finally they set up a truce

Bad Timing

For @pandalandalopalis because I couldn’t resist writing this and I love the two of them being protective of each other. The Dragonpit scene was amazing though-I loved it. 

King’s Landing loomed off the side of the boat, the towers of the Red Keep sparkling in the early dawn light. On the top deck, the two monarchs stood shoulder to shoulder watching it draw closer; it should have been a momentous occasion but there was a tension to the moment because the city wasn’t safe for them. Not yet. 

“Do you think she’ll try and kill us?” Jon loosened his cloak, just slightly. It was significantly warmer in King’s Landing than it had been anywhere else, even on Dragonstone, but he refused to take off his cloak-more out of principle than a desire to be warm. 

“I’d be surprised if she didn’t.” Dany caught her breath, her fingers tightening momentarily on the boat railing. It was a small thing, barely noticeable if one wasn’t paying attention-but Jon always seemed to be paying attention to the Dragon Queen now. 

He touched her lower back instinctively, to steady her. “Are you all right?” This hadn’t been the first dizzy spell in the last few days; Dany tried to play it off as nothing but he was starting to get worried. 

She nodded, but she wouldn’t look at him. “I’m fine.” 

“Maybe we shouldn’t-”

She shook her head and stepped away from him, not turning away from the sprawling city in the distance. Her arms were crossed slightly, as if cold, and the look in her eyes was utterly inscrutable. The queen mask was coming down; gone was the Dany whose door he had knocked on in the middle of the night, who had stayed up for hours telling him about her life on the run, who had spent every minute by his side when he was healing from his wounds. There was no time for weakness; not now. “It’s the weather.”

He nodded, though it had never bothered her before. But he knew better than to fight with her, especially now when they needed to be as strong as they could be. 

Queen Cersei wasn’t near as deadly as the Night King, but he was still nervous-almost more nervous than he’d been before he left Eastwatch. At least the wights he could anticipate; the Queen was desperate and unpredictable, which made her dangerous. And he wasn’t particularly looking to die so soon. “If you’re sure you aren’t-”

“I’m fine.” He thought only he could hear the catch in her voice. Seven hells. This was the last thing they needed. The absolute last thing. 

They were all very silent on the way to the Dragonpit. They’d purposely picked a meeting spot that was far removed from the rest of the city; there was no predicting how the common people of King’s Landing would react to the Unsullied, much less the King in the North or the Dragon Queen. But the tension was still there, especially when the Lannister guard met them at the edge of the city. He got a few curious glances but for the most part everyone’s eyes flitted over him and to Tyrion-the once hero of the Battle of the Blackwater and now a wanted fugitive. 

It had been so long since he’d seen Cersei-and even then he’d just caught a glimpse of her at Winterfell. Everything had changed now; she no longer had her long golden hair and there was something in the way she carried herself that screamed power and hidden ferocity. She truly looked like a queen, as she took her seat at the front of the pit. 

Her eyes flickered to Dany’s empty seat, just like everyone else’s. And even though Jon knew perfectly well where the Dragon Queen was, he still felt tense and uneasy. What if something went wrong? 

Dany made her entrance, of course-and he couldn’t help but be in awe of her. Then again, he knew he wasn’t the only one. Even some of the Lannisters were looking at her with grudging respect as she climbed down from her black scaled mount, face expressionless, and took her seat next to Tyrion. Cersei looked practically livid but Dany didn’t rise to the bait. Too much was at stake; there was too much riding on this meeting to do anything that might risk its outcome. 

She was too pale. 

He thought he was the only one who noticed; she was generally very pale anyway. But her light skin was almost translucent; he could practically see the veins standing out in sharp relief under her skin like a map…the same veins he’d kissed a couple of months ago back at Eastwatch, when they’d first made love to each other. And her hands were shaking; just slightly, but enough to make him worry. We should have set the meeting for another day. But how could they have cancelled? They already couldn’t show any sign of weakness as it was-how would they have explained it to Cersei? 

The wight went over about as well as he’d expected. It was gratifying just to see the look on the Lannisters’ faces when they let it loose from its box and the queen and her entourage beheld it in its full glory, its eyes rolling and the flesh curling from its ruined bones. 

And then came the moment he’d been dreading; he was asked to swear neutrality. He knew what he was supposed to say, how he had to lie…but he couldn’t. So he didn’t. Because he knew, better than anyone, that he couldn’t serve two queens-and there was only one queen that mattered, at least to him. Even pretending to serve another would be a betrayal to her. 

The reaction was nearly instantaneous-Cersei said “Then we have nothing more to discuss” and stood up, her retinue grouped loosely around her. Most of the members of Dany’s entourage were on their feet as well and he knew that he’d ruined everything. He didn’t know what he was going to say or how he could fix it but he knew he had to try…

And then Dany was sick all over the Dragonpit floor. The giant arena went dead silent and Jon felt worry crawl down his spine. 

He saw Cersei turn back, seizing upon the moment of weakness like a cat on injured prey. A shock of fear went through him, quick and thrilling-and he closed the distance between them in two steps, where Dany’s entourage had circled around her protectively. Dany was struggling back to her feet-but she was barely on her knees when she slipped again, falling back to the sand. Her skin was white as parchment. 

The entourage made way as soon as they saw him; Missandei was half supporting the Queen, while Dany tried to stand. “What happened?” 

Missandei shook her head. “I don’t know-”

“It could be poison,” Varys murmured, glancing at the Lannisters. 

“She needs to be checked by the maester,” Jon replied, trying to ignore the way his heart was racing. It shouldn’t be affecting him as much as it was. 

Dany struggled to her feet, only squeezing Missandei’s hand once when it looked as if she might fall. “I’m fine-”

“You’re not fine,” Tyrion replied. “Your Grace-” He glanced between her and the Lannisters, obviously torn. “I can try and talk to her-”

“She’ll kill you.” 

“I have to do something to try and salvage this. Besides, she’ll take this as weakness and exploit it as much as she can. Take her back to Dragonstone,” Tyrion muttered. 

“I don’t-”

“I’m not asking.” Tyrion left, not looking back once. Jon got the distinct and disturbing feeling that if the Queen’s Hand never came back it would be his fault. 

Dany bit her lip, seeming to realize that everything was falling apart around them-and then she suddenly fainted into Missandei’s arms. The queen’s advisor looked at Jon worriedly. “I hope this isn’t what I think it is.” 

He picked the queen up gently and started down the path to the harbor, not looking back once to see how their enemies would take it. Let them stare. He’d probably only confirmed Cersei’s worst fears anyway. 

The rest of the day was tense and quiet back on Dragonstone. The maester was able to make his diagnosis within twenty minutes-the Queen was pregnant. And Jon could only assume that the baby was his. 

Tyrion and the rest of her advisors returned much later to announce that a truce had been reached in spite of the disaster in the Dragonpit. The relief was quick and sweet…but it dissipated suddenly when he had to fill Tyrion in on what had happened. This further complicated things. And Jon hadn’t thought they could get any worse. 

When the sun set, he was finally allowed to see the Queen. She’d been confined to her rooms all day while Missandei fussed over her-but when she saw Jon she just smiled sadly. “I tried to-”

“You did wonderfully. Up until…” 

She laughed mirthlessly. “Cersei will know soon, if she doesn’t already. A child…it puts us both in more danger. 

“We’ve always been in danger. Tyrion says the truce might have been a trap anyway-what reason does she have to trust us, and what reason do we have to trust her?” He took her hand easily; it still sent a shock through him at first, as though it was the very first time. “She wants to kill us both anyway.” 

“But she knows I’m vulnerable.” He could see the fear in her eyes, the way she held one hand to her stomach protectively-and he couldn’t help thinking of Robb’s wife Talisa, murdered by the Lannisters, her unborn child stabbed in the womb. 

