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- Ignis, can you… sense light?
- To a degree, yes.
- So when dawn breaks, you’ll know it.
- I should.
- Good to know.



but marco you knew EVERYTHING about star, her life, her royal families, her duties, SO YOU KNOW WHO DESERVE ON MARCO’S SIDE


The only thing Marco wants in his life, is only her, Star Butterfly, his GirlBestfriend, half part of his soul to be together with him forever and after,

Bonus again (who doesn’t love bonus anyway)





agent washington throughout the seasons
everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime. 
it’s what unites us. the trick is not to let it destroy your 
trust in others when that happens. don’t let them take that from you.


Ronan shot him a cool look. He didn’t want to see Jiang’s face unless it was behind the wheel of a car.

the dream pack: jiang.

Requested Asslets Masterlist

(to be updated as ass(orted)(fic)lets are completed)

  1. taegimin // overly ambitious roleplay
  2. jihope // dares
  3. vmin // “are you kidding me?”
  4. taejin // plaster mold
  5. vmin // “you’re too drunk for this”
  6. vmin // “we are gonna be the BEST fucking parents”
  7. taegi // drunk confessions
  8. ot7/yoonjin // law of the jungle
  9. yoonjin // “dad i think i’m on my period but i don’t know how this works.”
  10. vmin // “Stop opening my packages, my new vibrator was NOT supposed to be used as a potato masher.”
  11. vmin //  "I’m telling you that I like you, but you keep thinking that it’s a friendly joke, so now I have to prove that I am serious"
  12. taejin // “why is there a half eaten steak sandwich in the underwear drawer”
  13. namseok // dora the explorer
  14. yoonjin // “so i found your internet browsing history before you could delete it”
  15. vmin // mattress shopping
  16. vmin // social media
  17. jikook // bend and snap
  18. yoonseok // “i thought you were an asshole when i first met you”
  19. namjin // “daddy i think i need tampons”
  20. sugamon // “what you do you mean i wasn’t supposed to use the whole thing?”
  21. vmin // belly rub + hic-ups
  22. yoonjin // haunted houses
  23. vmin // office halloween parties
  24. yoonjin // first christmas together
  25. vmin // “do these pants make my dick look big?”
  26. kookvmin // “i can think of a hundred reasons why this is a terrible idea, and all of them end with us dying by the force of jin-hyung’s rage”
  27. namjin // tupperware parties
  28. vmin // (both) single dads
  29. yoonseok // diy sextoys 
  30. taegimin // peeing in the ballpit
  31. vmin // “i think we’re my otp”
  32. 2seok // “when do you think they’ll realize it’s gone?”
  33. vmin // flowers + scraped knees
  34. vmin // aliens
  35. taegi // ikea assembly
  36. sugakookie // human barbell
  37. namjin // “singles will be paired”
  38. yoonseok // “we’re going to hell”
  39. yoonjin // “We already have 6 sets of these at home, I don’t care what new colors are out, we are not getting anymore god dammit!”
  40. sugakookie // flowers + lipstick
  41. yoonjin // blind date
  42. vmin // new werewolf
  43. taegi // fake plants
  44. vmin // “i can’t believe you thought that would fit in there”

Supergirl // Captain America

You were meant for more than this, you know.


rory-cosplays  asked:

Would Lee work at a cafe where he had to dress nice if it paid really well or would Sammy?

they both do - lee because he needs the money for his fifty dogs and samuel because he needs the money to pay off his student loans from [insert ivy league college here]

You’re Allowed to Be Angry

Alex had never wished for super hearing in her life.

She’d seen how Kara struggled with it, had noticed the looks of distaste every time she overheard something she’d rather not. And even though Alex has been a little jealous of Kara’s many abilities at several points in her life, hearing had never been one of them.

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You know what I would love? Since the TO gang have mastered bringing people back from the dead, the greatest gift they could give other than some monetary donation which how did he do that, he’s been trapped behind a wall for the last five years and, oh yeah, busy raising his daughter, protecting his family, killing enemies and being in love with Cami, yes I’m gonna throw that in there be salty about it if you want but whose he dreaming about in that magical coma? Cami, not Caroline  Caroline didn’t even need is hAVING STEFAN BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE SO HE AND CAROLINE CAN ACTUALLY LIVE THEIR LIVES AND ENJOY BEING MARRIED FOR MORE THAN A FUCKING HOUR!!!!