finally the intermission

we are wonderful project (x)

~ Banners, Signs, & Glow Sticks ~
Lets Create a Silver Ocean
Our main objective is to give out fan gear for all. These will be given out at the pre-con meet up. If we get enough donations surely there will be a lightstick for everyone!
We look forward to giving out 250+ silver glow sticks.

~ Tender Love Rainbow Ocean ~
A big goal aside from the Silver Ocean is the Rainbow Ocean!
After going through a downer with my friends about not being able to get the 2.0 Lightstick I figured there was a more colorful way to deal with it! So as we sing along with exo, we will put on our colored glowing bracelets and jam out!
We look forward to giving out 250+ colored glow bracelets.

~ Intermission Singing ~
Let’s sing UNFAIR during the final intermission. Exo will spend the entire concert singing to us so lets sing to them! During the final intermission just before the encore stages lets sing to them to shower them with our exo-love!
We look forward to singing with you!