“We’re stronger together. You said we’d defeat the Night King together-you’re not going back on your word now, are you? And I told her that I only served one queen.” And I’ll protect you. I won’t even let her get near you. 

“That was stupid of you. I respect it, but…it wasn’t the right time.”

“It never would have been the right time.” 

She took his other hand, guiding it so it rested on top of hers. “Did Tyrion’s assessment change? Are we still fucked?”

The word sounded so odd, coming out of her mouth. He couldn’t help smiling, just a little. “I don’t know. We can’t trust the Lannisters but…any men at all make a difference.” 

He was more desperate than ever to win now; there was no other option. Not if he was going to be a father. 

But they’d cross that bridge when they came to it. 

She sounded like she was smothering a laugh. “Well…now she knows. Now everyone knows about us.”

“And we’ll deal with it as it comes. That’s the only thing we can do.” 

“Missandei told me you carried me all the way to the ship. You didn’t have to do that either.” 

“I was worried about you-”

“It was stupid. But I respect it.” 

And just for that moment, for that smile they shared, it seemed like everything would be all right after all. Somehow, things would work out. Hope might be dangerous, but it was all he had left. 

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Dog Mom Life- Prank War

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: The Reader and Tom are having a prank war.. let’s just say Tom is in for some trouble.

Warnings: Swearing cause I swear IRL and so does Tom. Cute/ funny

Word Count: 1,500

A/N: I saw Spider-Man Homecoming again tonight :,) Inspired by Tom & Harry’s prank video I saw on Youtube lol.

[Tom’s POV]

“So how’s the prank war going,I heard your wife is in the lead?” The Interviewer asks repositioning himself in the chair.He had a grin on his face waiting for my answer. I knew this question was going to pop up.

“She is… Last week she glues my hand to my script which luckily was just the last page.. as you probably heard she drew a realistic spider on the toilet roll causing me to scream, trip , and fall into our shower…” I admit laughing in embarrassment.

“You actually fell for it even while knowing you’re in a prank war with her?” he laughs shuffling his cards.

“It looked so real! Mate, if you were in my situation and scared of spiders like me you would understand!” The memory of the spider made a shiver run down my spine. My laughter gets cut off by my phone ringing. Apologizing to the staff I answer it holding my phone away from my face. I normally ignore my mom’s calls but it’s my wife and I love her and her beautiful face.

“Hello Darling , how are you?” I smile but internally scared by her angry face in the screen.

Thomas Stanley Holland… YOU SWITCHED MY OREOS FILLING WITH TOOTHPASTE?!” Her voice making me shrink back in my chair. Fuck. She’s hangry, pregnant and hormonal. I knew this prank was risky.

“You’re not getting anything from me this weekend when you come back home, not even the special thing you like eith- please tell me you didn’t answer this in an interview” I laugh out loud as her cheeks turn pink. The sound of the crew and the interviewers laughter makes her eyes widen.

“Yes love, we were just on the subject of the prank war..”

“Well Thomas you’re going to regret messing with my oreos..” Her middle finger is the last thing I see before the line goes off.

Fuck” I groan tilting my head back my eyes widening when I realized I swore,looking over at the camera.

“I’m sorry Sony” but on the inside I’m screaming FUCK ME I’M SCREWED WHEN I GET HOME.

“What am I saying, I’m a Brit and I swear a lot.. They can’t be mad I made my pregnant wife angry” I nervously laugh looking to the side.God this is going to be a long day, I’m so nervous to go back home now.


[Reader’s POV]

“At least you got the video of him falling into the shower, he just knows you have the picture”Zendaya laughs clapping her hands together.

“Today he answered his phone and then I got mad at him cause he messed with my Oreos and then I said he wouldn’t get anything from me and not even the special thing he likes then I realized he was in an interview because of all the Spider-Man backgrounds.. “

“YOU’RE KIDDING ME”  her face drops completely her laughter ending. I wish I was kidding,yet I wasn’t. Now I’m going to become a meme with Tom’s fans I know it. Their memes are floating around the internet as we speak.

“Yes, and he had me on FaceTime while he was in an interview” I groan as I burry my face in my hands. All I heard was Zendaya’s laughter fill the air. Her laughter was a great sound but it sucked hearing it you were still so embarrassed.

“Girl, don’t stress out you’ll harm my future Godbaby out.. That just means you have to get him back so badly he will want a truce” She grins mischievously quirking an eyebrow up. God her eyebrows were threaded by Aphrodite herself.

“Well I did have a plan for him when he get’s home, maybe it will be bad enough for him to end it.” I sigh adjusting the screen of my phone. Zendaya was currently sitting in her hotel room and was bored. The two of you becoming close and picking on Tom was fun for the two of you.

“What do you have planned for him?”

“Well I was going to do something with his hair gel but I love his curls too much to put glue in the gel..”

“Okay well I have an idea since you mentioned glue.. it will be one sticky situation he can’t get away with now listen closely” Reaching over I grab a piece of paper and a pen.

“Ready, Okay let’s get started”




“Darling, I’m home!”

“Hey baby, how was the rest of the day?” I ask chopping up some carrots, the knife going down harder hearing his voice.

“Uh.. darling please be careful with the knife.. you could hurt yourse-” Stabbing the knife into cutting board, Tom flinches from the sound taking a step back. Hormonal,pregnant and a knife.. Not a good combination.

“Alrighty then.. I’m just going to go to the bathroom and probably have a scroll through instagram while you cool down darling..” He backs away out of the kitchen slowly.

“Hold on, I have to pick up something I spilled in the basin” I walk towards the bathroom making sure I had the thing Zendaya told me to get. Once inside I fix up the bathroom getting everything settled.

   Leaving the bathroom with my items I let him in. Tom presses a kiss against my forehead before walking past me. “Tessa , come here love” I call out setting her dish onto the floor. Grabbing the baby book I was reading earlier in the day. I make my way to the couch and sit down setting it aside.  

Opening up my camera I press record waiting for him to realize and finally I hear Tom shout.“GOD DAMMIT, WHAT THE FUCK… SERIOUSLY BABE?!”

Paybacks a bitch isn’t it…


Laughter is pouring out of you as you walk over to the bathroom. Tom being an idiot and not locking it you walk in. He covers himself groaning loudly a grin on your face. “Can we please have a truce.. I give up CAUSE MY ASS IS GLUED TO THE SEAT!”

“So does that mean I’ve won the war?” I ask peeking from behind the camera. A huge grin was plastered on my face. He glares grabbing a strip of toilet paper from the roll.

“I Tom Holland, surrender to the Prank War Queen, now get me the fuck off babe!” He waves the toilet paper strip like a flag. He uses his shirt to cover himself on the camera.

“Okay baby, let me get the nail polish remover” Pressing end on the video I set my phone on the counter.

“God you’re lucky I love you” He looks at you with a loving smile that melts your heart.

“More than yesterday?” I ask tilting my head to the side holding up the bottle of nail polish remover.

“Yes I love your more, more, more than yesterday, now get me off of here… I can feel my unborn child judging me from inside you”  he pleads as you open the cap grabbing cotton balls.

“You better not fuck with my oreos again Thomas Holland..” My voice stern as I rub the soaked cotton ball on the skin connected on the seat.

“I promise not to touch the oreos darling.. I risked the war with fucking up the oreos..” He sighs as you work at separating his skin.

“How much glue did you put on here?”

“I don’t know! Zendaya said to use a lot because you have a “thick ass”  I say throwing up quotation marks.

“My ass isn’t stupid, it’s a nice ass!” he defends crossing his arms over his chest. Rolling your eyes you finish the left side moving to the right.

“I know your ass isn’t stupid babe, it’s an American term.. In terms it means you have a big ass” I laugh getting another cotton ball throwing the other one away.

“I love you darling, even when we do crazy shit like this” You feel his lips press against the back of your head.

