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❝ just a little more… and i can dance all i want! ❞

ballroom e youkoso ★ fujita tatara

i'm glad i married you (m)

part one: marry me.

pairing: taehyung x reader 
word count: 5.8k 
genre: fluff & smut 

prompt: I know you not taking requests but can u pleassseeee write a continuation for the Tae fluff you’ve posted?? 💕😫 only if you want to and got time, if not just ignore please maybe one where they got married and are on honeymoon and you can add smut since you don’t have any Taehyung smut 😉😉 thank you fighting 🎀 

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seeing some reviews being like ‘glad they didn’t make it romantic between bellarke in the finale’ and i’m just sitting here like, is there two versions of 4x13? have we even watched the same episode? because from where i was sitting, that hug, head and heart conversation and 2,199 radio messages weren’t looking all that platonic. when will people stop with the ‘oh that thing the shippers see between bellamy and clarke’ and accept that it’s right there on the page and on the screen. jeez, it is the legitimate, supportive, loving relationship between the two main characters, who also happen to be the main romantic couple in the book series. it’s not like we’re supporting a crack ship who have barely said two words to eachother?

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headcanons for asanoya maybe?

Ooohhh I’ve never done asanoya so this was fun!

1. Noya uses Asahi as a pillow all.the.time. He loves using Asahi’s stomach to rest his head on, which is one of the reasons he kinda likes Asahi with a bit of chub and purposefully feeds him a lot.  

2. After watching Dirty Dancing, Noya demanded they try that lift and after many failed attempts they actually perfect it and end up learning the entire final dance routine. 

3. Asahi hates scary movies but Noya loves them. Whenever it’s Noya’s turn to pick a movie and he picks a scary one, Asahi sits behind Noya so he can bury his face in Noya’s neck at the scary parts. 

4. Because Noya loves Asahi’s shaggy hair, he’s watched countless hair braiding tutorials on youtube so he can braid Asahi’s hair. Asahi loves it.

5. Noya gets super sleepy when drunk and one time (at a party Asahi couldn’t attend) someone had to call Asahi to come pick Noya up because he’d passed out–barely 45 minutes into the party.

6. Being with Noya for so long, Asahi has become more confident and he engages in pulling pranks with his boyfriend more often. Their main targets are usually Tanaka and Hinata.

7. Noya hates it when anyone calls him tiny but he loves it when Asahi calls him that. 

8. During rainstorms, the two will sit in their balconies with a nice cup of hot chocolate, courtesy of Noya. 

9. Noya hates doing chores and it takes a lot of bribing on Asahi’s part of get him to work. The bribe usually consists of his favorite food, foot massages and endless kisses.

10. One time, Asahi almost crushed Noya when they were sleeping. He felt so terrible that he slept with a pillow between them for a week but Noya hated the separation and forced him to remove it. 

11. Noya loves picking out Asahi’s clothes and he has really good taste. Asahi always wears what Noya suggests.

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Happy Birthday, Jack McBrayer!

I love his voice acting skills as Wander from Wander Over Yonder so much! Help save this show by signing here; Also tell @disneyxd to @savewoy!

Because of this show, I finally learned who Jack McBrayer is as I recognized him from Wreck It Ralph.

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Then I started to watch 30 Rock and fell in love with him all over again.

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Happy Birthday, you wonderful man!

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What inspired you to be a storyboard artist?

I always had an interest in art and animation, but I had no idea Sequential Art or Storyboarding were a thing until I began applying for college. I felt more comfortable with the idea of Sequential art because I wanted to draw my own comics. It was until my last year when I helped a friend with his student thesis that I discovered my love for pre-production in the animation field.

Rise of the Guardians gave me that final push, I suppose. I watched it before it came out in theaters, during the university’s Film Festival, and knew that’s what I truly wanted to do. After that I began researching and taking courses, finally deciding to move out to Los Angeles to pursue my dream- and it all sort of fell in place after that c:

All in all, I try to reassure young artists and aspiring artists to not worry too much about not knowing their path straight into/out of college. We all eventually figure it out c:



Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales is much more amazing than I thought it would have been! The plot is fantastic and also easy to follow. The characters were absolutely brilliant and as always Jackie is perfection. Anyway, I’m a bit sad by the ending because I actually liked Barbossa a lot, so when I saw him sinking in the ocean, I cried so much 😭 But except for this, IT’S AN AMAZING MOVIE WITH WONDERFUL SOUNDTRACKS AND PERFECT ACTORS AND I LOVED THIS MOVIE SO MUCH THAT I THINK I’M GONNA SEE IT ANOTHER TIME! GO SEE IT NOW BECAUSE YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

