finally we are getting a studio version


World of Dance 2017 - Front Row: Les Twins (Digital Exclusive)


I am so happy that we finally get to see what the studio audience and the judges saw!

Gone - Chapter Thirteen (M)

Sometimes you let go of the past, but it doesn’t let go of you.

Reader x Sehun
Smut, Angst

Halfway through the night, your bones complained loudly from sleeping on the floor. You tried to ignore it, but eventually you couldn’t take it anymore. You woke the sleeping giant Sehun to show him to the one piece of furniture you did own.

Sehun sleepily wrapped his arms around your waist before dipping backwards onto the bed, taking you down with him. You giggled as he adjusted you to be perpendicular to the headboard.

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In the beginning, we hoped to choose this era’s bad boy, the sort who’s raved about by everyone everywhere. You can see all sorts of “rebellious” qualities commonly shared by many of the youth of this era in him: arrogant, temperamental, rash, blunt…. And it’s a super magnified version. His “badness” comes from his unabashed desire and insistence on being his true self. In the end, as fate would have it, we finally managed to get an appointment with him, Huang Zitao.

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So...Just heard that June’s Diary long awaited song “Wrap Around” was taken by Epic to be given to some other artist.

Junebugs have been waiting on the studio version of Wrap Around since last year 2016 after we saw them performing it when they went on tour with R(dirty fucker) Kelly

We finally get it along with their mixtape “Male Edition” just last week. Now the audio has been removed from June’s Diary’s Youtube and Soundcloud.

June’s Diary are among the few R&B groups that are out here trying right there with Good Girl and Vanjess and Chole x Halle

June’s Diary were formed by Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson on the BET show Chasing Destiny. Like they have a fucking fanbase yeah it maybe small but it is growing and Epic is going to snatch one of the only few original songs they have been able to perform and release and give it to some bitch.

EPIC really does not want these Black girls to thrive. Who is this artist they gave the song to. I want to know who they are that they think they can match up against June’s Diary’s vocals and flawless harmonies. 

ETA: June’s Diary seem to be taking the Amerie route and are leaking original music to stop EPIC from giving their songs to others


MD: For our fourth and final antagonist, we were looking to have a female character who was physically similar to korra. We wanted our hero to have to face the shadow version of herself-a woman who was fierce, uncompromising, and a bending heavyweight. Kuvira brought a lot of new story and character possibilities to the table, and I really enjoyed writing the female hero/villain dynamic. There was a lot of talk in the first storyboard meeting about how Kuvira’s metal armor could be used in battle. To give her lots of ammo, we decided she should have thin strips of metal stacked on her back and upper arms. As she bends one piece of metal, another strip is revealed, ready for the next strike. I cannot remember if it was written into the script, but Kuvira’s arm blade and whip seemed to be natural extensions of her impressive ability to manipulate metal.

BK: Above is one of the first concepts I did of Kuvira, back during Book Three when we knew we were going to weave her into the story as a background character. I had been wanting to do a military dictator as a villain for a long time, so it was fun to finally play around with what the uniform motifs would be. When we were casting the character, we had a couple of pieces of concept art to show the actors. Zelda Williams, who ended up getting the part and played it wonderfully, said, “Hey she looks like me!” I thought the exact same thing when she walked into the studio. Later she told me her mother even has the same beauty mark under her eye. I really liked how Kuvira looked with her hair down, and it helped to sell this hallucination where Korra once again sees the “Dark Avatar” version of herself in her opponent. Kuvira expressions and concepts by Ki-Hyun Ryu, Lauren Montgomery, and Bryan Konietzko.  Designs by Angela Song Mueller and Joseph Aguilar. Cleanup by Steve Hirt. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. [x]


Here’s an amazing look at the work of Tyrus Wong in two different phases, the charcoal rendering and the final background painting used in Bambi, for which he is most famously associated. The strength of the composition is already established in the black and white rendering, but the final color version adds all the warmth and natural appeal that the forest setting lent to the film–I want to be there! Also we get a peek at the artist’s studio in his later years which proved to be as productive and prolific as his early years with Disney.


🖤Finally we get to listen to the whole song!! Amazing!! Can’t way for the studio version.😍🖤

Ulver - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi EP, including a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “The Power of Love”

The sad remains from our Caesarean banquet. Two songs we kind of left on the drawing board but resumed work on this summer. Additionally, a cover of a childhood favourite – one we actually started some twelve–thirteen years ago – from the time we first started thinking about making “pop” music. This EP was finalized in our new studio in the old town of Oslo in September, and sent off to Youth’s (Martin Glover and Michael Rendall) in London in October, for imperial sound quality. Mastered this week by The Bricoleur.