  The moment he got free he stood pulling his pants up. Remnants of glue still stuck to his ass and legs making me  laugh. The glare he sent my way silenced me right away. Tom picks up a bag from the dining room table handing it to me. Opening it up was a new package of Oreos calling your name.

“I love you so much, thank you” I pull him by his shirt pressing my lips against his.

“More than yesterday?” he mumbles against your lips. Breaking apart I nod my head up at him cupping his cheek with my free hand.

You loved this man just as much as the Oreos you were holding.

BTS Reaction to their s/o pranking them

request: Can u do a reaction when the s/o prank them? ☺️

[requests are open]

-Kim Seokjin-

Jin wouldn’t be too pleased when you tried putting bright blue hair dye into his shampoo. He didn’t mind you doing it to the other members, but with him it was an absolute no. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” “Go do it to the other boys, not me.”

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-Kim Namjoon-

Namjoon would end up destroying the prank before you had even begun. He didn’t know about the pranks, but he somehow breaks it every time you set it up. You finally learn it’s no use in the end.

*looks at the broken mess he made* “That was for a prank?”

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-Min Yoongi-

Believe it or not, Yoongi woud be willing to have a prank war after you had pulled the first prank. You would both plan elaborate pranks to get back at each other, but would call it a truce in the end. It was a rare event, so the both of you enjoyed it while you could.

“Oh you’re gonna lose (y/n). Just watch.”

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-Jung Hoseok-

When you successfully got him to run into a doorway covered in plastic wrap, Hoseok would be laughing his butt off. He didn’t really care at all, he just loved that the both of you could have fun together.

“Oh my god (y/n)” *laughs* “You got a video?”

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-Park Jimin-

When you pranked Jimin with lyrics from a song, the poor baby would be so confused. He honestly wouldn’t understand what you were trying to do until after you had told him.

“What do you mean ‘where did I lose my happiness’?? I don’t understand what’s happening.” “A prank? What the hell?”

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-Kim Taehyung-

Prank on him? More like pranks with him. Every time you planned one to do on Taehyung, he ends up finding out and then there’s no use in doing it anymore. To make up for your failed attempt, he would help you pull the exact same prank on the other boys.

“I already know about it.” “We can do it on the other boys? I’ll help you.”

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-Jeon Jungkook-

Just like Yoongi, he would have a prank war with you until one of you surrendered. The rest of them would dread the event, mostly because it would go on for weeks if Namjoon didn’t stop the both of you. 

“Prank war it is (y/n)”

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I Only Wanted You

Request: Bellamy and reader request where finn never massacred the grounders so when lexa offers a truce, reader is forced to marry a grounder and he abuses her… but Bellamy stops it and figures a way out. With love confessions and a happy ending please.

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Sorry I didn’t post much today, I took the day off to spend time with my family and play Resident Evil 7:), plus I didn’t have any requests. Until I saw this one, and really wanted to write it! Please, don’t forget to send in some requests!

Warning: force marriage. abusive relationship. i don’t mean to insult anyone, if you don’t like this type of prompt, don’t read.

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“This truce…” Lexa spoke slowly and with intrigued eyes, you watched her pace back and forth. You stood next to Bellamy and behind Clarke, you co-leaded with the two, though you were more like a consoler and vice-giver then anything. Despite that, Lexa wished to have you in the room.

You couldn’t help but feel her second-in-commands, a tall male, who stood broad, eyes on you. You tried to ignore the way it made you feel uncomfortable, but you could feel his eye slinger longer then they should and his eyes drift up and down. 

You stood closer to Bellamy then before, fear rising in your throat at the lecherous look in his eyes. Bellamy paid no mind to you, only thinking you were cold or something.

“Yes, if we want to save our people in Mount Weather, I believe we need to establish a truce.” Clarke explained, leaning over the table as she looked at Lexa pleadingly. You watched, ignoring the man and instead focusing on your leader. You wanted this truce to work, you really did, or else you would be able to save your family. You wouldn’t be able to save Harper, who happened to be your best friend.

“I understand that, Clarke.” Lexa nodded, and you didn’t miss the way her eyes drifted to you. “But we need some sort of trade agreement to establish the truce, my second-in-command, Thune, reminds me of that.” 

“Anything.” You stepped up, all eyes falling on you as you cut in. You gave Lexa a smile and nodded. “We will give you anything. I will give you anything.” You could feel Bellamy’s gaze on you but shook your head, but when you looked back at Lexa you couldn’t ignore the way her eyes stared at you in sympathy, as if she knew something you didn’t.

“Yes, well… we have already thought of something.”

“What is it?” Bellamy asked, suspicious.

“Thune wishes to have a wife.” She said, hiding her internal feelings as she raised her chin, staring at you directly. Suddenly, as if everything clicked, you took a step back in shock. Clarke’s eyes falling on you as she too realized, you let our gaze drift the Thune seeing him walk towards you with a wide smile.

“No.” Bellamy stepped in front of you, his voice stern and demanding. He effectively blocked Thune’s path towards you and you fiddled with your fingers, looking down. Was this really the only way? You didn’t understand. Why you? Why must he had a wife in order for the truce to be established?

“There must be some other way,” Clarke reasoned.

“There isn’t.” Thune finally spoke, staring at you over Bellamy’s shoulders.

Clarke glared at him before turning to Lexa, you didn’t miss the way their eyes drifted longer than they should. There was something more there… “Commander, please. What does him having a wife have to do with our truce?”

Lexa stayed silent, seemingly thinking over things before she finally answered. “We must… have one of your people here in order to make sure you all mean well. We are vulnerable in this truce and we can not have you betraying us, the most effective way is to keep someone of yours here.” She explained, and you reasoned that it did make sense. The only thing is why you? Or why as a wife? You would’ve possibly offered to stay willingly, but you weren’t ready to be married, especially to a man you didn’t know. A man you didn’t love…

“Okay… why Y/N? Why as a wife?” Clarke asked, not giving up on you yet.

“Because my wife was killed by your people.” Thune cut in, glaring at Clarke darkly as he took a threatening step toward you. Bellamy tensed, his hand falling to the gun strapped to his leg.

“i-i…” Clarke stumbled for words.

“No.” Bellamy repeated, “anyone else. Not Y/N.” 

“There is no other choice.” Lexa said and you sighed.

“I will not let them take her, Clarke.” Bellamy said, only directing his sentence to Clarke. You watched as Thune’s face twisted in anger and Bellamy went to pull out his gun before you grabbed his wrist. The room went still as you let out a deep breath, Bellamy’s gaze falling on you. You smiled at him sadly, before stepping in front of him. You looked directly at Thune, despite the fear that nestled in your stomach.

“Fine.” You spoke, all eyes once again on you. “I will be your wife, but only if you promise not to betray us. That the truce will stay in effect.” 

Lexa nodded, “yes. I promise.”

“Y/N!” Bellamy’s voice practically boomed, you turned to him. “I have to Bell,” you nodded.

“There has to be another way.” He whispered harshly towards you.

“There isn’t. Please, save our people.” You leaned up kissing his cheek, until you felt a tight grip on your upper arm. You turned to see Thune, ready to lead you out before his gaze drifted to Lexa’s obediently.

“Y/N, this truce happened because of your willingness. You will be treated right.”

You left one final gaze towards Bellamy before you were dragged out of the room.

Your fear was rightly placed. Thune was mean and harsh, he didn’t treat you as a human rather something pretty to look at. You never knew grounders could be this cruel, even when they had set war against you, before this. He stared at you with hunger and anger, his eyes twisted as he repeatedly beat you.

You weren’t allowed to leave the house. You hadn’t seen your people in days and instead the same boarded walls, Thune would leave during the day and you would be forced to work. You wondered if this was how he treated his last wife, or if the anger of loosing her caused this. Either way, you didn’t care, you just wanted out. You needed out.

You were scared to speak. Scared to move when he was home. He was much stronger than you and you hadn’t been able to collect anything of your things from Camp Jaha before your stay. 

