finally watching this stuff with subs

Being faithful paid off.

In 2012, I started watching anime. It was small stuff, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater. I was involved with other things so it didn’t consume that much of my time. When I began persuing it on social media however, I found Tumblr, and that is where I found Attack on Titan. I didn’t want to watch it however. The hype was to big and it was talked about WAAAYYY too much, so I was like “I don’t wanna waste my time.”

But finally, after a gif set featuring Eren and all of his handsome glory, I sat down and watched the very first episode, subbed. (I hated subbed, wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.) That was one of the first nights I ever stayed up watching anything through the night, and holy fuck did I watch it through the night. I came home from school the next day and went right back to it, finishing the series at about four o’clock in the morning. 

Then I found it dubbed. 

As of today, four years later; I’ve watched the series twice subbed, and four times dubbed. I have seventeen pieces of merch and over 3,000 pictures saved in my electronics of the characters. Needless to say I am obsessed. 

I’ve gotten a lot of shit from a boy at school because “it sucks ass” and “its not even that good”. But I fought him, and continued watching Attack Junior High, Choice With No Regrets, etc. 

But yesterday, I cried while the second season opening theme played, as I could not believe it was real. It sounds dumb, and is a little dramatic sure; but I felt rewarded for not giving up and finding a new favourite anime. 

My blog name never changed, even though I became obsessed over ten or twelve other things in the span of that time. My phone background, my computer background, always had Eren or Levi on them, because I love them like I’ve loved best friends. 

I don’t know why I decided to share this, but hopefully I can find someone out there to resonate with, ya know?

anonymous asked:

what do you love the most about weiss kreuz? i tried to watch it recently, and was left a little ... unimpressed? sorta angered, and mostly confused? i love you writing, and i trust your judgement, so i want to know is it worth getting into? is it the dub that's messing w/ my perception? i just really want to understand this thing that you hold dearly.

Nonny, I want you to know that this ask made me get up from my comfy bed and turn on my computer again. This ask is so pure, so sweet, it’s so heartfelt ;_; Thank you so much for your kind words on my writing and valuing my opinion so much you tried getting into it? That’s really sweet imho so thanks for that!



Nobody likes Weiss Kreuz because they WATCHED Weiss Kreuz. I mean, I have watched WK probably too many times, and I like WK, but those two things are ENTIRELY unrelated. You know, back then, WK used to be one of the most popular categories in ff dot net and NOBODY had actually watched it. 


So, the thing with Weiss Kreuz, is that it is… bad. It really doesn’t get any better, in fact, it gets WORSE, except for, IDK, a couple of particular episodes where it finally looks like they haven’t paid the animators in Cup Noodles. But it was A Thing back then, where subbed animes for download were rare and everything you could get your hands on was prized, when Pretty Boys was a whole genre and the angst was a given, and BL was, like, a rising phenomena and people still used “yaoi” to refer to that stuff (”MxM lemons, don’t like don’t read”)

So YEAH, a great deal of Weiss feels come from the nostalgia factor, which you can’t exactly replicate if you haven’t watched it when you were 11, subbed in a language you didn’t understand back then, full of girls screaming around you because the only place you could watch anime was in a convention that was like, 10 bucks for you to get into a tiny room at Sundays and watch cartoons until your eyes bled.


I love it for the camp factor, for the terrible animation, for the inexistent plot, for the manpain, for the Mary Sues, for Takehito Koyasu, who’s absolutely BATSHIT CRAZY. 

I also love it for the quirky character designs, for the amazing seiyuu with incredible careers that lent their voices and their faces to the characters, for the GREAT music and soundtrack, for the fandom and the years I’ve spent out of it just as I spend in it, for the absolute refusal to let something die, not because it’s any good, but because I love it. 

And most of all

I fucking love Ken Hidaka, that stupid asshole. 

He’s just all of my favorite character tropes rolled into one, you know? Fuck him and his stupid, handsome face.

KageHina post-apocalypse AU, part the third

Enter the Wasteland: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

The Vault Dweller was like a second shadow.

