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Braids and Confessions

Summary: You finally convince Sam to let you braid his hair.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: mentions hair kink, interrupted make out session

A/N: duude, that gif gets my every time this has been sitting in my drafts for agess. Enjoy some Sammy lovin’, guys! xx


“Can I braid your hair?”

Sam looked over at you from across the table, a mixture of amusement and confusion on his face at your question.



He raised his eyebrow at you, the puppy eyes you were giving him gradually breaking the wall. “What’s it worth?” He queried, taking his attention off of the book in front of him and onto you instead.

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Zimbits WIP

I’m rewriting part 1 of my 5+1 fic for the fourth time because I wrote it in Jack’s POV and I want it to be in Bitty’s POV so take this away from me so I can stop obsessing over it. 

Jack comes home to Bittle passed out on the couch in the Haus.

“You should have gone to bed when I told you to, Bittle. Did you even make it to your early class today?” Jack asks as he toes off his yellow sneakers. There’s a pie on the counter, golden brown and untouched. “What kind of pie is that? Bittle?”

Bittle doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t chirp Jack about his shoes or the distressing state of the sweatshirt he’s wearing. He doesn’t move to greet him. Jack can see his phone on the coffee table and his hand extended towards it but not quite touching it; like he fell asleep reaching for it and that’s so unlike Bittle who usually has the thing glued to his hand, that makes Jack step into the living room.


He groans when Jack steps in front of him, eyes barely open and he tugs on Jacks plaid flannel so it’s tucked up further around his shoulders.

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Nanowrimo Final Post

Hey All, 

Posting about my nano and today I get to say….

I DID IT. I did my 50,000 words! It was such an incredible experience. 

I had been wanting to write fiction for years, and it took me until now to bite the bullet and take control and actually do it. 

The hardest thing to believe is that only a month ago, I had nothing, and now I’ve got the first draft of a novel complete. (also hard to believe, I finally can spell BELIEVE correctly.) 

I’m so happy to have tried this thing that was totally out of my comfort zone. There were ups and downs, moments where the story worked and surprised me, but also moments where I felt discouraged and worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish. 

I actually finished my story at 35,000 words and was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to have enough story to get to 50,000. Instead I chose to just keep going and start book 2. Book 1 I had totally plotted out and just filled in the scenes that I was wanting to write. But with Book 2 I had to actually start Pantsing (going by the seat of your pants) and doing both processes was actually really liberating. I’m so glad for this experience. 

I hope one day to be able to share with you all what I did for my Nano. I’m proud of the story and I hope that you’ll all get to read it soon! 

Kirishima Siblings and Yomo Similarities - Traits and Parallel Situations:

Touka and Uncle Yomo

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Mid-morning pick me up🌟 Mango nice cream with frozen coconut butter and coconut shreds🍦☃ Nothing better to get me energized to study for my math and chem quiz as well as finish off my TEDx speech draft!! Soooooo I finally figured out the trick to taking smoothie selfies😏 Post up on my Tumblr now!!!!

Okay so quick announcement time.

Because of the fact I’m going to be gone all day Saturday 2/25 for a concert (I’m seeing Bon Jovi for the first time FINALLY and concert number 17 so far overall), will no doubt be a little useless the day after AND this Tuesday before I’m getting my hair done, I’ve decided I’m going to be hording most of my drafts and being selective throughout the week as to what ones I let out until Friday in which everything will be horded until probably Monday. It’s possible I may selectively let some stuff out Sunday we’ll see. I will be reblogging memes and doing small stuff throughout the week.

Also, please don’t take it personally if I keep a hold of your reply verses someone else’s until Sunday or Monday.

I will queue this PSA to pop up occasionally as a reminder throughout the week.

Guess who’s back!

((After several months of waiting, I finally have a new laptop! This means I can finally be pretty active on all my rp blogs again. Of course, since I am literal months behind on my drafts, it is going to take me a long, long time to catch up. You’ve all been very patient and kind up to this point, so all I ask is you keep that up a little longer.

I want to make it clear that I don’t plan on dropping any of my threads on any of my blogs. It might take me ages to get to them, but please don’t assume that just because I haven’t gotten around to a specific one means that I won’t do it eventually.

Lastly, I’m going to be gone for the weekend, so I can’t promise much activity before Monday. I know it’s midweek right now and my trip is still a few days off, but I’ve got lots of stuff to do, yo.))