You missed everyone, but most of all you missed Bellamy. You wanted to see his freckled face staring at you, giving you hope in the most hopeless situations. You were restless and scared.

Marks and bruises marred your skin. He had even tried to force you, but you’d fought, screaming before he gave up. When he had, you’d realized that he was scared of being caught. That what he was doing was wrong and he could potentially get in a lot of trouble for this. You had thought about running to Lexa, hoping maybe she’d understand but there was no way. Not with Thune in your way.

You were weak. And everything hurt. Even now when you laid on the cot, Thune was gone and you weren’t sure when he’d be back. But you relished in the quietness.

You regretted thinking that when the sound of the door opening squeaked and you immediately sat up. Scared. What was he going to do now? Looking around you searched to see if you had done everything he’d told you to do, at first you’d fought his orders. Appalled that he thought he could boss you around, that was before he beat you. Now, you obeyed every order. You’d lost all fight.

Your eyes widened when it wasn’t Thune and rather a face you never thought you’d see again. “Bellamy…” You whispered, trying to see if you were dreaming or if he was really there.

“Y/N… what did he do to you…” He whispered, his eyes taking in your weakened state. Suddenly you became ashamed and you hugged yourself, you never wanted Bellamy to see you in such a pathetic state, he always told you how amazing you were at fighting and staying strong, and now…

“I-I’m sorry…” You choked out.

He was about to reply before footsteps echoed and you snapped up. No. If Thune saw him you didn’t know what would happen. You shot up, running to Bellamy and grabbing his arm. “You need to go. You need to hide.”


You ignored his voice, in a fit of panic you looked around. There was no where! “He’ll hurt you. He’ll hurt me!” You cried, scared.

“Girl.” Thune’s voice cut your panic and you snapped your head to behind Bellamy, seeing your worse nightmare standing there with a angry look on his face. You began to shake, stepping back. You crouched, covering yourself, “please..”

You closed your eyes, waiting for the hit before a thump echoed and you looked up, expecting to see Bellamy on the ground only to see Bellamy standing over top of Thune. “Y/N… we need to go.” He went over to reach you and you flinched back, he stared worriedly before kneeling down and staring at you with his soft caring eyes. You could get lost in them, and finally you felt a tiny bit safe.

“I won’t hurt you. You can trust me.” Bellamy whispered, staring at your eyes. With a slow hand, you let your hand fall in his much larger one, letting him pull you up.

“We need to get you out.”

“What about the truce?” You asked, staring at the outside that you hadn’t seen in days.

“I’ll figure something out.”

You stood in the same room that you’d been standing in when you’d been wedded off. Tuck directly beside Bellamy as you stopped opposite of Thune. His face bruised because of Bellamy. Clarke stood next to you and Bellamy, Lexa in front of you all.

“What is the meaning of this?” Lexa’s voice cut in. “Thune, you first.” You flinched, cowering into Bellamy as tightened his grip around you, glaring daggers at Thune.

“Everything was going well, before that Skai person disobeyed the rules of our truce. He took the girl… Y/N, claiming i beat her.” Lexa let her eyes fall on you, watching as you flinched.

“Clarke.” Lexa ordered.

“Y/N has been beaten since the day we signed our truce because of Thune. Bellamy only just saved her, before he brought her to be.” Clarke keep her eyes on Thune as she spoke, then her voice became soft and she looked to Lexa. “Lexa, she has multiple bruises over her body.”

“That is a lie!” Thune yelled, outrage. Lexa held her hand out to him, looking at you. 

“Show me the marks.” You gasped, looking up at Bellamy before he nodded at you, reassuringly. You carefully stepped out from his embrace, raising your shirt to show blue, purple and almost black bruises all over your skin. As well as cuts that marred, cuts that would without a doubt scar.

“My god…” Lexa whispered, her eyes outraged as she looked over your body. You shivered at the cold, before she nodded and you let your shirt fall.

“I promised you safety in my home, Y/N.” She spoke, her eyes falling on Thune. He stared back defiantly at her. “This is a direct betrayal of out truce, Thune, and I can not let it continue.”

You sighed, turning to Bellamy who hugged you and smiled. “I told you I would keep you safe.” He kissed you on the forehead and you finally felt safe again. 

“You are allowed to return home, Y/N and the truce is still in effect.” Lexa reassured Clarke and you let a breath of relief. Happy you hadn’t ruined what you needed most.

“What about Thune?” Bellamy asked angrily, his eyes dark and narrowed towards Thune.

“He is sentenced to death by a thousand hits… by Y/N.”

The Prank War

Tim Drake Week Day 1 Prompt 3

“Wait, why am I naked and covered in cheese?”

“Because that’s what happens when you start a prank war with me babe,” You smirked down at your boyfriend, one hand poised on your hip while the other held a can of spray cheese. “And besides. I left you your underwear, I’m not that cruel,” Tim blinked down at his cheese covered form groggily, and then wrinkled his nose in disgust. “You realise that our bed is going to smell like milk forever now right? We’re going to have to get a new mattress,”

You raised an eyebrow. “You mean like I had to get new textbooks when you set off the fire alarm and soaked them?”
Tim groaned, trying to peel himself out of his cheese cocoon so that he could sit up. “That was Jason! I told you I never wanted to be part of this ridiculous game,” You scoffed.
“Funny, that wasn’t the impression I got when you covered the entire hallway in plastic cups of water,” “Fine I’m sorry! Please can we call a truce?” You hummed, considering it. You figured if you teamed up you might finally be able to get Jason…

“Okay. Truce,” you agreed chirpily. “Oh thank god,” Tim sighed, managing to unstick himself from the mattress and stand up. He glanced at the door leading to the bathroom, and you wondered if you should tell him you had replaced his shampoo with cheese too. But you had done it before the truce..

Tim turned his gaze on you then, and there a playful smile tugging at his lips that instinctively made you wary. “Tim…” “Babe. How about we celebrate our truce with a nice big hug?” His eyes gleamed with mischief as he took a step towards you. “Tim, no. No no no…” You started to retreat towards the door, Tim advancing on you with his arms spread wide in all his cheesy glory.

“Tim don’t you dare!” The words came out as a squeak as you darted out of the room. You heard Tim laughing behind you, already in pursuit as you raced down the hallway to the kitchen, hoping to arm yourself with more sprayable foods. This was likely to get very out of hand very fast. You definitely weren’t going to tell him about his shampoo after this.

Event: @i-am-negan-trash 2k Fic Exchange

Title: Savior’s Tavern

Character: Negan

TV: The Walking Dead

Warnings: SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

I was paired with @brexja!

“Bloody hell is this shit?” I muttered, lifting the invoice to get a better look at it.

An unnecessary purchase had been made, costing the bar five hundred dollars.

“Xherries Adult Gifts,” I read aloud.

Clicking my tongue as I rolled my eyes, I slammed the invoice down, “Damnit, Negan!”

Negan was a good friend of mine and I was the manager of his bar called Saviors Tavern.

I had heard about a stag party that he had been planning to throw for his friend Simon, and it seems I found an itemized list of the party favors.

Getting up, I decided to confront him, customers be damned. It wouldn’t be the first time people had seen us bitch each other out.

As soon as I opened the office door, loud, horrible singing assaulted my ears.

Shit… Karaoke night. Which meant that the bar area was packed.

Going down the corridor, the bathrooms already had lines, drunk college chicks waiting to fix their makeup.

It didn’t take me long to find Negan. He was stuck behind the bar, trying to keep up with the drink demands.

Feeling kind of bitchy, I decided to stay back and watch him sweat.

“Goddamnit Fat Tony! I thought I told you to go get KJ!?” he hollered over the roar of chatter.

I couldn’t help the snort as I choked on a laugh.

Negan’s head swung in my direction. He glared, “How about getting your sweet ass over here?”

“You have such a way with words,” I said, bending at the waist to go underneath the bar top.

