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heeeey I hope you're having a beautiful time, specially after el clasico 😊 I was wondering if you could write something about neymessi facetiming in the dressing room after lio's goal, that was so cute and heartwarming :) thank youuu

I Have A Better Idea

Ney calls and calls and calls.

He loses track of how many times, but doesn’t care, dancing around his living room and screaming as his friends party. He calls until a fuzzy version of Leo’s face appears on the screen in front of him, smiling from ear to ear. “Leo!” Ney shouts, having practically lost his voice from screaming. “Leo! Leo! Leo! You did it!” He doesn’t know what else to say, and he’s not sure Leo knows how to answer anyway.

Leo just shakes his head like he can’t believe it.

He disappears from the screen for a moment and Ney is treated to a view of the locker room ceiling before he reappears with a bag of ice pressed to his mouth. The picture sharpens then and Ney can finally see him properly. He looks like he’s been in a fight–eyes fiery and one still blackened, skin flushed redder than normal, hair dripping with sweat. And behind the ice, Ney knows his mouth is probably swelling.

But he’s beautiful.

“I knew you could do it,” Ney says, uncaring at how scratchy his voice is. “I *knew* you’d show them.”

Leo closes his eyes, shaking his head again. When he opens them, his gaze is fond, and he shakes his head again. The bag of ice crinkles underneath his hand as his fingers shift their grip, but he keeps it pressed to his mouth. Then he shrugs. “Would have been easier with you,” he mumbles from behind the bag, so quietly that Ney nearly thinks he misheard.

And Ney wants to say so much, so much about how he wishes he could have been there, how he loves playing with Leo… but it’s enough to just look at Leo.

Enough to just smile at him.

Geri starts shouting in the background then and Leo’s eyes look away from Ney. The phone tilts again, nearly dropped into Leo’s lap as Geri presses a kiss to the top of Leo’s head.

Ney gets a nice look up Geri’s nose.

“My little genius,” Geri says lovingly before noticing the phone. “Who are you talking to? You aren’t supposed to be talking! Keep that ice on your mouth.”

Leo mumbles some sort of protest, but Geri seizes the phone and smiles at Ney.

“Aha!” Geri says, winking. “How good is our boy?” he asks, ignoring the way Leo’s pulling on his shirt and trying to get the phone back. “Stop it, Leo, you’re supposed to be resting.” The phone wiggles in his grip like he’s batting Leo’s hands away.

Ney laughs, Geri’s enthusiasm just as he expects. “I called to tell him that!”

But Geri is off and running after that, taking Leo’s phone with him, laughing and singing and Ney loses track of how many times his teammates exclaim over Leo’s brilliance. Everyone is so joyful, that Ney’s just happy he gets to be a part of it this way. Finally, there’s talk of a team picture, and somehow the phone gets passed back to Leo.

“Call me back after, okay?” Ney asks, grinning at how Luis is trying to get Leo to come join them.

Leo smiles, wincing slightly as his stitches pull. Then he shakes his head. “You should be in the picture too,” he says, licking his lips gingerly. “You deserve to be in the picture.”

Ney laughs. “I’ll be in the next one!”

Leo looks like he’s about to laugh. And then he says, “I have a better idea.”  

I think the idea of being able to save Boris, and by extension maybe Angel and even Bendy is what finally endeared me into the BATIM fandom.

I’m stuck on thinking of hundreds of scenarios of Henry trying to get the toons back to normal (that term being used loosely) out of the studio as quickly as possible before the living ink monsters and possibly even an ink-corrupted Joey Drew himself find them and try to use their powers to take over heaven/hell/earth/all of the above.

And for some reason Boris has a thick Russian accent in my head.

Fic: the long road home - 3/3 (Legends of Tomorrow; Rip/Sara)

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Rip Hunter/Sara Lance (Time Canary)

Summary: It’s a long road home, and Rip doesn’t need a map. Just needs someone to point to his heart, and he’s there.

Author’s Note: Final part. I may have new grey hairs on my head trying to get this right. Hope it doesn’t suck too bad.

Read Part One and Part Two

Can also be read on AO3


Part Three:

you need to come back home



Rip chalks it up to coincidences.

How else is he to explain the fact he’s found himself back on the Waverider at least four times in as many weeks? It’s not his fault that members of his former team keep pitching up to the exact place and time he’s chosen to land the jump ship to recharge and restock. He’s made a point of choosing moments that are remarkably dull and inconsequential to history, and yet there they are.

Without fail, trouble like hounds chasing at their feet and they can’t seem to shake them, almost as if they swathe themselves in bait on purpose.

“Hey, look who I found!” Jax shouts as they clamber their way up the stairs from the cargo bay, a limping Dr Palmer between them.

He hears Sara before he sees her, her footsteps on the metal flooring of the Waverider echoing closer as she turns the corner of the corridor.

“Well, since I sent you to get Ray’s idiotic ass back in one piece, that’s who I’m hoping … you’ve found …”

Her words trail off as she locks eyes with him.

And there goes that restless feeling again. Pattering away inside, making him want to run and hide. But it’s the strangest thing, really. Distance used to do the trick, but now he thinks the feeling is the inverse and it’s getting harder and harder to ignore. He’s not really sure what he’s supposed to do about it anymore.

“Hello, Sara.”

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