finally someone with the courage to speak out


After Evan “falls” from the tree he is found by two boys, one who’s obsessed with everything 90s and one who’s plan to be popular nearly caused a computer based apocalypse. They kind of freak out at first, I mean who wouldn’t they just saw a kid fall out of a tree and probably die right in front of them, but end up calling an ambulance to take Evan to the hospital (Michael nearly gets into a fist fight with one of the paramedics in order to allow both him and Jeremy to ride with them to the hospital). Evan ends up with a concussion, some serious bruising, and a broken arm.
The boys don’t leave his side except to get some snacks, and even then only one of them would leave the room at a time. They insist on chatting with Evan, who’s a bit overwhelmed honestly, but they don’t seem to mind his one word answers or even his slightly longer stuttered responses so he goes along with it. Long after Evan is officially released the boys are still sitting together and talking about anything from video games to books to school to parents, as they wait for Evan’s mom and Jeremy’s dad to show up. Once both parents arrive (and they do wait for both to make an appearance because none of them wanted to leave each other so quickly) Michael and Jeremy insist on not only giving Evan both their phone numbers but also on signing his cast. They sign the inside portion of his cast, Michael in big swoopy letters and Jeremy with his chicken scratch hand writing, because Michael states (in an over exaggerated tone) that the inner portion is obviously the best place to sign because it’s closer to the heart. Jeremy tells him that’s really gay but he signs the cast with a smile on his face.
About two days after Evan gets home he finally pushes down his anxiety enough to shoot off a simple ‘hi’ to one of the boys. Almost immediately afterwards they set up a group chat and start blowing up Evan’s phone with corny jokes and puns, and Evan can’t stop smiling. Even though Evan usually doesn’t participate much in the group chat, Michael and Jeremy don’t care, they relish in every small sentence (“HE’S ACTUALLY SAYING MORE THAN TWO WORDS JEREMY!”) that they receive from Evan. They become the best of friends over the rest of the summer and even meet up once or twice at at a little park almost right between their two towns. Michael starts talking about his insecurities, Jeremy opens up about what had happened his previous year (changing up the story a bit to exclude the SQUIP), and Evan even tells them about the letters he’s supposed to be writing for his therapist (they had found out about Evan’s severe anxiety after they had to coach him through a panic attack during one of their visits to the park).
And then school comes around, but Evan’s a little less stressed because now he has Michael and Jeremy, and everything is set in motion. Even still gets teased by Jared (“What are you, an acorn?”), and still gets pushed by Connor (“What are you laughing at?!”), and still talks with Zoe (“You apologize a lot.”), and still gets his letter stolen (“Is this yours?”). But this time he doesn’t call Jared. Instead he calls Michael or Jeremy or maybe both because they’re always together nowadays. And Evan is freaking out because Connor has taken his letter, his letter that’s for his appointment, his letter that’s full of material for Connor (though he doesn’t think Connor would, he’s not sure why he just doesn’t) or someone else to make fun of him with. He had talked about that morning, about Connor (vaguely of course but it was still there). And he had written about, not Zoe, but Michael and Jeremy and how they were his only real friends. And isn’t that just pathetic. And he’s spilling all of this to these boys he just met a month or so ago. And he thinks he might be crying he’s not sure. But he’s definitely having trouble breathing and Michael and Jeremy are doing their best to calm him down (“Evan, just breathe, you’re gonna be fine.” “Take it slow, just take your time.”) but it’s kind of difficult to do over the phone. Eventually they calm him down and are able to get the full story out of him, or the important bits anyway because Evan is speaking so fast they’re wondering if he’s even breathing at all. They all brainstorm ideas on how to get the letter back (“Maybe you can seduce him with your tree knowledge.” “MICHAEL NO.”) and eventually they come with what they think is a full proof plan.
1. Maybe they tell Evan to go to the Murphy’s and talk to Connor. So he goes and he’s honestly terrified, not entirely because of Connor but also because Zoe is going to be there and also their parents and what if they think he’s weird or crazy and they don’t let him in and he can’t get the letter and he can’t take it to his appointment and he can’t he can’t he can’t- But he goes anyway. And stands out on the sidewalk for a solid ten minutes. He finally builds up the courage to knock on the door and someone answers (maybe Zoe or Mrs.Murphy) but they let him inside and tell him where Connor’s room is and then there’s another door he has to knock on. So he does and Connor opens it with the scariest (or maybe the saddest) look that Evan has ever seen. But he’s on a mission so he stutters out his request which might sound like gibberish but Connor seems to get the gist of it because he’s glaring at Evan like he was in the library, and Evan’s kind of scared again. Connor only speaks one word (“Why?!”) but it has Evan flinching all the same and stuttering even more, but he manages to get his answer out. But once he starts, he can’t stop and suddenly he’s spilling out everything; how bad his anxiety is, how nerve wracking his appointments are, how horrible school is, and how absolutely terrible his life is. And by the time he’s realized what he’s saying, Connor’s glare has lessened and he’s got this strange look on his face (pity?). But he doesn’t say anything, he just sighs and goes to get Evan’s letter. He expects Evan to just leave afterwards and honestly so does Evan. But he doesn’t. Instead he stays, standing in the doorway for a moment, before cautiously walking inside. He manages to push out a question (“Are you okay?”), his voice quiet but steady for once in his life. He’s not really sure why, though. Maybe he had seen something in the dark, blank room that resonated with him. Or maybe it was that look on Connor’s face, the look that, for once, wasn’t an angry one. But it didn’t matter. Because the look vanished in an instant, morphing into something even more vulnerable the second the question was asked. And maybe Connor saw something in Evan as well, something that made him trust the anxious boy, because then he was just talking. They talked for what seemed like hours but was probably only thirty minutes, before Evan had to go home. Connor scribbles down his phone number on a post-it note, or maybe Evan’s cast, and they part ways. Evan sees Connor at school the next day, and even the next, and they keep talking. And maybe he introduces him to Jeremy and Michael, and now Connor has a total of three (THREE?!) friends. They add Connor to the group chat, and sometimes they’ll even drag him to the park(or the apple orchard that he talked about sometimes). The more they hang out the more they start to trust each other and start opening up. Connor tells them about how he sometimes wants to die, Evan tells them the truth about the tree, and Michael and Jeremy even talk about the SQUIP. And they’re happy. But of course it doesn’t cure Connor’s depression or anything else. It doesn’t cure Evan’s anxiety, or Michael’s insecurity, or Jeremy’s nightmares. But it’s nice. Nice to actually be able to speak about their problems. Nice to have somebody to confide in. Nice to just…talk. And that’s what they do. They just talk…..and maybe even take in the view.
2. Or maybe they tell Evan to just wait. To wait until the next day. To wait to talk to Connor. So he does. But Connor doesn’t show. So Evan waits again till the next day, but Connor’s still not there. By the third day Evan’s a bit concerned, even more so when he’s called down to office. He meets Connor’s parents and they tell him that’s Connor killed himself and he’s….numb. He’s not sure what to think, but he keeps listening. They (mostly Mrs.Murphy) talk about Connor and the “incident” (they say it like Connor’s death was some sort of an accident), and Evan wonders why he’s even there. Why they chose to talk to him about this. And then they bring up the note. A note which is apparently addressed to him. A note which looks familiar to him. And then the numbness is gone. Replaced by the usual anxiety. Because they think that that letter, his letter, is Connor’s suicide note. And he wants to explain. Wants to say something. Wants to tell them the truth. But he can’t. He can’t speak, he can’t get the words out. So when they ask him to join them for dinner he just nods. And they leave, satisfied. And he leaves, shaking. He waits till school ends (because he may have skipped the rest of the day but that doesn’t mean he wants Jeremy and Michael to), and he called them. He’s a bit more calm this time, but maybe that’s just the lingering numbness. He tells them about Connor, about Connor’s parents, about his note. There’s silence for a moment, and then Jeremy and Michael are asking question and bouncing ideas off each other so fluently that Evan is suddenly reminded how long they’ve known each other. Eventually they stop and they’ve both agreed that Evan must tell the truth. But Evan’s not sure how he can do that, he couldn’t even say one word to them the first time so how is he supposed to do that. So maybe they decide one of them will go with Evan to the Murphy’s (and of course they choose Michael because, “I’m obviously the better talker between the three of us, JEREMY.”) to help explain the situation. So they do and it goes pretty smoothly, and they’re honestly a bit surprised by how easy it was. But Evan still feels like shit because these people had thought they had a final connection to they’re son/brother (though he can tell Zoe’s not as heartbroken) and it turned out it was just some other depressed kid with some serious issues. And he tells this to Michael and Jeremy and they think maybe they can put together something for Connor? Something for people to remember him. But they’re not really sure what, so Evan suggests they ask someone, maybe Jared and Alana, or Christine (♪Christine Canigula♪). And Jeremy and Michael agree so they call them up. And suddenly they’re all working on this thing (they think they should probably give it a name) for Connor, to remember him and to reach out to others who feel alone. And Evan still does his speech, and Michael and Jeremy are so proud. And suddenly they’re helping so many people. They’re sending emails and texts and calling and video chatting to all these kids, and adults, who feel like Connor did, who feel like Evan still does sometimes. And it’s great. Because people are being found just like Evan was found and he’s so happy that he could help do this for people.

