finally though he's come out about it

Why am I seeing people shocked that Superman wasn’t in the trailer? He died. I mean of course we all know he’s coming back, but everyone bitched about the Doomsday reveal (even though it was heavily rumored he’d be in the movie too) so how about we let the secrets of seeing Superman last until either the movie is out or at least wait for the final trailer for a small peek. You can’t have everything and want nothing at the same time. Bitches.

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HC about the strawhat pirates opening a cafè

I love this ask!

Luffy is the manager! He makes all the final decisions about the business, but he usually lets his employees handle it because he knows he can rely on them. Whenever people ask for the manager Luffy comes out with the biggest smile and they either forget their complaint or end up making friends with him and rescinding it. (Of course, there are a few brawls, but it’s all good).

Zoro is just kind of there? He’s supposedly the assistant-manager but mostly he just sleeps in the warehouse. he does help move in produce load every morning though!

Nami is a waitress and she is good at it let me tell you. She’s charismatic and everyone loves her! And she knows how to get the biggest tips ever. Some people think she’s the manager just because she seems to manage more than either Luffy or Zoro.

Usopp is a waiter! He’s not as charismatic as Nami but he makes up for it with his own kind of charm, and his skill with spices and fixing dishes on the table is unreal. More than a few customers have come back just because of the sweet, cute waiter.

Sanji is obviously the cook. He occasionally brings out the food himself to charm the ladies, though it can be very overbearing. He’s never made a disappointing dish, and he never rejects a customer!

Chopper is around to make sure no one gets hurt in the “occasional” bar fight. A sweet, pure boy.

Robin is the decorator and event planner. She has a wonderful sense of style and emulates the theme of her crew very well, though she can’t resist adding her own macabre touches that you really have to look for, like the way the shadows fall on the walls.

Franky just makes sure the machinery still works and makes custom made knives and plates and cutlery. It’s as much of a draw as any, because it’s stunning and unique. He often works with Robin.

Brook is the live music! He plays a bunch of songs, both new and old, but even if you’ve heard them a million times they still haunt you for days or even years.

yesterday i went to a gay bar for the first time, and I met two people. The first was a man well into his 70′s, who had only come out since his wife died. Even though he could barely walk, he knew every single person at the bar, and each one came over for a hug and to chat. The second was a transgender woman who, after two children and three grandchildren, had finally decided to live as herself. She was wearing heels and leather pants and makeup, and she was absolutely beautiful. she knew she was as well, and she was so proud and excited when people walked by and said “hey girl” without even thinking about it. point i’m trying to make is, it’s never too late to come out

Cassandra had an inkling that’s what this evening was leading into. It had been so romantic– a long, candlelit path to a hammock, where she laid against her lover as he read poetry in a quiet, soothing voice. Rose petals were scattered all over the ground, touched by the breeze of the twilight hour. Finally, he opened the page to her favorite poem, and hidden inside the pages was a drawing of a ring. She looked up to him as he pulled it out of his pocket, her cheeks flushing red. Tears slipped down her eyes as she could only squeak out “yes” repeatedly.

Iron Bull shrugged when the Inquisitor suggested marriage. Marriage wasn’t a thing under the Qun, but since he was no longer under it… The hopeful look in his Kadan’s eyes was enough for him to smile and consent, though he wasn’t particularly excited about it. However, come the actual day of the ceremony, he actually cries tears of joy. Bull cries the most out of anyone at the wedding. He hadn’t imagined he’d feel like this, but it was good.

Blackwall sputtered in utter disbelief– she would marry him? After all that he’s done, all that’s happened, and… after asking if they’re sure, it takes every ounce of willpower to not start crying as he accepts their proposal. The man begins imagining their future far more often after that– a log cabin house built by his own hands, a mabari or two, at least two, maybe three, children with scraped knees and happy smiles running about their yard. And he’d finally be happy.

Sera repeatedly calls her lover a loony, in greater and greater glee and excitement, squealing as she accepted. She actually tackles them to the ground with kisses, and as soon as they get back up, she and the Inquisitor giggle all the way up to the tower that the Herald lives in. Later, as Sera lays awake in the middle of the night while her fiancée slumbers, holding up the ring the Herald gave her for her proposal in her fingers, imagining their life together. She means it. She loves her, and Sera’s never been happier in her life.

Solas’s greatest fear is dying alone. His vhenan stood before him, promise ring extended, eyes full of hope, offering to take away that fear. He stares, open-mouthed, in disbelief. The Dalish had cursed their enemies with “May the Dread Wolf take you!” and here his vhenan stood– aware who he was. Never before had he thought anyone would take him. Laughter bubbles up in his chest, tears prickling at the corners of his eyes as he accepts, taking her into his arms, kissing her. May the Dread Wolf take and be taken, he thinks wryly.

Dorian doesn’t know how to respond immediately. So many considerations float in his head– would it put his lover in danger, would it be safe, would it be… He eventually shakes himself back into reality. After staring into his lover’s hopeful eyes, he decides. Fuck it all. Weeping, he says yes in a blustery mess, kissing his lover with no reservations any longer. No matter what happened, so long as they were at each other’s side, they would be okay. Easy? No. But Dorian knows it’s all worth it. It’s all okay.

Cullen chokes when he realizes he’s being proposed to, his cheeks turning red, so red. For a moment, the events of the last ten years spin in his head, how it all led up to now. There was a time when life seemed too much, but he survived, and now she was there, and she loved him enough to marry him. Looking back to the woman before him, who stares up at him, proffering the lucky coin he gave them, now set as a ring. “Yes, I’ll marry you.” he says breathlessly, pulling her in for the tightest hug of her life. When he takes the ring, instead of putting it on his finger, he takes her hand and slips it on her ring finger. The coin still belonged with her.

Josephine squealed in delight, covering her mouth, starting to weep. It had been a romantic date to Val Royeaux, and in a moonlit gondola right through the thoroughfare, they popped the question, catching her completely off-guard. After regaining her senses, she can only squeal yes, over and over again, the details of their wedding already forming in her mind. She kisses them in utter delight, holding them tight, now and forever.

