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so my friends and followers… who’s still playing Pokemon Go?? :P (“Like” my post if you are, i’m curious! whether it’s daily or casually.)

and if you wanna, comment/reply on which ‘mons you’re still missing/trying to add to your pokedexes :)

((for me - I was only playing casually, keeping the app open while walking for eggs and for my walking buddy Charmander. Events like the valentines day one bring me back more, at least for now. it did get me Porygon and Clefable after all! also trying to use the double candy thing to work towards my missing ‘mons, which are Venusaur, Blastoise, Alakazam, Dugtrio, Machamp, Omastar, Kabutops, Gyadaros, Muk, Tangela, and Ditto. oh, and the babies, not a single baby ‘mon hatched yet!! grrr))?

Headcanon: Bridezilla Viktor

Viktor has no chill. Viktor is always extra. So:

One day, Yuuri saw a notebook on the dining table. He recognized that. Viktor has been writing on it fervently for the last few days. To satisfy his curiosity, he opened it. There were a few rough sketches of what looks like costumes. There were pages of incomprehensible scribbles that he now knew as Russian cursive writing. Then finally he saw a list in English. Yuuri started reading Viktor’s pretty flowing script:

1. We have to get married thrice. First is traditional Russian way. Second is traditional Japanese way. Last is for it to be on ice.

2. There must be ice sculptures of meaningful locations (like Hasetsu Castle, the Spanish cathedral where they exchanged rings, etc.)  both during the ceremony and the reception.

3.  There must be an orchestra to play Stammi Vicino during the wedding march and Yuri On Ice during the vows.

4. The reception will offer 5 star quality food from Russian, French, Thai, Spanish, and Japanese cuisine. Drinks offered are champagne, vodka, sparkling water, and ice wine.

5. Our wedding cake must be 10 feet high and decorated with swarovski crystals and edible gold.

As Yuuri continued reading, his eyes grew wider and wider with mounting incredulity.

20. There must be a dancing pole and a dance off during the reception.

21. Yuuri and I must have three wedding outfits: 1. for the ceremony, 2. for the reception, 3. for the dance. That’s a total of 9 outfits.

22. Our color theme will be white and gold.

23. All of our gold medals will be displayed!

The list goes on and on but before Yuuri could even see the end of it, the notebook was snatched away by a horrified Viktor.

“Don’t read it! I’m not done yet!” The Russian cradled it close to his chest as he looked at Yuuri in betrayal.

“What?!” The Japanese stared at him in awe with a twinge of fear. “It’s not yet finished?”

“Of course! There so many things we need for our wedding! It has to be perfect!” The man replied with a heart shaped smile.

What did I get myself into?! Yuuri could only think as he absentmindedly pet Makkachin. He’s too busy watching Viktor who was writing more on his notebook while humming In Regards to Love: Eros.

First official part of the (Bo)Kuroo single dad au, took me forever on how I actually wanted to start it but here I am finally figured it out

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Kuroo stirred in his sleep hearing someone pound on his front door. Expecting it to be Bokuto he lazily stood from his bed and made his way to the door. Hearing another loud pound from his door he sighed rubbing his eyes mumbling out, “Kou please just give me a second.” Before opening the door.

Yet what he saw definitely wasn’t his black and white haired friend but an angry neighbour and a baby in a charier and a diaper bag. His eyes widened as the neighbour had her arms crossed. “What the hell is this? Keeping a baby outside in the cold what kind of person are you?” She yelled and Kuroo never looked up from the small baby that was on his doorstep.

“That isn’t mine, I don’t know where that came from. I’ve never had a baby before Toboso-san!” Kuroo said looking at the angry women who didn’t look at all amused with him.

“Kuroo the baby looks just like you, don’t lie to me.” She says and Kuroo studies the baby. He stands back up and starts hitting his head against his door frame.

“You’re right. It totally does.” He says almost in disbelief. “But I don’t even remember like being with anyone.” He says softly, “How do I have a kid, if I don’t even remember sleeping with anyone.” 

“That sounds like a personal problem Kuroo, but for now take the baby in and tomorrow call Haruhi and sort things out.” She says and Kuroo takes the carrier and the bag inside with him. Closing the door and walking to his couch setting the carrier down and the bag beside him. Looking at the baby and unwraps it from its blankets. 

The baby was fast asleep sucking on it’s thumb, Kuroo didn’t know whether to let it go or to take it out of the carrier. All he knew was that he couldn’t wait till morning to call his mother. So he walked back to his room and grabbed his phone walking back into the living room and standing before the kid before dialing his mother’s number. 

“Tetsurou what the hell are you doing calling me at three am?” His mother asks and he bites at his fingernails. 

“Mom, we have a bit of a problem.” He says and she questions him on that.

“What kind of problem.” Haruhi asks rubbing her temples before Tetsurou spoke again.

“I have a baby.” He says and his mother laughs. 

“You’re a male, you can’t have children.” She says and he sighs.

