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THANK YOU for that bellamy and raven post, finally someone's speaking the truth. I'm not going to hate on them as a ship or fault anyone for shipping them, but I was really confused as to how anybody took that last scene as set up because it was literally all about their grief for clarke and how they're both going to make sure they all live in order to honor her sacrifice. also no one has really talked about raven's reactions to losing clarke, she was heartbroken about losing her friend :(

I do know a lot of Br/vens no longer watch the show, which could and probably has to factor into their admittedly skewed view of the show.  That’s why people look at the episode and see certain things. 


Whoniverse: Class Appreciation Week – Day 4 – Favorite Theme: Inverted Tropes

Charlie is the white male protagonist–the alien prince without a people.  This is meant to be his tragic backstory.  She’s just the terrorist who attacked his people.  And yet…?  This becomes her story.  She is a freedom fighter against an oppressive regime.  The ‘tragic prince’ is the heir to a morally questionable monarchy.  He is not the hero (nor is she the villain) one would expect.

More Than You Know

Jim Kirk X Reader, angst/fluff

Requested by @supernaturallymarvellous & @makemyownwonderland with the prompts:  “I need you. More than you know.”, “Why are you so surprised all the time?” & “Just admit that you enjoy having me around.”


That was the one word you would use to describe Jim Kirk.

Well, it wasn’t quite fair, but you were avoiding him like the damn plague. It had been months since the incident, but it was still hard to look him in the eye. And he was completely unaware of the effect that it all had on you.

So as you walked down the corridor toward the turbolift, you jumped back when Jim rounded the corner and nearly bumped into you.

His hands flew to your shoulder to avoid a collision and his lips formed a sweet smile. “Why are you so surprised all the time?”

You backed away from his touch with your eyes glued to the ground. “Scotty needs me in the transporter room.”

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I really like girls… I love the way they are, the way they think. every single one is just so beautiful and unique
I love short haired girls and long haired ones. ones with freckles, dimples, beauty marks, scars, any imperfection really. the more imperfect the better because its amazing to me how each human being can be so unique in that way. height weight it doesn’t matter. the most beautiful thing i like about a girl is her laugh whether it be a snort or a wheezy intake of air. haha. I love the way people laugh. and someone who can really laugh no matter how they do it, but someone who has the ability to see life for what it is even when its painful or sad and still laugh.. thats beautiful

Bellamy Blake: the truth

*this is just my opinion & I have nothing but my reading of things I see on screen*

Bellamy: “what am I supposed to tell them?”
Kane: “the truth” -episode 407 : Gimmie Shelter

So Bellamy is high key aware that he is running out of time, fights day & night like he’s running out of time (dang you catchy Hamilton

And he is responding to this realization by telling the truth. The good. The bad. The ugly truth.

He did this with Jaha a bit in 403 but he’s getting more & more confrontational about it

In ep 406 after he thought he lost Clarke he was about to confess some truth to Clarke when he said “incase I don’t see you again” was it gonna be an “I love you?” Probably not exactly but imo it was gonna be that without saying “love” directly but she cut him off because she’s not ready for the end. She can’t think about “goodbye”

but back to Bellamy so next ep 407
The black rain comes, he thinks he may have lost his sister again. He does lose two of his people, when he realizes he can’t save them he asks Kane “what do I tell them?” & Kane answers “the truth” Bellamy does, & crumbles as he speaks the truth. after all this he finally hits Kane with a hard truth of his own,why he’s never quite been able to accept his love & approval by telling him
“you floated my mother” it was a painful truth to speak & hear, but it needed to be said.

in 408 it looks like Bellamy is gonna be on a day trip with local nihilist/ hard truth speaker Jasper Jordan himself. So I think Bellamy is gonna hit Jasper with some hard truth & vice versa I think it’s gonna cut deep, but also drain some bad blood. Jasper was the first of the 100 besides Clarke to love Bellamy, fight for him, hug him. And Bellamy wants to make things right.

I think the next hard truth Bellamy will face & speak is gonna be to Octavia herself he’s gonna let her go in a healthy way & hit her with some hard truths that she is unwilling to face (I HOPE this happens)

And finally the last truth Bellamy will need to to speak/face : CLARKE he NEEDS to tell her what she means to him, He needs her to know how he feels. And the next time they have a moment where he can tell her he won’t let her cut him off. He is gonna finally tell her the truth & I am so here for it

I think Bellamys most important arc this season will just be telling the truth, And it may help save humanity

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LI Dragon Age dads sleeping with their kid(s)


Alistair always sleeps with both arms around his child because even in his sleep, Alistair can’t fully believe that he and his beloved warden actually managed to have such a healthy, beautiful child together. He kiss the child’s head before falling asleep and again after waking up. To Alistair, his child is far more precious than any throne could ever be. 


Zevran sings in his sleep when his child is close. Old Antivan lullabies that are little more than whispered memories from his own childhood. He holds them to his chest, savoring the warmth and marveling at the strength of life in such a tiny body. Zevran is rarely more at ease than he is with his child. 


Fenris doesn’t sleep. He watches his children vigilantly, a part of him constantly afraid that they will be hurt or need their nightmares chased away. He brushes the hair from their faces, reading them stories, and murmuring prayers in every language that he knows. Whatever happens, he will keep them safe. 