Krem is at a complete loss for words. Never in his life did he ever imagine he’d get married, much less the one proposed to. He isn’t even aware of the fact the Chargers had taken notice, and were watching intensely, silently. The love of his life wanted to marry him. They loved him for him, and he suddenly can’t bear to imagine a life without them. He says yes, and the Chargers erupt into cheers, surrounding the lieutenant and the newest Charger-to-be by marriage. Bull pulls them both into his arms, nearly squeezing the life out of both of them in a hug. Later on, Bull sternly warns the Inquisitor to treat Krem right; he wouldn’t stand for anything less.


“You got this, moony!” James encouraged eagerly, shoving his friend’s shoulder.

“Yeah, just act cool and ask her out to Hogsmeade on Saturday! Piece of cake!” Sirius nodded, grinning widely.

Unlike his friends, Remus didn’t feel as confident approaching a girl he fancied - especially when he genuinely liked her and wouldn’t want to ruin a friendship between them. (Y/N), though, there was something about her that just made Remus’s heart race and his hands go all clammy. It was embarrassing, really, but everyone was just waiting for him to finally pluck up the courage and ask you out on a date.

“(Y/N)’s coming in now!” Peter said, pointing to the portrait hole where you and one of your friends were walking through. James and Sirius both began shoving at Remus’s back, pushing him towards where you were standing with your back turned, completely oblivious to the situation.

“You got this!” James said once more before him, Sirius and Peter attempted to ‘disappear’ but still watch Remus’s attempt at asking you out.

Remus, clammy hands and all, got the courage to clear his throat so you’d turn around but unfortunately, that was the only noise he could make.

“Everything alright, Remus?” you asked, your eyebrows furrowed in a worried sort of way and Remus was cursing himself because he just didn’t seem to be able to talk. From behind you, a few of your friends were giggling knowingly and he began to think he was going to pass out.

“Go on! Ask her out already!” Sirius yelled from the other side of the room,  Remus’s face turning a deep shade of red and he noticed your cheeks turning slightly pink too.

“Were you going to ask me out on a date?” you asked, Remus thanking to Merlin that he could function enough to nod his head, “if I say yes will you talk to me on the date or will I need to get Sirius to come along and interpret?”

“No!” Remus said just a little too quickly, “I mean, yes, I will talk to you but - but we don’t Sirius there - do you still want to go on a date with me?”

You smiled, “of course I still want to go on a date with you.”

Episode 12

I rewatched episode 12 for the bajillionth time and I was hit by a flood of feels for Chris…just like that bit where he gets his score you can see his heart break.

And I was thinking about his monologue and his behaviour during his final free skate and it’s so bad.

For years, Chris has put everything into his skating. The ice has been everything to him. Sure he has a (maybe?) boyfriend (has it ever been made official and that he’s not just his choreographer or something?), and I’m sure he makes room for some fun in his life, but everything comes second to skating - just the way Victor used to be. 

(There is one massive difference though between Victor and Chris that I want to point out - Victor lives to surprise and entertain the audience (winning is secondary to him)…but Chris lives to win)

I’m positive he has feelings for Victor (can’t tell what, don’t think he’s in love with him or anything but there’s definitely something there), but more than that Victor’s been something of an anchor for him - a kindred spirit throughout his career. Chris is probably more used to skaters like JJ who have lives away from the rink, but Chris, like Victor, has basically sacrificed as much as possible to skate. From the flashback with him and Victor we also know he was something of a Victor fanboy, and was following his career a decade ago, just like Yuuri.

And then suddenly Victor is gone from competition, and just like everyone else, he’s developed a life away from the ice, and he’s not even interested enough to pay attention to Chris’ routine (when both men have said they can’t imagine a season without the other and have likely always paid close attention to each other’s work), which must hurt.

Victor has also completely and utterly dominated figure skating since Chris was 19 at the latest. It’s probably been so long since he had anyone else as a figure in mind to beat that it’s part of the reason he cannot adjust to new skaters pushing through the ranks.

And that’s the sorest point of all. He’s known deep down since at least the Cup of China that these newer kids (the Yuris and JJ in particular) were going to surpass him, and they do it with ease at the GPF, and I think while he was sitting there at the kiss and cry getting his final score, that was him realising he’s missed his final shot at gold. He tried and failed to beat Victor for years and made the mistake of relaxing a little when Victor was gone, thinking it was finally his time to shine…only to be immediately eclipsed.

And I don’t think Chris is angry at Victor, or the Yuris or JJ…I think Chris knows he made a mistake and now he’s berating himself for it….I feel so badly for him…he’s the biggest loser at the final.Yuri is only 15 and has already achieved one of Chris’ big goals, Yuuri is 24, engaged and is yet to peak in his career. JJ is 19, engaged and undoubtedly has more to achieve. Otabek, like Yuuri, is a late bloomer, and Phichit’s goal was to reach the final - he doesn’t care all that much that he finished sixth. But to Chris…the ice is absolutely everything. 

His expressions after his final skate say it all.

All smiles and polite to his fans

Trying to exude and air of “I’m okay, this is fine” at the Kiss and Cry

Fake smile for the cameras

And then this. He is absolutely gutted.

Nobody Got a Happy Ending

I was satisfied to a point with the season finale yesterday that I didn’t want to complain because all I wanted was some kind of happy ending, a beautiful defan scene and a Damon and elena final interaction whatever it may have been and that’s what I got. But the more you think about the final, the more you rewatch gifs and scenes and the more interviews come out. The more you release that no body got any happy ending on this show and we really all just got fucked over one last time.

-Although it seemed as if we left the love triangle in season 4, Stefan had moved forward and Damon finally had his shot at happiness, even though he stabbed his brother in the back to get there. The writers have confirmed in a whole lottttta interviews straight after the finale episode that the Damon and Elena ending we got was not the ending THEY wanted and would have written. So they made a beautiful ending for a part of a fandom only to rip away the whole thing by releasing statements suggesting the couple was never meant to be together and if they had the time Stefan and Elena would have ended up together. Not only is this a slap in the face to Damon and Elena fans but also to Stefan and Elena fans while also stripping away Elena’s character by suggesting once she’d had her fill of Damon she would return and have a happy ever after with Stefan like nothing had happened.

