finally watched it and i loved it

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That video of Dan playing with sleepy Phil has me did that even get posted...I'm dying...I've watched it 54 times today

The greatest video on the internet to ever exist

The little details about it are what counted here: they were sharing a bed, Dan was playing with his hair and Phil wasn’t surprised, Phil looked more relaxed when he opened his eyes and saw Dan next to him, their voices were so much lower and gentler than they are on camera, Phil rolled towards Dan’s chest and ultimately into his embrace (you can see Dan’s elbow in the final frame)

(+ there is some speculation that the little mouth movement Phil made after he woke up was a pucker or kissing gesture? I personally believe it was, but we’re all entitled to our own opinions so feel free to watch it again and discuss afterwards!)

The thing I love about this video is that it shows how comfortable they are around each other, and the fact that Dan was watching over him and lying right by his side (ie making sure he was okay) even when he was ill and asleep makes it even better 

All in all, the most wholesome and affectionate content in existence and I shall never not reblog it when I see it cus that shit needs to be treasured

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I finally got the chance to do a tarot card reading and the guy said that Scorpios can never have friends just slaves. What is life cherry ??

This is why all you need is astrology
It’s not charlatan
Watch the devil that pulls those cards
It’s blasphemy
When it’s lies and prophetising heartbreak, that is not love, just be loved by astrology, Trust me.

a sanvers fix-it fic of sorts for 2x13.

It had been weighing on her mind ever since she had put an end to Alex’s wonderfully thoughtful Valentine’s Day plans. They were now cuddling in bed after their belated celebrations. With her head on Alex’s chest, Maggie felt safe and loved…and finally able to bring it up again. ‘Can we talk…you know, about that big bombshell I dropped on you?’

Alex looked at her, with kind eyes. ‘If you want.’

‘I wanna. I don’t want there to be any secrets between us.’

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snafjknskag finally got to draw!!! exam just finished yesterday.. *happy sobbing*

anyways! even though it was examination week, I was watching dan and phil straight till 2 am in the morning…. 

I’m addicted and totally have not read all the phan fictions

(hobbit hair dan is da best) 

So I have finally gotten around to watching episode 2.13, and here’s what I think:

1) “you can’t force someone to love you” the IRONY of this quote never ceases to amaze me

2) the only good that came out of this episode was Sanvers spending Valentines Day together

3) other than that this episode was a mess.

4) like seriously watching Supergirl sip orange juice for 42 minutes would have been more entertaining.

5) someone please save Kara cause nobody else seems to want the job

Positive and happy things at 4CC (Personal opinion)

- None of the men got injured or killed ;) because of the quadmadness !!!!!

- Shoma and Yuzu both on the podium!!!!! (Still not the way I wanted it but a medal is a medal!) And it also gives me a lot of hopes to see these two medal at Worlds!!!!

- Shoma landing his 4Lo and getting good GOEs for it

- Yuzu landing both of his 4Lo in the SP and the FS
- Yuzu getting the highest PCS in both segments
- Yuzu getting the season’s best FS score!!!

- finally a FS from Yuzu where there is no fall in it (that I can watch his Hope and Legacy in repeat)

- Mai Mihara winning the Ladies Event
(What a surprise!!!! I loved her since I first watched her)

- Mirai Nagasu winning Bronze (what a FS, Personal Best!!!!) and proving to everyone why she would have deserved a spot in the worlds team

- the great comeback of Sui/Han and taking the Pairs title, what good performances!!!!

- Tessa and Scott won Ice Dance( not that this was ever in doubt )

- the cute photos of the interactions between the skaters at both the closing banquet and the Gala

- the #weddingpose did happen (though not in the usual way and Nathan being the third wheel again ^^ )

- NO #dead chicken costume

I know Wesley has his moments of being a little annoying, but I feel kind of bad for him. He could never live up to his father’s expectations, Buffy and Faith didn’t listen to him, he fell in love with Fred then he had to watch while she fell in love with Gunn, and then once they’re finally together she dies. He makes a connection with Illyria, but then he dies in the last episode and briefly comes back as a ghost. The guy had a hard life.