Anders curls himself around his child, arms and legs becoming a barrier to the outside world as he holds his child close. He always checks to ensure his child is comfortable and close and safe before closing his eyes. Even then, his slumber is shallow and alert. No one will ever take his child away from him. 


Sebastian never expected to have a child of his own but after becoming Prince of Starkhaven, he knew he needed an heir. Seeing his little one as a gift from the Maker, Sebastian treats his child with a kind of reverence, sleeping at his child’s side with a gentle hand on the child’s belly so Sebastian can feel the small chest rising and falling with every breath. 


Cullen sleeps flat on his back with his children splayed across his stomach using him as a giant pillow. He mumbles their names as he sleeps, his hands constantly searching them out to ensure they’re still there. He wakes them up with kisses and tickles, enjoying their high-pitched squeals of laughter. The nightmares come less often when his children are near. 

Iron Bull

Bull is quiet when he sleeps: his calm a sharp contrast to the wrestling and rough-housing he usually enjoys with his children. He keeps his arms loose around them, wanting them close but also wanting to give them freedom to move as they please. He smiles at every snore. It’s moments like these that make him glad to be Tal-Vashoth. 


Dorian always makes sure that his adopted child is tucked in close to his chest or set in the crook of his neck when Dorian sleeps. He wants them to feel his heartbeat, to feel the love that he can’t yet convey to them in words. They will know nothing but love from him. 


Blackwall tries to sleep but never quite manages it. He always has to keep an eye on his sleeping child, still unable to believe that he has one. He tucks blankets around the small body and kisses all along the soft curls on their head. He will make sure they lead a better life than he ever could. 


Solas doesn’t so much sleep as doze. Sleeping pulls him into the Fade and he prefers to feel the heartbeat and listen to the soft, steady breathing of his child. He traces the outline of his child’s ear, murmuring in ancient elven about things lost past. In these small intimate moments, with no one else around to hear, he can finally speak the truth.  

Enamored | [PART 1]

“Maybe because you’re the biggest business boss in the world, not only that, but you’re also the youngest so people believe you’re vanilla. You know, sometimes you got to do things that will change the worlds perspective of yourself, make people believe you’re different then what they think.”

Word Count: 2.5k

Summary: Or, the one where in an alternate universe it’s not out of the norm to be buying humans-especially sex slaves-for auction. Luke Hemmings, a very high profiled boss in one of the best selling businesses in the world, just so happens to buy the most cheapest sex slave there is, that makes the media go wild and follow his every move. 

Aurora Palvin is the sex slave who has been in the auction since she turned sixteen, thankfully she has been bought by the Luke Hemmings and to say she is scared is an understatement. She has to learn to deal with the pressure of society and Luke’s strict rules.

Now what happens when two different worlds collide? Find out in Enamored

The lights were blinding him as they continued to flash in his face, constant shouts of words and the sound of feet shifting after the other had thundered in his ears. With every hard smack of someone’s foot against the pavement and fluttering flash of the camera, it had Luke quickening his pace to get to his destination.

He scurried up the short flight of stairs in front of the building and into the clear double doors that his security guards open up for him. He let a quick ‘thank you’ brush out of his lips and into the chilly February air.

The crowd outside never seemed to fade away but continue to grow and become louder as Luke stepped deeper into the auction house. The chandelier hang over his head as the room was lit brightly as the burgundy, white, and gold accents plastered the whole entire area, paintings and expensive vases where sit up among the first floor as Luke rushed himself up the staircase.

With each wooden step he stepped on a creek admitted and so did a groan from Luke’s throat. If he was being honest, he didn’t want to be here but he had no choice. All of his friends decided to plan this only after discovering the fact that they haven’t hang out with each other in a long time due to everyone traveling.

Luke hated places like this and quickly objected them but his friends demanding texts and aggressive vibrating tone made him roll his eyes and join the group to this auction.

He didn’t like the fact that actual human beings where being put up for sale for sexual intimacy, like they were a piece of live stock and you only need them for a moment before giving them away. He hated the idea since he has heard about it, which is why he distanced himself away from it until today, now he has to face his hatred and try to relax as naked men and women walk up the stage and get looked at by various eyes and get called numerous names as someone yells out a price range.

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Evan Hansen from Dear Evan Hansen
by Rebecca
requested by @nataliedamiano and anonymous

Introverted Intuition (Ni)
“I’ve learned to slam on the brake before I even turn the key.”
Most of the time, Evan predicts and plans ahead to avoid problems with other people, which also can cause him worry as he knows what will happen if he messes up. His thoughts form into “this will happen, then this will happen, then this,” which is what ends up reinforcing his social anxiety. By creating the Connor Project, he finds a deeper connection with Connor and becomes a symbolic leader for the community. He tries to look ahead and plan whenever he can, but sometimes he is forced to act in the moment and shift his plans, such as when he ends up creating a web of fictional stories about his friendship with Connor.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
“No one deserves to be forgotten.”
Evan doesn’t want to be invisible, and even with his social anxiety he wants to be seen by the people surrounding him. Many of the decisions he makes are to follow what other people want and what other people feel, allowing his own thoughts and desires to be silenced by others. With his speech for the Connor Project, Evan ends up becoming a leader that everyone ends up listening to and respecting. He is surprisingly charismatic when he speaks about Connor, as the Murphy family and the surrounding community ends up falling for him and his stories.

