finally stopped being lazy to finish this

I’ve always wanted to stop being the uber lazy person I am and draw a proper FFXIV fanart of my characters. I ended up drawing the female ones only, and I’m not happy with the result orz
But that took me a whole week, so I guess I should be glad that I finished OTL

Characters: Clover Blake (hyur), K’mih Yohko (miqo’te), Nonopi Nopi (lalafell), Yura Hagane (Raen), and Rune Kahkol (Xaela). Oh, and Clover’s staff, who is a character too. (Now I realize that I forgot to draw the cat. orz)

"As for our new name... Mom believed that Sir Francis Drake had heirs. Who's to say he didn't?"

so i finally stopped being lazy and actually finished painting this?? there’s probably a ton of mistakes but for right now i’m happy with it, especially considering i’m not actually super familiar with photoshop yet + i always get fed up and try to cut corners while painting lmao. anyway, i love this pirate loving, parkour expert boi.