Signs + Love (anime edition)

+ Just a post on signs confessing / how they react to their crush based off the shojo mangas and anime I’ve watched through my lifeless years. (that was a joke!)
Girls: Moon and Venus
Boys: Sun and Mars
*Also dominant


An Aries will most likely confess straight-forwardly, they’ll get angry but be okay with it when you tease them. Their hints are quite obvious when they like someone, they don’t like to play games unless the person they like is very shy. Will blurt out things without thinking and can cause them to blush. Very courageous, they don’t sugarcoat anything. If they tell you something or anything, they MEAN it. Around their crush they’ll be very playful and energetic. Most likely that anime character who always rubs the back of their neck and has a wide smile, also waves at their crush. They will show a lot of concern also, and will do anything for you, your health, and your security.


A Taurus is very teasing and a prankster. They like to see the reactions out of their crush. Once they caught someone that interests them they won’t budge. Likes to annoy their crush and say the most weirdest things. Will sometimes take the challenge of poking your temper. It takes patience for a Taurus, they want to take things slow, because they want to see if you’ll be there for them no matter what they put you through. Can be playful flirts, and will be very stubborn with everything you say. Will most likely deny their feelings for you for a while. Can also keep things to themselves, so when they say something based off what they’ve gone through, or anything emotional this would be a big sign.