Negan turned to the shelves of alcohol and reached for the top shelf vodka, “Bitch,”


“Slut,” he rebutted, grinning.

“You’re such a fuckin’ douche canoe, ya know that!?” I laughed.

He chuckled, leaning down with a shit eating grin on his face, “Yeah, but you love me,”

I smacked him with the invoice, “Yeah, well, instead of being a twat, maybe you should go visit Xherries Gifts and find you some love,”

“Aww, are you jealous that I didn’t get you a boyfriend who knows how fuck?”

Ohhhhhh, low blow even for a joke. He knew that I had just ended a six month relationship not too long ago.

“Can we get some beers here!?” a loud customer yelled.

Both of us turned our heads and spoke at the same time, “Shut up!”

“This isn’t over Negan!” I hissed, pointing at his face.

He laughed, filling a cup.

“Who’s ready for some goddamned drinks!?” I yelled, making the bar erupt with cheers.

I took a bunch of shot glasses, quickly stacking them into a pyramid.

Yanking the expensive vodka from Negan, I poured it into the top glass, over filling it so that it would leak into the other glasses.

I slammed the bottle down and took out a box of matches. Striking one, I carefully lit the alcohol, setting the liquid on fire.

Everyone yelled and cheered until the flames died down.

A few paid for the drinks, immediately drinking them and then went on their way. The bar area had cleared pretty quick.

“And that, you ass, is how you please a crowd.” I told him.

I spund around, grabbing a bar rag and cleaning up the sticky mess that others had made.

“KJ?” Negan called out.

“No, Negan. Not now,”

I heard him sigh, then get back to work.
Last call was made at 1:30, which was pretty early. The crowd had thinned out quite a bit for some odd reason, but I was thankful to finally get out of the bar early.

“KJ?” Negan called from behind the bar.

Scratching my forehead, I turned to him, “What Negan?”

He set out two shot glasses and poured some whiskey into them.

“Truce?” he asked.

I really didn’t have it in me to argue with him anymore.

“Truce,” I sighed, scuffing my shoes along the way.

I hopped up onto a bar stool and grabbed my shot glass. Negan came around the bar, taking his. We clinked our glasses together, throwing back the liquid.

I grimaced as it burned going down.

“Another?” he asked.

I shook my head, “No thanks. I’m driving home.”

Negan stared at his glass, his brow pinched, “Listen, about what I said earlier-”

“Negan, don’t, alright? Just don’t,” I whined.

“Goddamnit woman! Will you let me apologize!? It doesn’t happen every fuckin’ day ya know!”

My eyes widened at his out burst, “O-okay,”

Negan rolled his neck, popping it, “I was out of line. I’m sorry,”

Blinking, I felt shocked that he even bothered, “Um… thanks, Negan,”

He nodded, pouring him another shot and throwing it back.

“That difficult to apologize?” I laughed.

“You have no fuckin’ idea, Sweetheart,” he growled as the alcohol went down.

“Listen, I need to go,” I was about to get down from the stool, when Negan’s hand touched my waist.

“Wait KJ… I-”

I watched him, quite a few emotions flickering across his face. Raising a brow, I began to get impatient.

“Fuck it,” he said, gripping my hair as he leaned down and kissed me.

I gasped, fisting his white shirt in my hands. Naturally, I would have pushed him away, but there was something that told me not to.

When he pulled back, I licked my lips and bit down on them out of nervous habit.

“Negan, we shouldn’t,” I whispered.

He ran the pad of thumb over my swollen bottom lip, “Why not?”

“For one, we work together,”

“Not a good enough reason,”

“How about, I don’t want to?” It was a weak argument at best. I did want him… bad.

Taking his hands, he ran them down my arms and over my breasts.

“I call bullshit. Your body is already responding to me,”

I squeezed my thighs together.

Damn him for being in tune with me!

He cleared his throat and stepped back about a foot from me, “If you really don’t want to, we won’t. You know I’m not like that,”

“I know you’re not…” I said, tracing the lines on my palm.

Gripping my chin, Negan tilted my face up to his, “What’s it gonna be, Sweetheart? I’m gettin’ a case of blue balls here,”

I snorted. True Negan fashion.

I looped my fingers into the waistband of his jeans and tugged him to me, “Yes.”

The air changed, becoming electrified. Negan pulled my shirt over my head, throwing it to the side.

He then unbuttoned my jeans, pulling off my shoes, socks and pants.

I sat there in my underwear, shivering with want.

“Hate to say it KJ, but I’m about to ruin this set,”

I raised a brow, waiting.

He yanked down the straps of my bra, snapping them with ease. The delicate lace that covered me, fell down my breasts, exposing them to the cold air of the bar.

Quickly, he ripped my panties from my body, then finished ripping my bra in two.

My chest heaved, my eyes closing as I waited for his next move.

Negan’s long fingers ran across my chest above my breasts, to my back where he stood behind me.

He kissed and nipped at the sensitive skin of my neck and his next words set me on fire.

“I’m goin’ to pet that pussy and treat her like a lady,”

My hips rolled on the bar stool as I ached for some sort of friction.

Starting at my knees, Negan dragged his hands up my thighs, were he pulled them apart, exposing me.

I held onto his waist, ready for his touch as he continued to talk dirty to me.

“I bet that pussy is wet,” he whispered.

I swallowed, my body shaking even more.

Slowly, he ran his hand down my torso, stomach and to my mound.

He purred in my ear as he cupped me, but not fully touching me, “Damp,” he said.

It took all I had not to clench my legs together at his touch.

“Keep those legs open, Sweetheart,” he said, his middle finger running along the outside of my lower lips.

“Christ Negan,”

He chuckled, dipping his finger into me.

I moaned, squeezing his hips.

He groaned, nipping my neck while he dragged his finger through my wetness and circled my clit.

“Like a goddamn river,”

I rolled my hips, turning my face into his neck as he went knuckle deep in my entrance.

“Oh my god!” I cried out.

Negan came around me, letting me lean back against the bar. It wasn’t the most comfortable, but I was curious as to what he’d do next.

When he knelt between my legs, I knew I was in for some teasing.

I watched as he spread my lips and leaned in, the tip of his tongue circling my clit lazily.

My stomach muscles spasmed, making me jump slightly.

Negan laughed, his breath hot on me. Going back in for more, he flattened his tongue, licking me several times before dipping the tip of his tongue in my entrance.

He curled the tip, and the sensation made me slap a hand over my mouth as I squealed loudly.

With one last lick and a quick slurp, Negan stood and unbuckled his jeans. He released his hard length, stroking himself as he stood between my legs.

Negan was panting as he teased my aching core with the head of his hardness. We both hissed as our juices made the friction silky.

I watched as he rocked his hips, the seeping head appearing and disappearing between my folds.

He was holding back, but the sweat had begun to bead at his hairline.

Having mercy, I lifted my hips when he pulled back, letting the tip slide down to my entrance.

Negan was so focused on not coming, that he groaned as he sank into me, not expecting to be enveloped by heat.

“Fuckin’… shit,” he panted, “Gimmie a minute Sweetheart. You’re tight as hell,”

I sat up slightly, grabbing the end of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head. Licking my lips, I ran my hands through the hair that covered his long torso.

Even down to his happy trail. I took hold of the base of him, wrapping my legs around and gently pulled him into me until he was buried to the hilt.

We rolled our hips, his tight, dark curls rubbing deliciously against my cit.

As he pulled out, he bent at the waist, taking a breast in his hand. While staring up at me, he flicked and licked at at my hardened nipple before carefully running his teeth over the flesh.

My fingers tightened in his chest hair, holding on as I moaned.

“Don’t you dare stop,” I groaned, my accent becoming thicker.

Negan growled, gripping my chin firmly as he sealed his lips over mine in a rough kiss. His hand circled my neck, not squeezing, but holding me still as he started to snap his hips.

