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Taboo postmortem: Co-creator Steven Knight explains Delaney’s change of heart. 

Warning: This story contains spoilers if you haven’t seen episodes 7 & 8.

“I have a use for you.”

Those six words have dominated the first season of Taboo and specifically Tuesday’s penultimate episode. Having finally been outmaneuvered, Tom Hardy’s Delaney has found himself captured, charged with treason, and being tortured. But as we’ve quickly learned, never count out this deranged man as the episode ends with him having secured a meeting with his powerful enemy, Stuart Strange (Jonathan Pryce).

To find out more, EW talked with Taboo co-creator Steven Knight about Delaney spurning his sister, the meaning behind the series’ often used line, and what to expect in next week’s season finale. Read the interview below, and for our full recap, go here.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why did you decide to pick up with Winter’s memorial instead of in the immediate aftermath of episode 6?
STEVEN KNIGHT: I feel it’s always good to skip so you can leave some space for what might have happened in between. It’s a decision of what’s going to look good, what’s going to feel right.

Will we learn the exact details of what happened to Winter?
We will.

When you cast Franka Potente for the role of Helga, was it basically with this stretch in mind? Because up until now she has been more of a wise-cracking character.
Absolutely. She’s got quite a pivotal role really. She’s a fantastic actress, so she was never going to be the comedy sort of brothel keeper; she was always going to have more to do than that and she will continue to have more to do.

We talked last week about Delaney’s surprise reaction when his sister showed up on his doorstep. Yet, they obviously still went on to consummate their relationship once again. Here, Zilpha was ready to finally be together. This has been Delaney’s ultimate goal in his return to London, so why the sudden change of heart from him?
You can interpret it differently, but the way I wanted it to be was that he really doesn’t want her to be amongst the Damned. He really doesn’t want her to be one of the people who are around him. His rejection of her is a kindness, almost like, “I decided that I don’t want you here because I want you to have a different life — be beyond what I’m doing.” If there is any kindness in James Delaney, this is one of those acts of redemption.

Was what happened with Winter the final straw for him to make this decision?
It changed him. Of course, I’ve always made him a character that doesn’t give away anything. By his actions, he can be judged and it did change him. He’s aware of the consequences of his actions. I’ve said from the very beginning — wait and see — there is redemption. It’s a slow process, but it’s coming.

At what point did Delaney realize it was, in fact, Brace who killed Horace?
He’s known for a while. If one were to look back over the previous episode and maybe even episode and a half, he knew then. There are things when you go back, he knew what happened. As I always say, expect the unexpected with the outcome of their relationship.

Why has Delaney been so stubborn in believing that things could possibly go wrong for him? Or is it like you told me last week, he just isn’t afraid of dying?
He arrived a dead man. And he is happy to die. It wouldn’t affect him. Again, I refer to the Francis Bacon quote, “Since it’s all so meaningless, we might as well be extraordinary.” So he’s embraced death, he’s happy to die. It would be of some consequence, but not much. In the mean time, he’s going to do something mad and consequential and brave and all of those things. So for him, it’s not a risk because the ultimate cost wouldn’t be a penalty really.

“I have a use for you,” has to be the most spoken line of dialogue on Taboo— Delaney proclaims it multiple times just in this episode. How did you decide it would serve such a pivotal role?
I just wanted to create this character who arrives in this city at this time and he’s very single-minded because he’s not afraid of death and he’s very prepared to identify people who he feels are useful to him. And he’s not guilty about using them because he feels like they’re as flawed as he is. So with Zilpha, the reason he doesn’t want her a part of it is he doesn’t think she is his sort of person. When he recognizes someone he has use for, it’s true. It’s not like, “I like you” or “I want to be your friend” — it is very, very honest. The one thing with Delaney is, he’s always honest.

Without giving anything away, what can you say about why Delaney wants a meeting with Strange? Is this a full circle moment considering their past connections?
Yeah, this is where a lot will be revealed in that meeting. We will learn a lot of things about the whole set-up and what happened before James came back to England.

What short tease would you provide for the upcoming finale?
The birth of a nation.

Since you’ve said this is “the story of misfits and America,” will next week serve as closure to the portion of the story set in England?
Yes. It will certainly be closure to the first act, which is leaving the old world.

