finally they set up a truce

Imagine your OTP #3

Person A and Person B are in a prank war with each other. First, the pranks start innocent and cute, post-it notes on their back, popping balloons right behind them. Then it escalated to chicken boullioun cubes in the shower head, toothpaste in the Oreos, salt instead of sugar in their coffee. Finally, the pranks are getting out of hand.
Person A has resorted to staying in a hotel room, paranoid. Person B stocks up on food and locks themself in their room. Both are convinced one is going to prank them amd they end up staying locked up for a whole week. The entire time, they text each other, convinced one of them is just outside the door though they say they are hiding. They dare not send a picture for fearing they might give away their position.
Finally, Person A and B give up and walk out the door. A bucket of water set up a week ago at the front door soaks them both as they shake hands for a truce. Neither are convinced the war is over.