Introverted Thinking (Ti)
“It’s not going to be like that time you had the perfect chance to introduce yourself to Zoe Murphy at the jazz band concert last year…”
Evan tends to overanalyze the situations he finds himself in, which feeds into his social anxiety and causes him to worry about what he’s done. This is demonstrated in the letters that he writes to himself, where he looks back at his decisions and thinks about everything he did wrong from a more logical standpoint. However, he rarely allows himself to apply his own thoughts on certain matters as he often overshadowing by the desires of others that he tries to accomodate with his Fe. When finally tries to speak the truth, he struggles to speak out as “words fail.”

Extroverted Sensing (Se)
“I never meant to make it such a mess. I never meant for it to go this far.”
Some of Evan’s biggest (and most destructive) decisions are made up on the spot when he doesn’t plan ahead and instead acts in the moment. For instance, he ends up saying that the letter he wrote to himself was actually a letter that Connor wrote to him and they used to be best friends. Later, he gets wrapped up in the moment and kisses Zoe, which ends up turning her away for some time. While some of these decisions allow good results, they later end up twisting together and causing him problems as the effects of Connor’s death continue to reverberate.

Life and Death

Angela ran as fast as her feet would carry her, sprinting down the dank alleyway in hopes of getting lost within the labyrinth. The network of back roads, abandoned driveways, and alleys was massive. Hopefully by fleeing into here, Reaper wouldn’t become tempted to hold another life in peril. Angela was fine risking her own, but she couldn’t allow an innocent life to fall into jeopardy. Curiously, the petite blonde glanced over her shoulder as she kept running. When she saw the wisps of inky blackness and how they breezed right past her, Angela had to whip her head forward and slam on her heels to prevent from toppling into Reaper.

“Y-You–!!” She gasped out through weak lungs, a trembling yelp escaping her soon after due to the vice on her throat and the weight of impact the wall carried. The hand which carried her Caduceus Staff–which she nearly forgot she had on her–feebly released the weapon, the echo reverberating as it fell to the ground and rolled a few feet away. Both hands grasped at Reaper’s offending wrist in hopes of stopping him from choking her outright. He was fueled by rage, and why wouldn’t he be? Angela could only imagine what he had endured since they last saw each other, let alone the daily pain he stomached due to his complicated condition which constantly danced between life and death.

“Please…p-please…” She wheezed gently, her sparkling blue hues flickering weakly in the choke hold but never faltering from that ivory mask. “You…you d-don’t know…the full truth of that night…let me explain it to you,” She had to pause to gasp again, face flustering as her breathing was limited. “Y-You’re to kill me…either way…I don’t expect mercy from you, b-but…you deserve to know the truth…” Angela finally gave up speaking and decided to focus on what little breathing she could do with his hand around her throat. She’d pass out at this rate if he refused to lighten his grip. It pained her to know he lived, to become this thing. In truth, she had fallen blissfully in love with him back in those days of yore. They butted heads at first–what with her being Jack’s favorite and Gabriel thinking she were some entitled snot–but their friendship thickened over the years spent in battle and on base together.

It had been unrequited as Angela never had the courage to confess to him. That, and just when she felt she was ready, the animosity between her two closest friends began to form. Even if she did love him, Angela could no sooner take Gabriel’s side than she could Jack’s. Her decision to remain neutral in their little ‘war’ might as well been a death sentence for everyone there. Perhaps if she had sided with one side or the other, then the fall out of that day would never have happened. It was this guilt and ever-present yearning which drove her to educate him on it all. Her stance, what happened following the explosion, everything which followed, all of it. Eyes still on his–though they were dangerously close to drifting off to unconsciousness–Angela rasped out a final cry, her tone in shambles as she dusted off her favorite name and used it for the first time in years. “Gabriel, p-please…”

Maybe she’s born with it,
Maybe it’s gender stereotypes.
Unwritten rules she has been taught to follow since she learned the word no.
Hold your tongue
Keep your back arched
Don’t open your legs to wide
Don’t keep them to tight
Don’t show too much cleavage
Don’t wear collars that are up to your neck
But I don’t need to wear something that will choke my neck when this patriarchal society already has one hand gripping onto my vocal chords,
Begging me do not speak because someone might finally reveal the truth.
99 percent of women in western societies have experienced sexual harassment by just walking down the street;
Hey baby you’re looking fine today-
Don’t touch me
But you’re beautiful-
I said don’t touch me
I know you want it-
I said-
Take a compliment!
My sociology teacher told us to read an article about sluts
It was a man who wrote it
It was a man who talked about how young girls are wearing things they should not wear
How about men are writing about things they should not be writing about.
Boys are out here stealing girls first kisses;
Her name was Virginia
But it sounded like virginity so he thought he could just take that too.
Rapists rape people not clothing.
Unwritten rules she has been taught to follow since she learned the word no.
Put your head down
Keep your head up
Play hard to get boys like a challenge
But don’t play too hard cause sports aren’t for girls
Boys seem to think that just because they use the pro noun he means that they are more important than she is.
I’m getting pretty sick of boys demanding I open my mouth for them before I can open my mouth for me just to speak.
And just remember, sexism doesn’t exist because a few decades ago women were granted the ability to put a check mark in a box beside the name of the next man who would get to order them around.
Unwritten rules she has been taught to follow since she learned the word no.
Learn how to put on makeup
But don’t wear to much
10 ways how to please your man
But if you do you’re a slut
Ladies don’t swear
Well listen here asshole
My gender does not limit my vocabulary.
And you do not control what comes out of my mouth.
And you do not control how I live my life.
They thought they got rid of dictatorship,
Well wouldn’t you know men didn’t get the memo.
Just like they never learned the word no.

