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November-December 2011

Louis tweets 4 times in Nov/once in Dec to show his support to LM and Zayn 3 times in Dec. Then, just after LM wins the XF, press reports on rumors about Zayn and Perrie kissing.

Then absolutely nothing (not even articles linking their names) until April 2012.

From April 2012 to July 2012 : the UAN tour

They tweet each other, implying they had a date in April 2012 :

Some seeding just in time to stage some kissing pics to confirm their relationship before Zayn flies to the US for the UAN tour, on May 20th :

Taken in front of Zayn’s apartment, these don’t show it but Liam (and possibly Niall) are here too, along some other friends.

During the tour, not that much happens. Except THAT ! Zayn stating that, just like Louis (Elounor is official since March 2012), he has a beard now.

After that, Zayn (alone) flies back to the UK for a few days on June 20th during a small break, just to be seen with her.

From August 2012 to January 2013 : the cheating scandals

Then, he comes back with the boys at the beginning of July but they’re not seen until 1D performs at the Olympics in August, that she attends :

And then, press reports on Perrie celebrating the Eid with Zayn’s family (short of his father) :

Just in time for the first cheating scandal to pop up the day afterwards : the peephole video on August, 21th. Just in time for LM first single (Wings) release on August, 25th.

Then, in September 2012, the second cheating scandal, on the 25th : the booty call for Harry (implying he does it for himself all the time). LM’s second single’s (DNA) official release is on October, 1st and got leaked on September, 28th.

In November, after speculations about their future as a couple since Zayn cheated, we got reassured by LM official twitter account :

Then, in December, which starts with all the boys flying to the US for their Madison Square Garden before getting back, it’s stunting time for everyone (Elounor, Haylor and Payzer). Here is Zerrie :

She obviously has to go back to the UK for her album promo but she makes a point to be seen with Zayn’s family doing Christmas shopping :

This is what is supposed to make us think they spent Christmas together (that’s what the articles said) :

And then, Perrie’s brother posted a pic for NYE :

(I don’t think it’s a coincidence all the boys except Niall had to stunt that hard during this particular month. No way. I kow why they pushed Haylor/Elounor together and Larry away from each other for the winter holidays : to shut down the Larry’s rumors. But then, what does this mean for the Zerrie/Payzer push and Ziam away from each other during those same holidays ? If Zerrie can be for LM’s promo, so can be Haylor for 1D’s promo in the US. In the end, at least, what about Elounor and Payzer then ?)

Here comes January, 28th, and the third cheating scandal : the most scandalous one since it’s illustrated with sleeping pics of Zayn, allegedly taken by the stripper who claimed having slept with him. Thanks for asking, LM’s 3rd single (Change Your Life) is released on January, 31th.

This time, the break-up rumors spread like wildfire and again, we’re reassured about their relationship a week later, on February. They go to a safari :

And in the same week, Zayn buys Perrie a teddy bear to “win her back”. If they put a smile for the paps :

They are clearly both fucking down with this :

From February 2013 to April 2013 : Interlude

Between February, 8th and April, 19th, there’s nothing. Nothing consistent apart from rumors they saw each other after the Brits (no pics, no reports from fans tough).

From April to June 2013 : the rise of Zerrie

So, the stunting starts again in April with some Zerrie selfies (3, all the same day, and probably all taken within the same minute) that got “leaked” (the old good leaking from a shady update accound that deleted a few days later), 2 days after LM released their 4th single (How Ya Doin’) :

Then, they celebrated their 1-year anniversary in Paris (yeah, France, the country where paps aren’t allowed to take pics without your autorisation) and we get a video in which you can see their handlers directing them/checking if the they’re in the paps’ shot. You can see a short analysis here : X.

And they use pets again for promo :

Then, for LM’s album release in the US/Canada, on May 28th :

At this point, the promo is so obvious everyone knows it’s a PR relationship, some thinks it’s genuine and it’s being pushed for promo, but mostly, everyone thinks it’s fake. They need to do some convincing here. It begins with Zayn doing a pact with Perrie, promising to never cheat again. And then, Perrie changes her look just in time for Zayn to get a tattoo that looks just like her new look.

Before :

After :

Let’s add TMZ has the exclusive and the tattoo is based on a drawing Zayn did before he even started dating Perrie :

If you need the whole explanation, here it is : X.

But it works damn well : everyone is convinced.

Then again, nothing on the Zerrie front in July.

