finally the full interview


Finally a full version of the interview!

Interesting fact: Miyu-kun’s mother is an interpreter for sign language. That’s cool!


Meet The Crew

  After a week full of interviews and try outs I finally got my staff together! Meet Baylee, Abel, Flor and Katelyn. Baylee and Abel do manicures and pedicures, Katelyn and I only do manicures and Flor is our lovely receptionist. We had a short staff meeting and everybody got to know each other a bit!

  Anyways, I’ve settled on a name!!! The salon will be called the “🌻🌻Nail Garden 🌻🌻”. You’ll learn more about it and our services closer to the opening date ehehe. 🤗

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Tom Hiddleston on Top Gear

I don’t know why, but I was absolutely determined to not look up this interview until the full episode finally aired on Netflix. And now it has. 

Not sure what was more adorable: the slight huskiness in Tom’s voice (probably from playing Coriolanus several times a week when this episode was filmed), or his impression of being terrified in a helicopter.


Eminem talks to Zane on Beats 1 (Official FULL video) - interview