted your legs up to help him out. He threw them aside and he continued kissing your inner thighs. You were kinda feeling frustrated so you moved closer to his face and he caught you in the act.

“Patience, [Y/N]. I’ll get to it”.

You groaned and stuck your tongue at him but he just laughed at you. Once he was done teasing, he began placing kisses on wet core. Christian looked up at you and your eyes met. He spread your core with one finger and licked it with one tongue movement all without breaking eye contact. Your head fell back onto the pillow and you let out a moan. Christian began kissing and sucking on your wet core. His hair was tangled around your fingers and you arched your back every time he hit the spot. 

“Oh god..Christian..yes..”

The room was filled noises of only your moans and his kisses. 

“Watch this, [Y/N]”.

You lifted you head up and saw Christian slide two fingers inside of you. You closed your eyes as his fingers entered you. He pulled them out and you noticed it was covered with your juices. He let out a smile and put his fingers in his mouth.

“You taste good, you know that”.

You blushed and before you could say anything, he began moving his fingers in and out of you as well as kissing your bud. Your moans were now louder and faster.


You legs were now out of control but Christian held you down with his strength. He continued doing his thing and the next thing you know, you reached climax and came. You let out a huge sigh and Christian sat up wiping his mouth.

Christian then took no time to take off his pants and boxers then reached for your bedside table cabinet to grab a condom.

“How did you know I keep them in there?”

“I was looking for a phone charger the other day and noticed it. And look, just my size, it’s meant to be”. 

Once he was done putting the condom on he straddle over your body and he began placing pecks on your cheeks and lips. You moved your body so that the both of you were aligned perfectly. Christian then moved your hair out of your face. 

“Are you sure you’re okay with this, [Y/N]?”

“Never been so sure in my life and it’s not the alcohol talking by the way. You?”

“I think we have passed on what I’m okay with by now”. 

You giggled as Christian then ran one hand up and down the side of your body. You legs began to spread further apart to let him in and you could feel his heat between your legs.


You nodded and Christian moved his arm so that your right leg was rested over his shoulders. He smiled and slide inside you. You let a small whimper. 

“Oh sorry [Y/N], are you okay?” 

“I’m fine, just continue”.

Christian obeyed you and he moved slowly in and out of you. You began lifting your left leg up and Christian re-positioned himself so that now both of your legs were rested over his shoulders. With each thrust, you could feel him going deeper and deeper and hitting your spot.


“Oh my god, this feels so good..shit [Y/N]….fuck”

You began to moan into his mouth and your fingers were dug into his skin. It was probably too hard but Christian didn’t complain. He began to move faster and deeper. You head was now beginning to bang on the headboard but you the pain didn’t bother you. All that mattered was you and Christian. 

“Ohhh shit..Christian..oh my god..”

Your eyes were now closed and Christian was kissing your neck. 

“Oh my god…yes…”

“Yes…come for me, [Y/N].”

Christian’s movements were now even faster and you could yourself reaching climax. You held onto his arms as you came. Not long after you came, Christian pulled out and he also came. He took off his condom and went to the bathroom to throw it away in the bin. He came back with a warm towel in his hands and he saw you were still in the same position he left you.

“Are you falling asleep right after sex, [Y/N]? I never knew you were like that”.

“Ha ha very funny. Why are you holding a towel?”

“I’m going to clean you up”.

“With my face towel?”

“Oh I didn’t know. I’ll buy you a new one tomorrow. Now sit up so we can get this over and get to the cuddling bit”.

You smiled at him and sat up as he wiped you down. You shivered every time he wiped over and around your core. It was still sensitive. After he was done, he threw his shirt at you to wear and he put on his boxers. You put in on and moved over so that Christian could have room. You turned around so now he was spooning you. 

“ this going to be a typical thing for us, Christian?”

“I wouldn’t mind it but let me take out to lunch tomorrow so we can seal the deal?”

“So all it took was for some guy touching me before you got the guts to ask me out? Took you long enough, Christian”.