P.S. Also, when you’re going to watch it, wait for the final credits to end because the scene after the credits it’s more than epic, IT’S AMAZING CAUSE WE UNDERSTAND THAT THERE WILL BE MOST LIKELY ANOTHER PIRATES MOVIE YAY!!! W POTC ❤❤

an appreciation

i love hippo campus so much,, they remind me of green tea with honey. soft blankets. fairy lights. denim jackets. the feeling of rose petals. the sound of the fizz when you drop a bath bomb into the water. finally getting your instrument in tune. watching film develop from a polaroid. i love them so much.

My final top 11 Produce 101

Soo after a lot of consideration i personally really hope that these 11 or should i say 12 will be the final contestants to debut as the new i.o.i

1. Ong Seongwoo
From the first moment i saw him i think I’ve already fall for him. He’s just so handsome and really good at dancing! And after watched episode by episode it turns out that he’s a lot more than that. He also a really good singer that can reach high note (I was amazed when they say Seongwoo sang the chorus of get ugly), a huge dork that loves to entertain people and a person with infinite confidence that always brings out the positive aura into his surrounding. I’m so glad that he got more screentime lately!! Especially on ep 8 where they played the punch king game!! It was soo funny! Oh oh and not long ago revealed that he once had a part time job as a model in a wedding photoshoot. The outcome turns really good! The chemistry between he and his pair was 👌🏻👌🏻. In the end I really hope that a lot more people can recognize his all round talent and vote for him and keep him in a safe place in top11 because this kid truly deserve it!

2. Kang Daniel
So like some other people i also kinda ship daniel and seongwoo. They seems to get along really well and like to encourage each other. Maybe it was because their only one year gap age and have been in the same group twice in a row. So i can really imagine how cute it will be if they debut together!! Just like Seongwoo, Daniel is also a hard working person that seems want to excell in everything. He even try to be a leader after inspired by Jonghyun. Although at first he seems clueless and didn’t know how to lead his member, in the end he unite his member and brings out a really good performance with a really good chemistry between them. About his mistake for giving hints what concept does he like so the korean will vote for that concept for him, i think he already got the best punishment. It was a really good lesson for him to be more cautious and fair in the future. So please forgive and give him a second chance! P.s. he has a broad shoulder (60cm) and cute eye whiskers when he laugh that is something you can’t get enough of.

3. Kim Jonghyun
The new i.o.i really need a national leader like him, seriously!! He seems so nice and patience and fair but also firm. The way he always encourage hyunbin and told him that he can do it if he work hard really melt my heart. Besides he is a good rapper. His rap in the last evaluation was lit! His deep voice really suited the deep meaning of rap that he was tryin to share. He is also very humble! He said that being first was too high for him and it was a burdensome, but he was really thankful and said that he will work even harder so the people that vote for him will not be disappointed. And last but not least he’s sooooo charming and has a really good smile that will soothe your day.

4. Noh Taehyun
Oh boi i just adore him so much, especially after his performance in Shape Of You. Being a leader, center, and choreographer at the same time truly wasn’t an easy thing to do. But he can pull it off!! He and his member gave us a really great performance with great coordination that made the audience go crazy and begged for an encore. He also seems to be a fun guy to hang around with. Even though he already debuted as kid monster in hotshot i think he deserves to be in top 11 with those huge talent that he has.

5. Ha Sungwoon
At first i thought he was specialized in dancing, just like his fellow hotshot member, Noh Taehyun, because of their audition. But then he chose vocal in the position evaluation (downpour by i.o.i). He seriously made a really great choice because his voice was sooo good!! It was soft and shooting and really suited the song and really matched jaehwan’s voice when they harmonized. From that on he kinda caught my attention. He also seems to be a very hard working person that brave enough to show his ‘never’ dance alone when no one else did.

6. Kim Samuel
I’m still bitter about his huge drop rank in the latest elimination. He’s not even in the top 11. Why people why?! He is a really whole package to be an idol. He has a stable voice, great dancing skill, good facial expression, handsome, a cute dongsaeng, and he even rap well despite his young age. So for all of the korean out there please stop sleeping on him because he truly deserve to be in top 11.