Steps to Editing Your Book

Okay, so every novel writer out there knows that when it comes time to start editing your book, it’s a scary time. Truly editing your book takes a long time; it’s been over a year for me. So this post will be a combination of my own experiences and the recommendations of NaNo professionals / editors ( @nanowrimo ).

Step One: The first thing you have to do is take some time away from your book. Whether this means working on a new project or just taking some time away from writing in general, it will clear your mind. For NaNo 2016, I wrote 50,078 words. December 1, I was fried. I didn’t write for the rest of Christmas break, and when I returned to my project I was much more clear minded. I could finally see all the problems of my rough draft and I could set about working them out.

Step Two: Rereading. After taking some time off, go through and read your story. Don’t even touch a keyboard, just scroll through and read. But read actively. I have a habit of taking a spiral notebook and writing down what needs fixing, like “Ch 10 needs more elaboration on Agau interacting with Hallie, also Beth/Hallie training + bonding.” Jot quick notes down as you read and leave the actual writing of those scenes for later.

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hey everyone! i want to take a moment to thank you guys for your offers of help, signal boosting the posts, and your excitement about this project. (speaking of projects to get excited about, check out @omgpocplease!!) right now i’ve got some people who’ve said they’d be willing to help out/mod, which i really really appreciate. 

right now i’m working on drafting up some ground rules, figuring out an application/joining process, and trying to solidify a vision for what exactly we’re hoping to accomplish here (communication among jewish fans? definitely. discussion of jewish headcanons? hell yes. more jewish based fanworks? possibly) and what that entails.

again, its probably going to take a little while, because i do still have school, and right now i’ve got an essay to be doing and a final coming up (my schedule is a little wonky) but please keep putting the word out and letting me know what you’d like to see from this project! thanks again guys!

koffiehuis-love  asked:



The morning sun pours into the Dutchman’s quarters, flooding the room with a warm, orange glow. The light, along with the draft from the balcony door left open, forgotten, causes Serafina to stir in an unfamiliar bed. She breathes in deeply, her skull pounding in time with her heartbeat from the alcohol the night before – right, there’s the hangover. Her eyes finally open, just barely to save her unadjusted vision from the harsh sunlight, and she takes a moment to scan the room, her body splayed out and only her lower half covered by a thin sheet. And there, immediately to her left as her cheek hits the pillow, is Jan, still soundly asleep. Or at least she hopes that he is unconscious.

The Italian is frozen as to not rouse her bedmate, not quite ready to face the consequences of their…entanglement. Perhaps this was all a mistake, they had no business sleeping together – what the fuck were you thinking, Sera? Any panic is quelled by the fact, she reminds herself, that their meeting was purely physical. They had used each other to satisfy individual frustrations. Last night meant nothing…and yet she cannot remove her gaze from his face.

Her chest lurches when she realizes she has been staring – this does not bode well. She has to go, now.

As gracefully and quietly as she can, Sera arranges her escape, keeping her footsteps light against the floor as she searches for her scattered clothing. He wouldn’t miss that old dress shirt, would he? She doesn’t want to risk being caught back in the guest room readying herself, and so back in her long overcoat she slinks for the door…and pauses. One last look wouldn’t hurt

Jan. His annoyingly handsome, peaceful expression and his position unchanged from when she first spied him, his back rising and falling rhythmically while he sleeps on his stomach. And those muscles, goddamnit.

Hurriedly, Sera creeps back over to his side of the bed and hovers over the man, her cheeks embarrassingly flushed as she is practically enthralled. She leans in quickly and presses a kiss to the hair fallen across his temple, and that was that, and she was gone.


((Since a certain question in my ask-box is taking longer than I thought to draw out the answer, I’ve decided to post an unused draft of Jin.))

