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Forgive or Forget II

Forgive or Forget II
[Having lunch with an old friend│Simon D&Christian Yu]

◇ Forgive or Forget I

Christian remembered watching you as you left the party. The obvious hurt, etched on your face as you got into the car with Kiseok. He felt so helpless. It was pretty obvious to anyone with eyes what was happening, but Kiseok was still trying to cover his tracks. 

He couldn’t even pretend he was any better since it wasn’t like he didn’t have an ulterior motive. You were beautiful, fun, and he wished more than anything that he got your number that night…

It took you a few days to finally forgive Kiseok about his little antics at the event. But much like any other time, he charmed his way out of sleeping on the couch and back into your heart. You pouted as Kiseok clipped on a new charm onto your bracelet. “Don’t be mad Jagiya…” he nuzzled your cheek, lacing his fingers with yours. “You know you’re my girl right?” he whispered lowly in that voice you loved. 

“I know…” you groaned looking at the little star charm on your bracelet. “Why do you only ever give me a charm after we fight? It’s never on an anniversary or something.”

“Because” he pecked your jaw. “We have more fights than we have had anniversaries and I like to spoil my girl.” he grinned against your skin. “Do you like it?”

“Shut up” you groaned, trying to not smile at that smug grin of his. He ran his hand up your thigh, giving it a little squeeze but you swatted him away. “I’m still not ok. That girl….she wanted you.”

“And? Does that mean I want her? I can’t help what other people want. But I can help what I want.” he smiled, caressing our chin and giving you a little peck. “The only thing I ever want.” kiss. “My one and only.” kiss. “You got that?”

“Yeah….I know…But still, I don’t like it…I hate it…why’d you have to let her touch you like that…?” you sighed looking away, pulling back just slightly.

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These are such bad quality but I finally finished my All Might Furby!!

Ideally they’ll have brighter blue eyes someday, but I gotta stop being lazy first and make them.  I think they’re really good for now though!! I even got a Furby that speaks Japanese to be him ♥

study-dream  asked:

hi edye! just a small question, i saw a studyblr quote post thing today and it was "i dont stop when i'm tired, i stop when i'm done". i'm just wondering if you would consider this a good way to be or do you disagree and if you have any advice i'd be grateful, thanks x

This is a great question! Okay *takes deep breath* the short answer is by and large, NO, I think it’s actually a really unhealthy mentality and it’s one of the things that’s most distressing to me about students’ mentalities today.

Let’s discuss the argument FOR this being a healthy mentality. If you are a student who struggles with procrastination, and you define “tired” as “lazy/not wanting to deal/wanting to procrastinate” then yes, sometimes it’s important to push past the part of you that’s “tired” and finish the job. And inevitably, we are ALL going to have to pull an all-nighter. For example, once I hit finals week, I was up til 3 am for three nights in a row (0/10 would recommend! I made poor choices), finishing my stats project. In that case, yes, I had to stop when I was done and not when I was tired or else I would have completely screwed myself over even more.

Now let’s discuss my primary argument AGAINST this being a healthy mentality. I went on a rant to my dad about this and I was like, “oh, so don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done, and having a mental breakdown and depressed and sleep deprived and experiencing panic attacks and developing low self esteem and judging yourself by your grades and unhealthy?”

THIS IS WHY so many students hit high school and fall to pieces. Because they feel that they MUST continually push themselves past “tiredness” (aka your body and mind TELLING you that you need a break so you can function) just because they can’t stop until they’re done.

Let me make some points:
1. If you are struggling with a class and this is the only way you can achieve work, you gotta talk to the teacher or a counselor about more efficient study skills or consider switching to another class. You should not be having to push yourself to exhaustion over one course.
2. If anything, we underestimate our body’s communication signals, particularly under stress. So if you realize you’re tired, YOU ARE TIRED. You are mentally burned out, so you aren’t even going to be able to produce your best work, and you are PHYSICALLY burned out too. You’ll get sick more easily, you’ll feel like shit, and it’ll be a total mess.
3. If you need something done, it’s MUCH healthier to LISTEN to your body and take a nap or go to bed early, and wake up early to finish what needs to be finished.
4. PRIORITIZE. My friend wrote down the percentage grade breakdown for each class, and hung it above his desk, so whenever he was running short on time or sleep, he could prioritize and invest the most energy into work that was worth a higher percentage of his grade. Triage, my friends. If you must compromise, then do what’s the most important, and go to sleep.

This mentality creates students who are stressed out, constantly pressuring themselves, always feeling two steps behind, and frankly reaching a point of abusing their own minds and bodies.