7. Kim Jaehwan
Woah from sorry sorry to downpour he never fail to amaze me. His voice was just too good to be true! He can hit all of the high note effortlessly! He is seriously an ideal main vocal. He also seems humble and far from controversy. Although his dancing skill wasn’t too good, i believe that he can work hard on that and be better in the future.

8. Jung Sewoon
He has a good voice, good at playing guitar and has an ability to compose his own song! The moment i really fall for him was when he played guitar while performing ‘playing with fire’ song. It was so lit! The arrangement of that song was also really good!!

9. Lee Daehwi
He has a really good face expression, good voice, a good dancer, loves to compose song, and willing to go all the way back to korea left his parents who are stay permanently in us to chase his dream to be a singer when he was only 16. He is also a really cute kid who brings positive energy and seems to be close with everyone in produce 101. And of course a really great center in nayana.

10. Park Woojin
I also really like this guy! He is truly a dark horse. At first he seems to not stand out between the other trainee, but his amazing dancing skill finally showed in the dance battle and the evaluation. He even choreographed get ugly dance along with Daniel and Samuel. Besides, he can rap well too. So i think he deserves to be in top 11.

11. Lai Guanlin or Park Jihoon?
I still debate myself between these two because i like them both equally.
-Lai Guanlin
When i first saw his audition along with his fellow trainee from cube he seems to be lacking a lot. But when the show goes by he really improved a lot! He even became a great center in the position evaluation and turned to be number 2 in the latest elimination. There are a lot of potential in this kid that haven’t shown yet. So have a faith in him because i’m sure that he will be a big hit in the future.
-Park Jihoon
Until know i still think that he’s slightly overrated. But he suits enough to fill the remain spot in the new i.o.i. He is afterall a good dancer, has a really good facial expressions, and is a great visual. I kinda glad that his ranking drop to 3 because it shows that he’s not always safe in the first rank, so he really need to work hard if he want to maintain that position.


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Hello, my beautiful amazing Sensies! First, I would like to say THANK YOU for all the liking, reblogging, following – and your love and support for my posts.

I have to say that since May 5th, I’ve had really hard time to get my mind out of Sense8-world because this season was epic, the cliffhanger of finale took my soul – THIS SHOW IS LIKE NOTHING I’VE EVER SEEN BEFORE IN MY LIFE. How should I put it, the side effect or aftermath of this show just ruined my daily life! LOL. I tried to bring myself “back to reality” by watching other shows, listening to music, and blah blah blah.

I decided to have some time off before I start season 2 posts. Besides, I’m about to go on a trip for in June; I’ll be out of town. So I’m probably not gonna be able to upload Kalagang history posts for a while *sobbing* but don’t worry I’ll be back soon. It doesn’t mean I’m leaving Tumblr. I’ll still be around reblogging and gushing over Sense8. But yeah, until then, wait for me? haha.

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honestly i live for jimin figuring/finding out how kookie feels about him & then teasing him & watching kookie get all flustered until he slips up/confesses or jimin finally puts him out of his misery & tells him he feels the same (or just kisses him)

^^^^ this, a light hearted confession is always nice once in a while! Ohhhh i’d love to read a fic on this right about now.  OMG can you imagine Jimin teasing him and being like:

“Jungkookie~, do I make your heart flutter?” DJSLGJDSL:KG (my heart is fluttering so hard imagining that omgg)

(honestly cant wait for fluff week 2.0 cause i need fluffiness in my life ok) precious and pure! I love it, thank you for sharing :’) 

I didn’t get around to watching Liams performance on the Graham Norton Show until long after, but when I finally did, my jaw hit the floor.

Let’s not forget how nervous the others were when they did their first tv performances. Harry even messed up a bit. I love his music the most, but he was so nervous that it bothered his performance of Sign of the Times a bit. Niall was not nearly as confident as he became later and Louis still seems nervous now. (I don’t follow Zayn so I can’t say how he did.) I love them all so much, and they are doing amazing, and I am one of those annoying proud mummy fans, so lots of proud tears and shit, but…

HAS ANYONE SEEN LIAM?? He killed all of us! His very first performance on his own, he had a choreography to keep track of, timing, and you can’t even see him think. He simply sounds like an angel and moves like a panther. So effortless. You just see him hitting a homerun without even trying. He was so good!