-Stelena fans got a beautiful scene which was well deserved but also lucked out as the writers again have confirmed Stefan and Elena would have been together but ultimately it didn’t happen, teasing their whole relationship making that side of the fandom hopeful for an explanation and a story line that is never going to come. Even though the writers have said that this couple would have ended up together I do not believe they would have done anything differently and even if Nina had stayed on the show Damon and Elena would have still ended up at the same place as it was set up since the beginning. So that leaves Stefan and Elena fans being trolled by the writers as they didn’t get any happy end and Elena was more interested in if Damon was “okay” then the concept of Stefan dying as usual so they threw them a bone quickly by saying oh but we would have had Stefan and Elena together hoping they would be satisfied to some extent. Which then gets rid of three years of story lines and leaves the stelena fandom without a proper ending.

-Steroline fans were put through the ringer, given a beautiful ending and then it was just destroyed in the matter or 5 minutes even though all the writers and actors seemed loved Stefan and Caroline together apparently the ratings of the originals is more important.

-Bamon fans were played since the end of season 5 and forced to stay in hopes the thin line the writers had created between friendship and something more was crossed between these two characters even though the writers had no intention ever exploring these two in a romantic way. It also didn’t help that Ian was lashing out at Nina and Kat also seemed like it was appropriate to weigh in on everything Ian Somerhalder related. Giving fans false hope and creating some kind of forced but also natural friend chemistry between actors to try and push for Bamon, which would have destroyed everything Damon had done on the show previously and everything bonnie stands for just because Ian didn’t want scenes with Nina anymore.

-The actors on this show have never been any type of professional whether it be online, at conventions, just talking about the show in interviews or with their treatment of eachother. You could tell for a while now the actors just wanted the show to end and more than anything they wanted out and away from eachother. Ian and Nina destroyed any type of beautiful delena scene with their horrible acting and just treatment of eachother away from the show. The more you rewatch all the Damon and Elena scenes in the final the more you also released not only was Nina and Ian’s scenes acted out terribly with little to no emotion but you can literally see that they are not even really kissing when reuniting and Ian lips are on her chin in a way lots of actors kiss to make the illusion of a passionate makeout session without actually having to kiss. The cast in general not only let the fans down when it came to celebrating the show but also respecting ships, respecting eachother and honouring the final episode by celebrating the end and giving the fans some kind of closer after we spent the last 8 years with them giving them and many others the jobs and opportunity to even be on this show by being invested in this show. Instead we got cast drama, cast breakups, the main character killed off for a couple years, no final Damon, Stefan and Elena photo? And years of interviews disrespecting fans and disrespecting every ship that has ever been on the show.

-The writers destroyed any development in the storyline between season 7 and 8 bringing everything back to before Elena died and before Katherine went to hell just to include both of them in the final episode. So all couples, character development and growth was literally for nothing and thrown out the window the second the writers saw the opportunity. As they stripped Damon’s character down again making him ass whipped over Elena to the point he left all his friends and family which was very unrealistic at this point in the story, they also destroyed Stefans character to give a mediocre ending to the story, they left Caroline alone after years and years of different boyfriends and children to just sit back and watch everyone die, they left bonnie alone again with the love of her life just being killed for shock value and to redeem Stefan which was every unnecessary, they turned alarics character into one that was loved by all to one I found myself wanting to kill every episode the show continued, they just killed Tyler completely for no reason and matt was given a shit ending, hardly any screen time and some hardly believable bullshit about his parents having some kind of supernatural influence on the town.

All in all we all got fucked over for maybe 4 out of the 8 years we watched this show. Not one ship got the happy ending any of us deserved, there wasn’t really a happy ending at all just a hot mess of trying to fit as many characters into the last episode as possible. While also trying to developed a story that was completely rushed and in the end made no sense. Left stefan dead for no reason? Left bonnie defying Kai’s rules when there was apparently no way to before? Left no couple together but Damon and Elena but the ripped that away saying if there was more time they would change that ending and then just added a bunch of sad music and then just….left us.

I have never been so disappointed in the way a show has treated it’s fan base and I don’t think I’ll ever be this disappointed again. I hope this is a lesson to all long running tv shows in the future what not to do to leave everyone unsatisfied, confused and heartbroken. These character were so beautiful and deserved so much better, as fans we also deserved better and I severely hope that the writers and actors look back on these past 8 years and release how much they fucked up what could have been the most iconic show on television by now giving it the title of that show that had 3 good seasons.

Stress Relief

Sometimes you just need a little stress relief… and release. Some smut ahead, you have been warned! Enjoy :-)

“Come on, Zo. I haven’t seen you all week. I miss you,” Shawn whined into my ear.

“And you won’t see me tonight either because I am going to fall asleep as soon as I get there,” I said. “It’s been a very long, stressful, week and all I want to do is go to bed.”

“I know. You’ve worked till almost midnight each night. It’s finally Friday, though. Just come over and I’ll make us some dinner and help you wind down, okay?” he pleaded.

I sighed, leaning back in my chair. “Fine,” I conceded. “I won’t get out of here till about seven-thirty though, so I’ll see you around eight?”

“Perfect. I can’t wait,” he replied, sounding euphoric.

“I’m warning you though, I’m not going to be much fun and I’m most likely going to pass out within an hour,” I said.

“I will carry you to bed, darling, as long as you’re here,” he promised. “I will see you soon.”

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Ruby Rails. 

I thought I’d do a post about the design of this little figure. I spent a lot of time  dreaming up what this character might look like and then designing it into a figure. Getting the freedom to design a black doll that had black features was a big part of why I loved this project. Often other ethnicities aren’t properly represented in toys because of costs, but this was a really important thing to all of us at Goldie Blox and getting to execute on that vision was phenomenal for minority like myself. 

It takes a lot of time and math to get these things right, and the involvement of many talented individuals. I was lucky to work with an the amazing toy director of Goldie Blox at the time Clint Cope, a great sculptor by the  name of Jason Loik and a very passionate hair designer by the name of Karyn Byrd from Natural Girls United.