Our skin slapped, the combined juices from our body making wet, slippery sounds the faster he moved.

I could feel the tightness begin to coil as I started to come. Only when I voiced that I was, did Negan apply a slight pressure to my throat.

My eyes slammed shut as I held on, feeling him lose his rhythm while he fell off the edge as well.

Negan leaned, his hand resting on the bar with his face buried in my shoulder as he lazily rolled his hips.

“Fuckin’… fuck!” he panted.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” I giggled.

He laughed, pushing his torso up and holding my hips, “Think you can go again?”

I gaped at him, “Already?! Jesus Negan!”

“C'mon, you know you want more,”

Cheeky shit was right, but damn, let a woman gain some feeling back in her legs!

“You are a cocky bastard, you know that!?”

Negan licked his lips, “I do love it when you talk dirty, baby!”

I don’t know where in the bloody hell it came from or what was in that whiskey, but we went at it like fuckin’ rabbits all night.

We even slept through the morning, not waking up until after two o'clock in the afternoon.

Negan was laid out on the couch, his hardness standing at attention. He watched as I scrambled to find some of my extra clothes.

I was stumbling around to say the least, extremely saddle sore.

“No! Uh huh!” I said, holding a hand out to him, “There’s no way I can go again!”

He sat up and stalked over to me, his signature shit eating grin plastered on his face.

I yanked up my yoga capris before he reached me, but I was still topless.

“What’s the matter KJ?” He asked, kissing my neck.

I moaned, then hissed when I felt him nip at a tender spot on my neck.

I slapped his bare ass, laughing, “You’ve littered me with hickies, fucked me raw, okay! You have officially ruined me,”

He laugh was deep and sensual, “Good to know baby,”

Cupping my cheek, Negan kissed me as his other hand went to my breast, gently fondling the soft flesh.

I couldn’t resist the moan that left me.

It was then we heard a loud crash and a couple screams that broke our little love fest.

“What the hell!?”

We looked at each other and threw on the rest of our clothes. Negan grabbed his trusty barbed wire bat, while I took my nine millimeter.

We ran out into the bar area, finding two of our waitresses were fighting a ragged looking man.

He was clawing at them, a disgusting gurgle leaving his mouth. He was covered in blood and smelt awful.

I raised my gun, but found it hard to get a decent aim with the girls trying to keep him away.

“I can’t get a shot!” I shouted.

Negan ran over and quickly knocked the man upside the head making him fall to the ground.

The women ran behind the bar, clutching each other.

“What the hell was that!?” I demanded from them.

“He attacked Heather, look!” Linda cried.

I looked at Heather’s arm and flinched at sight of bone. She was deathly pale and sweating profusely.

“Go sit down in a booth and we’ll call the cops and an ambulance,” Negan instructed.

Linda and Heather cried out, pointing at Negan.

I spun around, finding the foul man standing, the whole left part of his jaw hanging on by a mere tendon.

He lunged towards Negan.

I raised my gun and took the shot, hitting him square in the head.

The man, now silent, stumbled back briefly, falling out onto the floor.

“What the shit!?” Negan shouted, blood splatter on his cheek.

My eyes were wide, my chest heaving. I had just shot a man… in the head.


I could hear Negan call out to me, but my stare was focused solely on the man.


I jumped, then looked at the gun in my hand, “He… he was going-”

“Shhhh,” Negan soothed, running his fingers through my hair.

“I… I’m sorry,” The dam broke and tears blurred my vision.

I had just killed a man.

“KJ, c'mon baby, don’t,” Negan pulled me into his embrace.

I fisted his shirt, trying to take deep breaths. I felt like I was going to pass out as I began to hyperventilate.

So much for the afterglow.


Light The Way - Volga/Link [Volink, NSFW]

Okay but Link and Volga getting trapped somewhere like a cave or something, and Link having to cuddle up next to Volga because he’s so warm (or like hatesex in the cavern because they blame each other for getting trapped, that works too).


Smut is so difficult to write. It wants plot.

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godaime-obito  asked:

Soulmate AU 10 for Kagami x Tobirama, pls?

Tobirama knows from the beginning that he won’t meet his soulmate for a very long time. The number on his forearm is high, in the distant future. Not a childhood meeting for him, not like Mito and Hashirama’s (though, to be fair, they both share a third timer that’s several years beyond the first). Not a teenage love, like Touka is destined for. And that’s all right with him, because it means his soulmate survives. He’s calculated the time, written it out on paper in the middle of the night when no one will see, and he’ll be twenty-six when they finally come together. 

Twenty-six seems like an impossible age for a shinobi, right up until the very moment he reaches it. 

It’s the year their truce with the Uchiha is formalized. Butsuma and Tajima are dead, killed each other months ago, and between Touka and Izuna and Hashirama and Madara and Mito, and several other matches denied until now, the treaties come together easily. A date is set, welcomes are prepared, and peace is no longer a dream, but a possibility. 

Tobirama, however, watches the numbers on his timer fall away, calculates exactly when it is they’ll stop, and knows it can’t be coincidence that the final zero will come on the day of the meeting. 

Deep in the midst of the Nara Clan’s compound, surrounded by Uchiha and Senju alike, with only minutes left on his times as it counts down, Tobirama can’t help but keep his eyes on the shifting numbers rather than his surroundings. The fall away, slide down towards single digits faster than he had imagined they could, and even though he should be keeping pace with his brother, paying attention to the politics, all he can hear is the pounding of his own heart. 

He takes a step, shifting sideways out of Touka’s path - 

The numbers drop, 6 5 4 3 - 

A shoulder slams into his. 


He looks up to meet wide black eyes, the beginnings of a blush. It’s a boy, an Uchiha boy, probably only seventeen, with wild dark hair and a handsome face. 

I - oh,” the boy says. “Oh gods, you’re my soulmate? You’re so hot. Just- so hot. I must have been the most pious priest ever in another life. Or a martyr. Yay, congratulations me.”

Tobirama blinks at him, entirely speechless in the face of that flood of words. “Hello?” he attempts in response.

The Uchiha glances down at his bare arm, then up again, and grimaces. “Please tell me your counter just hit zero,” he says, almost plaintive. “If it didn’t, I am going to attempt a Doton jutsu even though I’m terrible at them and try to sink into the ground. Permanently.”

Tobirama can’t help it. He snorts, taking half a step back, and holds out his arm to show the neat row of zeroes already starting to fade to white. 

“Please don’t,” he says, and allows himself the faint tug of a smile. “I would hate to have to dig you back out.” A pause, committing the boy’s features and chakra signature to memory, and he adds, “I’m Senju Tobirama.”

“I know,” the boy blurts, then looks like he wants to smack himself. “Uh. I mean I’m Kagami. Uchiha Kagami. It’s - I was going to say nice to meet you but I don’t think that even comes close to covering it.”

“Not, it rather doesn’t,” Tobirama agrees, and it feels like his soul is lightening, like a warmth that reaches through him. Like family, like potential. He looks at Kagami for a moment, and Kagami looks back, and - 

“Oh, just shut up and kiss already,” Touka says from behind him, somewhere between annoyed and amused. Then, because she lives to make Tobirama’s life far harder than it should be, she ducks away from his attempted grab and cries gleefully, “Hashirama! Mito! Guess who found his soulmate~

Kagami laughs, startled and bright, and Tobirama can’t quite fight a smile even as he rolls his eyes, turning back. “Unfortunately,” he says dryly, “a whole host of idiots are part of the package.”

Kagami grins at him, and he’s beautiful. “That’s okay,” he says cheerfully. “I’m sure the package is pretty nice - um. That - that was not meant to sound like an innuendo. Oh gods. Can I go back to the Doton jutsu plan  now?”

Tobirama laughs, and thinks that if this is his soulmate, he’s well worth all the years of waiting. 