I just wanted to scream about that, thanks for listening. I wanted to write this sooner but, you know, the sun started shining. Now that I see some posts that suggest people are criticising him for something I must have missed, I am reminded the write this after all. So to be clear: I may be a larrie first and a 1D fan second, and I may not really understand music unless it has lots of guitars in it, but Liam is the best. The most generous, the hero, the one who deserves much more than he gets.

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During the bathroom scene on Friday both boys were honest in expressing their fears,Aaron fears now that as there is a baby R will be in their lives forever and that Robert will have a family that's separate from him and Liv how could be possibly watch Rob have another family that's he's not a part of and Robert's biggest fear is losing Aaron,the first thing he asked Aaron if he still loved him then he asked did he still forgive him. They are finally being honest with each other.

I wish they would have talked more, to be honest. I wish robert would have given Aaron a minute and then talk about it.

But I do agree, nonnie, they are talking, they are not holding back, they are being honest.

I hope this will continue and I hope Aaron will tell Rebecca that she knows nothing about him or Robert or their relationship.

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Drabble request??: The ham i'm squad drinking like it's the end of everything they know and love. Jen and Y/N are chugging 7/11 slushies

This turned out sadder than I thought I would

You and Jen sat next to each other, holding 7/11 slushies in your hands. She winked at you, sipping on her blueberry splash. You watched the boys drinking alcohol, talking about their lives and their missed loves.

You looked at John sitting with the boys, and smiled to yourself. After all the seven of you had been through, it was finally here.

The end.

For all of you. Jen touched your hand, and you looked at her.

“Are you ready to go?” She asked, and you nodded.

“Yea, but we’ve been through so much. Are, are you ready to just move on? It’s been years Jen, I don’t know if I want it to end.”

“But look at the boys,” You turned back, seeing them smile and laugh with one another. John turned to you, and winked, “They’re happy, we’re happy. I think it’s time.”

You moved your head, seeing the universe open a hole. Jen looked back at you, then grabbed James’ hand, running through. The other boys surrounded you, and you closed your eyes.

You walked through.

…I’ve seen so much about Christensen being bashed for how he portrayed Anakin, some saying that it’s not really his fault but George Lucas’, but honestly I just can’t see why…

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the prequels, I’ll admit. But through them all Anakin has been a character I very much loved. i’ve watched some clips recently and still feel like squealing whenever I see him smile like !!!!!

Also I finally got around to seeing the original trilogy, and just seeing his face again in the end threw me into intense Anakin-fangirl mode again (which had been inactive for the rest of the movies).

still don’t get why people criticize(d?) him so much.

Hirose Tomoki 290517 Ameblo

15th day of performance

Good work (^^)

We have safely arrived at the final day of performance for Osaka.
Everyone who came to the venue, to the theater and those who watched the live viewing, I sincerely thank you very much!!!

How was the stage version of Dansui! ??
I receive a lot~ of thoughts via the love letters and replies everyday but if I can receive your thoughts from today’s replies too, I’ll be happy.

I did my best everyday to live.
And then, a new kind of feeling is now flowing through my body that I’ve never felt before.
It’s because I acted the character of Kawasaki Ryoya from the drama until the stage play.
I’m thankful to everyone that was involved.

I’m happy.

Just as the lead, Ryo, said during the curtain call, you can’t see the peak.
To me, the peak is still very very far away, it hasn’t even made its appearance.
I have once again fell in love with this job.
I can act on stage everyday while feeling happy.
For me to be able to do that, it’s also because all of you sent your power to me.
I’m reallyyyy being supported by all of you (^^)
Thank youuu ♡ 

I will write again.

I will text again ♡


what a beautiful day. long and exhausting, but beautiful.

let me just say it is WAY better experiencing graduation from the spectator point of view! all i had to do was watch. i always get nervous about getting to places on time, but once i finally got in my seat it was all good.

unlike my graduation two years ago, when it POURED down rain afterwards, making it impossible to find friends, today was lovely weather! complete sunshine☀️ i was lucky enough to run into friends and get to chat and take pictures with them💕 super proud of them!

and i am sooo proud of my sister! we fight more than i would like but she is really a great sister and i wouldn’t change her for anything. i am sad she going to college this august and i hope our relationship becomes stronger with the distance.

we went to my cousin and her boyfriend’s house afterwards, and that went well too! i played with my little cousin and had laughs with family members :) i got to meet four day old wade but i did not get too close, babies that size scare me! so fragile!

well, i finally got home an hour ago, around 10:30. and i am sooo tired. eager to sleep. i hope everyone has pleasant dreams. take care💘