I’ve detailed some of the steps that go into making these, but there are many more int he entire manufacturing process, the initial creative looks funner in a tumblr post though. It takes about a year to complete one of these so it’s a very long process, but very satisfying when you finally see it on the shelf. Needless to say I’m excited to see it out in the world! More to come on a lot of what I worked on and created at my time at Goldie Blox.


Daryl Dixon Imagine

Based on a request (Yes, a wild story appears. Everyone, brace yourselves. <D) (I hope you at least smiled about the stupid jokes because I sure as hell laughed (about my own jokes, yes). :D)

You’re at Hilltop worried about your brother Jesus. When he finally comes back he wants you to meet Daryl.

word count: 1476

approximated reading time: 8 Minutes

“Paul!” I crashed through the door panting. “Where the fuck have you been!?” He had went missing yesterday and even though I had gotten used to not seeing my brother a few days every now and then he usually told me where he went, but more importantly he had always told me that he went out. This time it was different.
“Nice to see you too, sis!” Paul was sitting at our table with a glass of water in his hand as if nothing happened. “I went out, nothin’ special.”
“Nothing special?! You hid in Negan’s truck, you snuck into our enemies’ camp risking your life, and you’re telling me it was ‘nothing special!?” I tried to keep calm, keep my voice down but it was hard.
“I see you already know what happened”, he said grinning at me. “I got them out though.”
“Paul, this isn’t funny… I was worried!”
“I know…” Paul sighed deeply and stood up opening his arms to hug me. “Look… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you worry but.. they’re good people. They’re worth it.”
“Jeez, Paul… you’re driving me crazy, you know that?!”, I said throwing myself into his arms. He was the only person I had left in this world after our parents died. He had saved me multiple times and without him I wouldn’t have made it to Hilltop, to safety. I couldn’t stand when he went out on such risky missions.
“You know, you could call me Jesus, like everyone else does!?”, he laughed brushing through my hair.
“I could but… I’m not everyone else, I’m your sister. I have a right to call you by your first name.” Growing up with him, watching him go through every embarrassing phase there was and of course trying to be just like him, I couldn’t bring myself to call him Jesus…
“I basically am your savior anyway, sis! So, it would only be right!” Paul protested and hugged me a little tighter.
“Yeah, you wish!”
We laughed for a while hugging each other before Jesus took a step back to look at me.
“You’ve already met Maggie and Sasha… I’m sure if you meet the others too, you’ll understand why I had to do it.”
I sighed deeply. “I’ve known you all my life, Paul, I know why you did it. And I’m sure… if you had told me, I would have jumped in without asking…”
“That’s why I love you, sis.” Jesus throw an arm around my shoulders with a wide grin on his face. “Now, let’s go and meet Daryl. I’m sure you’ll like him.”

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It Was My Mistake

Pairing - Jungkook x Reader

Genre - Angst

Word Count - 2668

Part 1/1

Originally posted by sunshine-hobi

I smiled as I read the message that my husband Jungkook had sent me.

He had been so busy since his comeback that we hadn’t had time to see each other. It had been weeks since I spent time with him.

I was extremely happy that his group was becoming more and more successful, but at the same time I  missed him so much.

We lived together with our daughter, Hanna but he’d come home just to sleep at night and then leave really early in the morning.

Tonight though, he had the night off. We would finally get to spend some quality time together. Our daughter was spending the night at my mom’s for the night so everything was perfect.

I finished getting dressed and took the dinner out of the oven to let it cool off. Jungkook should be home anytime now.

About thirty minutes passed the time he was supposed to be home, I took out my phone and starting scrolling through my social media account.

I scrolled down until I stopped at a video a fan had uploaded of the boys at their fan meeting.

It was a video of Jungkook playing with some girls hair and the two of them smiling and laughing.

I then saw another video of Jungkook in an interview saying that he had “gotten better at flirting”.

Once I saw one video, I couldnt stop looking at others of Jungkook flirting with fans. It was really upsetting to me.

About two hours later Jungkook finally arrived home. I was sitting on the couch with my arms folding across my chest. I glanced over at the cold food that I wasn’t going to bother reheating.

“Jagi, I’m so sorry I’m late. Our fan meeting ran later than we expected. I bought you some flowers though.” Jungkook said handing me a bouquet of roses.

“What don’t you go give that to your fans?” I said as I arose from the couch and walked out of the room.

Jungkook followed me into the room standing up as I sat down on our bed.

“Are you upset with me because I’m late?” He asked.

“No, I’m upset with you because you have a wife but you continue to flirt with your fans.” I said.

“Baby, you know that’s just fan service.” Jungkook said sitting down next to me.

“Fan service or not that’s not okay. Jungkook everyone knows that we are married, your'e humiliating me!”

“You are being a bit overdramatic. Is it that time of the month?” Jungkook said squeezing my cheek.

“Stop joking it’s not funny and I am not on my period.” I said swatting away his hand.

“Do you know what its like to wait up for you with our daughter every single night when you are out flirting?” I asked.

“Y/n, I’m just doing my job. You never have had a problem with it before.” He said.

“You are taking the flirting too far. I get being nice to your fans but you have a wife Jungkook. Do I ever matter to you?”

“Baby, of course you and Hanna mean so much to me. But so do my fans.”

“Wow, I scoffed. You are ridiculous. You know what I dont even want to spend the night together anymore.”

“Are you serious? I rushed home for this Y/n.” Jungkook said.

I ingnored him slipping on some shoes and grabbing my purse.

“Where are you going?” He questioned.


“Jagi, come on don’t be like this I really wanted to spend time with you tonight.” Jungkook said grabbing my hand.

“Why don’t you spend time with your fans.” I said pulling away and walking out of the door. I heard Jungkook say something but I left before he could follow me.

I honestly didnt have anywhere to go and I was starting to feel a bit bad for going off on my husband. But he wasnt taking me seriously. I felt like he needed to put me above his fans.

After walking for a while I ended up at a bar. I was on my second shot when someone tapped lightly on my shoulder.

“Y/n, can I sit?” The man asked.

“Jin oppa of course you can sit down.” I said smiling up at him. I was actually glad to see him here.

“What are you doing here alone? I thought you had plans with Jungkook.” He said.

“We got into an argument, I left.” I said taking another sip of my beer.

“Ugh, that really sucks.” Jin said waving to the bartender to come over.