Imagine your OTP #3

Person A and Person B are in a prank war with each other. First, the pranks start innocent and cute, post-it notes on their back, popping balloons right behind them. Then it escalated to chicken boullioun cubes in the shower head, toothpaste in the Oreos, salt instead of sugar in their coffee. Finally, the pranks are getting out of hand.
Person A has resorted to staying in a hotel room, paranoid. Person B stocks up on food and locks themself in their room. Both are convinced one is going to prank them amd they end up staying locked up for a whole week. The entire time, they text each other, convinced one of them is just outside the door though they say they are hiding. They dare not send a picture for fearing they might give away their position.
Finally, Person A and B give up and walk out the door. A bucket of water set up a week ago at the front door soaks them both as they shake hands for a truce. Neither are convinced the war is over.


Queens consort of England - Berengaria of Navarre

Berengaria of Navarre was born circa 1165 the eldest daughter of Sancho VI ‘the Wise’ King of Navarre and Sancha of Castile. She had 3 brothers, Sancho (the future King Sancho VII of Navarre), Ferdinand and Ramiro, Bishop of Pamplona and two sisters Constance and Blanche of Navarre, who married Count Theobald III of Champagne.

Berengaria was described as having dark hair and eyes, “petite, and a fine musician… in all things, a suitable consort for a king”. Ambroise, a contemporary Norman minstrel, described her as “elegant and prudent”.

Richard I of England 'the Lionheart’ had been betrothed since infancy to Alys of France, the sister of King Phillip Augustus. However, Richard’s father, King Henry II, had made Alys his mistress, and Richard was therefore reluctant to marry her. Gossip claimed Alys to have even borne the late King’s child.

Richard’s mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Dowager Queen of England selected Berengaria as a future wife for her son. A marriage with Berengaria was desirable as it would bring a dowry that would aid Richard finance in the Third Crusade and would provide protection for the southern borders of Aquitaine. Richard was a great friend of her brother, Sancho, Berengaria had met Richard only once prior to their espousal, at a tournament at Pamplona held by her father.

The indomitable Eleanor of Aquitaine, then aged 70, traveled over the Pyrenees to collect Berengaria and escort her to Sicily where they were due to rendezvous with Richard. On reaching Sicily they were joined by Richard’s sister, Joanna, the Dowager Queen of Sicily. They were expecting to meet up with Richard in Messina, but he had already continued on his journey for the Holy Land. Berengaria and Eleanor had arrived at Sicily during Lent, and so the marriage could not take place until after Easter.

The voyage to the Holy Land continued, but the ship carrying Berengaria and Joanna was shipwrecked on the coast of Cyprus in the course of a violent storm. The Cyprians besieged the English survivors of the wreck at Limasoll. A large ammount of treasure, intended for use on the crusade, was appropriated by Isaac Comnenus, the Emperor of Cyprus. Richard dispatched a letter to Isaac, which was arrogantly ignored. Outraged, he unleashed the full force of the famed Plantagenet fury on the unfortunate Isaac. The Cyprian Emperor was overthrown and English governors were set up over the island which was used as a garrison for the crusade.

Berengaria and Richard were married on May 12, 1191, at the Chapel of St George at Limassol on Cyprus, she was crowned Queen of England the same day by the Archbishop of Bordeaux and Bishops of Évreux and Bayonne. She travelled on to Acre in Palestine with Richard and accompanied him for the first part of the crusade. When Richard finally agreed a truce with his enemy, Saladin, Berengaria left the Holy Land for Poitou in France, Richard was taken prisoner on his way back to Europe in 1192 by Duke Leopold of Austria, whom Richard had insulted gravely in the early stages of the crusade and was held prisoner in Germany until 1194, when his mother Eleanor arranged for his ransom.

The marriage of Berengaria and Richard produced no children, Richard proved to be an indifferent husband, more interested in his warfare than his wife. He was rumoured to have been homosexual, and though he did have at least one illegitimate child, Philip of Cognac. On his release he made no effort to send for Berengaria, and a priest is said to have ordered him to reconcile with his wife. Richard was ordered by Pope Celestine III to reunite with Berengaria and to show fidelity to her in the future.

When he fell ill and thought death was near, Richard vowed that if he recovered he would never leave his wife again. He did recover, and true to his vow, he went to Poitou and became reconciled with Berengaria. An entry in the Polychronicon records- “The King took to him his Queen Berengaria, whose society he had for a long time neglected, though she were a royal, eloquent, and beauteous lady, and for his love had ventured with him through the world.” He granted her the revenues arising from mines in Cornwall and Devonshire as her dower. The couple’s reconciliation was short lived however and Richard, despairing of heirs by his queen, eventually named his younger brother John as heir to England.

Richard the Lionheart died on 6th April, 1199 at Chalus in Limoges, from a crossbow bolt wound infected by gangrene. His mother was by his bedside at the end. His neglected wife was not even summoned, but she was reported to be greatly distressed at his death.

Berengaria although Dowager Queen had never seen England, she never remarried and lived on at Le Mans in Maine, one of her dower properties. Richard’s succesor, his younger brother King John, seized much of her property and failed to pay her pension. She sent envoys to complain and Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Pope, Innocent III, both intervened. The Pope threatened John with an interdict if he did not pay, but he never paid most of what was owed to her, at his death he still owed Berengaria more than £4000. John’s son, King Henry III, finally did pay much of what she was owed.

She founded the abbey of L'Épau on the outskirts of Le Mans in 1229 and entered the convent there. Berengaria died on 23 December 1230, before the Abbey was finished and was buried there according to her wishes. Her tomb monument has been moved many times over the proceeding centuries and doubt remains over the exact location of her burial. A skeleton of a woman who died in her sixties, which thought to be hers, was uncovered by Pierre Térouanne in 1960 during the restoration of the abbey. These remains are preserved beneath the stone effigy of the queen, which is now in the chapter house of the abbey

anonymous asked:

Imagine instead of bringing the team to the farm Clint brings them to the apartment building where he's the landlord and they meet Lucky and Kate (who Tony says is too young for Clint) and they got to the roof with the other tenants and basically the same idea as the farm scene but at the apartment building

Bed-Stuy?  You’re super secret safe house is in Bed-Stuy?”

Clint ignored Stark’s incredulous yelps as he brought the quinjet in for a landing.  The jet’s stealth mode meant that they could safely land on the apartment’s roof without being tracked.  The jet fit easily into a corner near the generator he’d had installed last year; cover it with a tarp and it’d blend in just fine, so even eyes from the sky wouldn’t be able to tell it was there.  And there’d still be plenty of room for a barbeque tonight, besides.

“I’m just saying,” Tony said as they disembarked.  “The Tower is right over there.  Why don’t we just–”

“Head to the first place Ultron will think to look for us?” Clint asked as he helped Natasha toward the stairwell.  He didn’t like how much she was shaking.  He was gonna kill that Sokovian witch.  “No one knows about this building, Stark.  Not even Shield.  We’ll be safe here.”

“Will we?” Cap asked.  He gestured to the quinjet, which he and Thor had just finished covering.  “There are civilians all over the place here, Barton.  That’s a massive security risk.”

“No one here will tell anyone,” Clint assured him.  “They know me, they know who I am.  They’re good people.  They can keep a secret.”

“And what about when one of them complains to their landlord about the jet parked on their roof?” Stark snapped.

“You don’t need to worry about him either,” Clint said.  “He’s me.”

That stunned them into silence.  Clint explained as he led them downstairs to his apartment.  “Most of this neighborhood was destroyed during the Chitauri attack.  This building was still standing, but the landlord was part of some sort of mob business.”  With awful fashion sense, he added mentally.  “They tried to drive the tenants out in order to cash in all the land deals springing up from the the federal rebuilding money.  I bought the building to keep the tenants from losing even more of their home.  Seemed the least I could do.”