After the unnecessarily awkward first night they’d spent taking shelter in the abandoned town, Kageyama gave up on trying to keep his distance. For one, now that he’d gotten some food and a night’s sleep under his belt, Shouyou had become far more capable of keeping up with him, now only lagging behind when he got distracted by something, usually a stream or plant or other natural landmark. He’d never seen flowers, before.

And that was another thing. Kageyama could try to stay as aloof as possible, but the fact of the matter was, he was curious about the Vault Dweller. Shouyou had never been on the surface before. He wasn’t as familiar with all the horrors out in the Wasteland, but neither did he know anything about fresh air, running water, natural sunlight. To Kageyama, the landscape was just an irradiated blight, but to Shouyou, it was something else. Kageyama had yet to determine what. Yes, sometimes it was frightening to him—they’d encountered two nests of giant mole rats so far on their trek and Shouyou had shrieked louder than the rats. Fortunately, he hadn’t been scratched—Kageyama had killed the swarm before any had reached them. 

But sometimes, Kageyama would turn to find he wasn’t being followed anymore, to see that Shouyou had just… stopped, to stare up into the high branches of a barren gray tree. He never seemed scared then, even though the bark was blackened and gnarled, still deadened from the radiation. More than once, Kageyama had caught him reaching out to touch the trunks.

For his own part, Kageyama had also yet to determine the reason why he couldn’t stop thinking about the small figure constantly buzzing about the edges of his vision, even on the rare occasions Shouyou wasn’t actively demanding his attention. Hunting meant shooting enough for two, venturing into the wilderness meant always being aware of where the redhead was, he had to ration his water more carefully now. On one level, thinking about these things made sense, and Kageyama had traveled with companions before, if always only temporarily.

What he hadn’t done with any other traveling companions was stare at them while they slept, worry that their habit of running off without warning would get them brutally killed, think about them when he jacked off—

No, he wasn’t going to think about that again (for the hundredth time). Shouyou’s round brown eyes staring up at him, asking if he could do anything for Kageyama, looking so desperate right when Kageyama was so close—

Aaand he was thinking about it again. He needed a distraction.

Kageyama kept a shortwave radio at his waist. He mostly just used it to listen in to the news—bounties, distress signals, broadcast warnings. But there were other stations floating around the Wasteland, too, and he tuned in to one that was static, at first, until he got the frequency right. And then the buzz faded to the background as the crackle of music edged in.

Shouyou was walking alongside him, balancing on a tall fallen tree. He had his arms held out at his sides, which was fortunate, because as soon as the song came on, he spun so fast he overbalanced. Kageyama snapped a hand out to grab his arm.

“Be careful,” he growled, and Shouyou stared at him, eyes large. When Kageyama let go of his arm, he raised it up in front of his eyes, staring at the spot Kageyama had closed his hand around. Kageyama wondered if he’d hurt him, then shook his head, continuing off. It would have been worse if Shouyou had fallen, anyway.

“Kageyama!” Shouyou said, breathlessly from behind him. He scurried along the tree trunk and Kageyama sighed. At this rate, they didn’t need to worry about the dangers of the Wasteland killing Shouyou—he was going to break his neck on his own. “What is that?”

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ok so maybe i lied it’s kinda badboy!jeonghan (like small mentions of it lmao) but it’s my first attempt at one of these so here we go

@chocohoshi & @koraenese im so sorry for what you’re about to read

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Carmilla Crack: Carmilla vs. Lophii

Find out what REALLY happened during the season one Final Battle. Or, watch this ridiculous interpretation instead. (subs available)

So I've kept quiet with my stuff for a while now

 cause I just like being lowkey about my goals and plans but I had to finally share this. So 2 weeks ago I made a video blending together my Love of Nerdy Stuff and my knowledge of Exercise Science and it went viral and today it just hit 1 million views which is the first time ever for a video on my channel

 also Last week I had just hit 16,000 subs on YouTube but because of that video people have been binge watching my stuff and I’ve gone from 16k to currently 47,000 and it keeps going up.

 Its really a humbling experience and cool to see so I just wanted to share that