finally this dress


Older Klance? older MARRIED klance (they are like 30ish and still in space)

Mashing up my favorite things: Lance being Allura’s diplomatic ambassador (@worlds-shortest-astronaut) , and in a nice committed relationship between them.

✨ Transformation Tuesday aka at the goal of losing 50kg/110lbs in 9 months. I can finally, confidently, say that I love myself. ✨

Princess Zelda medieval fashion

              Welcome Home, Master! ”

Dang it, I was late for Maidens day, but only by a day! Have a cute maid Prompto inspired by my baes over at @owlteria and @letshareapapou! We all did cute maids this year so you should check out their awesome art! Prompto is ready to clean up your mess now!~
     Treat him nicely, okay!


Final Fantasy XVRay Chase and Robbie Daymond’s mini skit at Game Realms


Dear Evan Hansen: Act One Finale
|| Arena Stage
Rehearsals | 1st Preview