About Mary

People are having a problem with the way that Mary is being portrayed. 
I think I know why. 

Essentially we all most of the fandom hold Mary Winchester up the same way Dean does did. 
So the way that she is being written is really messing with us the same way that it is messing with Dean.
I think that this is intentional. 

She isn’t supposed to be there. She is supposed to be dead. Which was mirrored with tonight’s episode with Gavin being somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be. Gavin made the decision to go back where he was supposed to be. Dean watched as he became a spirit and finally he and his love passed on to where they belong. 
Dean is also watching as his mother makes decisions that even Dean “makes all the bad decisions in the name of saving Sammy the greater good” Winchester even recognizes as terrible. 
This is going to play into the season some how I’m sure. Dean wants his mother around, but he also just discovered that she is betraying them. She is working with the people that tried to kill Dean, the people that tortured Sammy. Now knowing Dean, the trying to kill him part can be overlooked, but those people tortured Sammy. That is unforgivable on every level possible in Dean’s eyes. 

In my opinion Dean, from this point on, will not feel like he can ever trust his mother. She is supposed to love and protect them, protect Sammy, and she has betrayed that trust. 

Mary, you may be able to buy Dean’s forgiveness with beer and burgers when he thinks you are just away hunting or healing, but Dean protecting his Sammy is a completely different ball park, one where he won’t even forgive the very person that birthed the both of them.
In 12x06 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” when he made that deal with Billie and was shoved through the door, the first words out of his mouth were asking about the welfare of Sam, an experienced hunter who at this point has more time hunting than you, who has fought monsters alongside Dean his whole life, who Dean damn well knows can handle his own, but still, asked after Sam. Not his mother. 
So the fact that you are working with the BMoL after what they did to Sam, is a betrayal that is going to take a long time to get past, if he ever does. 

This will eventually lead to a Winchester Death™ I’m sure. I am assuming that it will be a brother, probably Sam. Then to redeem herself to Dean, Mary will bargain to take Sam’s place. She will reason that she wasn’t supposed to be there anyway, that not only will this get Sam back to Dean where he belongs, but she will go back to where she belongs. 

I might be wrong. But I will be interested in seeing if I am.

Not today, not tomorrow, but someday, we’ll have a lot of Sherlock Holmes’ adaptations just as we have now, but they’re going to show the truth. Someday, we’ll go to the cinema and we’re going to watch Sherlock Holmes’ movies, and we’re going to finally see John and Sherlock being who they really are, together. Someday people will say “Sherlock Holmes? I saw a movie about him once. He’s that detective that wear a silly hat and solve crimes with his husband Dr. Watson, right?”. Not today, not tomorrow, but someday, people will finally know the truth.

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a - age: Old enough to know better

b - biggest fear: Drowning.

c - current time: 11:33 AM

d - drink you last had: Coffee

e - every day starts with: A morning jog and a hot shower

f - favourite song: Glitter & Gold by Barns Courtney

g - ghosts, are they real: More of me says yes than wants to say no

h - hometown: Worms

i - in love with: My wife

j - jealous of: Neil Gaiman’s talent

k - killed someone: Technically, I suppose so.

l - last time you cried: Watching Rogue One

n - number of siblings: 5 brothers (*sigh*)

o - one wish: To finally learn Saint-Saëns’s Allegro Appassionato

p - person you last called/texted: My elder brother Axel

q - questions you’re always asked: “Are you 16/17/18?”

r - reasons to smile: Sunshine, breezes on empty streets, clouds, cats, flowers, music, laughter, people. 

s - song last sang: A duet of I’m A Believer with my brother. 

t - time you woke up: 4:15-ish

u - underwear color: Light blue

v - vacation destination: Brazil

w - worst habit: alphabetization of everything

x - x-rays you’ve had: Wrists, ankles, shin, back, shoulders

y - your favourite food: Artichoke and green olive paella

z - zodiac sign: Pisces

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Well they orchestrated that well. Sam goes off elsewhere and of course photos leaked. Cait has picture taken with Tony. And game over, they got everyone to jump ship. Taking their fans for fools. Outlander has lost its gloss for me plenty of other shows to watch, September is too far away and don't need anymore tom foolery. I have read all the Outlander books. Do not need phoney love acting on or off the screen.