August 2013 : The engagement seeding

In August, 1D and LM attend the TCA. While the boys are seated in the back, Harry is in the front, next to Ed Sheeran and Zayn is seated with LM, next to Perrie. As you can see in this video, they’re quite stiff and they both (Harry and Zayn) have a camera shoved in their faces.

This is also the event from where we get this gif (definitely a couple about to get engaged, so comfortable in each other’s personal space) :

Which leads us to the This is Us premiere, at which Perrie is sporting an engagement ring :

But, during the whole event, they managed to not pose together once for a HQ picture and their team had to photoshop one.

But they tried ! Look at this cute kiss (even though she very obviously gives him the cheek and he drags his mother out of there as soon as it’s finished) :

And… the rehearsal ?


And when finally, Perrie’s gonna be asked about the ring, she’s gonna answer : “Nothing, it’s for me to know and for me to know.”

Gifs are not mine. All credit to the gif makers (if you want me to add your credits, just ask !)

hatchibomitar  asked:

hi! sorry, im a bit confused - you answered an ask saying louis was closeted, but didn't he say he was straight in an interview? was there another thing that said he's actulaly not straight? im just confused. thanks


I am terribly sorry this took this long to answer. Life was very much getting in the way, but here I am now. I am not sure how much you know, but here is the thing. I am not going to tip toe around the topic, I’d rather pull the band aid off and tell you the story.

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are a couple (Harry named their relationship back in the X factor era Larry Stylinson). Have been dating for 4 years and are very much in love. Since they are members of the biggest boyband in the world, with a lot of screaming teenage fans, they cannot go around holding hands and kissing each other or even just claim they love each other. Their Management has been using a very old method: they closet them. Closeting means that they have to hide their sexuality. Remove anything queer, stop the flamboyancy, control the body language, the reactions, the fond.  Louis got a beard, (aka a female claimed as his girlfriend to hide his homosexuality). Her name is Eleanor and she is not dating Louis in real life. She is faking it and that is her job. She has a contract and they are parading her and Louis when there are cameras around and when promo requires. Harry has taken part in several PR stunts. The most famous is with Taylor Swift, I am sure you have heard about that.

Their team built this horrible destructive narrative that Harry is a womanizer, sleeping with every person with a vagina, and Louis is a homophobe, who is in fact very much in love with his girlfriend and LEFT Harry, his best friend because he was sick of gay rumors.

When you look into their personalities, their quotes that are actually coming from their mouth, not from magazines, what they claim with their clotheing and tattoos, these narratives just don’t add up. 

Every day there is/was a new article that Harry is dating x. The next day it was y. Then z. Then again with x. However their team’s interest changed in promoting certain models. If one was close to re-sign a Victoria Secret contract, let’s parade her around Harry and that will raise so much attention and give the person’s name such a boost, that they will re-sign with them immediately.

And we have Louis Tomlinson, who has claimed several times that he welcomes any fans, no matter their sexuality. He has worn rainbows many many times this year and has never showed any sign of not supporting LGBT rights.

Harry and Louis have been showing signs of discomfort with the closet, tried to undermine it as much as they could, since they cannot openly speak up against it, some sarcastic comments or snarky remarks, an eyebrow raise were thrown and even their bandmates made fun of beards, which is a constant running “joke”.

Both Harry and Louis are affected by Eleanor’s presence, Harry used to tweet song lyrics to warn us when she would come. And it worked like clockwork. Song lyrics on twitter, then in 2-3 days she showed up. Louis is affected and was well affected when Harry had the PRship with Taylor. I have never seen that boy so dead in the inside. Same for Harry. They were both miserable.

This year has been so much better than 2013, and although the closet is still up, during August Harry has shown many signs of wanting to leave the closet and come out. There was a week in August when the guy rebelled so much, that there were masterposts how he lost his chill (or never found it.)

Closeting also involves a narrative that Harry and Louis are no longer on speaking terms, not sharing friends anymore, not hanging out if the other one is there. The last time the 2 have been papped together was before the Earth was round. This whole narrative has been debunked so many times by fan reports, their body language and fond toward each other. How they mirror each other, how they are always aware on the stage where the other is, we called it orbiting. They are sharing at least 6 complementary tattoos. Not a little heart or a music note. I am talking about tattoos that are unmistakably showing the deepest commitment a 20 and 23 year old is capable of.

