finally watched it yesterday


Seven and Yoosung accessory swap!! (+ Sleeping LOLOL Prince and double glasses cause Seven looks odd without them-)

I swear I like Zen the most but all I ever draw is Yoosung-

I finally watched the Bronze early yesterday and right after I knew I had to draw my favorite asshole

I don’t know if this is the most obvious thing, but Viktor was indirectly responsible for Yuuri losing at the Grand Prix Final

So yesterday I was watching yoi again and as I was watching the scene where Yurio and Viktor were talking before Yurio hit the ice (you know, this one)

I realized something. Viktor was playing Yurio like a fiddle (assuming he knows how to fiddle. Probably doesn’t. Moving on.).

Now, when I first watched this scene, nothing made sense to me. Not Yurio’s urgency, not Viktor’s ominous answer, not even why they chose to give Viktor the Serious Anime Profile Shot, the one they usually give to villains and the like. It all went straight over my head. But as I was watching this the second time through, it finally clicked; why this scene was pivotal, important, why it had to be included. 

My conclusion is based on four things: the aforementioned scene, Viktor’s reaction to Yuuri’s retirement, Yurio’s free skate at the Rostelecom Cup, and another scene I didn’t understand back in episode ten. It’s the scene where Viktor is overlooking the beach and Yurio decides to kick him in the back because what are friends for, you know? This one:

See, when I first watched this, I had absolutely no clue what was the reasoning behind this scene. Why would Yurio kick Viktor’s back? Why would Viktor just take this angsty fifteen year old’s shit? Why would Yurio say that he doesn’t look up to a five-time world champion? I imagine you’re thinking that he was lying because Yurio is a teenage shit that we collectively love. With that I agree, that yes, Yurio was not being completely honest. When would he ever admit he admires someone? It’s simply not in his character. But there may be some truth in his statement. Yurio may admire and respect Viktor for his skating skills, but he may not be who he truly views as competition, and Viktor’s private revelation supports my theory twice over.

This reveals three things. One: Yurio is an extremely competitive person. Two: Yurio is most competitive when he is facing off against Yuuri. Three: Viktor knows all of this (obviously. These are his thoughts.). Now you’re probably a bit skeptical over one and two, so let’s break those down.

Firstly, I believe we can all agree that Yurio is a competitive person. However, Viktor’s thoughts reveal what drives this competitiveness. Viktor says that if he had stayed in Russia as a competitor, Yurio wouldn’t be as motivated. When Viktor says “as a competitor” he reveals that Yurio is motivated not by a drive to outperform himself but to outperform others. Yurio wants to win, and he actively wants the others to loose. He is driven by the competition, not just by himself or the prize.

Secondly, Yurio is most competitive when he is competing against Yuuri. If Viktor had stayed in Russia, he would never have coached Yuuri and Yuuri would never have improved so much. This entire series would never have happened. Yurio, of course, would most likely have made it to the Grand Prix Final, but instead of facing Yuuri he would be facing Viktor. The only factor that definitely changes, at least from Viktor’s perspective, is Yuuri’s participation in the Grand Prix. Therefore, by him saying that Yurio wouldn’t be as motivated if he had stayed in Russia, he reveals Yurio is motivated more by Yuuri. Need more proof? Look no further than our second piece of evidence; the Rostelecom Cup from episode nine.

As you remember, the Rostelecom Cup was the second time Yuuri and Yurio had gone toe to toe, and first time in the Grand Prix series. During his free skate, Yurio does something peculiar for someone who scored well on his short program.

Yurio put six jumps in the second half of his program so he could score higher. Why would someone who has scored so high feel the need to raise the difficulty of his program? Since we are dealing with Yurio here, it is because he wants to make sure that he outperforms his competitors. This is supported by the next scene, when he judges his program against others:

He deliberately upped the ante to beat them because he is such a competitive little dude. And what does this result in? Well, according to Yuuri:

A performance beyond his limits. Yurio is so competitive that he pushes himself to the breaking point to beat JJ and yes, our little katsudon Yuuri. Yurio respects and admires Yuuri’s skating ability. He first thinks about Yuuri’s three quads as opposed to JJ’s four. Why would Yurio think about Yuuri first when JJ is objectively stronger competition if he didn’t view Yuuri with more respect? You could argue that he doesn’t respect Yuuri because of his behavior at the last Grand Prix Final, when he told him to “just retire already,” in the bathroom. In which case I shall point you to the Onsen on Ice, episode four. Yurio had just watched Yuuri’s performance, and he leaves before even hearing the results. He knew Yuuri had beaten him, and for someone so competitive, I doubt such a defeat would rest easy with him. I theorize that is when Yurio began to view Yuuri as a true threat in competition, and thus admired his skating skills. So when Yurio shows up and kicks Viktor in episode ten, Viktor now realizes this. He is aware of what drives Yurio’s most astonishing performances, what makes him tick and what makes him push himself beyond his limits. 