Hot and cold, they will be very confused about their feelings towards someone. They want to experience new things all the time, so if your relationship is just a routine then they won’t like it. Can be difficult to understand, so once they find someone who does they’ll end up falling for them. They’ll be very witty and will also be straight-forward with how they feel. Also like to learn new things, so if you rant about things you know and things you’ve discovered, or analyze things, they’ll find you very interesting. Sometimes they’ll rant about random things to their crush then sometimes they’ll end up distant. Can be very indecisive about their feelings as well so once they’ve made up their mind if they like you or not, their love attempts will be noticeable. Will look at you when you aren’t looking and act like you don’t exist but then they’ll start feeling warm inside.


Cancers don’t fall in love too easily, but when they do, they seek people who are nurturing and someone they can basically look up to. They want someone to text them if they’ve arrived home safely, or makes sure that they took their medicine while they’re sick. They’ll be quite shy to confess because they’ll be scared of rejection since they finally found home within their crush. They will act uncomfortable/nervous around their crush like if their blood pressure is rising up. Will plan a conversation in their head before talking to their crush, may kind of manipulate you in some type of way. But only manipulate you because they took interest in you.


A Leo is confident with every little action they do. They’re needy and will probably be that one person who has muted everyone else’s contact besides yours (jokes). Their flirting is quite obvious, and no one could really question when a Leo likes you or not. Leo’s are loyal and will treat you higher than anybody else. Lots of spoiling even if their crush and a Leo aren’t official yet. Gets angry or starts raging when someone hurts or lays a finger on their crush. Very jealous and will deny it because of their pride. Very energetic and silly around their crush; their interest for somebody is so obvious that when they see their crush you can see their pupils enlarge. 


Cautious with those around them, and will observe every little detail about who they like. Will remember the little things, so when they bring it up, it means something. Straight-forward with their feelings, and it’s a possibility that they fall in love with people easily. They want someone who will help them improve and someone to be their perfect piece. They are also very picky with people, but sometimes it won’t really matter. Really cutesy and cliche. Flirts in a really sly way, where it’s a bit unnoticeable unless you already know how they act. Also quite confident, they will tell you they like you when they know it’s the perfect time to confess.


Libras are known for being very flirtatious and bouncing from a person to another person, but once they have found true feelings for someone they’ll be very patient and understanding towards them. They aren’t prone to confessing or confessing much often to those they REALLY like, when they do so, it has whole meaning to it. They want someone they can stick to and experience a lot with, a stable relationship where the two will act like bestfriends. Will tease their crush and expect them to snap back. Can also be confusing but they just want someone who knows them well enough, someone who knows when something is wrong or when they’re acting different. The type of person to stay quiet in loving situations and start blushing. They’re all about love so any small affection will make them happy. Will act very talkative and smiley around their crush as well.


Scorpios are intensively jealous and tense with their own feelings. They show their feelings in the most smallest ways. One of the signs who are very straight-forward about their feelings. Can be difficult, and will find ways to make sure it’s okay to trust you. Around their crush, they’ll give intense glares and there will be lots of staring. Very protective and caring. Scorpios are like puzzle pieces and people just have to figure them out in a strategical manner. They won’t rush into things, unless they don’t have true feelings for you. Patient and reserved in relationships. Sometimes can come off mean but that isn’t their true intention. In fact, you might notice when a Scorpio like you when they treat others differently/harshly and treat you in a better manner.


Flirty and free-loving, will definitely come off confident. They are in between being shy and being straight-forward. Will take their time to know you, and to fall for you. They also like to be charming and will tell their crush flirty jokes. Very playful and caring. A Sagittarius is very warm and comforting so sometimes it’ll be hard to know when they actually like you in any way. It’ll usually be a gut feeling with this sign. Can be very clumsy around their crush, and before they can state their in love with someone they’ll just want to have a fun relationship. Will be very talkative around their crush and start cracking up joke, and telling funny stories to bring a smile on someone they have feelings for.


A Capricorn is known to be serious all the time, but once someone opens up their joking side it’s a whole new person under them. They’ll be straight-forward with who they feel but they’ll say it in a more proper way, like “I have caught interests in you.” They’ll take their relationships like if it were planned, and once they have taken interests it’ll be very slow and calming. There is no rush with a Capricorn. You’ll see a less serious side once you’ve got to know them, they like to make smart remarks and insult you in the most non hurtful way. But usually they are really smooth flirts, they know what they want and they plan on getting it. You only know when a Capricorn likes you is when they tell you.


An Aquarius isn’t the type to reveal their feelings, they’re most likely to be in-denial. Can be difficult to understand, because they are very cautious to who’d they want to share their feelings with. It’ll be hard to communicate with them and have them open up about their private life. But once an Aquarius likes someone they are very considerate lovers. It’ll be hard to know when this sign likes someone, usually they would start off from being friends then slowly taking care of you, keeping you entertained, until you’ve finally reached to the point where they speak about their deep feelings. This signs takes patience and shouldn’t let their difficulty discourage you.