“No mom, apparently I had sex with someone and they just left a baby at my doorstep and I have a child now, it’s asleep and I don’t know what is going on. I don’t even remember sleeping with anyone in the past nine months and before that. How is this even possible mom?” Kuroo starts to panic as his mother’s eyes widen. 

“Are you sure it’s yours?” She asks and he nods even though she can’t see him. 

“Positive, it looks just like me I don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy yet. Just mom can you please come over.” He says. 

“Yes I’ll be right over. Just try and have it stay asleep before I get there.” Haruhi says and with that she hangs up the phone. Kuroo sat on his couch staring at the baby that was before him, trying to think of something that made sense on how all of this happened. 

As he said before, he had no recollection of having some kind of relation with a girl at any point, far too invested with his studies to worry about dating. Yet now, him having a kid, it was going to change everything. 

Then Kuroo got to overthinking. 

He was going to have to drop out of college, and work to try and buy things for this kid. He was going to have to raise it by himself and hopefully with the help of his mother. How was he going to find a babysitter for the kid when he worked days, how much was that babysitter going to be?

His hands were threaded through his hair until he was snapped out of his thoughts as the baby stirred and started to make noises. They weren’t exactly cries but he wasn’t sure just what they were. He automatically stood up and looked down at the child. It was looking up at him before motioning and making grabbing hands at him. 

Kuroo’s eyes widened not knowing if now was the time to pick it up. Yet it smiled at him and made more grabbing hands and his heart pulled for the small thing. Unbuckling it and carefully picking up the baby he held it in his arms. 

A couple of minutes went by and so far everything was very smooth, it hadn’t cried and just kept reaching to pull on his hair which made him chuckle. “Kuroo what did I say about the baby!” He heard his mom yell as she bursted through his door seeing him rock and hold the baby in his hands.

“I, it, it reached out to me how was I supposed to let it go?” He asks as his mother walked over and looked at the baby. 

“It’s a girl, does she have a name?” Haruhi asked and Kuroo shrugged his shoulders as his mother dug through the diaper bag. “Nothing, looks like you have to come up with one.” She said and he looks over at his mom.

“Why do I have to?” Tetsurou asked his panicking state coming back. “I can’t have that much pressure on me.” He says and his mother rolled her eyes.

“Tetsurou, calm down and pick a name.” She said sitting down. Kuroo looked at the baby as she smiled at him again and cooed.

“Ah she didn’t make that sound before!” He exclaims to his mother and Haruhi nodded.

“It’s just a coo Tetsu all babies do it. She is content now think of a name.” She continues and Kuroo nods it finally coming to him.

“Junko.” He says and Haruhi looks at him. “Kuroo Junko.”

Finally started a new game of Skyrim, with almost all the mods listed here (all except the Phenderix one).

(Septims having weight, and the vast increase in the weight of ores and ingots, is the biggest adjustment so far.  Also the look of the new crafting interface.)

Playing a female Breton.  She’d been kidnapped at a young age by evil sorceresses and forced to work for them, and recently escaped but was caught in the Imperial ambush that caught Ulfric.  Might grow to become a witchhunter and fight malevolent mages, or follow the destiny her former captors had in mind and embrace darkest sorceries, becoming the Wolf Queen’s heir.

And here’s something that may push her one way or the other: her first encounter with vampires.

I’d just come back from Bleak Falls Barrow, with Dragonstone in hand.  The sun was setting, and I sold all the weapons and armor and crap I’d gotten from the bandits and draugr in the barrow.  I headed to Dragonsreach to deliver the stone to Farengar, which triggered the dragon attack on the Western Watchtower.  Before heading out I checked my equipment, and noticed I’d gone up a level (from an increase in Speech from selling my stuff earlier).  I leveled up, to 10, then headed out, and a Courier stopped me, delivering an inheritance… from Bergritte Battle-Born.  I didn’t think anything of this at first, and continued on tot he main gate where Irelith and some Whiterun Guards were gathered…

… along with the corpses of one Master Vampire, and two Vampire Thralls, and Bergritte Battle-Born, Belethor, and Adrianne Avenicci!!!


Will such a sight steel her determination to oppose supernatural evils?  Or will it drive her back to the familiar, yet corruptive, arms of her former captor-sisters?

ELI5: How do hackers find/gain 'backdoor' access to websites, databases etc.?

Gunna try doing this like ELI10. Back door access is just a way of saying “not-expected"access. Sometimes its still done through the front door, and sometimes its through a window.

Something like the front door would be if your Mom told you you could have one glass of coke, and you went and got the big glass flower vase, and poured 6 cokes into it. By following the rules in an unexpected way, you’ve tricked the machine. When mom asks you later how many glasses of coke you had, (of course with her trusty polygraph), you can truthfully answer, "One”. This might be like an SQL injection. Instead of answering 5+8=__ with “14”, you might answer with “14&OUTPUT_FINAL_ANSWER_LIST”. Since it has no spaces and starts with numbers, it might satisfy the rules.