Kdrama Women’s Week

Day Two: Rent’s Due

Age of Youth began airing the same week that I started my first post-grad school job. It took several months filled with phone and in-person interviews before I finally landed a full-time position. So when Yoon Jin Myung, a college senior, began her long and grueling job search, I could totally feel her pain.

Watching Jin Myung get called for an interview and happily share the news with her roommates—I could relate with the thrill of finally getting that chance. Seeing her hopefulness in thinking that she did well in the interview and might, just might, get the job—I could relate to that, too. And seeing her get that devastating rejection and take to spending long, depressed hours in bed—oof. It was all so familiar, it hurt.

Every little detail in Jin Myung’s interview experience felt like it was taken directly from my own personal experience, right down to the agonizing time spent in the department store dressing room hunting for that elusively perfect suit, and that horrible cycle of post-rejection thoughts full of debilitating self-doubt.

Having that chapter of my life so recently come to a close just as Jin Myung’s was beginning made Age of Youth feel all the more real to me, and I wanted so badly to burst through my television screen and tell Jin Myung to hang in there—if there was a job out there for me, there was one for her, too. 

B.A.P reaction: falling asleep while waiting for them

Bang Yongguk: It was close to midnight when he came home from practice. He quietly walked towards the door and opened it. The leader didn’t expect to find you asleep on the couch. A big smile appeared on his face and he quickly turned off the TV, so the noise wouldn’t wake you up. He decided to let you sleep while he took a shower, so he grabbed the brown blanket from the armrest and placed it over your body. His face tilted to the side, when you mumbled something that definitely sounded like: “I love you, gukkie.” Only then he saw the familiar paw in your hand. He lifted the blanket a little bit and a deep, calming laugh escaped his mouth. Apparently you missed him so much, that you took his favourite plushie Tigger and cuddled with it.

Kim Himchan: The promotions took way longer than he would have thought, so when he looked at the clock he was shocked to see that it was nearly 1 a.m. He was surprised to hear music coming from the apartment you two shared, but when he opened the door he didn’t see you dancing around, which is what you usually did when you listened to music. Instead he found you snuggled up in the comfortable armchair, a blanket placed on your legs and a book upside down on the floor. Himchan smiled and froze, like he was afraid to wake you up by just walking around. His hand slipped into his pocket and he slowly pulled out his phone. He moved even slower towards you, kneeled down and took one picture after another. He saved one as his screensaver, one as his background, one as his profile picture, another one as his KakaoTalk background, one as his …

Jung Daehyun: He yawned loudly when he opened the door and took his shoes off. It was close to midnight and you usually where still awake at this time.  But when he turned around and didn’t receive the kiss you always gave him, he got a little bit nervous. All stores where closed by now and you didn’t like to go out at night anyway, so he looked into the bathroom, thinking that you were taking a bath. When he didn’t find you in there, he scratched his head and called your name. Only then he realised that you could be in the bedroom as well. And thats where he found you. Relaxed and in deep sleep you laid on his side of the bed, wearing the hoodie he wore yesterday. Daehyun sighed in relief. He took off his clothes as he walked towards the bed and carefully crawled behind you. You sensed his presence and turned around, a big smile on your face. Daehyun smiled too. “Go back to sleep, baby.” He placed his arms around your shoulders and his lips on your forehead.

Yoo Youngjae: He hummed the tune of “Feel so good” while he pulled out his keys and opened the door to the apartment. He pricked up his ears when he heard the melody of the exact same song he was humming a second ago, coming out of the living room.  A big smile lit up his face and he ran towards the source of noise. “Y/N you won’t belie-”. Youngjae stopped talking when he spotted your sleeping body on the big couch. Obviously you fell asleep as you waited for him and listened to the Carnival album while doing so. “I’m so glad to have you by my side.” He mumbled and turned down the music. Youngjae quietly walked towards you and placed his hand on your cheek. His thumb slowly moved up and down as his lips met yours. “I love you so much.” He whispered.

Moon Jongup: He was so happy to finally see you again after a long day full of photoshoots and interviews. “When the album’s finally out, we’ll visit the beach, promise, Y/N.” Jongup opened the door and scanned the living room for your figure. He spotted you on the couch. Curled up into a ball you were completely asleep and didn’t hear him coming home. A shy smile appeared on his face and he silently walked up to you. He bit his lower lip, not wanting to wake you up, but also not wanting you to wake up with back pain due to the small space you managed to sleep on. Gently he picked you up bridal style. One arm around your back and the other in the crook of your knees he carried you to the bedroom. You slowly opened your eyes and smiled when you saw his angelic face. “You’re home?” You yawned. Jongup smiled and poked your nose softly with his. “I am.” He said as he laid you down on the bed. “And I will join you in a few minutes. Will you stay awake?” He raised an eyebrow. You nodded and he stood up to change into something more comfortable. When he walked back into the bedroom five minutes later, you already snored. Jongup chuckled and placed a kiss on your head. “I knew it.”