Cover shows Francis Bacon’s Study After Velásquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953), used with kind permission of Des Moines Art Center. Design by Paschalis Zervas, +wolframgrafik.

A physical version is likely later. There’s simply no time to prepare one right now, we have a tour to get ready for. But please keep an eye on the House of Mythology. 

The Sic Transit Gloria Mundi EP is available from us on Bandcamp now. Spotify, iTunes, etc. in a few weeks or so, depending on industry bureaucracy. Please spread and share at will, we don’t have the patience to wait for the music machine hubbub. This is the age of the internet, innit?

Thank you for listening.

Ulver, The Colony Room, November 11 2017.


This is Jamal Davis. He found out this summer that his heart was failing him & he would need a transplant. The people from the hospital reached out to me & said that Jamal was a fan of my music & he would fall asleep listening to my album every night. They also told me that Jamal loved to sing as well. Ever since I found out, I’ve been trying to get to Gainesville, Florida to visit him. I’m so happy it finally worked out. I got to surprise Jamal at the studio (where he was working on his ep) & we did this impromptu version of “city dove” together. Praise God that he successfully got a new heart & he’s out of the hospital!! Seeing that huge smile of his light up the entire room was so incredible. I hope it makes you smile today like it made me.


Before Hayao Miyazaki wrote and directed the masterpiece we know as Princess Mononoke, he had an original idea for a film that shared the same title that he created in the 1980s. It was an adaptation of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast set in Japanese history, but Miyazaki failed to get it greenlit so it never went anywhere. A decade later, at Studio Ghibli, his producer Toshio Suzuki recommended returning to the idea, and Miyazaki used some of the ideas and themes in a new storyline that became the final version.

Eventually, Miyazaki’s original storyboard watercolor sketches were turned into a 100 page picture-book that visualizes his first version of Princess Mononoke. I read it today, and it was absolutely wonderful. I can see why Miyazaki abandoned the storyline, but regardless, it’s a beautiful and great tale that would have been incredible as a film, but still is a marvel to behold in book form. If you have any interest in Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli you totally should try to find a copy through your library and see for yourself.


This may have already been posted here but

Last week the snk anime official instagram page uploaded this shot of the Rogue/Armored confrontation (below), which is considerably brighter and features more light effects compared to the PV version (above)

I think its safe to say that some of the shots we saw weren’t finalized yet and will likely improve before the series starts airing. 

BTS dedicate a song to you


I’m still emo because Yoongi wants to dedicate a song to Jimin 

200 followers special celebration post! Next goal: 220 followers ~

Please enjoy this reaction, Al eonni sends hugs and kisses to A.R.M.Y. and BTS :*

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Jin: “Jagi, on the comeback stages, I’ll make poses like this one just for you, okay? This is your song after all~ Pay attention when you watch it on TV, I’ll definitely do it just for you :* A different thing on each stage” 

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Suga: *Spends nights after nights in the studio, composing the song for you until he’s finally satisfied*

You: “Oppa, don’t work too hard, you need to rest some time too. I’ll be satisfied with anything you produce.”

Yoongi: “Nah, honey, it’s nothing. I really want this to be perfect for you.”

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Rap Monster: *Everytime your song comes on somewhere, he can’t stop himself from feeling it* “Baby, it’s your song! Dance with me! I wrote it so you could dance happily each day!”

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J-Hope: *Doesn’t only make the song for you but also the matching dance practice and posts different versions of it on YouTube* “Jagi, I can’t stop thinking about your song. I like dancing to it so much. Work doesn’t really feel like work anymore if we play your song in the studio~”

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Jimin: *begs manager hyung and the stylist nunas to let you have a say in the concept and styling of the music video and stages since it’s your song* “Jagi, I really love the shorts and shirts you helped chose for us! I’ve never seen Jungkook happier, finally he gets to wear a white T-shirt on stage. Thank you!”

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V: *gives a super cute interview on national radio explaining why he wanted to dedicate a song to you and how he produced it* “Jagi, if you’re listening right now, thank you for inspiring me to make this song. I hope that we can spend many more years together, and I’ll continue to make great songs for you and for A.R.M.Y.!”

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Jungkook: *Is super hyper in all of the interviews, bangtan bombs and variety shows because he’s so happy that he was finally able to give you a song as a gift. Sends you secret messages like Jin* “Jagi, did you see us on Weekly Idol yet? When I was asked to do the sexy dancing, I did it just for you~”

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do you know anything about that new riff from muse Instagram?!

you know what, i actually squealed out loud when i heard it because it sounds a lot like Helsinki Jam , my all time favourite muse jam, and we might finally get a studio version of it or an actual song based around it.

a lot of muse songs have derived from live/studio jams. i’ve been waiting for them to release a studio version of Helsinki Jam for 5 fucking years now so if this turns out to be the case i will literally lose my fucking shit.

