finally watched it and i loved it

NaruHina quotes

“ I used to always cry and give up…I made many wrong turns…But you…You helped me find the right path. I always chased after you…I wanted to catch up to you…I wanted to walk beside you all the time. I just wanted to be with you…You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That is why I am not afraid to die protecting you!! Because…I love you…”

“Naruto-kun…I have always been watching. I’ve always been for all these years. Why is that..? I don’t know why, but…When I look at Naruto-kun…I feel courage. I feel like that if I try my best…Even I can do it. That I am worth something. That’s how I begin to feel. Naruto-kun…In the past, I was the only one looking. But right now…You are…He’s finally watching me…In front of the person I admire so much…I can’t look bad.”

“Hinata…thank you! It’s thanks to you that stayed at my side.”

“I never thought you’d confess your love first. Remember long ago when you said you loved me? But, wasn’t that because I love Sasuke? You didn’t want to lose to him. It’s real this time isn’t it? Hinata is a great person, she’s almost too good for you. You’re so stupid, it’s obvious she had a reason she couldn’t reveal. When a girl truly falls in love, her feelings don’t change that easily. They can’t change. I understand how she feels very well.”

“Hinata… Remember back in the Academy, when we were asked, “If the end of the world came, who would you spend your last day with?” I couldn’t write anyone’s name down. I didn’t know my parents, and I didn’t have any friends… But now, I know exactly whom I’d choose. I want to be with you. Now and forever, until I die… I want to be with you, Hinata!

Don’t let go, okay?

“I won’t…”

“I’ll never let go…”

“A few months before I started to go to my #1 university choice as a freshman, I found that Monsters University really resonated with me; I understood that there would be anxiety, as I tend to have a lot of it on a normal basis, but I had a feeling I’d get through it. I’ve watched it a number of times during the summer, and I still love it. When I finally moved into my dorm, I brought the DVD with me; I couldn’t bear to leave it home.”

Taylor, I just want to say that I love you. Secret Sessioners were NOT kidding around that this is some of your best work yet. I’m so beyond proud to have seen your journey since 2006– and to see you THRIVING this era. You are absolutely glowing with happiness, which you truly deserve so much. I can’t even begin to explain how much I cried listening to Gorgeous– and finding out the girl who was invisible in the school hallway to the boy she liked, was now smitten over someone she’s clearly, deeply in love with. You deserve so much to have found this fairytale love, and i’m so glad i’ve been here to watch you find that. You are gorgeous, Taylor. Quite frankly, so is anyone who was there to finally treat you well. 




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So I finally watched the new episode.

First of all, denying me Barisi is rude and I demand satisfaction (or the damn deleted scene you cowards).

Secondly, it was a good message told in a super corny way. The last scene honestly made me cringe even though it was important?

Thirdly, Amanda my love 😭😭😭 if Sonny had heard her say that stuff about her childhood, you know damn well he would’ve cooked her dinner for the entire week

Lastly, Raul’s voice is getting super deep and I’m super on board

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You're now a killer hunting a group of 4 stereotypically drunk teanagers camping. Tell me how you kill them.

1. For the Jock i flay the flesh off from his skin with metal wires and hooks enjoying his cries of terror as i rip the skin and tissue from his body, only after his body is a mess of mangled flesh and wires do i say “ Next time when she says that she’s not interested, she means it<3″

2. For the Lovely girl who spreads gossip and rumors about others, as i push her off a cliff and watch her get impaled on the rocks, i flip open my silver lighter i whisper,  “nice try jan” before tossing it onto her wiggling figure, and watch her scream while she burns

3. For the Sweet, kind, manipulative girl, i cut her open, reveling in her agonizing cries of pain, slowly cutting each finger off, then the toes, and finally as she watches me rip out her heart and stab it with a knife, i whisper “next time don’t be a bitch”

4. For the Sad, Edgy kid who hides in the background of everything and pretends to have a bad life, i take his cigarettes and burn them out on both of his eyes, then i fuck him with a knife until his shrill cries of agony drown out the Lovely girl’s horrific screams as she gets immolated

ty for this ask i had a lot of fun with it  ( i swear, i don’t need to see a therapist<3)

tbh this barry and iris couples therapy is why i’m LIVING like yes just bc you’re childhood besties and finally got barry back doesn’t mean everything is always perfect?? barry does move too fast in the interest of being considerate or generous, and it ends up being overbearing and sometimes alienating the other person’s opinions. iris takes things too personally and takes everything on, making herself the overworked responsible one and then playing the victim about it. they’re not perfect. i love them and they need this

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If Roman is the big dog, Dean and Seth are the two adorable little puppies who likes to play with each other (no i'm not sorry hehehe) and of whom you can't get enough

Ok, listen to this: I’ve watched a couple of weeks later the final segment of Dean and Seth’s reconciliation on the Italian channel that airs WWE (because I’m Italian, lmao), with the Italian commentary. I usually don’t like it because they tend to make stupid comments, but that time, when Dean and Seth started to fight because they couldn’t fist each other properly (lmao), the announcers said: 
“Are they fighting against each other??” “Naah they’re not fighting for real, look at them! They are like two puppies that are playing!”.
Well, that was the time I FUCKING LOVED Posa and Franchini. I thought they were just two dorks, but they saw the truth. They KNEW what was really going on. *starts sobbing uncontrollably* Bless them.

Ardyn Relationship Headcanons Part One

So this is going to be in parts, and here is the first one! Thanks to

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  • Ardyn is pretty damn hard to get close to.
  • Can’t really blame him though with his backstory. Plus there is also the fact he’s probably watched all his friends and loved ones die. A lot. 

  • I’m guessing that close to the first century he learned to not get close to people. He is totally the best at making people they know him, when in reality…you know crap about him. 

  • When he first hears about your little crush on him, he thinks it’s cute. 

  • That’s it. Just cute. It’ll end soon enough. 

  • Until you are actually trying to woo him. 

  • Then he’ll try to nip that in the bud. He won’t be mean, but he will be a little short. Not in a lose his temper kind of way, but give short answers, he won’t give details. Just quick precise answers and that’s that. If that doesn’t work, he’ll just start ignoring you and will go out of his way to not run into you. 

  • It’s a little mean, but as I have said, can you blame him? Who wants to get their heart broken like that again if you can prevent it?

  • BUT! If you somehow manage to talk to him and slightly get through to him, which takes time and patience (A lot of patience), he will relent a little. And he will insist on taking it slow. 

  • And I mean slow. Paint may dry faster. 

  • He’s honestly just a bit scared, though you won’t be able to tell that with how well this man can carry himself and just act like nothing’s wrong. 

  • He’s also tearing himself in two because he does like you and wants to know you, but all his past experience is screaming at him to stop this right now before things get too out of hand and you both get hurt. 

  • He really did swear off caring and getting close to people. But then you came along. 

Hey, reblog/like if anyone out there has watched a boot but is still dying to see the show live, it just doesn’t work out financially, geographically, or timewise (it’s already off Broadway/tour). I’m trying to make a fucking point.


a blessed fancam.