90% of the time, STOP when you are tired. Be GOOD to yourself. You wouldn’t stand behind a friend who’s falling asleep or crying over homework, cracking a whip and chanting “don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done!!!!” SO FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T DO THAT TO YOURSELF.

You are nothing without your mental and physical health. NOTHING. If you jeopardize your health because you’re trying to follow some stupid mentality to be a Good Student and Get Work Done, it’s eventually going to catch up to you.

If you find this quote inspiring and by following this “rule” you end up working harder, producing better work, and feeling BETTER about yourself and your health, great. But if this quote makes you feel like when you’re wavering on hour three of studying, when you’ve gotten 5 hours of sleep and you’re sick, when you don’t have the energy to leave the house, when you think you’re worthless because you got a B, you should STILL KEEP GOING, then that is frankly horrible.

I do not believe that this is good advice. I think everything should be in moderation, and that the study skills that should be advocated are “I don’t stop when I’m DISCOURAGED, I stop when I’m pleased with my work / I’ve finished / I’m successful / I’m proud or confident” where it focuses on emotion and self efficacy. Essentially swapping out health and achievement like that is destructive, inappropriate, and potentially detrimental to the young impressionable students out there trying to develop good study habits.

NOCT ME UP~🔫🔫🔫🐥🐥 Gotta stop being lazy and finish this wig. I’m trying to think,of dirty puns I can use and all I can think of is, “Oh, hi there! Opening!” but in the worst possibly way OH GODS. CAUSE you all know this dork would fucking say that if noct were nervous!!! @werm-whole-skwerm


|| 15th August 2017 ||

Currently in Germany with my family, which is great ‘cause at least we have WiFi here, meaning I can go back to actually studying!
Some architecture notes + my super lazy drawings of Greek temples, I’m kind of anxious for the entry test in September but I’m doing as much as I can so fingers crossed!!!
I’ll also go to Munich soon and probably finally visit a Muji shop for the first time so stay tuned for plenty of incoming stationery pictures!! Hope your last days of holidays are being nice!

Currently watching: literally the whole Rizzoli & Isles, I’ve finished the first season in what, two days? And I can’t stop watching it. god I’m a real mess for those two they are ruining my life and studying pattern

Title: falling apart at half time

Fandom: kagepro /kagerou project

Summary: All that does is make laugh because there’s no way, there’s absolutely no way in hell that he’d let go of this beautiful, wonderful young man in his arms now that he finally has him all to himself.

Pairing: kuroshin, mentions of harushin???  

Words: 5,562

Warning: nsfw, dubcon/noncon?? and character death at the end haha whoops

Other notes:  i started writing this the night outer science came out but im a lazy little bitch so i didnt finish it until now i pretty much rushed through the ending because i stopped caring im wonderful ill write something else for kuroshin later oof ao3 link for those who do not like my blog font

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I’ve always wanted to stop being the uber lazy person I am and draw a proper FFXIV fanart of my characters. I ended up drawing the female ones only, and I’m not happy with the result orz
But that took me a whole week, so I guess I should be glad that I finished OTL

Characters: Clover Blake (hyur), K’mih Yohko (miqo’te), Nonopi Nopi (lalafell), Yura Hagane (Raen), and Rune Kahkol (Xaela). Oh, and Clover’s staff, who is a character too. (Now I realize that I forgot to draw the cat. orz)

Kai: Room Service

A/N: I’M SUCH A BAD PERSON, I PROMISED TO POST THIS LIKE TWO DAYS AGO but I got busy. Sooo anyways, this is my first scenario in soooooo long. Ugh please give me tips!! I honestly rewrote it like three times, and still it has sooooo laggy and has so many flaws!! And on top of that its soooo long. I’m sorry guys, but I promise I’m going to give my next fic 120%! But please still support this blog!! And request a scenario here!!


Ever since you graduated high school, you wanted to give your parents one else thing to worry about so you decided to get a job. Even though you only worked weekends, the job paid you more than any other places would for an entire week. You were a hotel house keeper. It was indeed a difficult job, cranky customers, harsh managers, and mysterious odors on each floor that changed from day to day.

It was Saturday, you just arrived to work. Everyone seemed busy as usual. After changing into you uniform, as usual you went up to the 14th floor and started cleaning out the rooms. Just as you finished your second room, the manager approached you,”Yah! ______-ah! There you are! Hurry and take this order to room 1403!!” then handing you an order form. “Ah Yes Sir! Right away!” with that you hurried up stairs to get prepare the order.