It hadn’t ended there, of course.  It’d been a long three years since the Battle of New York, trying to protect his people from those tracksuit animals.  Things had actually gotten better after Shield fell; after all, Nick Fury had ended up needing a safe house, too.

He didn’t mention that last bit to the others.  They’d find out soon enough.

They reached his apartment, and he unlocked the door and swung it open, keeping one arm around Nat, and jokingly calling out, “Honey, I’m home!”

Lucky immediately started barking and rushed over to greet him, tail wagging furiously.  Clint squeezed Nat’s shoulders and then dropped down to his knees so the dog could wash his face.  Damn, but it was good to be home.

“Make yourselves at home,” he said over his shoulder.  “Dinner’s in a few hours.  I’ll go let Grills know to expect a few extra tonight.”

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Stone Cold - Part Five

A/N: Sooo heres the next part im not happy with it because i had mad writers block with how i wanted to add everything in, to explain some stuff, i had all these ideas i just couldnt work them in, im hoping i can figure out how by the next part, so i do apologize :( im sooo unhappy with this chapter, im sorry that it sucks, you guys deserve better ugh xx

Characters: Danneel, Jared, Misha, Reader, Jensen


Flashbacks are in italics

 “Stop it babe!” You giggled out running back and forth trying to avoid Jensen.

 “Never! I like you all wet” He teased.

The two of you were taking a break from shooting, you were currently out in a field somewhere you didn’t remember it was extremely hot so Jensen thought it would be a good idea to have a water gun fight and well Jensen called a truce, right when you were about to finally get him. He ripped your gun out of your hand spraying you with both so he currently had an unfair advantage.

 “Please babe, mercy! Ill do anything!”

 He stopped tilted his head to the side like a cute little puppy “Anything?”

 “Annnnnnnnything” Your tone was sexual trying to tease him, you started twirling your hair giving him a wink

 He dropped both the guns running to you picking you up by your waist spinning you in circles as you screamed, he set you down gently pulling you close to him. 

 “I’ll take you up on that offer tonight” He whispered softly in your ear.

 Staring at you he pushed your hair behind your ear “God, you’re so beautiful”

 Feeling your cheeks heat up giggling you softly shoved him “Stop it”

 “I’m so lucky to have you in my life y/n” He took a step back before sticking his hand in his pocket pulling something small and black out not long after he slowly starting kneeling down never breaking eye contact with you, you raised your hands to cover your mouth completely shocked about what was going on.

“y/n, i knew it was you the first time i laid eyes on you in the audition room, i felt something i never felt before with anyone. You are the light at every one of my dark tunnels, you are my everything, i always want you in my life and i hope i always get to be in yours. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and oh god you are the love of my life, will you marry me?”




Everyone stood shocked at Jensen just said, the words kept running through your mind “I never stopped loving you, how could i? you’re the love of my life” Every bit of sadness seemed to wash away and was replaced with anger, how could he say that? taking a step back from Jensen “I’m the love of your life?! Thats fucking bullshit Jensen, If i was the love your life you would still be with me! But you left me for her! Thats a fucking lie, everything you told me was a lie!”



“Yes! A thousand times yes!” You cried out happily. He slid the ring on your finger standing up, you threw your hands around his neck, he wrapped his arms around your waist, giving you a huge long wet kiss on the lips, picking you up once again twirling you around, throwing you over his shoulder running towards everyone on set screaming out “Were engaged! Y/n and I are getting married!!”

 “Babe put me down” you giggled hitting his back with your fists

 Setting you down he laced your fingers in his “Let’s go tell everyone, i want the whole world to know, god babe i love you so much” He gushed placing a wet kiss on your cheek. He yanked you forward towards Jared.

“Hey guys” He calmly spoke pretending like nothing happened, you giggled.

“Hey lovebirds, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, we just got engaged, what about you?”

“Just finished sho- wait what did you say?!”

“WERE ENGAGED!” You shouted in unison  

Jareds face lit up, pulling Jensen in a hug patting him on the back “About time you two, congrats, i’m so happy for you both” Pulling you into him he gave you a big bear hug squeezing you so tight swaying you side to side “God y/n i’m so happy, i told you everything would work out”

“Dude give me back my fiancé” Jensen laughed pulling you back into his arms, looking down at your smiling he kissed your head, whispered in your ear “I love you so much beautiful”


Jensen’s face turned red, he ran his fingers through his hair something he did when he was trying to stop his emotions when they were too overwhelming “Y/n, I never left you, you left me”

“No you left me! You left me in the bar and left with her!” You screamed pointed at Danneel

“Im sick of you saying that y/n im trying to be civil here”

“Ha! Trying to be civil that went right out the window when you cheated on me” you screamed pacing back and forth

Taking a step towards you running his hand down his face “Y/n i never once said we were over, you’re the one that gave me back the engagement ring, you canceled everything that we had planned for our wedding that was all you, I never stopped loving you, Yes i love Danneel and i’m with her but you will always be the love of my life, you were my everything, and nothing, no one is gonna change that. I know what i did was wrong, i should of never cheated on you, i wish i never did, I have no good excuse for what i did, but i never once said we were over and i didn’t wanna be with you, you ended it, that’s all on you”

Realization hitting you, you became speechless, he was right, oh god he was right, your mind racing through the flashbacks lf everything, sitting on the bench with you giving the rings back, trashing your guys house after cancelling everything for your wedding. You looked down embarrassed, tears forming once again. He sighed taking another stride towards you “y/n i really am sorry for everything you had to deal with, i’m really sorry for everything you went through with the baby, God am i ever sorry for forgetting everything, i was so hurt with everything that happened i spaced out and i shoved it to the back of my mind, i’m sorry i wasn’t there for you but you wouldn’t let me be there, im sorry this is all being said way too late”

“Why didn’t you fight for me then? If you never wanted it to end why didn’t you fight?”

“i don’t know, i thought it was for the best, i thought you deserved someone better, i was some worthless scum bag who cheated on you with some girl i just met, i never meant for this to happen”

You two were so caught up in each other you forgot about the other people in the room, Danneel stormed over to the two of you, slapping you across the face turning to Jensen tears streaming down her face “Wanna tell me she’s the love of your life to my face?! What the hell Jensen?” She shoved him back a bit.

 You were now holding your throbbing face, Jared running over to you “Are you okay?” nodding you just shrugged your shoulders giving him a sly smile. Taking a step towards an arguing Danneel and Jensen, you tapped her on the shoulder “Danneel I’m so sorry, i don’t know what to say”

 Giving you the stink eye she rolled her eyes “Just leave”

 You gave her a nod “Okay” Looked at Jensen with sad eyes, with that you started to leave, feeling arms wrap around both of your shoulders you looked up to see Jared and Misha smiling down at you, you leaned your head onto Jareds shoulder.


You walked out of the bathroom your nerves taking over, you started to shake nervous as ever, making your way around the corner towards the kitchen you spotted Jensen at the stove making omelets for the both of you for breakfast, seeing him like this brought your nerves slightly down sighing loudly causing Jensen to turn around a big smile on his face “Hey babe, so I decided to cut up chicken and bacon to go inside the- babe? what’s wrong? hey don’t cry” He rushed towards you

 “Please don’t leave me Jensen”

 “Babe i would never leave you!”

 “You promise?”

 “Of course i promise” He gave you a reassuring smile and pulled you into his chest.

 “Can i tell you something?”

 “Yes, anything”

 “I wanna make a baby with you”



“What are you going to do y/n?” Jared asked handing you a cup of coffee, After everything that went down earlier today, they let everyone have an early day off as long as you all came in bright and early tomorrow, Jared and you decided to go to Starbucks for some food and to talk.

 Taking a sip you replied “What do you mean what am i going to do?”

 “What are you going to do with what Jensen said?”

 “I’m not going to do anything, what can i do?” Jared shrugged his shoulders, giving you and understanding sigh before you continued “There married Jared, they have a baby on the way, nothing’s going to change, it’s too late for us”