He ordered us a few more drinks and within minutes I was started to unwind.

“You know he really doesn’t understand what it’s like to be at home all day. I love our daughter but sometimes I just want some adult companionship.” I told Jin.

“Yeah, I can only imagine. But Y/n, I know Jungkook wants to be there more with you both. Hes just so busy with our comeback right now.” Jin said.

“I know, I just feel like he doesnt put any value on our relationship. We’ve been together since we were children oppa. Maybe he’s getting sick of me and thats why he flirts so much.” I said.

“No of course not. He loves you, he talks about you all of the time.”

“Really? What does he say?” I asked slightly smiling.

“His fans ask him how he likes being newly married and he loves it. Besides all of the nagging.” Jin said chuckling.

“Nagging?!” I said the smile wiped off of my face completely.

“Oh yeah he told some of our fans not to nag their future husband like you nag him.” Jin told me.

“That asshole. He’s never complained about my nagging before.” I said taking another shot. I was started to feel lightheaded now.

“I’m pretty sure he was just trying to he funny though.” He said taking a shot as well.

“Ugh, I dont wanna talk about him anymore.”

“Okay we dont have to. What do you wanna talk about?” He asked.

“How about why you are at a bar alone?” I asked.

“I didn’t have the best day today.” He replied drinking again.

“What happened?”

“I guess nothing in particular, I just feel like our fans only care about the young memebers. For example this fan rushed through talking with me because she said she wanted most of her time with Taehyung. It happens a lot.” He said.

“I’m sorry oppa.”

“Its fine. I dont know sometimes I just wonder if im good enough to even be in Bangtan.” He said.

“Don’t say that! If it helps I’d spend my time with you if I ever came to a fan meeting.” I said smiling at him.

“Your just saying that to make me feel better.” He said.

“No, I’m sure. I think you are the most attractive, caring member. And besides who could deny you with pink hair.”

“Thanks Y/n that means a lot.” He said.“

“Jungkook had know clue what he’s missing out on right now.”

“Haha now your just saying that because you are really drunk.” I said.

“I am really drunk and so are you. But that doesnt change the fact that you are extremely sexy to me.” He told me scooting over closer to me.

“Thank you.” I said biting my lip and looking down.

I dont know if it was the liquor or the fact that I was extremely upset with Jungkook, but I was turned on by Jin calling me sexy.

Jungkook hadn’t called me that recently, and it felt good knowing someone thought about me in that way.

Before I could process what was going on Jin was leaning down kissing my lips.

He left me gasping for air when he finally disconnected his lips from mine.

“Lets head back to my apartment, shall we?” He said.

The next morning I woke up with an excruciating headache. I had no clue where I was until I rolled over to see a seemingly naked Jin laying next to me passed out.

“Oh my god.” I said grabbing the sheets off of Jin to cover up my naked body.

“Oppa, wake up!”I yelled hitting Jin repeatedly.

“What is it?” He mumbled, before finally opening his eyes.

“What did we do?” I asked burying my self in the sheets. I was trying to wrap my head around what had happened. The last thing I remember was making out with Jin in front of his apartment door.  

“Oh no.” Jin said falling off of the bed once he realized what had happened.

“Jungkook is going to kill us.” I said rubbing my throbbing head.

Jungkook’s POV

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Jungkook was feeling bad about what had happened with Y/n last night. He had stayed up all night looking at the videos of him flirting with the fans and thinking about how he had hurt y/n.

He saw a video were he warned his fans against getting married, because they would only have to deal with nagging.

He felt horrible for saying that. He knew it was a lie and he didn’t mean it, Y/n never nagged him.

He had only said it to be funny because his fans complained that he was too quiet and didn’t talk enough during the fan meetings.

He had been going out of his way to please his fans and totally throwing his wife under the bus.

Jungkook decided he would do whatever he needed to do to make it up to y/n.

The next morning he did laundry, cleaned the house and even made breakfast. Y/n didn’t come home last night but she probably would be home soon.

Moments later he heard someone unlocking the front door. He knew it had to be y/n.

“Jagi, I’m so glad you are home.” He said as she entered the house.


“Are you okay? Where did you go last night?” He asked.

“I um, spent the night at my mothers.” She said as she stumbled to the bedroom.

“Are you alright? I really want to apologize to you about what Ive been doing.”

“I’m actually not feeling well. I’m just going to take a shower and then get some rest okay?” She said.

“Yes baby get some rest.” Jungkook said. She was wearing the same dress that she had on the previous night and she didn’t look well at all.

He decided to go pick up there daughter from Y/n’s moms house while she slept.

“Hi daddy’s baby girl.” Jungkook said hugging Hanna.

“Hi daddy, I missed you.” Hanna said.

As they drove home Jungkook caught up with his daughter asking her how she was doing in school and other things like that.

“Where’s mommy? I miss her.” Hanna asked.

“She’s st home resting. Didn’t you just see her this morning?”

“No. I haven’t seen mommy since yesterday when she dropped me off at grandma’s house.”

This surprised Jungkook. Y/n wasn’t the type of person to lie to him. Especially about something like that. What did she have to hide?

When Jungkook got home Hanna had fallen asleep in the car so he put her in her bed. He then went to check on Y/n.

She was still asleep, which was surprising to Jungkook. Her phone was ringing so he searched her purse for it so that the ringing wouldn’t awake her.

Once he found it he saw that she had two missed calls from Jin. Jungkook wasn’t one to snoop but he thought it may be important so he read their text messages.

As Jungkook read the messages, he started to get upset. Is this why y/n lied about where she was last night? Y/n shuffled in the bed awakening from her sleep.

“Baby, what are you doing?” She asked sitting up in the bed.

“What did you do to me?” He asked.

“Jungkook what are you talking about?”

“You told Jin you cant believe you did this to me. What exactly did you do y/n?” He asked.

Once y/n noticed he was holding her phone she immediately jumped out of bed and rushed over to Jungkook.

“Please let me explain.” She said with fear in her eyes as she held Jungkook’s hand.

“What did you do? Tell me right now.” Jungkook demanded.  