Anchor and Rope. (positioned on the same place)
Ship and Compass. (compass pointing to the ship)
Quote and Quotation mark (positioned on the same place)
Empty birdcage and Birds
Rose and Dagger (positioned on the same place)
Hi and OOPS
Heart and Arrow. (positioned on the same place)

We went through a very intense couple of months in the end of 2014 where for the first time the media (who is so clearly in the know about Harry and Louis and their closet) started a whole lot of Larry Stylinson love. Articles questioning Harry’s sexuality, articles making fun of the PRship and beardship, articles where finally Harry Styles’ and Louis Tomlinson’s name are in the same headline. They started to interact during interviews, they were singing some songs next to each other, then they were stood next to each other on HQ pictures, red carpets, even entire shows. They touched, they serenaded to each other on national TV and people started to pick it up. From one look and fond they were able to see through the web of lies and realize that these 2 boys love each other deeply.

I am sorry for giving you a who lot of history lesson here, but it was needed to answer your question.

The boys’ twitters are not only accessible by them, Themselves admitted their team uses it for “promo”, and if you need proof: tweeting in the middle of the concert is maybe not the most believable when the band member is jumping on stage in front of you and is clearly not pushing the buttons of their phone. There are times when their team uses their twitter to somethiing else, like denying rumors.

There was a twitter rant we call Bullshit 2.0 on November 10th, RIGHT AFTER the infamous Four Hangout livestream, and during this livestream Louis Tomlinson, the real Louis Tomlinson was given plenty of opportunity to address the articles written about him, they were asked at least THREE times what the rumor was that bothered them the most. Louis did not bring anything up, clearly did not want to answer and that way give a denial of the whole rainbow Apple logo T-shirt topic, because he DID weear the t-shirt on purpose. So after this fatal fail of a livestream their team went and lashed out on his account and that was when it was claimed that Louis Tomlinson is in fact straight. Problem here? No one accused himself of being anything but straight. The articles were claiming he wore the rainbow shirt in support of the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook who recently came out as gay.

Louis had NO REASON to say such thing, since he never showed any signes of being unfomfortable with LGBT fans or queerness in general.

You have Louis Tomlinson not denying anything when he had several opportunities VS @Louis_Tomlinson who lashes out in the sickest and most damaging way possible, alienating LGBT fans, making them feel shit about being who they are, or maybe they don’t even know that yet, maybe they are just discovering their sexuality. This message is clearly not helping them and there has not been an official apology made towards the fans. No apology since Nov 10th. 

If he was accused of not being straight, then his lashing out would make much more sense, but he wasn’t. He denied something he was not accused of.

It’s the same: I ask my daughter if she wanted to play with the puzzle and then she answers that she has not broken the flower pot.

Well, not like I asked but thanks my dear girl for admitting that you DID in fact brake the flower pot.

And maybe playing up the loved up with his girlfriend with a little more enthusiasm and forgetting to look at Harry with the biggest fond, not having his voice crack when talking about him, not getting complementary tattoos and not mirror each other as if they were married for 2 000 years would DEFINITELY make it more believable that Louis Tomlinson is in fact straight.

Until then, it was a disgusting and very very unnecessary step that again just caused alienation, bullying, homophobia and confusion in the fandom. That person who tweeted thos horrible things was not Louis. Louis is his actions and own words, not his twitter.

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Prompt: Chat Noir dies, national day of mourning, then Plagg brings him back to life.

First: how dare you (jk I live for angst). Thanks for sending me this prompt Anon!

Reminder: English is not my first language, blablabla, mistakes and all, sorry. And by the way, I would like to thank all the people who reblogged my previous fics and added nice tags! I read them all and I love them, and your feedbacks are the reason I enjoy posting my stuff here. So kudos! People who like rock too, I love you all guys, this fandom is great :D

So it’s probably not what you were expecting, but I hope you still like it. I’m not sure I’m really happy with what I wrote, it seems a bit… weird to me, but well.

Send me Ladynoir/Marichat/Adrinette/Ladrien prompts and I’ll try to write them quickly!

Marinette has never realized how long a minute is. In this lapse of time, 250 babies are born all around the world whereas 105 people take their final breath, the average human heart pumps 83 gallons of blood, lightings strike the Earth 360 times, 1800 stars explode.

In one minute, Chat Noir died.

The classroom is silent. The students are standing behind their chair, while the ticking of the clock leaves a profound cut in Marinette’s skin every time the hand moves. Her lips are closed as if they have been sewed together. If they were to part, Marinette believes that they would produce the inhuman sound that she so desperately wants to release since it happened.

Her eyes are dry. She has no more tears to give, they all dropped in the Parisian pavement and her cushion, unlike Alya, who is discreetly rubbing her eyes. The two friends are so close, yet so apart: Marinette could take her hand, try to console her with one glance. But she doesn’t, too engrossed in her own misery.

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