Maybe She’s Born With It

aka A Slam Poem for All Girls Because Since 76% Of Main Characters in Movies/TV Are Men, You Finally Get Something That Is Just For You.

And watch the performance here:

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Finally someone speaking the truth about Angela, hate her too. People think she's bad ass, when she is really just selfish and bratty. So, PLEASE continue. (And although Portia is good at serving bitchitude and being condescending, she relies on it too much.)

honestly, like i’m interested to see where her story heads but like i am so done with this bullshit that angela is like this innocent love interest for elliot. like please, end that shit, lets stop pretending there’s anything between them and make angela an independent character of her own.

and i love portia. all the love to her. my hatred of angela moss doesn’t leak over to her cause she’s a talented and beautiful actress for sure.

Notes on an ending.

I’m going inactive until I decide what to do here. It just hurts too much to even think about Carrie right now, let alone sustain a blog that was, in part, about a story that has ended so tragically. I will never understand this. Never. I can only pray that Carrie did not suffer terribly and that she is at peace, and that her beloved ones and those who love her will find their way in her absence as best we can. 

Given the subject of this Tumblr, my thoughts also very much run to Harrison Ford, though of course, it is only one of many tremendous losses I am contemplating with her passing. Please do not @ me to talk shit about Harrison or tell me I’m focusing on the wrong thing or an unworthy topic or that I’m minimizing the loss of Carrie herself in any way, because I damn well know this is but a fraction of her tremendous story and the loss we’re all experiencing (see my Twitter if you need confirmation of that). I’m focusing on this here because this has always been a focus of my blog and I need to address it, even in a small way. If you don’t like it, jump off here and don’t look back.

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Request:  Pst, could you do a Rip Hunter imagine (romantic and fluffy or something) he needs love :)

A/N: This ended up a lot fluffier than I intended. Hopefully you like it!

“Hey” you call out softly to your captain, pulling him from his thoughts as he walks aimlessly through the Waverider’s corridors.

“Ms Y/L/N” Rip acknowledges with a slight nod of his head.

“I’m pretty sure you know me well enough to call me by my first name, Rip” you smile softly, tilting your head as you curiously await what his response might be.

A gentle sigh escapes his lips as his glance falls to the ground. “Of course, you’re right, Y/F/N.”

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Reiji is by far my favorite. He’s gorgeous, intelligent, refined, and elegant. *leaves Darjeeling Tea and a blue and gold tea set before exiting quietly.* I’m with the Amaterasu asker, he’s the best.

Reiji: why thank you darling. finally someone finally speaking the truth 

                                    ✘✦ ━ ғᴀᴛᴇ ɪs ᴄʀᴜᴇʟ ᴀɴᴅ ɪʀᴏɴɪᴄ… ᴘʟᴇᴀ ᴀɴᴅ ʙᴇɢ

                                                   ғᴏʀ ɪᴛ ᴡɪʟʟ ɢɪᴠᴇ ɴᴏ sʏᴍᴘᴀᴛʜʏ

                                                  Headcanons: PARADISE LOST

I. Fates Intertwine

- Guts has no knowledge of how he got there, but upon meeting his other self, he quickly comes upon the realization that the comrades he had lost, are nowhere to be found with this counterpart. Anger quickly fills his heart and he interrogates the other, who is unwilling to cooperate until he finally speaks the truth. With the sudden revelation that he willingly left his comrades behind, Apostle Guts attacks him in a fit of rage.

-  The Hound of Flames will clash blades with the Hound of Darkness, a fated meeting that will define the course of their lives forevermore. Apostle Guts only spares the other’s life in order to drag him back to Skellig, fearing that, just like his own world, that his friends would have been slaughtered just like they have before. This isn’t the case. They are very much alive.

- With Guts quite literally throwing his other self at the feet of his old comrades, he is overtaken with emotion at the sight of them all. Half expecting them to be dead, he just can’t believe that they are alive and well… Or as well as they can be in the situation that they are in.

II. Reconciliation

- In learning that Griffith has abducted Casca, Apostle Guts decides to stay, not only to help them get her back, but to make that the other Guts doesn’t fuck up anymore than he already has. He is no saint, but he’s never left his comrades behind for selfish reasons. Even so, he only desires that his counterpart gains the happiness that he had before his own Casca’s unfortunate death.

- With his decision to remain with the group, he reunites with everyone that he has lost in his own world. They are surprised to see him, astonished about the fact that this Guts sacrificed his new friends to gain power. Even as an apostle, he still holds all of them near and dear to his heart, never forgetting how much they meant to him. He takes advantage of the situation and becomes close with them, even with the lingering doubt of how much they can trust him.

- His relationship with his counterpart is shifty at best, but he restrains the urge to beat the shit out of him, often resorting to derogatory and hurtful comments to remind him of much he screwed up. Eventually, they do sort things out to an extent, and can fight side by side with the knowledge that they can trust each other not to stab the other in the back. Literally and figuratively.

More will be added in the future.

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Solavellan Masterpost

This will be a list of everything I write for Dragon Age: Inquisition.  There will be other master lists for the other games (eventually), but I really want to focus on one game at a time.  Solas has taken over my life, so be prepared.  I am learning, so feel free to throw constructive criticism my way.  It’s greatly appreciated since I want to be better.  

If you have any suggestions for short stories, send me a prompt and I will do my best! 

And if you’d like to learn more about my Inquisitor Nira’sal Lavellan, you can click here!

Solas & Nira’sal canon - In chronological order

The Wolf -With the Conclave not going exactly as planned, Solas and his friend look over the destruction and plan their next move.

A Matter of Time As the events at Haven begin to spiral out of control, Solas finds one small beacon of hope among the humans.  They found a young elf with a strange, yet familiar power emitting from her hand.  

Introductions - Nira’sal meets Solas on the way to the Breach and can’t seem to keep herself in check. (prompt) NEEDS TO BE UPDATED

Reconsider  -  Having to reconsider his plans, Solas keeps a close eye on the elf that came into contact with his orb.

SmileyFinally catching her breath, Nira decides whether she should stay with the Inquisition or not.  Varric comes to give her some encouragement.

New Faces  - Meeting new people has always been difficult for Nira, but something about Solas makes her feel more comfortable.  She takes the time she can while he studies the mark to get to know him a little.

One Step  - Being called the “Herald of Andraste” worries Nira quite a bit.  Not used to the responsibilities, she falters in her resolve and searches for answers. NEEDS TO BE UPDATED

Unexpected - While gathering herbs, an unexpected event keeps them from returning to Haven.

A Gullible Fool -  Nira checks in on Solas during his studies

A Pulsing EnergyFeeling the presence of an ancient elven artifact, Nira accompanies Solas to inspect it.

Fear -   As Nira tries to console herself with everything that has happened over the past few days, she finds herself confronted once again by the demon.  She feels as if she is facing this demon alone, but is she?

A Walk in the Snow aka Solas is MOM according to Avi - Once again, Solas comes to Nira’s rescue, but the two distract each other from their situations, something else starts to come to light.

Distractions -  As Nira'sal continues her training, Solas suggests a distraction. Nira decides to take his advice into her own hands.

Napping on the Job  - In hopes of playing a prank on Solas after a long day of boredom, Nira’sal goes to his study only to find him asleep.

An Important Choice - Nira is faced with a choice and goes to Solas for comfort.  What kind of mage will she decide to be and how will that shape the Inquisition?

Some Light Reading - Solas POV - Solas spends the evening reading one of his favorite books, but is interrupted by a young elf who can’t sleep.

Losing Oneself - In an attempt to prepare Nira’sal for many of the possible futures, Solas takes her through the Fade and back to Haven.  A slip of the tongue causes his plans to derail. 

Worth the Trouble - Nira confronts Solas about the kiss in the Fade.  Solas does whatever he can to keep her at a distance, despite his best efforts.

All New - Solas POV - pt 1 -  Hearing that his friend has been used in a spirit binding devastates Solas and sends him in a frenzy to go off and help her.  Though he does all he can, it may already be too late.

Faded - Solas POV - pt 2 -  After the pain of losing his oldest friend, Solas remembers his last moments together with Wisdom.  From her words, he decides his next path.

Much Needed Help - As Solas struggles with Wisdom’s death, Nira takes matters into her own hands as she makes more trouble in the kitchen.

Before the Band Stops - Resting after the events of Halamshiral, it seems Nira needs a much needed distraction and Solas is more than happy to oblige.

Truly Unique - Solas and Nira spend the day painting in his study.

Just SmileNoticing that Solas has been acting strangely, Nira does everything she can to make him smile.

The GiftSolas gives Nira a gift with a special enchantment.

Before the Breach - Receiving the letter that her clan was destroyed, Nira recounts the events before she came to the Inquisition and her mysterious actions that ended in their death.  [Part 1]

Stay With Me - Solas POV - Preparing to depart for Mythal’s Temple, Solas give Nira a small warning, but more importantly, he gives her hope that everything will be alright.  He will forever remain by her side. (prompt)

Lost in Thought - Solas POV - Solas plays along with Nira’s games, but finds himself distracted.

In Claws of Dread - Solas POVSolas continues to struggle with himself, but feels his heart has made it’s decision.  The Wolf refuses to allow him to divert from his destined path.  NSFW

One Last Time - Solas POVAs Solas prepares to leave the area after helping defeat Corypheus, he leaves one final gift with his vhenan.

Var Lath Vir Suledin -  Solas POV - TRESPASSER SPOILERS! Solas struggles with himself before leaving Nira one final time.  One kiss and one goodbye is all he needs.

Solas & Nira’sal AUs

Suledin Bell’ana - AU, BUT TRESPASSER SPOILERS!   An AU alternate ending to Var Lath Vir Suledin.  Nira struggles to fight past the pain the Anchor is creating in order to remain with the one she loves.

El’las’in - Solas POV - EVEN MORE TRESPASSER SPOILERS!  AU where Solas and Nira still meet from time to time post-Trespasser, despite the paths they are walking and what their meetings may possibly lead to in the future.  Possibly a prelude to something down the road.  I can’t stop writing AU’s!  It’s the only way to make me happy!

Faded Away -  Solavellan style Spirited Away AU.  Nira wanders a Fade she had never come across before and unable to return home.  When a figure steps in, she finds it hard to believe that he is there to save her.  She has little choice, but to listen as the Evanuris will kill any mortal caught in their realm. [Ch 1]

Fen’nas -  insp. by this post made by @fatally-procrastinating.  Original post is here.  Solas doesn’t so much sleep as doze. Sleeping pulls him into the Fade and he prefers to feel the heartbeat and listen to the soft, steady breathing of his child. He traces the outline of his child’s ear, murmuring in ancient elven about things lost past. In these small intimate moments, with no one else around to hear, he can finally speak the truth.  

The Dreadful Tails (Solavellan Fairy tale AUs)

A Dreadful Masquerade  (Cinderella) -   A Solavellan fairy tale AU. Sneaking into her own ball, Nira meets a mysterious stranger that quickly makes the night one to remember.  [Act 1] [Act 2]


Sylvas & Fen’nas Masterpost - TBA

Random Solavellan prompt AUs

Kid!quisitor Masterpost

Nira’sal x Suledin

These Feelings

Hate is a strong word. You never hated anything. Your mother always taught you that hatred but love will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Except today, you hated someone and that someone was Marcel Fornell. You two had been the happiest couple anyone had ever seen. You thought he loved you enough for the thought of marriage would pop into his mind.

But apparently not.

You had met Marcel at some party that your long-time best friend Marco was throwing. Marco introduced Marcel to you and you knew then that as soon as your eyes met, it was like fate brought you two together. Until everything went downhill. Arguments about anything one of you did to piss the other off brought him to the realisation that he’d be better off without you.

So here you were now, scarfing rocky road ice cream down your throat right out of the carton, mascara streaks painting your cheeks, curled up in Marco’s bed, watching romantic movies, and sobbing.

“I will love you forever and always. I promise,” the character on TV said.

“He’s lying! Don’t listen to the lies he’s spitting!” You screamed at the screen with your mouth filled with the sweet dairy and fell back onto the bed in defeat. Marco knocked softly on the bedroom and peered inside, seeing a small, sobbing lump under the sheets.

“You think watching love movies will mend your broken heart?” Marco walked to the other side of the bed and plopped down beside you. He arched his neck so his head was facing you and studied your face. “Go away,” you flipped so your back was facing him. “I want to be alone.”

Marco only dragged your body back to him so you both were in a spooning position. Then you felt him rest his cheek on your shoulder and coo soft, comforting words making tears prick your eyes again. You choked on a sob and started to tremble slightly. Marco closed any lingering space between you and rolled your body over so that your face was nuzzled into his chest. You couldn’t stop the flow of tears from your eyes that stained Marco’s shirt. Marco stroked your hair with his hand and his other locked around your waist.

“Shhh its okay Y/N. You’ll be alright, you will get through this,” Marco reassured. “This is just a little obstacle you gotta encounter in life. You just have to be strong enough to endure it and soon enough, it’ll be over.” He placed his lips at the top of your head and left a lingering kiss there. You loved it when Marco was kind to you. He never show it publicly but underneath his goofball and  facade, Marco was a sweetheart. Then he scooped you up into his arms, bridal style, and brought you both up from the bed.

“What’re you doing Marco?” You sniffed and immediately clung to his shirt in fear you would fall because Marco was much taller so this was a major height difference.

“We are going to the park. You need to get out of the house, its been three weeks since you’ve seen daylight. You need fresh air and plus you look like a vampire Y/N,” he pointed out.

You grinned and scrambled a bit to escape Marco’s arms. “At least let me clean myself before we go. I look like train wreck.” Marco held you close to him still and said simply, “I think you look beautiful.”

You froze and met your eyes with his green and brown ones and stared him surprised. Did he say what you think he said? He was being so sweet to you these last few days but he barely ever complimented you. If a short and simple nod to what you were wearing was considered a compliment. But he called you beautiful so that was quite the upgrade from gestures from his head. Maybe it was because you were fragile and he wanted you cheer you up.

“What? I can’t speak the truth?” He finally place you down to exit his house and start the car. “I’ll wait for you in the car.”

You raced upstairs quickly to change since you only wore one of Marco’s hoodies and some casual shorts along with your hair in a messy bun. You pulled on some blue capris and a t-shirt with some white converse shoes then raced to the bathroom to take care of the battle of tangles in your hair. It took you some time but you finished your mission and proceeded to style it into a high ponytail. You were too tired to add make up after you removed the colorful splotches on your face and decided to put on some eyeliner and lipgloss. Satisfied with your speedy change, you galloped back down the stairs and out the door.

You entered Marco’s car with a sigh and fumbled to grab your seatbelt. You noticed Marco staring at you, so you gradually turned your head to view him. Though his eyes were covered with aviator sunglasses you could feel his piercing gaze locked onto you. After a long moment of your staring contest, he smiled and started the car to take your to destination.

Your mind kept wandering to what Marcel and what he was doing at the moment, making the car ride silent. You were back into a bad mood and yearned to return to your safe fortress of pillows and blankets. Marco seemed to take note of your change of mood from your dramatic gaze out the window and cranked up the radio which played a Taylor Swift song. Thinking it would cheer you up, Marco started singing off key horribly loud and kept glancing your way to see if a smile graced your face.

It didn’t.

So he started to even higher when the chorus came around and performed a odd dance the song. You broke out of your melancholy state and laughed while flying your hands to cover your ears and repeatedly pleading him to stop but that only spurred him on. Once at a red light, he grasped your wrist and held it down, bringing your head closer to him to listen to his torturous voice. You giggled profusely and tried fended him off by ruffling his perfectly neat hair. Originally Marco would kill a bitch if someone did this any other occasion but he was busy cheering you up so he allowed it for once and retaliated by blowing raspberries on your cheek. You shrieked and repeated the action on his neck. “No Y/N! Stop! The lights green! Don’t distract the driver.” Marco playfully shoved you back to your seat. You laughed giddily, so much that your cheeks were in pain. Your laugh was contagious to Marco apparently because he was having trouble maintaining the car on one side of the road.

At the park you and Marco did nothing but run around, play tag, chase ducks and geese, and swing on the swing sets at the children’s playground. You walked over to the middle of the grass field and collapsed dramatically, worn former activities. Marco joined you and fell on his back also staring at the great blue sky littered with white puffy clouds and a bright and warm sun. “Thank you Marco. This was so much fun.”

“Anytime doll,” he winked. You shoved his shoulder playfully and sat up. “I’m serious though…thank you. I think I’d still be cooped up in my room if it weren’t for you.”

“I know you would’ve. That’s why I called you over to my place for you to stay. That a way I could control you better.”

You smiled then glared at him and yanked a handful of grass from the ground and placed it gracefully onto his white and black striped tank top. He dusted it back onto you though and whipped out his phone. “C’mere.” He outstretched his arm and made a grabby gesture with his hand. You tumbled into him and looked at his phone. Before you had time to react, he snapped a picture of the both of you.

“Marco! Delete it, I look like crap!” You leaned over him to reach for his phone but he wrapped his free arm around your body and held you to the ground.

“You look fine, chill. Just gonna upload on Insta and we are…good,” Marco slipped his phone back into his pocket before you could protest again and pouted sarcastically at you. “Whats wrong princess?” He held your chin in his hand. “Awww it’s okay baby.” You slapped his hand away from you, stuck your tongue at him, rose up, and marched away from him in a random direction.

“Where are you going?” Marco laughed.

“Away from you! That tree is nicer than you Marco!” You shouted back as you pointed at a small and frail tree that looked like it would snap in two if you blew it. Marco laughed heartily and staggered to his feet to follow you. You unlocked your phone and tapped Instagram to view the picture Marco posted. You were staring blankly, caught off guard while Marco looked like a Hollister model with his smirk and designer sunglasses. The caption read ‘My girl!’ and double heart and a monkey covering it’s eyes emoji. With a hashtag saying ‘#LoveHer’. You stared at the post until you felt Marco bump into your shoulder and stared at your phone over your shoulder.

“I can delete it if you hate it that much.”

You spun around and stared at Marco, unaware of his presence and protested. “No, no. It’s fine. I’m just kinda worried about, um, what if Marcell sees it?” Marco threw his head back and groaned exaggeratedly loud. He looked back down at you with his head tilted to the side in an attractive way. Wait no, not attractive. He’s your friend not your boyfriend.

“Y/N, you two aren’t together anymore. I know that you’re still getting used being broken up, but you need to snap back into reality. You don’t have to worry about him anymore.”

You searched the ground just to avoid looking at Marco. “Alright,” you agreed. "No more talking about him. I promise.”

Marco smiled and intertwined his fingers with yours then began walking down the path. “Now how about some more ice cream?”

By the time the day was over and you and Marco were sprawled out lazily on the couch chatting the night away, mostly him telling you how much colour you’ve gained and how non-vampiric you looked, when your phone started buzzing. You stretched your arm in an attempt to retrieve your phone from the coffee table that was “so far away.” You felt a shiver trickle down your spine when you read the caller ID. Marcel. “Marco,” you called in a worried tone and showed him the phone.

“Ignore him,” Marco suggested casually and continued  on his phone. Your eyebrows furrowed slightly at his comment and stood to your feet. “Marco I can’t just ignore him.”

“Why not?” He stood up too. ”Just don’t answer the phone. There problem solved.”

He couldn’t be serious.

“Marco. I have to answer it. And I am going to.” You walked to the sliding door that led to the backyard to talk to Marcel but was cut short when Marco gripped your forearm and spun you around. He plucked your phone from your hand and answered the call.

“Hey!” He only placed a finger to your lips which you smacked away and attempted to grab your phone. He easily dodged your attempts to no avail. You eventually gave up and stared up at him frustratedly.

“Hello?” Marco answered while staring into your eyes daringly. You heard a loud muffled voice from Marcel’s side of the phone.

“Sorry she can’t come to the phone right at now. Goodbye Marcel.” Before he hung up you could Marcel’s yelling to put you on the phone.

‘What the hell? I’m right here? Why is he being like this, he was so nice earlier today’. You thought to yourself.

Marco calmly placed your phone back into your hand and slid back into his position on the couch to busy himself once again. You stormed over and confronted him. “Okay, what the hell?”

Marco kept quiet and stared at his phone lamely. “Marco!” You shouted angrily.

You yanked his phone and threw it to the other side of the couch. Marco jumped to his feet at lightening speed and got into your face. “You want to know why I did that? You said no more talking about him. You two aren’t together anymore so stop acting like you are.”

“Why are you so worked up about this?! It’s not like you control my life so stop acting like you are! You know what, whatever I’m out of here.”

You pushed past him and started for the front door but he twisted you back around and slammed his lips onto yours, possessively pressing your chest to his. You tried to push him away but his grip onto you was unrelenting so you slowly started to melt into the kiss. His lips felt like soft cushions and his tongue was warm and slick which slid into your mouth, exploring every inch of your mouth. Your throat emitted a delicate moan from this contact.

Marco pulled away after a while for air. You both said nothing, just stared at each other with heavy breaths. He licked his lips and gave you a sly smirk. “Don’t go.” Before you could give a reply, Marco picked you up so you could wrap your legs around him and carried you both to his room.

The next morning, you woke up and the first thing you noticed was your clothes on the ground next to you. You smiled as shivers ran up and down your body from the thought of last night. You turned over and saw Marco silently gazing at you with his hands folded under his pillow.

“Morning,” his sexy groggy voice greeted you.

“Morning it is.” You curled up next to him, keeping his gaze and placed a short kiss on his nose. “Last night was amazing,” you confessed. Your legs were still a bit sore and you knew you’d spot a hickey on your neck soon.

“You should speak for yourself. You were absolutely incredible.” Marco ran his hand up and down your side as if his hand was trying to memorise your curves. You saw his pupils widen ever so slightly as he remembers one particular moment when you raked your nails down his back and arched into him. It was a simple movement for you, but apparently not so simple to Marco.

You blushed and giggled as his hand was hinting something as it oh so innocently traveled down your body and gripped your behind firmly.

“Hmm I think I’m a little hungry,” you teased and with that, squirmed out of bed and threw on his oversized t-shirt. “How about breakfast?” You skipped out of the bedroom also hearing him “demanding you” to come back.

A few hours after breakfast, 'thank you for breakfast’ sex, and 'freshen up after breakfast sex by showering’ sex, you were currently cleaning around Marco’s house to keep busy after he left to practice with his team but should be back shortly according to his . You were left with your thoughts as the vacuum drowned out any sound coming from your mp3.  You thought about where your relationship with Marco was going and partially Marcel. Even though he broke up with you, you couldn’t help but let your mind wander to him.

As you simultaneously vacuumed and thinking, you had a feeling that someone was watching you. You switched the vacuum off, then whirled your head around to ease the feeling. When your eyes landed on the front door, you jolted in surprise and fright. Casually leaning against the wall, was Marcel. “I rang the bell about a hundred times so I used the key,” he informed you and brought the spare key to Marco’s house into your view.

“W-what’re you doing here?” you demanded in a nervous voice. You cannot succumb to his pleads to take him back because surely that was what he was here for.

“I want you to break up with Marco.”

Your eyebrows furrowed and your eyes widened in disbelief. “You came here to tell me that? You couldn’t just text or anything? Wait a second Marco and I aren’t even together! Besides if we were, what makes you think I would listen to you?”

Really? Because that picture says otherwise Y/N!” Marcel stormed over to you and shoved his phone into your hand. You stared at it and realised that he was talking about the picture Marco had posted earlier today.

“What does it matter to you? We aren’t together anymore.”

“I know but…I can’t help but think that…maybe I was wrong.”

“No Marcel. I’m not doing this back and forth game. You dumped me. Its over. I have moved on, now you have to do the same.”

After you finally said it out loud, you realise that you were in love with someone. Marco. All along it had been Marco. If only you knew sooner. As if on cue, Marco had joined the two of you in the living room.

“What’s he doing here?”

“He was just leaving actually.” You looked at Marcel expectantly. He scoffed and shook his head. “I’ll see you later Y/N.”

“No you won’t.”

He and Marco shared a glare as Marcel left. As soon as he did Marco rushed over to you, held your face in his hands carefully, and examined you. “Are you okay? Why was he here? Are you hurt? Why’re you crying? Y/N say something!” Marco blurted out.

“Marco I’m perfectly fine. He didn’t touch me and was here to tell me to leave you. But I won’t ever because…” You trailed off and lowered your gaze. Now would have to be the time to spill the beans.

“Because what?” Marco asked in a calmer tone.

You forced yourself to look Marco in the eyes and inhaled deeply. “Because I love you.”

You studied his face, taking in every small detail of emotion that seemed to show. At first there was no expression but as his mind processed and replayed those words, an impossibly bright smile graced his features. Then he started to laugh joyfully and hugged you until your body was in the shape of a pancake.

“Marco…air,” you gasped out. He relaxed his hug enough for you to breathe but cut off your desperate pants for oxygen with a kiss which once again took your breath away.

“I love you too, my little vampire.”