Day 2: (Warning Hella Long Post, short version at the end)

We woke up super early to go to Universal Studios!!! We left the hostel by 7:20am and then had to figure out the Japanese subway system. Luckily Jinli handled everything and we just waited for her to finish.

When we finally got to universal studios it was huge! Rotary also paid for us all to get fast pass on the rides (soon we would find out fast pass doesn’t quite work the same in Japan…) and we were off! First Jinli took us all to get the famous turkey legs in Jurassic Park, and then we were all free to do what we wanted! We just had to keep our receipts from lunch and meet up with her later in the night.

Me and my friends decided to skip the Jurassic Park rides and head straight for the Harry Potter area. It was obviously quite smaller then the movie but it still felt real! And what made it even better was the butter beer, sadly they didn’t have it warm so instead we got one normal and one frozen.

Then we decided to figure out how to use our fast pass so we could ride one of the rides. Here we found out that our fast pass, only worked on 4 rides, you had to go to the rides within a certain time period (50 minutes for each ride and they were set times like 1:40-2:30) and then finally,,,, we could only use it on each ride once

So we had some time to kill before we could use it on the ride we wanted, instead of going to a different area we waited in line for over a hour to go on the “Castle Walk” which sounds pretty boring, but my god it was the best ride at the whole park!!! To get to the ride you got to walk through the castle and the ride was a simulation with 3D glasses. The seats actually moved and were on a track! So when you were flying on a broom the seats were actually turning and moving!

We ate at the three broomsticks and had the Halloween feast complete with butter beer and pumpkin juice. We used our fast pass on 2 rides and then set off to find another area.

While we were walking to the next fast pass ride we found a huge group of people just stopped and tried to see what was going on. They’d just started the Halloween Parade!! We watched the parade and then decided to look through more shops since the wait time for rides were over an hour. We all ended up with matching Hogwarts scarves and I got a picture with shrek.

Once we’d finished the food our group decided to head out in search of the Halloween area and try some of the haunted rides. We went to a performance? I don’t really know what to call it, that started normal but then the image behind the woman doing a speech changed. Suddenly it was the video from the ring and the lights faded, the woman was killed by the girl and then fog flooded the entire theatre area. The girl kept appearing and disappearing while the room flooded with fog. It was great!

The next (and final) ride we went to was a zombie maze! We got through this military training where we were briefed on what was going on. Basically there was a zombie outbreak and 70 people were missing in this forest, we had to get through and remember a passcode. The surprising part was it was outside! And it was lightly raining and already dark so it made the whole thing even better. Me and my friends ran through the maze and even ended up going in circles a few times, but we were the first people to get through stage one.

Once everyone had gotten through a siren started playing and the military guard said it was clear for us to continue we were quick to run forward and continue while the rest of the people were soaked by water. We made it through the second stage and now we were at the third and final, we had to choose between two doors and exit the maze. Luckily I had written the passcode on my hand since I had a pen with me, but we kinda didn’t see the number pad and every thing was in Japanese. So basically we just walked through the door and forgot to do the passcode…. oops

Walking back out of the Halloween area to meet the other exchange students wasn’t a boring as it sounds. We were stuck in the zombie zone, so every minute or two we’d run into a group of zombies intent on scaring us. It was a ton of fun! I think the best part for me was when a chainsaw guy tried to scare me and I kinda just pulled up my phone and took a selfie 😂

We got cherry berry on our way out and went back to the hotel, instead of going out we watched RuPaul’s Drag Race on Jenna’s laptop.

So that was Day 2!!

Long story short: we went to universal spent a lot of time in the Harry Potter area, went through some horror attractions for Halloween, and got cherry berry.

8th September 2016

[Image description: A Tumblr post dated 18th January 2014 which reads “We do not have studio versions of Blame and Campus yet”. Link to post here.]

Over two and a half years later, the end of Do We Have Blame And Campus Yet is finally in sight! (Who’d have thought we’d get loads of other new songs including a whole OPHA mixtape in that time?) Thank you so much to everyone who’s stuck around, kept me updated, corrected my queueing fails, and generally acknowledged the existence of this joke-gone-too-far sideblog. In particular, I want to say a huuuuuge thanks to @sienna13579 for helping out in the run-up to OPHA3 when I’d just moved to a new country and had way too much on my plate!

I’m sure I’ll be around for the fun tomorrow, but first, for the last time ever:

We do not have studio versions of Blame and Campus yet.