I went shopping today and bought this outfit in two different styles because I feel so good in it. I never thought that I would be brave enough to wear a crop top but I finally tried one on and I feel so good!!!!! I made some Life Changes this year (stopped eating meat, started walking every day, started doing more things that are good for my mind and my body) and I am so much more comfortable in my own skin than I used to be. I used to be ashamed of my body and I would try to hide it as much as I could, so I’m really proud of myself for finally getting to a place where I feel confident trying on clothes I normally wouldn’t wear. I feel healthier and happier than I’ve ever been and I’m proud of the progress I’ve made.

I just got my tax return money so I have bought FIVE crop tops for confident fat girl summer fun times (including a weed leaf print one YESSS), a bright orange lipstick, and a long blonde ponytail extension…  sometimes you just gotta TREAT YOSELF!

this week has sucked because I fell over on the pavement whilst walking my dog and sprained my ankle :( it’s been getting a lot better since it happened, but the worst thing is that I also bought some super cute mint green platform sneakers and they just arrived but I can’t wear them because I’m on crutches and my big fat foot is so swollen that it won’t fit into any shoes! i am keeping myself going by imagining how great i will look when my shit arrives and I can finally wear the sneakers and a fake ponytail and my orange lipstick and a sweet crop top… watch OUT!!

Why Harassment of Girls Under School Dress Codes Bothers Me So Much

It bothers me so much to hear how many girls in high school and sometimes middle school are being harassed by teachers or administrators about wearing clothing deemed too revealing for the dress code, like short shorts or tank tops. It’s like, there’s a double standard…mainstream society seems to consider it normal, attractive, and not inherently sexual, for women and girls to wear shorter shorts, tank tops, crop tops, and other clothing that shows off more of the body. These types of clothing are widely available and examples of people dressing this way are widespread.

In some cases, it can actually be harder for women or girls to find clothing that fits them that is not more revealing. For example, my ex-girlfriend wanted a pair of longer, loose-fitting cargo shorts like the ones I often wear, and she looked for a while and finally bought a pair in the men’s section because she couldn’t find a pair she liked in the women’s section.

I also think that the ideology and reasoning behind the dress codes that force women and girls to cover up more, contain unhealthy and untruthful ideas.  Most of the objections come down to the idea that revealing more of the body is “distracting to boys or men” or that it “induces them to have impure thoughts” or things like this. There are so many problems with these ideas:

  • It’s implicitly heteronormative. (What about girls finding girls attractive?)
  • It implies that feeling attracted to a person is inherently bad, unhealthy, and something to be suppressed or avoided, i.e. labeling things “impure thoughts”. This bothers me because I think attraction can be a source of love, interest, positive energy, caring, and other positive things. I also think that the narrative that people’s feelings of attraction are bad, can lead to boys or men internalizing self-hate which can fuel misogyny. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s the most misogynistic cultures that usually tell this narrative.
  • These ideas paint a grim picture of boys’ and mens’ degree of self control. I think boys and men have much greater self-control than these narratives tell…but I do think that the narrative can become a self-fulfilling prophecy…i.e. if you repeatedly drill it into boy’s heads that they lack control and that the female body is inherently “tempting”, then they might come to believe they lack self-control and act accordingly. I think that this can increase the likelihood of boys and men committing sexual assault or rape and/or blaming their actions on girl’s or women’s clothing or behavior.
  • It ignores positive impacts that revealing the body can have. Like, personally, I find people’s bodies comforting to look at, especially people I find attractive, but to some degree everyone. So like, when a person shows off more of their body I often find it has a calming effect on me to be around them or look at them, which actually I find helps me to focus more, in some situations. This is especially true in settings where I might be feeling anxiety, or when I might be bored to the point of feeling agitated or depressed–both of which I think are common in school settings. Thus, I think for some people, showing off more of the body might have the opposite effect of being distracting.
  • It’s grossly out of touch with the way the world works. Like I said above, in the broader society it seems normal and mainstream for women and girls to wear clothing as revealing as the outfits typically attracting criticism and dress-code violations in schools. And you can see outfits far more revealing than short shorts in mainstream advertising, on billboards, in magazines, on television, on the internet. It seems ridiculous and out of proportion to focus on these dress code issues when there are so many other more serious problems going on.