Pisces are very shy and nervous around the people they like. Apparently around their crush they can sometimes end up stuttering (source: a Pisces boy). Can be found shaking their leg too much around their crush, or will stare at them from across the room and space out in their direction. Will find the courage to ask small things about you. They blush a lot when shown affection, and will take a while and courage for them to confess their feelings. Hide their feelings a lot, but when they talk about something endlessly they really like you. They don’t want you to think they’re boring so they’ll start asking a lot of questions sometimes.

Unfair - Part 1

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Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2

Genre: angst, fluff

Word count: 2,442 words

Pairing: Wonho x Reader / Minhyuk x Reader

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find out that your “boyfriend” has had a girlfriend all along. Heartbroken, you find comfort in your friend, Minhyuk, who believes you deserve better.

You shouldn’t have believed him when he said that he loved you. Was it a lie? Had it been just words? They hadn’t been just words to you. Those words made you feel safe, secure. You let your guard down and trusted him. And, because you trusted him, you got your heart broken. It wasn’t fair. Why did things have to come to this? Why did this happen? Why had he lied to you the whole time? Why had he even bothered pursuing you in the first place.

Your heart dropped when you saw them together. He said that he was going to be visiting his parents in Anyang that weekend. Yet he was still in Seoul. He was standing in your view, holding hands with a girl. You didn’t see his face, but you knew it was him. After dating for seven months, you knew what he looked like from behind. You knew the way he walked and the way he talked. You knew him when you saw him. If it had just been his friend, he wouldn’t be holding her hand the way that he was. If anything, they’d be linking arms if they were friends. But, here he was, holding her hand the same way he held yours.

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Hey guys- so I had a long hiatus whereby I watched PP and occupied myself with real life. But now, I’m ready to get back into the writing groove! :D

This is a continuation of the latest episode of Grey’s, 13x12. I just can’t bear to see Amelia withdrawing and distancing herself from Owen like that on the show. And it’s really painful to see Owen hurting. I hope Omelia can have a heart to heart talk and sort things out!

 Anyways, enjoy…and my apologies in advance if my writing is a little rusty- I haven’t written for quite some time after all….:P

p.s Special thanks to dear Susie @hurricaneawelia for helping me to proofread this- you’re the best! <3

Disclaimer: This is written before 13x13 airs.

 The pepperoni pizza tasted so delicious as Amelia closed her eyes to savor its taste in her mouth.

‘ He said to tell you he’s not gonna wait forever.’ her mentee Stephanie interrupted the blissful moment.

‘ What?’ Amelia mumbled in reply, her mouth still full of pizza. She didn’t realize that she was starving until she took the first bite.

‘Before he walked away, Dr Hunt told me to tell you that he’s not going to wait forever.’ Stephanie repeated in a clearer tone. ‘It seems like he’s losing his patience.’

Amelia didn’t reply, choosing to take another bite of her pizza instead. Lately her appetite had increased, and every food she took tasted heavenly.

Stephanie sighed, internally debating on whether to probe Amelia further. Amelia was her mentor and superior, she had no right to interfere with her personal business. On the other hand, watching Amelia withdraw from Owen and avoiding him at all costs was getting painful to watch. She didn’t know exactly what happened between them, but she could see that it was eating Owen up inside. She noticed that he had this sad and worried expression permanently stamped on his face since Amelia moved in to stay with her a couple of days ago.

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Why Mai is a fantastic character:

We start off with the impression, in Return to Omashu, that she’s this dull goth girl. She plays with knives, is emotionless, moans about her family, gives up her brother to save her standing, and runs off to join up with Azula. 

The rest of the series undoes this first impression in a handful of appearances.

In Zuko Alone, we see how Azula has been manipulating and controlling Mai and Ty Lee’s lives from their childhood. We see how she shames and humiliates Mai for displaying an emotion she doesn’t approve of. Later, in The Beach, we learn that she was rigidly controlled by her parents as well, in order to fit the mold of a politician’s daughter.

Those two scene explain Mai’s behavior almost completely in Return to Omashu. Mai has grown up being abused, manipulated, and controlled by Azula. Like all abuse survivors, she’s learned a balancing act. She’s learned how to detect what Azula wants, what she needs to do to escape that humiliation. Her sacrifice of her brother- she pauses before giving her assent- is a calculated move. She guesses that Aang won’t hurt Tom-Tom. She knows Azula will hurt her if she disobeys. In that moment, like Zuko in Crossroads of Destiny, she chooses herself. And of course she runs away- she’s not free with Azula, but she’s not free at home, and at least with Azula she can do something.

Frankly, those are as complex and interesting motivations (or more so) than we get for characters like Jet and Ty Lee and Suki, who don’t really get the same “bland” complaint thrown at them. But what makes Mai so amazing is that she is not a static character. She has a fantastic character arc.

I see a lot of people give Mai shit for how she interacts with Zuko, like when she says “I didn’t ask for your life story” on the boat. And what baffles me with that is that these same people can easily grasp that Zuko behaves antisocially at times because of his legacy of abuse, but can’t extend that same understanding to Mai. Of course she has trouble knowing what to say to make her boyfriend feel better. One of her only friends was abusive to her, and her parents were hypercontrolling. How could she possibly develop normal social skills. But what I love about Mai is that she clearly tries, so hard, and increasingly more so as the third season progresses. In Nightmares and Daydreams especially- I see people insult her for not successfully calming Zuko but 1) he’s clearly happier than he’s ever been before when he’s with her, despite his angst, 2) she is trying her ass off. She tries distracting him, she tries telling him that stupid meeting wasn’t worth much anyway, she tries asking him to open up. And she’s so damn happy when he tells her the meeting went well.