Another way would be if your Mom said you could invite some friends over to play. After the 5th friend walks in, your Mom declares, “That’s it, not another kid walks through that door!” If you open a window and let Johnny climb in with his crayons, technically you didn’t break the rules (for the eventual polygraph) AND when you and your 5 friends go downstairs for homework, Johnny can color all over the walls without someone suspecting he’s there. This is as though you made new login names and used one of the names to give another person administrative, or Mommy, rights. Sometimes you need to make a new login screen, or just knock open a hole in the wall and cover it with a poster, but the idea is still to break the intention of the rules while following them to the letter.

What’s also important to remember is this goes very smoothly when someone lives in the house already, but becomes much harder when you’re trying to get into a stranger’s house. You might have to try to sell them cookies or magazines and then write down where the windows are. Or you might have to offer to clean their whole house for only $5, and then leave a window unlocked for your friend to come back later. Getting inside is a major step.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

really quick sketch of Connie! I finally started watching Steven Universe after about 1000 years. don’t spoil anything for me, I have only gotten through 1 and a half seasons ;-;


In the Nikiforov kingdom, Yuuri’s job was never done. There was always a long list of chores to be completed, and they all had to be completed by sunset- just before dinner. If his work was not up to par or if a single chore was left incomplete…there would be dire consequences. As someone who had been a servant of the Nikiforov for just a little over a month now, Yuuri knew that better than anyone else. It took him a week or so before he finally got into the rhythm of things and started completing his chore list on time. But who could blame him for his poor time management skills? He had another job aside from being a mere servant.

Yuuri was widely known as a hero to the people in the kingdom for his work as  the mysterious thief who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. No one knew about his true identity, and it had to stay that way, for if the king found out, he would surely meet an early death. The king- King Yakov, was a rather cruel leader, who treated his people unfairly and turned a blind eye to their suffering. While the rich did not have a problem carrying on with their normal lives, the poor struggled to meet the basic necessities of life. It was thanks to Yuuri’s kind heart and willingness to sacrifice his safety for the well-being of others that the poor were able to continue living under the cruel king’s rule.

The clock struck seven, and Yuuri knew already that his work day was over. All his chores were done for today, and he was just about done sweeping the floor of the main entrance to the castle. He would have to hurry and meet with the other servants for their work evaluation…but not before properly hiding his thief outfit. Putting the broom back in the closet, he took the outfit and ran to the servants quarters to hide the outfit under the sheet of his bed before rushing down to meet with the other servants. He couldn’t be late, or it would be assumed that his work was not completed on time. At this point in the day, Yuuri was exhausted, more so than the other servants. All he wanted to do was have his dinner and head straight to bed.

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Finally starting to clear somethings off my check list x.x The last two weeks have been downright crazy and likely about to get worse before it gets better. I feel terrible because it’s been harder to keep in contact with some people and some RP commitments have needed to wait. By all means still poke me!! But I’m hoping to finish up my edits, knock out some of my inbox. (gah been so many good things lately! I couldn’t resist. Thank you for your patience, I will get there and OH I want to sketch some things up and have a write up in mind!! See… this is how I get in this mess.)

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I finally started my war clergy run and made a list of everyone who can possibly be a War Monk/Cleric:

(anyone other kid Robin has)

Additionally, Libra and Kellam can pass Priest to their children and Gregor and Henry can pass on Troubadour to daughters. This makes 17-18 possible war clergy units, if I’m not missing anyone.

Because I’m playing an FMU I can only get 17. An MMU could get the 18th by marrying anyone not on the list (or Miriel or Cherche, since they can’t pass on Troubadour). Chrom must marry Robin, Sumia, or Maribelle to make Lucina a War Cleric.

I’m doing this on Hard/Classic, which will be the best test of endurance for this team. Wish us luck. In Naga’s name!

willowslesbidar  asked:

what made you first watch btvs?

hmmm. i had a friend who was convinced i’d love it, and she used to talk about it all the time. i watched omwf with her in the summer of 2014 and i enjoyed it - enough to put it on my watch list, but not enough to start watching the show. in 2015 i met this really cool girl on okc and we hung out a few times and she told me that i should watch btvs and txf. i was like, ‘hmm ok, those are both on my list’, and finally started btvs in august of 2015 because i knew that it had 2 popular wlw ships and that intrigued me.

i was slow watching s1, but in s2 something kind of clicked with me and i ended up finishing the rest of the show in the span of a month <3

I woke up today extra motivated, so I managed to cross many things out of my to-do list. Finals for me start on 19th of May and end on 18th of June. Just to explain some stuff, I’m from Greece and our educational system compels us to have final exams on 16 subjects. Honestly, no lies, I have to study for 16 subjects. There is no time for rest and I’m anxious all the time, but I have to make it. Any motivational messages would be appreciated. Wish me good luck!

Imagine getting a small bouquet of baby’s breath flowers for free whenever you visit florist!Woozi’s flower shop.