Best to them really. 

I always said if they weren’t together I hope they are happy. 

I just wanted to know. 

Now I feel like they have finally made it clear. 

Of course next week they will love it up and change gears again. Hopefully I will be far enough down the interstate by then. 

I’m seriously heartbroken and devastated! As much as I know this is just a tv show, it’s a tv show I’ve watched from the begging fell in love with! Rayna and Deacon were finally together and happy like they were supposed to be and they shared a love that was truly inspiring and completely true. At this point I don’t know what to think! I just hope Deacon doesn’t start drinking again and I hope the girls are taken from him! I know there’s going to be Ted and Tandy drama because of Rayna’s death and at this point in time that angers me because I can’t stand either of them and it’s definitely NOT what these girls need!! I really wish Deacon and Rayna would of gotten their happy ever after! 💔💔💔😭😭😭

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VOCAL HOPE HAS FINALLY RISEN!! how fucking excited are you?? I was so pissed about hobi having no lines in spring day...but the lines they gave him in the performance version...OMFG he kills me, HE SOUNDS SO GOOD!! and he looks so good with that hair part!! Ugh I need a hd version, can't wait till their comeback promotions!! sorry I'm too much of a hobihoe right now



Final sorority count -

1 apple snail
1 balloon molly
2 raphael catfish
2 octos
3 blue mystery snails
6 female bettas

The molly is probably going to find a ew tank if she keeps being a jerk, she’s the only problem fish here.

My sorority is really good. Everyone seems to have gotten their hierarchy together and it really works. I love it. Now they’re all swimming around checking out the newly redone tank. They’re so peaceful and relaxing to watch I love them.

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Hi there! I have recently come across your blog, so I'm unsure if you have answered anything like this too recently, I was curious if there were any anime series you might recommend! I just got finished watching 'Your Name', after meaning to watch it for some time now, the few posts I have stumbled across through you gave me that final push to watch it. I couldn't be happier with my choice, cause it was great! Visually stunning and a great plot.

awww of course I’d love to recommend you anime :”D i’m actually so honoured ;-; though I haven’t seen your name myself . although these aren’t similar to the movie, they’re my personal favourites (off the top of my head)! I hope you have a great time ♡ ♡

Light-hearted anime (romance, slice of life etc.):

  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Barakamon*
  • Anohana
  • Free!
  • Hyouka
  • Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
  • Little Witch Academia (recommended to me by @eggpuffs  ♡)

Mystery/action/psychological/GOOD STUFF:

  • Zankyou no Terror
  • Death Parade
  • Death Note
  • Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
  • Psychic Detective Yakumo
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Tokyo Ghoul*
  • Psycho Pass*
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (this is a good movie!)

* = I haven’t watched yet

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Whelp, I actually watched "Just Friends" Star. Realizing she didn't just love but was IN love with hr best friend but realized it too late to be with Marco that way. I honestly don't think they can make Starco happen unless Jarco breaks up, or something REALLY heavy happens that gives Marco conflicting feelings about who he wants to be with. Like Star confessing to him just before she disappears do to some kind of McGuffin. And despite what fans would like, he can only have one.

Ughghghghghgh I cannot WAIT for that season finale. No matter what happens, someone’s gonna leave heartbroken, and it probably wont just be us fans… 

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last movie I watched: the 1999 adaptation of Stephen King’s It, last weekend
last song I listened to: finale from dear evan hansen: the musical (SO GOOD)
last book I read: I’m reading Pet Sematary but before that was Doctor Sleep 
last thing I ate: im eating peanut butter chocolate ice cream rn (im not supposed to but oh well !!!)
where would you want to time travel to?: the future, plenty of options and people to see. but back in time? probably to the 1950s in Everett, my hometown (everett is jks ugh it was so cool in the 50s)
fictional character I would hang out with for a day: is this even a question? beverly marsh from It by Stephen King, hands down
If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: i would be on the set of stranger things tbqh (stagehanding if i had a choice in the matter)

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