But I’d also say the boat scene, in her own clumsy way, is her trying to make Zuko feel better. I know from growing up with people with anger issues that I often have the instinct to defuse or derail a situation that’s emotionally heavy. It’s not healthy, but I can see it as abuse-victim Mai’s first instinct in a “my boyfriend’s incredibly upset” situation.

But my favorite part of her arc is that the girl who gave up her brother in a calculated, rational move of weights and balances becomes the girl who takes a leap of faith, who takes a stand because she loves Zuko, she trusts him, she trusts what he’s fighting for. Being with someone who’s brave enough to stand up for what he believes in and to love her, Azula be damned, gives her the courage to finally face down her fears and fight back against her abuser. I’m not a shipper, go with Zutara or Maiko or whatever, but I have to acknowledge that being with someone who cared about her and wanted to hear her, wanted her to speak out, helped her become more confident and courageous. 

But throw away all the shipping and what you’re left with is the story of a girl who has been controlled and abused all her life, who is lonely and emotionally stunted and caged. And she ends up staring her abuser in the face and telling her that no, she may be afraid but she’s not letting that control her anymore, she is making her stand. And she ends up in The Boiling Rock but at the end of the show she’s with a new family and she’s loved and she’s free. 

Shattered Hearts (Jimin)

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Summary: “You thought we were a thing? Be realistic (y/n).”

Word count: 997 words, 5,003 letters

Authors note: Another angst ahaha sorry.-J

(Y/n) was late once again to school, rushing to her class she quickly sat down at her seat.

 “Hey (y/n)! Late again to school?” Your best friend Choa asked, giving you a sheet of paper with notes you had assume it was what you missed.

 “Thanks what would I do without you?” (y/n) grinned.

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anonymous asked:

"Please...let me show you how to love again, let me show you how to trust again." With Derek please, if you write him. If not, that's okay :) I know it's going to be perfection either way because your writing has me hooked like no other!

Her last relationship hadn’t been good, hadn’t been healthy. Beyond the bruises, it had left her heart scarred, and she’d learned to put up walls in order to keep the monsters out. Love hurt. Love stung. It kept her awake at night, long after she’d finally been able to leave him.

She’s not sure she would’ve had the courage, if not for her friends. For months they reassured her and comforted her and protected her. Especially Derek. He is so patient with her. And so gentle. It amazes her that someone so strong can speak so softly, hold her just tight enough to make her feel safe, but not so tight she feels she might break. Those walls in her heart start to come down one by one, and she hardly even hears them fall.

He brings it up casually, as they’re sitting in his car after a movie. Immediately she tries to push away, to insist that it’s the last thing she wants. Her heart begs to differ, but her head won’t quite let her give in.

“I just don’t think I can love anyone like that again,” she whispers. “I’m not sure I know how.”

Derek leans in slowly and brushes her hair back from her face. She’s stopped flinching when he raises a hand, knowing he won’t hurt her like that. He moves slow, giving her the chance to back away. She doesn’t. 

“Please… let me show you how to love again,” he says, his voice low. Those dark eyes of his wide in the dim light. “Let me show you how to trust again. I swear I will never hurt you like he did.” She swallows her and neither of them speaks for a moment. “You know, someone hurt me, too. A man I loved like a father. For a long time after that I thought I was damaged, but the people who really did love me showed me that wasn’t true. Please, Y/N. Just give me a chance to show you that.”

In the quiet of the streets, she makes a deal. He’ll tell her what happened to him. She’ll give him that chance. 

Two broken people, putting each other back together again. 

runaway au.

                                     & there was just too much to handle for you.
                                    so you left. packed what you could in a suitcase
                                     or two & took off—-NO goodbyes, NO hugs, NO
                                      telling. no one could know until they found your
                                       dresser spilling clothes, & your room torn apart.
                                             no one would even miss you, you said.
                                                            no one would care.

muse a has had enough of their old life ( due to ie. something terrible happening, too much on their plate, etc. ) & ran away from home, hoping that no one from their old life would ever show their face to them again. not family, not friends, not even someone from their old elementary school. they catch a bus, or hop on the first plane they can catch to a random destination, convinced they’re going to start a new life up in this town.

muse b works at a local store ( book store, food market, coffee shop, you name it ) that muse a frequents in the town & finally ups the courage to speak to them, wondering why they haven’t seen muse a around before. not wanting to get into it, muse a declines answering, but muse b won’t give up. after weeks of pestering, muse a finally decides to tell muse b what’s up—-over a date.

muse a doesn’t know what to expect, but muse b reacts…. in a way they never thought they would.

              alternate plot line: 

                muse c, someone from muse a’s past shows up eventually to fuck
                everything up           & demand answers to which muse b gets very
                protective                                     of                                    muse a.