Choi Junhong: When the maknae came home, he was already tired and did not expect you to wait for him. So he was even more surprised when he opened the door and saw light in the living room. When he entered it, he heard you, before he saw you. “Ah, Miss I-don’t-snore, did we fell asleep?” He chuckled and kneeled down beside the couch. “You are so adorable.” Zelo smiled and kissed your cheek. “And you definitely snore. I always knew it.” - “Shut up, you Idiot, I wasn’t even asleep.” You mumbled and turned around to face the back of the couch. “And thats definitely no dried drool on your cheek?” He started to laugh. A sigh escaped your mouth and you tried to hide your smile. You turned around again, put your arms around his shoulder and pulled him onto the couch, next to you. “As I said: Shut up.” You chuckled and placed a kiss on his chin. “Let’s sleep, my Idiot. ”

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I graduated with a 2:1 I am officially freeeee

Unfortunately I’ve not written much more since my last update. 2 relatives have had heart attacks, I’ve had interviews, and a funeral (not one of the people who had a heart attack) out of town to attend along with having a virus.

Good times 😩

On a good note the 2 people who had heart attacks are now much better, I’ve got a full time job offer and am in the final stages of interview for an actual graphic design position (!!!!), and I’m feeling better aside from the heat and hay fever.

Hope everyone is good!


Finally a full version of the interview!

Interesting fact: Miyu-kun’s mother is an interpreter for sign language. That’s cool!

The Final Interview – Emirates Airlines

So here I was at the Final Interview, more relaxed than my Assessment day. All the scary part was over.

Final interview was one on one with the recruiter. My interview lasted around 1 hour, I can’t quite remember all the questions but I will try to write some to give you an idea.

Also the documents that you need to bring with you to the final interview; 

  1. Full length photo (1) (10 x 15 cm) ; business attire, big smile, plain background, both hands visible on the side, facing forward.
  2. Passport Size Photo (6) (4.5 x 3.5 cm) business attire, big smile, plain background
  3. Casual Photograph (2); one full length, one head/shoulder length photo; clothing in a fitted style, not sitting for full length, conservative attire and surroundings, no sunglasses, hats or group photos. ( You can bring a selection of casual photos and the recruiter will help you to choose.
  4. Photocopy of Educational Certificates
  5. Updated CV
  6. Passport copy x 2 colored 

What Happens in Final Interview?

  1. You have around 1 hour with the recruiter.
  2. You mostly get questions about your previous work experience (s/he takes notes of everything you say)
  3. Just relax, be yourself and believe in yourself:) You can do it!
  •         Tell me a time when you had a discussion/conflict with a colleague.
  •          Have you ever worked with people from different cultures/religion?
  •          Tell me how you adjusted working with people from different cultures
  •          Tell me about a time when you were disappointed by  a colleague.
  •          Name a time you had to adjust to the rules / way of doing things at a job, to accommodate a customer’s needs.
  •          Have you ever had an issue with another employee were you disagreed on something, and how did you handle the situation?
  •         Have you ever had a deadline at a job that you had to meet, and how did you go about getting it done on time?
  •         What are/were your responsibilities in your current/previous job?
  •         Why do you want to work as Flight Attendant?
  •         Which languages can you speak?
  •         Have you ever had a disagreement with a customer? what happened?

So it is very relaxed not strictly formal interview it is more about getting to know you. We ended up with recruiter laughing and gossiping about the hotel’s staff :D And when I was leaving she thanked me in Turkish, and she told me she has a very good Turkish friend working for Emirates and I taught her how to say You are welcome & Nice to meet you in Turkish:)

And my recruiter told me she will present all the candidate portfolios to Dubai HQ and I should hear back in 4-6 weeks about the result. So crossed my fingers thanked her and left there feeling happy and hopeful :)


Meet The Crew

  After a week full of interviews and try outs I finally got my staff together! Meet Baylee, Abel, Flor and Katelyn. Baylee and Abel do manicures and pedicures, Katelyn and I only do manicures and Flor is our lovely receptionist. We had a short staff meeting and everybody got to know each other a bit!

