finally they are married

with all the blessings a heart can give

a promptis ficlet - part one | part two | part three (fin.)

Prompto is still on the couch when Noctis slips through the door. He’s turned the television off, gathered the blankets around himself, and dozed off for a bit. He turned off his phone at some point to stop himself from doing something stupid like search up other media on the press conference or worse, sending Noctis a text. 

He’ll wait for Noctis. He promised.

Noctis comes into view, hair dishevelled and expression exhausted, one hand pulling at the knot in his tie. He’s muttering, “Gods, how does Specs wear these things and not strangle himself…” when he catches sight of Prompto all curled up. Noctis stops. “Prom? What’s wrong?” he says, alarmed. “Are you feeling sick? Did you forget your meds today?”

“I’m fine,” Prompto says, pushing himself up. He watches Noctis round the couch and settle in the spot next to his legs.

“What’s going on then? You look worse than this morning.”

Prompto stares down at his lap. His voice is quiet when he says, “I watched the press conference.”

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Kishi had Sakura state that the forehead poke was better than a kiss and that occurred in the final chapter of the manga before the epilogue when they were married. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Even VAs see it as romantic, a proposal. Just because it meant that Sasuke would return to continue when he redeemed himself doesn’t make it any less romantic and it fails to prove that he has no romantic feelings for her. It is an important expression of love so yeah he wouldn’t just throw it around to his friend Sakura and then fall in love with her on his journey.


Pairing: Dean x plus size!Reader, Sam
Word count: 683
Warnings: A swear or two

Final Part of Fat and Beautiful

You and Dean got married at the courthouse, nothing fancy. You wore your favorite sundress, and he wore slacks and a dress shirt. As did Sam. You didn’t care about the bells and whistles. All that mattered to you, was the man you were marrying.

Life went back to normal, except for Dean would call you ‘Mrs. Winchester’ from time to time, just to see your face light up. The two of you fell into a routine, enjoying a sense of normalcy.

It had been nearly a year of marriage when Dean left you little hints that he wanted to move to the next part of your relationship. You were confused at first, wondering about the random items you were finding in places you were always in- a stuffed bear, a rattle, things like that. What finally made you ask what was going on was a box of pregnancy tests, that had been left on the bathroom counter like the damn things belonged there.

“Babe, care to tell me what this is about?” You asked, leaning on the kitchen door, holding the unopened box of pregnancy tests. Sam’s eyebrows went up and he looked over towards his brother. “That was basically my reaction.”

Dean grinned, getting up. “I want to start a family with you.” He told you, shocking everyone into silence. “Don’t look so surprised. Why are  you surprised?”

You chuckled and pecked his cheeks. “I always thought it’d be me asking for babies, that’s all.”

Sam got up, carrying his mug. “I’ll leave you two to talk about reproducing. I’m not needed for that.” He teased as he walked by you, heading back to his own room.

Once he was gone, Dean gripped your soft hips, kissing over your jaw. “What do you say?” He breathed. His lips brushed your skin over your neck, making you close your eyes. “Do you want to?”

Your head was back slightly as his hands moved all over your body. “Are you sure?” You asked, not wanting to get pregnant and have him freak out, changing his mind. “Are you completely sure that you want a family right now?”

“So fucking ready, sweetheart.” He groaned.

“Then, yes, we can start trying.” You giggled at the grin that spread across your husband’s face as he looked at you. “Trying gets stressful, so how about we just don’t try to prevent it?” Getting his hopes up every month would kill you. This way, it would be a hope, but not an expectation.

Dean kissed you deeply. “Deal.”

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9:30pm // I'm laying in bed with the woman I am going to marry when gay marriage is finally legal here in Australia. Might I add, I'm high as a kite eating crispy mnm's Netflixin' on my own because she's snoring her head of and dribbling all over the pillow. 😻✨

You marry that sleepyhead

One thing i really like about Ginny is that she’s both a mega Quidditch jock and still pretty feminine without either excluding each other. She could both knock you off with a Quaffle and rock pretty dresses and have pink bedroom walls decorated with band posters. She destroys pesky gender roles and stereotypes so effortlessly and i love her.

Rick’s savage monologue from the new episode - 

 “I took YOUR family? Who do think had more taken from them when you shot 20cc’s of liquid dream killer into my daughter? She was Rick’s daughter Jerry! She had options! That all ended because she felt sorry for you. You act like prey but you’re a predator.  You use pity to lure in your victims - it’s how you survive! I survive because I know everything, that snake survives because children wander off and you survive because people think ‘Oh this poor piece of shit he never gets a break, I can’t stand the deafening sound of wails from his wilting soul, I guess I’ll hire him or MARRY him!’“

I love that Rick finally let Jerry have it. Because DAMN! 


MP 2013❝The Golden Age❞  

This was a story of Merlin and Arthur’s relationship coming full circle. It was a story of their joint destiny, of the fact that even death could not separate them and they would always find each other. There can be no greater story than that, nor one more worth telling.


Daisy Ridley and Dev Patel backstage at the 2016 Oscars