BN song feelings
  • Wild: Crushing on someone like you've never had another crush before; the first few stages of a relationship, when your eyes are full of stars when you see the other person and you can't imagine anyone's touch feeling better than theirs.
  • Bite: Someone extending their hand to you with a mischievous smile on their face, the second before you take it and smile back, kissing them wildly to forget any reluctances.
  • Fools: The moment you decide that despite something being hopeless, you're going to go for it. Watching someone you love picking someone else because you haven't had the courage to speak to them.
  • Ease: The second you break down in someones arms because you've missed them so much, their warmth by your side and knowing that you will never stop needing the feeling of their presence. The lump in your throat finally disappearing because you feel okay for the first time in forever.
  • The Quiet: The second after someone storms out of the room when you know you've really messed something up. Staring up at the ceiling in the dark with your phone by your side, hoping that they'll call you because you're too afraid to call them, but knowing they won't.
  • DKLA: Not having any tears left to cry. Someone leaving you despite all of their promises of forever. Promising you'll never love again because it hurts too much.
  • Talk Me Down: Wondering if both of you are ready to take another step forward. Being afraid of losing everything if you move to fast.
  • Cool: Driving down the street with your windows down and music up because you have nowhere to go. Trying to be someone you're not because you want others to like you, but running from that person because they aren't you.
  • Heaven: Being afraid of yourself. Finally realizing that you don't want to live in fear of yourself forever. Wondering what your future will be like if you tell the truth.
  • Youth: Being so in love with someone that you don't care where you are as long as it's with them. Driving to the middle of nowhere to watch the sunset by their side and realizing that you'll give them everything, if they only ask.
  • Lost Boy: Not being ready to love someone back but telling them you are because you can't let yourself hurt them. Finally admitting that it won't work and hating yourself for letting them down.
  • for him.: Feeling as though their smile is enough to make any place your home, knowing that you don't have to conform to anyone's expectations because the two of you work perfectly the way you are. Recalling old memories together and laughing your asses off, and feeling more than ready to create new ones. The smile that crosses your face when you meet their eyes.
  • Suburbia: Nostalgia. Missing the way your home town was because at least there you knew how things worked. Walking through a place where everywhere you look there are memories. Having to leave to follow your dreams but wishing you could be there as well.
  • Too Good: Being with someone even though you know that the morning will be filled with regret. Wishing that the hands against your skin belong to someone else, and pushing that away because you feel like you need this. Giving into your senses and throwing yourself into the other person, because you need to feel something.
  • Blue: Seeing the sadness in the person you loves smile. Being willing to do anything to make that sadness go away, but knowing that it's hopeless. Wishing someone had it in them to love you, but knowing they can't even love themselves.

anonymous asked:

What you think of this antiGruvia argument that "If Gruvia is cannon Mashima will send an awful message of you can stalk an a person and this will be with you"? I personally I think that is a bad excuse, Juvia doesn't stalk Gray since she is FT member. And if we use this argument also is a "bad message" that Cana is drunk everyday xD those are eccentricities of the characters, but is only with Juvia who they take it very seriously.

I agree with you 100% anon. You brought up exactly the arguments I would use in this case. 

a) Juvia hasn’t “stalked” Gray since before she joined Fairy Tail, and even THEN, you could say she only stalked because she was a part of the guild that had kidnapped Lucy and destroyed FT, so of course she wasn’t just going to walk right up to Gray and his friends during the rebuilding of FT. Once they got to the resort/casino, and managed to catch Gray on his own, she finally plucked up the courage to speak to him, which was NOT that long after we first saw her “stalk.”  

b) A stalker is also someone who is giving a person unwanted attention, and yet Gray and Juvia are actually close/good friends, who DO enjoy spending time together (otherwise they would never have become so close in the first place). And Gray has even gone as far as trying to peek on her when she was naked in the hot spring, so it is hardly unwanted when he even has gone out of his way to seek her out. Plus, he’s the one who brought up how well they work together in the first place, and they are often seen/paired up together, and he constantly goes to great lengths to keep her safe. In a real world situation, I doubt anyone would do these things for their “stalker” (they would just be encouraging their behavior). And that’s because Gray LIKES Juvia, even if it’s just as a friend at the moment (though Mashima constantly hints that it IS more than that).

So, Juvia IMO, doesn’t fall under the category of “stalker” in any real definition of the term. However, Gray and Juvia do fit the “tsundere” and “fangirl” manga stereotypes. The second Juvia is overly affectionate, or takes things into romantic territory, Gray immediately gets uncomfortable, yet he is irritated when other guys show her attention *cough* Lyon *cough* and has no problem when he’s the one initiating the intimate moments. 

c) As you rightly said, why is Juvia’s quirk singled out as unhealthy, but it’s totally cool to promote alcoholism, exhibitionism, and even pedophilia (looking at you Warren and Doranbolt (even Erza has got his number))? There are a lot of quirks and humor in FT that are acceptable/humorous in the manga verse, but when you apply real world standards to them, suddenly come off unhealthy, and even criminal or dangerous. My point is, if you’re going to apply these standards to one character, you better be applying them to everyone, or don’t apply them at all. Otherwise your biased, and your opinion holds no ground.    