  Anyways, I’ve settled on a name!!! The salon will be called the “🌻🌻Nail Garden 🌻🌻”. You’ll learn more about it and our services closer to the opening date ehehe. 🤗

A small point about the Toyota Vios interview

So, we finally got round to watching the full Toyota Vios interview. Aside from them being hilariously bad at promotion we did see one small, very interesting thing during the performance of Live While We’re Young. Have a little listen at around 32.56 Now we’re pretty sure we’re not imagining this but Louis seems to sing ‘where d'ya live’ quite loudly. We can only assume he’s refering to everyone’s favourite couch surfer Harry Styles. What’s convinced us we’re not going mad are the following reactions…

So here we have Louis at 32.58 just afterwards, looking very pleased with himself.

So, SO pleased. (32.59)

Guess who else noticed? We see you Zayn…(33.04)


He’s definitely not still really pleased (even though mum has given him the look) (33.05)

Watch out here comes Dad…“Yes Liam? Is there a problem Liam?” (33.12)

We just found this interesting/hilarious. Ziam are officially the exasperated yet oh so fond parents who have to sit either side of their naughty child to keep him in line/keep his shade throwing in control.



In an exclusive 3-part interview, Anakin Skywalker reveals it all as he talks his family, the afterlife, the Starkiller duel, the mysteries of the Force, prophecies and the importance of having the perfect hairstyle.

Good evening, you are watching the latest edition of HoloNet’s award-winning talkshow The Voices From Beyond. I’m your host Luminara Motti. Joining us in our studio today is none other than the Hero With No Fear, the legendary pilot with no equal, one of the few to achieve immortality and the only person who fell to the Dark Side and came back to the Light, the man who was Darth Vader, the Chosen One himself! Please, ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME ANAKIN SKYWALKER!

Q: Good evening. It’s such an honor and privilege to have you here! We are so happy you managed to make time for us in your packed schedule with the state of crisis and despair your family is currently in, and all.

A: You could say that. Luckily for you, my wayward grandson retreated into seclusion to mediate and connect with his inner darkness for the fortnight - no new corpses added to his ever-growing body count list - so I’m free for the time being and very happy to be here.

Q: Talking about your grandson, it appears the apple didn’t indeed fall far from the Skywalker tree, so to speak, as he’s clearly inherited the habit of getting his lightsaber destroyed.

A: Well, yes, it would seem so. However, what happened in that Geonosis factory is something that I would attribute to youthful indiscretion. I was 19 back then, barely a child myself, you know. The memory of my mother’s brutal death still vivid on my mind, my father figure was being held captive by a Sith Lord and the love of my life was in mortal danger. MY GRANDSON, ON THE OTHER HAND, IS PUSHING 30! A Jedi royalty, a descendant of the Chosen One himself with 20+ years of training under his belt and he gets BEATEN BY A MALNOURISHED SCAVENGER GIRL FROM JAKKU 10 YEARS HIS JUNIOR, HALF HIS SIZE, WHO NEVER HELD A LIGHTSABER IN HER LIFE!  I don’t care if he was bleeding! He should have beaten her with his eyes closed and his right hand cut off! Becoming more powerful than me should be the last of his worries, because if he keeps this up, he won’t be becoming more powerful than any Jedi…EVER PERIOD! Grandson, if you are watching this I have a message for you - GROW UP AND GET IT TOGETHER!

Q: Of course, that now famous duel on Starkiller, the news about it went viral. It’s hard to differentiate the truth from the fiction. But you, of course, must have been there and seen everything; could you give us your account of the events as you had the front row seats there, so to say. What are your thoughts on that battle and would you mind sharing some insider tidbits?

A: Honestly, I was rooting for the girl. Actually, we all did -  me, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, because that Sith wannabe was in need of a good beating. It was the most fun we’ve had in thirty years! To tell you the truth, I even secrectly tipped the odds in her favour when I prevented him from pulling the lightsaber from the snow, but don’t tell Master Yoda. We made bets on the winner and he was bettting on my grandson because he was like ‘trained by my Padawan he was. Lose he cannot’, and all that. But we desert people need to stick together. I mean, she was there, in the freezing winter wearing nothing but that flimsy outfit! I was sneezing and shivering, even though I can’t even feel cold in the first place! Thank Force, for places like Mustafar!