Moving on to our third piece of evidence. The next scene that supports this theory is at the beginning of episode twelve, when Yuuri tells Viktor he wants to retire. Viktor reacts angrily, correct?

It’s pretty clear he is not just accepting this. I mean, you’ve got this guy crying out of anger. He is on a whole new level of not okay. Knowing Viktor, do you really believe he is going to just let Yuuri retire when he believes he has so much to offer to skating? 

He knows Yuuri can do better, and as a supportive fiancé, he wants him to. This guy isn’t going to let Yuuri leave; at least, not without trying to stop him.

So what is a five-time world champion, first-time coach to do when your fiancé is about to win a gold medal and then immediately retire despite having so much to offer skating? How could he get him to stay? Well, by making sure he does not win gold.

We already know Viktor knows that Yurio is extremely competitive and thinks Yuuri as a top contender. Viktor also knows that Yurio is an excellent skater, and a strong rival to Yuuri. So is it not natural that Viktor goes and seeks out Coach Yakov just before Yurio is about to go skate, when he knows Yurio is going to be with him? When he knows Yurio is going to hear every word of his conversation? That he gives cryptic answers that provoke a dangerous level of rage in the angsty little guy who is driven by competition?

Look at him. Yurio is in shock. He is fricking pissed. He does not want Yuuri to retire, not his greatest rival, not someone who could (and has) actually beaten him! How can he compete against him if he’s retired? He can’t! Who is going to push him in competition if he’s gone? No one! Yurio is aware of this; you only have to look to his thoughts during his performance just minutes after this encounter.

He is pissed that someone he respects will retire if he wins the gold. He wants to challenge himself by competing against Yuuri and damn it, he can’t if Yuuri just up and leaves! He won’t let this happen! He can’t! Yuuri cannot win gold! So what does Yurio do?

He adds another quad. Specifically to keep Yurio from retirement. He pushes himself to the limits just like in the Rostelecom Cup, just so he can win gold and keep Yuuri skating and therefore, competing against himself. 

And, just like in the Rostelecom Cup, Yurio has a breakdown on the ice. Except he’s crying and so is my heart.

So, back to the point. Now I know what you’re probably thinking: This was all a coincidence, Viktor didn’t want Yuuri to loose, he didn’t anticipate Yurio’s vehement reaction! In which case, I have one last bit of evidence to show you!

Let’s go back to a bit earlier, just after Viktor hinted at Yuuri’s retirement to Yurio. Remember that Serious Anime Profile Shot I mentioned earlier? The scary one where the animators somehow made Viktor Nikiforov look intimidating? Well just after he sees Yurio’s visible reaction:

where we actually see the disbelief and coming rage on his face, the camera shows us that Shot of Viktor.

THAT SMILE. That smile is the smile of a man who knew exactly what reaction Yurio would have and how it would play out. He was distraught that Yuuri was going to retire, and knew knew exactly how to use Yurio, the only person who could possibly score above Yuuri, to ensure that Yuuri would not win gold. He had motive and means. Case closed. 

Tl;dr: Viktor, upset over Yuuri’s decision to retire, manipulated Yurio by hinting at this and thus inciting rage within Captain Angsty Teen to have him outscore Yuuri and not win the gold medal. 


Hey there!

Yesterday I finally watched Rogue One with a good friend of mine. It was a wonderful day as we haven’t met for a long time.
So I decided to make a Star Wars Design 😊
Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t like glow in the dark nail polish - most of the time I can’t see anything on the pictures than darkness. 😔
But I’ll try again to get a picture of the glowing Star Wars sign and the lightsaber 😉

I hope you like it 😊

So yesterday I finally got around to watching “Headshot” and now I can say, without a doubt, that it’s fucking amazing.
I hate to say it but if you enjoyed “The Raid 2” you’ll enjoy this film…a lot. In fact, if you can believe it, this film is more brutal than anything in the two “The Raid” films.

The plot is pretty simple, the acting is solid (Iko Uwais shines) and the action sequences are fucking bananas.
There ARE things “borrowed” from “The Raid 2” (and not just the cast) but they’re not too egregious.
This film is all about the action and it delivers in droves. From the early scrappy scuffles to the three amazing one-on-ones towards the end.

It’s currently streaming for about $8 but me? I’m waiting for a Blu Ray. This is definitely a film I want a physical copy of. It’s so good.

paper airplanes - part three

She stopped him the next day, in the hallway. Phil bit his lip as she stepped out in front of him, tugging at the straps of his bag. 

“Phil,” she said lightly, tilting her head to the side slightly as if in question. Phil nodded. 

“Yes, Mrs. Ashby?” Before she could continue, he spoke again. “Is this about yesterday? Because if it is, I’m sorry, and I won’t let it happen again.”