The fact is, if Gray and Juvia get together, the only thing it will be promoting, is that love can change someone’s life. Because they both had so much hurt and baggage, and in Gray’s case, he still does. Gray already helped Juvia through her problem (even if it wasn’t intentional on his part). Juvia is on the way to returning the favor IMO. ^__^ 

Minho's Girl (Minho Imagine)


Hi! Could u do an imagine where Y/N is Trying to help newt wt his kissing techniques so that he had more confidence but Minho & Y/N are into each other! he walk in to Newt & Y/N kissing & misunderstand everything (u can add to it maybe fluff?)TY😊



“Hey, Newt, you think you can do me a favor?”

You jog over to him and he halts.

“Hey, Y/n, what’s up?”

He attempts to rub the sleep out of his eyes. Clearly it’s been a really long day for him managing the fields. You pace back and forth and when you finally pluck up the courage to speak up.

“You know how I like Minho, right?”

“Yeah, Y/N.” He chuckles, “Pretty much the whole Glade knows. Minus Minho.”

“Well…um…I was wondering if maybe you could help me out…”

“What with exactly?”

His eyebrows knit together and you sigh.

“Well, I was wondering if maybe…you know I could practice…kissing with you?”

He looks at you slightly stunned but quickly shakes it off.

“Well I suppose it wouldn’t be a bad idea…I mean I could use the practice too.”

You look at him and wiggle your eyebrows.

“Someone has a crush on the new girl Greenie, eh?”

His face flushes bright red and he nods.

“Yeah…she’s gorgeous. I mean not that you aren’t, but it’s just like I’m drawn to her. I’m just too bloody scared to make a move. What if I’m not a good kisser?”

“Well, lets go to the Deadheads now and test it out?”

You two move quick to a secluded spot. You could feel the nerves radiating off of Newt as he stands awkwardly with his hands in his pockets.

“So you’re going to make the first move, Newt. The first thing you’re going to do to her is take one of your hands and wrap it around her waist.”

He does as he’s told, resting a hand on your waist. You take his other hand and place it so that he’s cupping your cheek.

“The Greenie is probably going to like it if you press her close to you also. You know so she can feel you fully. Make her feel safe. Then your just going to press your lips to hers.”

He slowly leans in when you hear a ruffle of leaves and the sound of foot steps scurrying off in the opposite direction.

“Hold on Newt I think someone saw us. Let’s go.”

You run back and see a very upset Minho killing the fire for the night.


“What do you want?”

You could tell by his tone that he was hurt.

“Were you just in the Deadheads?”

“Why? Hope I didn’t interrupt something between you and Newt.”

You rest your hand on his arm and he peers up at you. You can see that he is near tears. There is a sudden ache in your chest that tells you that your previous plan was probably not the best.

“Minho, I really like you.” You blurt out, “I was in the Deadheads with Newt because we both wanted to practice kissing. We don’t like each other or anything. Not in that way I just trust him enough to give me some input. And he trusts me with mine since he does like the new Greenie. I know it was stupid but I just want it to be perfect for the first time I actually get a chance too…”

Your rambling was cut short when Minho’s lips connected to yours. His lips were soft and one of his strong arms wrapped around you, securing you in place as he deepens the kiss. You let your hands run through his hair and you can’ help but feel breathless when he finally pulls away.

“Ever since you came out of that schucking box I’ve wanted to do that.”

You smile and lean up to kiss him again.

How You Met (Preferance)(Scott, Stiles, Derek, Isaac)

You bring one of your pets to the clinic when they start acting out. When you get there, you are told to wait in the waiting area while Deaton starts examing your pet with his young assistant. Halfway through the examination he sends Scott out to keep you company and both of you get into a discussion about animals that takes your mind away from the fear for your pet. Once the examination is over, you start bringing your pet there more often, making it a routine until Scott finally gets the message and asks you out.

You were the popular girl at Beacon Hills High. Stiles had had a massive crush on you since as long as he could remember but he could never get up the courage to speak to you, not when you had countless jocks surrounding you 24/7. At night, he always goes home to play his online games and he starts to notice he is often fighting someone with the same name. At first it starts out accidental, but after a while, he starts hunting out this certain character. He eventually tries to contact this person, so he could finally talk to the person he had been playing with this whole time. To his surprise, your voice is the one coming from the other line. You beg him not to tell anyone of your geeky secret and he promises to keep it, the two of you growing closer as time goes on, introducing each other to your other favourite games.

You’re the principal at Beacon Hills High, and have been recieving multiple complaints about a mysterious man lurking around the school grounds. You go out on a hunt for this mysterious man. You end up in Beacon Hills forest, searching a trail of footprints leading off from the lacrosse field. You hear a low growl coming from your left and you let out a cry as a muscular man jumped out at you, his voice twisted into something unhuman. You barely register the second figure jumping out of the woods, pushing the first to the ground before he could get to you. The second figure turns to you, and you notice his eyes were a glowing blue, not like any you’ve ever seen before. “Are you alright?” he asks you. Not being able to answer, you just shake your head no as you see him look around the clearing. “We need to leave now.” he says, grabbing your arm and starting to run, “I’ll explain everything once you’re safe.”

