finally this pic is hq!!!


please become a team of black,
like the crows you represent.

The whole set of the Mane7 as steampunkers!

This took me a lot of work, effort and time, but I’m glad and satisfied I finally finished it!

Enjoy! ~♥

Edit: Added a link to the HQ pic, available for free download!

Check it out here:


“We don’t have to fall from grace
Put down the weapons you fight with

Kill ‘em with kindness”  (please click on pics for HQ)

Final result of my live stream editing and i think i quite like it!

Thank you @koffeecake​, @asleepmoodlet​ and the others for watching my stream, you’re all so nice, i feel blessed!  ❤


External image

based off this post and really just an excuse to draw Daichi in short shorts.

I’ve Been obsessing over kurodai lately and even been talking to what-fire-is-in-mine-ears about an awesome au (she’s the best I just can’t with how good her characterization is), but I figure i should get all my almost done kurodai stuff out of the way before i start throwing anymore projects on myself (ФДФ)