Q: You did bet against your own grandson, your own flesh and blood?!

A: My blood or not, HE DIDN’t EVEN COVER HIS OWN BACK, FOR FORCE’S SAKE! A BEGINNER’S MISTAKE! I did some pretty stupid and idiotic things in my lifetime but never something THAT stupid and idiotic.

Q: From your words just now, I take it you must be fond of Rey. You certainly seem to like her.

A: Of course, I like her! She kicked my emo grandson’s arse! Something I’ve been wishing to do for over 10 years now! I was more than happy to provide her with a kicking boot, in this case my lightsaber.

Q: Talking about the former scavenger, the Galaxy’s new only hope as she’s been labeled by many, there have been some serious suspicions about her origins, since her past and family remain a complete mystery - she doesn’t even have a family name. Naturally, this has caused some speculations together with her insane, almost Skywalker-like, piloting skills, vast knowledge of mechanics, understanding of the Binary, being stuck on a desert planet, but most importantly, PULLING THE LEGENDARY SKYWALKER LIGHTSABER FROM THE SNOW, and being on verge of training under the son of Skywalker. ALTOGETHER, YOU CAN’T DENY SHE HAS A VERY DISTINCTIVE SKYWALKER FEEL ABOUT HER.

A: I’m not telling you! Obviously, I know everything about her, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING! We’ve been keeping an eye on her, Obi-Wan and me, even when she lived on Jakku, that junkyard! Surviving on a mere quarter portion a day (even I did eat better when I lived in slavery on Tatooine!) and living in that derelict AT-AT surrounded by the neverending ocean of sand. THE HORROR! IT GETS EVERYWHERE!

Q: Could you give us at least a small hint or a tidbit? Or perhaps comment on the rumours of her being related to your BBF Obi-Wan Kenobi? The suspense is killing us!

A: Let me see, what can I reveal…SHE HATES SAND, OBVIOUSLY. Like seriously, she has nightmares about it and have you ever heard her say that she hates flying or that flying is for droids? I mean, some of you still must remember the problems Obi-Wan had during the Battle of Coruscant 53 years ago, right? I’m recalling how badass Rey was in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, so if she has some Kenobi genes she is very good at hiding them, that’s for sure.

(Read the full story here: The Shocking Truth Finally Revealed)

|| Our exclusive interview with the Chosen One continues after the commercial break with Part 2.

I’m so emotional because it’s like, here’s this Harry we never got to truly see before. This androgynous ethereal man who is finally showing what he can creatively do but then… the interview is full of nostalgia. It’s all about how grateful he is for what 1D did for him. About how the past five years have shaped him. About how he has absolutely no regrets because 1D gave him his life and made him who he is today. There are pictures of things he kept from the last fews years, things he couldn’t get rid of because they meant so much. This is how you do it. This is how you move on to a new era but still show how much the old one meant to you. I’m so happy and I’m so proud of him. 

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. Actor George Takei spoke to Terry Gross in 2014 about how he didn’t think the show would last: 

When we were filming the pilot for Star Trek back in 1965, I said to Jimmy Doohan [the actor who played Scotty in the series], “I smell quality with this series.”

Well, the scripts were intelligent, well-written scripts and the actors were very fine, professional actors. And I told Jimmy, “We’re going to be proud of what we did, but this means we’re in trouble.”

Because all the TV series that I loved — all the ones that I thought had some substance — were immediately canceled.

And I said, “We won’t last a season.”

Well, I was wrong on that — we lasted three seasons. But nevertheless, we were canceled, so I had no idea in reruns we would finally find our audience and become enormously popular.

Check out the full interview.

Coldplay on BBC Radio 2 (December 8, 2014)
  • Interviewer: It appears that the seventh album could just be a final one?
  • Chris: No, I said it's called "A Head Full of Dreams" and it's a final chapter of something.
  • Interviewer: Right, so there could be seven more chapters.
  • Chris: Who knows, how could we possibly know in this vast mystery!

Finally Full Interview!!! God Bless you videographer <3

Watch on

Tom Hiddleston on Top Gear

I don’t know why, but I was absolutely determined to not look up this interview until the full episode finally aired on Netflix. And now it has. 

Not sure what was more adorable: the slight huskiness in Tom’s voice (probably from playing Coriolanus several times a week when this episode was filmed), or his impression of being terrified in a helicopter.