(Well, originally, this was going to be the design of the dress used for this question))

((I used a black dress, something you would normally see at a fancy party as you would see in the final design I used for the answer to this question, though originally I was going to use this.  The top was gonna be pale-pink and the skirt part of the dress was going to be a baby blue— Tell me, what design you think I should’ve went with.))

my kidney didn’t kill me but anyways in my One Class we’re supposed to write a 12 - 15 page story (well 3 over the sem) and this first draft is due in a couple weeks

i’m gonna write mine about a trans girl, showing glimpses of her life until she finally comes out, and then a couple scenes after

we were put in groups so we have to print 10 fucking copies of this 12 page story and then give them to our group and then they write up a critique. we go in pairs each week, i signed up for the first available date

we also have to do presentations and i did not sign the fuck up for that

Disney Date (Mark)

Request: disneyland date with Mark

Length: 735 words

Genre: Fluff/Drabble

*A/N: I totally just wrote this in class instead of taking notes. It was in my drafts and although my writing mojo isn’t back completely, I figured I could put out a lil drabble before finals takes over my life.

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P4M lyrics
Midnight Channel the Musical : Lyrics Small Town Blues: Announcer Good Morning everyone. We're getting your day off to a steamy start with the sordid details of the Namatame love triangle. You heard about the scandal here yesterday when the news first broke, but what does Namatame's wife have to s

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for Midnight Channel lyrics, and I apologize for taking so long to post them.  This document includes lyrics to all of the songs that made it to the final draft of the show - including the songs we never got around to making demos for like Out of My Hands and Pulled to the Shadows

I would like to formally request that, if you perform/record any of the songs, you contact me or  jakesmithsings to let us know.  Thank you!  Enjoy!


Vector Biology, Midterm Review, (2.16.16).

Finals are this week, luckily I don’t have too much on my plate…metaphorically at least. In a more literal sense, I’ve developed an unfortunate addiction to blueberry oatmeal pancakes. And I’m getting tubby from not working out as much as I used to. In my defense, the pancakes are REAAALLLYYY good. Also turned in the first draft of my thesis!

5 minute drabble

Nobody tagged me and this is not a drabble, but it looked like a fun challenge to write something in 5 min and I’m trying to draft out the first chapter of my Ballet AU! So here, have a tiny bit of whatever this is, which will take place in the middle of Chapter 1 (Cinderella):

The club was dark and crowded, but Marinette was nestled comfortably in between her friends. She held on tightly to Alya’s hand as her friend led her through the sea of pulsing bodies.

Something was telling her that Chat Noir was here tonight. She didn’t know how she knew, but there had to be a reason why they had come to this club—The Glass Slipper (an odd name for a club, really).

“Les petits rats are going to party it up tonight!” Alix cheered loudly, earning herself a glare from several of the other dancers. She stuck her tongue out at them and cleared a space for the group. It had been years since all of them had even had time to go out together—being students at the Paris Opera Ballet School meant that it was lights out at 9pm, no questions asked.

But now they were all officially members of the corps de ballet, and they were back in Paris—no more nights in the dorm, no more midnight checkups—they were adults now, with the freedom to do whatever they wanted. And even though they still didn’t have the kind of freedom that regular adults did—the life of a professional ballerina was a strict and disciplined one—these were a few nights where they could do whatever they wanted. Almost.

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Liquid Metal : My first fan art for Erik. The first draft was drawn in Feb and finally I squeezed some time from my busy schedule to finish this. To be honest, the Pentagon scene didn’t leave much special feelings for me when the first time I watched it in cine, but after a clip from the rogue cut is released, this scene became more impressive and emotional, ( especially when Erik glanced at the coin, and I still don’t think it’s a good idea to take this awesome scene out )like he is turning over a page for a new chapter, leave the past behind, step forward and fight for his fellow mutants ( of course in a more aggressive way ). Now in my own opinion, this is not only a cool scene with cool special effects but more emotion is given to it and this has deepened my desire to draw this pic so I accelerated and finished the whole pic within 4 days.

* exhale heavily * like Stan Lee said before, it’s NOT quite appropriate to see Erik as a villain, he wanna give human a lesson and he’s not fighting for sth personal but the WHOLE mutant race, and this is the thing which makes Erik a CAPTIVATING character.

( ugh….I’m terrible at writing QAQ…….)

So I actually managed to grade some papers during office hours today, and I’ve submitted the final draft of my #%*&(#*&% prospectus (and can do nothing now but anxiously await approval from my advisors) but this means like….. I actually have…. time? Again…? To like….. do…. things????

Like, laundry and taking out my recyclables and dealing with the mountain of dirty dishes in my sink.

I got groceries on my way home and like still have leftover food to eat so I don’t have to cook tonight, which means after I do laundry and dishes I can do…..whatever? I W!ANT?!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!