The professor searched his face carefully, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. She brushed her hands over the front of her soft yellow sweater, still watching Phil. 

“I must admit,” she said finally. “It is about yesterday. But you’re not in trouble,” she added before Phil could say anything. 

“I’m… not…?” Phil asked, tilting his head and frowning. If he wasn’t in trouble, he didn’t know what it could be about. He froze. Had any of the photos fallen out of his backpack, or locker? He was always petrified someone would find them, and expose his fascination in the younger boy. So far no one had caught him taking the pictures, and he wanted to keep it that way.  

The teacher chuckled. 

“Excuse me if this is a bit rude and nosy, but I know you have a bit of a crush on that sophomore? I believe his name is Daniel…?" 

Phil flinched. Right, she had read the notes. 

"Yes…” he sighed. Mrs. Ashby was the school’s therapist as well as the french teacher, so this really wasn’t unusual. “Yeah, I do. What about it?” he added, still confused. 

“Well…” Mrs. Ashby glanced at her feet, shrugging and wringing her hands, her eyes twinkling. “I really shouldn’t be getting involved,” But that won’t stop you. “But Daniel has been having some trouble in my class. And you have straight A’s.” she looked up, raising an eyebrow. “I was wondering if you’d like to tutor him.”

Thoughts and feelings rushed to Phil’s head the second those words left her lips. Memories of daydreams he almost constantly had; sitting with Dan in his room, just talking, laying in the yard looking at the clouds, showing him his photography… studying french would be an amazing excuse to talk to him. 

But no. He couldn’t. Fear flowed through his veins right next to the excitement, and he couldn’t. He didn’t think he would even be able to be near Dan without freaking out; he hadn’t managed to talk to him thus far. Who says he would be able to then, even in french?

Phil shook his head. 

“N-No, I… I couldn’t,” he muttered. “Thanks for the offer, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Mrs. Ashby’s brow furrowed, but she nodded. 

“That’s alright, Phil,” she said kindly, flashing him a smile. “But the offer’s always here. Come talk to me if you change your mind.”

Phil sighed as she turned and walked away, sinking against the lockers and burying his face in his hands. He unzipped his bag, pulling out one of the pictures he had of Dan; an old one of him sitting in the library. He wasn’t reading, just sitting, with his hood pulled up as if it was the only thing keeping people from reading his thoughts, his chin rested on his hand and curls of brown hair falling in his eyes. 

Phil needed to meet him, officially. 


That day after school, Phil lay on his bed, waiting for Dan. He ran his fingers through his hair. 

Why couldn’t he just talk to him? What was wrong with him?

What was keeping him from just going over there, knocking on the door, and saying hi?

He felt like that would break some sort of contract. It would break the seal between them, and then Phil didn’t know if he’d be able to control himself. He was screwed. 

Phil stood up, pushing himself up from the springy mattress and pacing his room, when he saw Dan coming out to sit in his chair. He peered from behind the curtains as the boy sat down, looking around at the trees surrounding his house. He wiped at his eyes, and Phil could tell he was close to tears, like every day. 

Phil wondered who hurt him that badly. 

Without thinking, Phil moved to his desk, tearing a piece of paper out from his notebook and picking up a pen. 

Quickly, so he couldn’t think about it and convince himself out of it, he scribbled; ‘Are you alright?' 

He didn’t know why he thought that was a good first think to say to him, but he didn’t think too hard about it. He folded it into a paper airplane, grinning at his delicate creation, and moving back to the window. 

Phil’s aim was good, and his arm was strong, and he silently calculated how hard he would have to throw and at what angle to get the plane to land right on Dan’s deck. He had the slight breeze to think of, as well as the height difference between Dan’s house and his. Finally he just opened the window, and chucked it. 

Phil flinched, closing it quickly and spinning to duck behind his curtains. He hadn’t looked at where it landed, but he could feel that Dan had seen it. It was probably wishful thinking. 

Phil moved to lay down on his bed, burying his face in a pillow, not wanting to look and see Dan sitting there like before, oblivious to Phil’s existence. 

He sat up too quickly when the very same paper airplane glided through his window, landing on his desk. 

Maybe the wind brought it back? Maybe Dan was creeped out, so he returned it?

Phil moved towards it slowly, nervous to open it. This was it. This was really it, his first sentence to Dan. 

He was definitely overthinking this. 

He slid the paper open with shaky hands, unfolding the small slip. 

'you can see me??’

Guess who learned how to make gifs? They’re not the best but I FINALLY did!

but after watching 4.06 yesterday and being reminded of this gold, I couldn’t not try😭 like what a beauty!!  + we need this look back!😍 where did this dress go haha?


i watched the final of the get down yesterday and now im rewatching the whole show from the start bc thats how i Cope

here are some crying kids