“Last night when I left I went to a bar and I get really drunk. Jin joined me and got really drunk as well. One thing lead to another and…”

“You fucked him didn’t you?”

Y/n looked down refusing to look at him.

“Did you sleep with him or not Y/n. Answer me!” Jungkook said his voice getting louder.

Y/n just nodded her head as a tear fell down her eyes.

“Im so sorry. We didn’t mean it I promise.” She said holding on to him.

“So you were quick to get mad at me for flirting but you had sex with my best friend? How could you?”

“Please understand that I was drunk. I had no clue what I was doing.” She said begging for his understanding.

“You are a hypocrite. And here I was feeling bad for flirting… you know what? Im out of here.” He said this time storming out of the apartment.

Y/n’s POV

I broke down crying. Had I really ruined my marriage over a drunken mistake?

Jungkook had left the house steaming. I had never seen him that upset before. The saddest part about this was that I was pretty sure most of his anger was just hurt he felt.

I had betrayed my husband in the worst possible way.

I took out my phone to call Jin and let him know what had happened. He said he would try to talk to Jungkook. I knew though, that once he was mad there was no calling him down.

The day went by excruciatingly slow. I texted him, called him, but he wouldn’t reply. I couldn’t blame him though. I’m sure he was in a lot of shock about what I had done.

A little after midnight he finally walked through the door. When he came through the bedroom door his expression seem softer.

“You’re still awake?” He asked taking off his jacket.

“Yes I couldn’t sleep I feel so horrible.” I told him.

“ I know you do, I talked to Jin hyung. I know you guys were both really drunk when everything happened.”

“Listen y/n, it’s going to take a little while for me to get over what you did. I know you’re upset and drunk but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it happened. I also will take some responsibility and the situation because it’s my flirting that lead you to cheat on me.”

“Please don’t blame yourself for this it’s all my fault. You are a wonderful husband and father to our child. I’m an idiot for not saying that I’m taking you for granted.” I said.

“I’m just as much to blame here. I never told you how much I appreciate all the work you do for me and Hanna. You are a great wife and a wonderful mother I love you so much and I love Hanna so much I’ll do whatever it takes to save this family.”

“ I love you.” I said as I wrap my arms my arms around Jungkook’s waist.

“I love you more. Everything is going to be just fine I promise.” He said kissing me softly on my lips.

I deepened this kiss falling onto the bed with him.

Jungkook and I have been through so much together. He loves me regardless of all of my flaws. He has taken care of me and our daughter through thick and thin and I know that regardless of what happens to us we will be together forever.

Maybe we are fated to always be with one another, I’m not sure. What I am sure of  is that we will always love one another and we will always be by each other side forever and always.

A/n - Sowwy about the corny/trashy ending

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Jake Johnson said in an interview that New Girl probably won't be renewed for a S7! What do you think about this?

I was having lunch with some of my colleagues and he told me about the interview with The Daily Beast. We were shocked, tbh. It’s rare that an actor comes out and says the show is probably done, even though the ratings aren’t that bad. Usually when someone says something like that, the show has bad ratings and is DOA. His statement The “core fan base would be OK with the finale” is also weird. I don’t think the majority would love this finale, if it’s a series finale. Like, yes.

But, that being said: Just because Jake Johnson thinks the show is done, doesn’t mean FOX agrees with him. They are still under contract and if FOX wants to renew the show, they’ll all come back. It’s up to the network. I still think it’ll come back for one more season.

Robbie Rotten was snatched as a child by the Fae and was replaced with a changeling named Glanni. 

He finds his way back home to Lazytown after cleverly bargaining for his freedom only to find out centuries have passed while he was in the other realm. 

Even so, everyone saw him as the horrible Glanni who was mean and nasty and just wanted to mess everyone’s day up. He comes face to face with his double and Glanni is just so relieved that he can finally leave this boring town. He congratulates Robbie on figuring a way out, because really that is rather hard to do. 

Robbie has to pick up his life and face what everyone thinks they know about him. Without being able to change what they think, he started to play along with it even though his heart was never really in it. He doesn’t know how he’s supposed to act anymore, or who he really is since the Fae had him for such a long time. He was never really able to develop his personality and sense of self normally.  So, he’s almost slightly relieved that he has a role to play.

This all started because Nine had been the hero of the town when Robbie was very young. All because he had figured out that Nine was an elf and since Nine was so trustworthy, he thought maybe those Fae were too since they were really similar to Nine. He forgot everything he knew about the Fae and went with them. 

This is why he tries to drive Sportacus out of town, because he doesn’t want anyone else to make the mistake of learning to trust magical beings and why Sportacus needs to work twice as hard to gain Robbie’s trust. 

(Dealer’s Choice if Glanni comes back into town to cause trouble just to bug Robbie or maybe to hide out from Íþróttaálfurinn for awhile. And if everyone sees him, Robbie has to come up with a quick “he’s my brother/cousin/relative and definitely not a changeling who won’t leave me alone!” or something.)

“What’s wrong?”

I don’t want to tell him, and so we stand there in silence for a long time. But he’s patient—he just waits like he’s not going to move or talk for a million years if that’s how long it takes me to answer his question. I don’t know why but his waiting like that makes me feel safe—like I can trust him, like maybe, he really, trully believes I’m worth listening to.

Finally, my mouth rebels against my mind, and all the words come out in a rush.

I tell him everything.

At some point, while I’m losing it, he puts his arm around me and starts to pat my back. He’s really careful about it—cautious—but I can tell that he’s only trying to comfort me.

It feels right. Safe. And so I let him hug me, and it feels okay to be hugged, even though I don’t hug him back.

He keeps whispering, “You’re okay. It’s okay. Everything will be fine.” And I simultaneously love him and hate him for saying that.

I’m not okay at all.

—  And yet, it’s exactly what I most want to be: Okay. He can’t give that to me, but I love him for trying.

Lots of things about that sneak peek (my favorite of all released so far this season LOL)

Snow’s (finally) being a mom again OMG; that comment about her knowing that Emma would open up herself and find love is so sweet :D 

Henry’s just funny as he tries to figure out how Killian must have proposed LOL (romantic cruise ship, crew serenading haha)

And Zelena just pulls Emma’s arm and Emma’s so adorable and happy, like when was the last time she was this cheerful? It’s so sweet and she’s come so far 

On another note, I’m pleasantly surprised Regina didn’t say anything snarky and looked happy for Emma/Killian

(that hug, though, reminded me of this awkward one)

I’ve already seen people getting really upset about Sanji giving up, but actually, him giving in is arguably the most selfless and strong thing he’s done yet.

