finally the full version!

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Eren and Levi Character Songs.

Helpless World by Kaji Yuuki & Dark Side of the Moon by Kamiya Hiroshi.

Eren’s song was the first one to be released, and Levi’s has been the last, so the wait until I was finally to put them both together in one post was so long! But finally, here they are both in full version ♡.

The translation for Levi’s song is already available, you can see it here!


Well… here it is, after three months, it’s finally finished. This is the full version of the little 30 second short I had made, I’ve had quite the love hate relationship with this, in the end - I’m fairly happy with it. Hopefully the wait was worth it. I would have uploaded it straight to tumbler, but no matter what - the file was too large. So, youtube link it is. Yes, this is a sheith amv.