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Happy Late Valentine’s Day!! (ノ⌒▽⌒)ノ *:・゚✧❤ So, I finally stopped being lazy and made my follow forever! *whispers* this is my first one too. I really wanted to post this on Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t finish it on time. >.< i’m also almost at 700 followers, so I thought this would be a great time to post it!! 

I’ve been on tumblr for, like, two-three years now, and honestly I can’t believe how so many of you put up with me. You all make tumblr such a fun place for me and I’m so happy that I’ve made so many friends on here. i love you all so much ♥

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People who rail on the quality of Disney’s visual design vs. the quality of its concept art just… don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s so easy to cherry-pick pieces of concept art you think are “prettier,” point at the finished product, and say “THIS IS LAZY AND DISNEY SUCKS”

Like by all means Disney sucks in many ways but don’t use those valid criticisms to dredge up petty complaints that show nothing but complete ignorance of how animated movies are made and blatant disregard for the amount of work that goes into the process

Concept art is supposed to be rougher, looser, and more grandiose than the finished product. It is the product of several artists putting all of their time and energy into creating visual ideas that, after months and months of reworking, are decided on and put into the film. If a concept artist has an idea it is their job to turn it into an image. Keep in mind that concept artists are (usually) not animators. They can pour all of their talents and energy into creating one concept piece. The job of the animator is to make that come to life, and sometimes that’s simply not possible for them to with certain concept designs do given time and budget restraints. What a concept artist spends hours on, the animator has to spend MONTHS on. So the concept work needs to be easy ENOUGH to turn into a moving image. Not easy. Easy ENOUGH

To use a specific example of concept art vs. the finished product, let’s look at the often-lambasted Tangled. Claire Keane is an amazing painter, greatly influenced by renaissance styles, and that shows in her concept work for Tangled. The results are gorgeous. But they’re commonly juxtaposed to images from the finished film and presented as superior visuals that, for no reason other than sucking, Disney chose not to put in the film

That’s simply not the case though. There are so many factors that prevent concept pieces from being fully recreated in a film, from the nitpicking of executives deciding what a film needs to be profitable (remember that corporate Disney and Disney Animation Studios are not entirely the same beast), to the technical limitations of computer animation. Everything you see in a finished product was created by someone who spent countless hours creating it. Nothing and I mean NOTHING in animation is simple. Even if something looks simplistic, it’s not. Which is why complex concept designs have to be watered down. The filmmakers need to decide on the best elements of the concept art and streamline them BEFORE animation even begins. The final product being a simplified version of the concept art is NOT laziness

Also, as with almost all issues the studio is blamed for, Disney is not the only guilty party. Y'all could dredge up concept art for aaaany other studio’s films and the differences between finished product and concept art would be just as vast in most cases. If you’re gonna criticize this aspect of animation, stop pretending Disney is the only studio that does this JUST because you feel like railing on it

Disney has some serious problems and I’m not here to excuse or defend that. And sometimes you just see something in concept art that you think would have been cool. There’s nothing wrong with that. But this is such a pointedly-petty argument that demeans the work of so many artists and shows a wide lack of understanding of the complications of making animated films

My thoughts while watching Frozen

“oh that’s a cute snowman song”



“sprightly lol”

“i want a sandwich”

“no Anna, stop it, stop, stahp”

“now look what you’ve done Elsa, feel bad”

“shit now i feel bad for her, i take it back”




“fuck no, don’t bring her back to Hans”





“jesus god Elsa I want to hug you so badly nonono stop sobbing”


“…but Elsa and Anna should have kissed.”

“wait brain what.”

“there’s no way that’s just sisterly love. look at Elsa’s eyes, she knows exactly what shit is going down right now”

“We finish each others’ KNUCKLE SANDWICHES LOL YES”


hey guys! so i finally stopped being crazy lazy and started getting my society6 page built up this weekend.

and just in time because from now til october 26th it’s free shipping site-wide!!

right now the majority is teen wolf stuff, but i’m still in the process of moving a few things from redbubble, and will be continuing to add all the stuff that i’ve finished recently but done nothing with for multiple fandoms, over the next week or so.

so check it out: society6/radruby

and take advantage of the free shipping-even if it's not for something of mine! :D

"As for our new name... Mom believed that Sir Francis Drake had heirs. Who's to say he didn't?"

so i finally stopped being lazy and actually finished painting this?? there’s probably a ton of mistakes but for right now i’m happy with it, especially considering i’m not actually super familiar with photoshop yet + i always get fed up and try to cut corners while painting lmao. anyway, i love this pirate loving, parkour expert boi.