His hands are tied, and he’s already tried everything he can think of to get himself out of this, but he’s finally acknowledged he can’t. He’s stuck, and even though there’s nothing in it for him, he’s decided to let it happen in exchange for BM letting Luffy and them go (or, he’ll try his best to bargain with BM). In other words, he’s giving up on HIS dream, so Luffy and the SHs can go seek theirs. This action may come across as weak or uncharacteristic of Sanji, but if you think about it, he’s always been overly self sacrificing like this. I don’t think it’s out of character at all.

Also, I definitely still have no doubts that Sanji will return to be with the SHs. Chapters like this are so hard to read week to week because you are forced to wait in emotional agony for the SHs to figure things out, but when they do, it all ends up okay. I know for a fact that something is going to happen that will give them an opening, whether that be that present with the bomb, another ally, or some kind of plan that Sanji eventually thinks up. In other words, HOPE IS NOT LOST. This is probably one of the lowest parts of the arc in terms of hope, but I seriously think things will start to turn around soon.

At least, I hope so. Seeing this turmoil with some of my favorite characters does not do me well in large doses.

BTS Reactions To Finding Out That Their Girlfriend Is Suffering From Depression


I feel as if Jin would catch on that their was something you were hesitant to tell him throughout your relationship. He wouldn’t push you into telling him, respecting your privacy. I think he’d have some suspicions as to what it was though. Especially, on days that happened to be worse than others. If he saw that it was getting out of hand or becoming more severe, his worry would grow and he’d finally sit you down and have a serious conversation with you about it. He’d reassure you, that his love for you would never change and that the two of you would conquer it together. He’d be there every step of the way, and would be very patient. Eomma Jin would probably come out a lot.

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Yoongi, I think most likely would have caught on, even before the two of you started dating. I think he’d be able to recognize the signs pretty quickly. You would probably know that he knew as well and it’d become an unspoken truth. He would never directly address it unless he found that their was a need to. He would be very understanding of your abrupt mood swings. For example, if you had been fine one day but the next you didn’t want to leave the bed the whole day he wouldn’t question it. I think overall, he’d silently comfort you and try his best to be there for you at all times; lending an ear for you and a shoulder to cry on whenever you needed/wanted it.

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I feel as if Hoseok, would walk in on you crying one day. He’d immediately rush to your slumped form on the floor asking you what was wrong. When you told him that you didn’t know and that you just suddenly felt like crying all of a sudden, he wouldn’t catch on at first and simply soothe circles down your back and try to cheer you up. However, if he walked in on the same scene a second time, he’d begin to grow suspicious that something was up. He’d be very hesitant but he’d ask you if there was something going on that you hadn’t told him about. After your confession, he’d be relieved that you trusted him enough to tell him but also upset. He’d feel helpless, wanting to help you get better but not knowing how. He’d become a lot more supportive than he already was and would constantly comfort you and act silly in an attempt to bring a smile to your face.

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Similar, to Yoongi, I think Namjoon would have probably caught on even before the two of you had begun dating. He strikes me as the type to do research on depression and figure out ways that he could help make things easier for you and what course of actions he should take, in different circumstances. When he sensed that you were comfortable enough around him, he’d bring up the topic but would tell you that if you weren’t comfortable talking about it, he wouldn’t pry. He’d always for some reason be to be there whenever things got really bad and would walk you through your tears, your thoughts and -if things got to that point- any injuries you may have inflicted upon yourself. 

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I think Jimin, being the natural caregiver and sweetie he is, would become very doting. He wouldn’t mean to, he may not even realize what he’s doing, it’d just happen. If it ever came to be too much or too overwhelming I think you’d have to be the one to tell him that you weren’t comfortable with it. He’d be completely understanding and admit that he wasn’t sure of how to help you but he’d reassure you that he’d always be there for you and love you no matter what. I think just knowing that you were probably going through a hard time would affect him, but he’d try his hardest to not let it show. Whenever you became emotionally distant, it’d take a toll but he’d understand. 

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I think Taehyung wouldn’t treat you any differently, only because I feel as if he’d want to make you feel normal, not like others, which would treat you differently. That doesn’t mean he’d act as if it didn’t exist though! He’d always take it into consideration no matter what he did or said to you. He just wouldn’t be obvious about it. Ever so often, I think he’d ask you how you were doing and whether you thought it was improving or worsening. He’d be there whenever you needed him. For example, if you were having an off day, he’d probably try his hardest to take the day off or at least come home early from practice to keep you company. While on tour, he’d make sure to order presents to be sent to you probably every week and he’d try to text/call very often!

Originally posted by taevhyung


I feel as if another member would have to point out the possibility to Jungkook, for him to actually start truly seeing it. Once the possibility was brought to his attention, he’d start to connect the dots between some of your past behaviours/actions. I think he’d become more protective of you, like if someone said anything that might upset you, he’d try to take you away from the situation or distract you enough for you to forget about it. He wouldn’t bring it up unless you did, but it’d always be in the back of his mind. If there was a time where he really had no idea what to do, he’d call his hyungs for help, most likely the oldest (jin, yoongi, namjoon, maybe hoseok).

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As someone who personally suffers from depression, I know how helpful it is to have someone you know that you can talk to about it if you need to. I don’t know if any of you feel this way, but personally I always feel as if I’d be burdening some by talking to them about it, or in a way make them feel uncomfortable. So, I just wanted to say that if any of our followers or anyone in general ever needs someone to talk to please don’t be afraid to message me! I’d be more than happy to listen to whatever you need to let out :)

~Admin Coffee

"I need to know that you're okay." (Ethan)

Requested by @dolanangels: “Can you do an imagine where the reader is so stressed out and hiding her feelings then Ethan asks what’s wrong bc he noticed and she snaps on him.


It’s a little different than what was requested, but I started writing, and it flowed together, and I liked the way it turned out. :)


The semester was coming to an end and you were crazy stressed out about finals. You were over studying and you just wanted nothing more than for it to be summer vacation so you could not do anything but sleep for three days in a row.

Finals coming up also meant that you had to make some sacrifices. You and your boyfriend, Ethan had spent so little time together during finals week. Even though you shared an apartment, you still hardly ever saw each other. Whenever he was home, you were at school, and when you were home, he was out at mettings. Whenever you were both home, you were locked up in your bedroom, trying to study.

”(Y/N), can I talk to you?“ Ethan asked one afternoon. He came into the bedroom and sat in the bed next to you. You nodded, not looking up from your textbook.

“Come on, take a break. You’ve been at it for hours.” Ethan whined, trying to take your notes out of your hands.

“Ethan stop.” You said.

“C'mon (Y/N). Pleeeease.” He continued, kissing your neck.

“Ethan, please stop. I need to focus.” You said again. Ethan let out a loud sigh.

“I just wish these textbooks and notes weren’t taking over your life. Am I not even important to you anymore.” Ethan said.

“Why would you say that? You know you’re the most important thing to me. But school is important to me too. Do you not want me to be successful? Do you not want me to get a good job?” You said, a bit upset.

“No, no, (Y/N), you know I didn’t mean it like that. I just-”

“You just what?” You asked. He just sat there, no answer. “That’s what I thought.” You said. You got out of the bed and grabbed your car keys. “I’ll be back later.”

“Where are you going?” Ethan called, but the door had already shut by the time he got his words out.

You hopped into your car and just drove. You had no idea where you were going, but you couldn’t be at home right now. After about 45 minutes of driving, you finally stopped at a McDonald’s. You pulled into the drive through, ordered, and parked so you could eat. You sat there, staring out if the windshield, and just started crying.

You didn’t know why you were crying, but you had a feeling that it was a mix between you being stressed, and also being upset about the way you overracted with Ethan. You pulled your phone out of the cup holder and saw you had a missed call and a voicemail from Ethan.

“(Y/N), I know you’re upset with me, and I’m so sorry that what I said made you upset. You know I hate when you take off like this. Please call me back, I need to know that you’re okay. Iove you.” He said. You cleared your throat and dialed his number.

“(Y/N)? Thank god you’re okay.” He said when he answered.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You said.

“You’ve been crying, I can hear it in your voice. What’s wrong baby?” He asked.

“I’m just, so stressed out right now. Finals have pushed me to my breaking point. And also, I’m upset about the way I acted earlier.” You said as you started crying again. “I shouldn’t have gotten upset like that. I don’t even know why I got upset. But, I’m sorry. I love you, and you know that. More than anything in this world.” You said.

“Baby girl, you know I love you too. Now, come on home. It’s getting late, and I know you’d like to get some sleep.” He said.

“I’ll be there in a bit. I love you.”

“I love you too. Bye baby.” Ethan said. You said bye, hung up the phone, finished your food and drove home. Once you got home, you were so exhausted from crying, that you just fell into Ethan’s arms. He picked you up bridal style, and he carried you to bed.

“I love you Ethan.” You said as you wrapped yourself in the blankets.

“I love you too (Y/N). Now, get some sleep.” He said as he kissed your temple. He wrapped his arm tightly around your waist and you quickly fell asleep.

“You’ll Stay By Me Forever, Right?” (Yongguk)

Requested by anon

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    The smell of kimchi fried rice filled your apartment as you cooked a late-night snack, stirring the pan as you browsed your social media on your phone. You pushed up the sleeves of the long hoodie of Yongguk’s that you were wearing as a nightdress as you started to get too warm. You swayed from side to side, unable to help but jam to the song coming through your earbuds, and you were just about to dump the rice onto a plate when someone plucked out your earbuds, and you whirled around, startled, only to be wrapped by strong arms in a tight embrace and surrounded in a familiar smell. “Yongguk?” you murmured incredulously, even though you knew it was him. He wasn’t due to be back for another week.

    “Hey, babe,” he murmured into the crook of your neck and you grinned into his shoulder, your fingers gripping the back of his sweater.

    When at last you finally started to let him go, he kissed you, and you felt the frustration and sadness of missing him drain out of you through the passion of the kiss. When you finally drew back, you were out of breath. Yongguk gave you a warm smile, holding both of your hands in his. “It’s good to see you.”

    “You too,” you replied sincerely.

    “Nice outfit, by the way.”

    You looked down, slightly embarrassed, self-consciously holding down the hem of the hoodie. “Thanks. You hungry?”

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Yo I've seen your lesbian!percabeth headcanons, but what about gay!percabeth???

Good point friend! I’ll have to remedy that, so here are my gay!percabeth ideas

- Annabeth didn’t figure out he was Andrew until after the war ended; he was finally able to think things through once the pressure of constantly trying to save the world was off his shoulders

- Andrew had serious anxiety about coming out to Percy. He thought through every possible scenario and had many sleepless nights. He shouldn’t have worried though. Percy thought about it for a minute before enveloping him in a big hug, whispering how brave he must be and chiding him for not telling him sooner

- Percy going around introducing everyone to his boyfriend and explaining the situation to everyone alongside Andrew so he’s not alone. He grips Andrew’s hand the entire time, rubbing comforting circles with his thumb

- Percy talking to the Apollo cabin and getting Andrew started on hormones. A few days later he surprises Andrew with a whole closet full of new clothes and Andrew is speechless about how thoughtful Percy is

- Sally teaching Andrew how to shave and knot ties

- Andrew and Percy are the kind who can be wrestling one day and crying their eyes out over a sad movie the next

- Imagine Andrew and Percy taking trips to the beach, Percy throwing them into the waves and sharing underwater kisses

- Percy proposes, surprising everyone because he does it so romantically (really it’s because his mom helped plan it shhh)

- Imagine Percy and Andrew adopting kids and being parents. Percy would braid their hair and Andrew would help with homework. Sally has them over constantly - sometimes they wonder if the kids spend more time at their house or hers

- Percy and Andrew having a happy, caring family and being content with how their life turned out, no matter how crazy it was when they were younger

Mod Isabel