Your parents had finally convinced you to go to group therapy after you had told them why you had broken up with your previous boyfriend. He had been abusive, both pyshically and emotionally. He always had told you you were never good enough, that no one would ever love you but him. He would hit you if he suspected you cheated on him, which he suspected alot. You never did cheat on him, but you couldn’t convince him of anything else. You eventually told your parents and they had got the police involved, finally ridding you of the sick bastard. And now here you were, listening to other people’s problems as you sat in a circle. Your eyes drift towards the person who was currently talking. His name was Isaac and as far as you could tell, he had had an abusive father who was recently murdered. You couldn’t help but notice how vulnerable he looked, how horrible his life had been. You hoped he atleast had some good friends who he could lean on at a time like this. Atleast you still had your parents, but what if he had no one. You made a silent promise to yourself that after the session, you would introduce yourself to him, and make sure he felt some form of love in his life.

(A/N) Hope you guys enjoy! Please let me know what you think and remember to send in prompts for anything else you want written!

on the way home (wonwoo)

+ summary: wherein she notices that quiet boy who falls asleep on the bus everyday +

{a/n: unedited bc I feel sick and shitty, but wonwoo’s still cute af and I was bored so idk ight here u go?? I apologize in advance}


Long, tedious bus rides felt ordinary to her. 

Every morning was the same routine– which meant her begrudgingly waking up an hour earlier than she needed to, simply because she was sadly the first (and furthest) stop from school. Being the first stop consequently meant the shitty feeling of morning dew at its peak– when the sun hadn’t even risen and nothing moved outside except for the empty yellow school bus approaching her usual stop at the intersection. Morning bus rides were boring, and she often found herself too sleepy to stay awake even before she reached the next stop. She’d only wake up last-minute, with a panicked jump, when the bus finally came to a halting stop in front of school.

Bus rides in the afternoon, however, were a completely different story. The trips on the way home bustled with noise; friends chattered about, teenagers played rap on blast speakers, and people would obnoxiously laugh at some joke that a goofy guy sitting in the back row (his name was Soonyoung, she believed?) would crack every now and then.

Yet, arguably the most noticeable difference during these afternoon bus rides was the presence of a quiet, black-haired boy seated directly across from her.

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catastrophic affairs, truly (chapter 3)

chap 1 / 2 / on ao3

lol i know i know its been a while. also its funny bc when tea (demistories on ao3/sadrien on tumblr) released her chapter of staos i was reading it and laughing bc we used the same trope where people find stuff out through the internet. but anyways i swear that was coincidental and here is your long awaited chapter 3(a) enjoy

“Why didn’t you check your phone? I texted you, like, 20 times!” Alya says as soon as Marinette joins her in the classroom. Yeah, I saw them, but I was busy trying to set up a fake relationship with Chat Noir out of all people, so I didn’t look at them. And you didn’t call me, so it probably wasn’t life threatening.

“Uh, I was taking a nap.” Her hair is a bit disheveled, but Alya doesn’t know it’s from yoyo-ing to school as Ladybug. Unfortunately, Marinette’s generic excuse doesn’t work this time.

“Right, then explain this.” Alya holds up her phone, which displays a picture of Chat Noir. On Marinette’s roof. He’s blushing profusely and she’s laughing at him. Marinette almost screams; she’s been fake dating Chat for 5 minutes and there’s already pictures! And speculation!

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I had been given few chances to speak that night, so...

I wrote a letter to my boyfriend:

You were pretty drunk last night, so you might not remember this. We came upstairs at the end of the night. You asked me if I was upset with you and I said no, but that it made me really sad that everything has always seemed to go more smoothly and everyone was happier when I would just say “I’m sorry, you’re right. I’ll shut up.”

I ended up speaking to you about what are essentially feminist issues. Things like the fact that I have to be afraid for my life and wellbeing if I am out by myself after sunset, or how I (all women) am seen as weak in all cases except for instances in which something someone does is so intolerable that I finally find the courage to stand up for myself. Then I’m a ‘psycho bitch’, or I get beaten down (one way or another; i.e. physical/emotional violence, “I’m sorry, you’re right. I’ll shut up.” etc). Nothing anywhere has ever been fair to women. Ok, we get to vote and we have equal wage. Wow. Impressive. And those basic human rights aren’t even everywhere. Many, many countries are so oppressive to these ‘inferior’ [same race/religion/ethnicity/class, different gender] humans and give these women so few rights that if you read some stories or articles or laws, it would make you sick. But we’re also raped in the streets and beaten in front of our children just because our bodies are not as big as yours.

Please understand that I’m not telling you these things to make you feel sad or guilty. I’m telling you these things because they are an every day reality for me and all women, all over the world, literally. Every woman in your family, every woman you’ve ever met, seen on the street, seen a picture of, heard of, or seen in the background of a movie from 15 years ago, has had to deal with these issues directly at some point in their life. Everyone. Male superiority has directly affected every single woman ever.
So when I ask you to not interrupt me, or to not raise your hand to me (even as a joke), it’s not because I’m angry at or upset with or afraid of you specifically. It’s because my gender has been seen as less (insert adjective) than yours since the human discovery of physical strength, and I’m not okay with it.

Women are important. Women are also important enough to deserve the chance to tell you why we feel like we’re not treated as such.

Submission from mostlyshit 

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Word count: 1,827

Warnings: Spiders

After a long day of lounging around doing nothing, Dan was looking forward to a long, hot bath and snuggling up in bed with his beloved laptop. The spider looking up at him had obviously not received the memo.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit.” