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NOCTIS WEEK | Day 7: Free choice / Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Noctis!

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The Stella drama becomes annoying. When will they finally give it a rest? Everybody claims she had more character than Luna in that new concept art they released, but all I see she had an advantage over Luna is the phone, the rest is still the same. Where does she have more character? Just because she is prettier?

Okies, well here is the thing. I firstly want to clarify that I myself did not follow the whole versus concept. I think I might have watched one trailer some long time ago and that was it. I rolled into FFXV blind (and i am still grateful for myself doing that to this very day), and I got perhaps hyped last minute or something like that. But now of course I did indulge myself into the history a bit more, and I know and we all know it had a very long/sluggish development time (if we consider the concepts of versus too with it, because FFXV was roughly made from the ashes of Versus in 4 a 3 years or such).

I am going to be blunt here, but I don’t care about Stella. She was and is a unfinished concept that got scratched, which happens all the time in every creative sector, and developers and directors have their reasons for it. Who am I to judge their judgment? Those are their creations and decisions and its like I said, a normal thing that happens within the creative sector/business. Can one disagree with that? Of course! And people have, and I understand that. But the fact is that we barely know nothing about that concept, just a few bits and pieces of a ‘possible direction’. And it makes zero sense to me, to compare a unfinished/concept with a finished and actual delivered character that exists. And I feel you on this anon that it is really frustrating and obnoxious too see some use this new concept art/storyboards that appeared, and use it as a excuse to bash on a certain character and further more on a particular ship (and I detest character/ship basing of all kinds *shivers*) hence I don’t mingle myself too much into that.  

It is a concept that doesn’t exists and never made it into the actual game that we know is FFXV. For all I know, there could have been 50 more character concepts that in the end got scratched, but we never got to see (kinda a exaggerating here but I hope you get my point) For all we know she could have been this, could have been that, maybe even could have been a local banana sales girl in the end (jokes aside here now though). We don’t know, and in my opinion it really isn’t fair and once again logical to compare such matters because it makes 0% sense.

In my opinion, Square made a mistake my showing too early footage of still in development concepts at that time, which was in my believe all part of the marketing and $$$ + building up hype, because once again that’s what marketing does and is. I sincerely hope they learned from this, and also hope they don’t show too much of Episode Ignis (only when they got a steadfast concept in which they have cut the knots) and then show trailers and such. 

And so yes I do agree with you, that people need to drop this. There is a difference by simply disagreeing and being bummed by a choice, and simply bashing every thing because it didn’t make it into the game or fit your own head canons and such. All I can do is advise you to ignore it and continue on spreading positivity in this fandom. 

Klein is the seven dwarfs

1. His name

2. His eyes change into 4 different colors (so far)

Brown = Doc

Red = Grumpy 

Blue = Sneezy 

Yellow = Happy 

3. He cares about Weiss. LOOK AT THAT SMILE 

4. and Weiss is base off of Snow White 


I’ve never had the chance to have a pet.. but birds are my favorite companions.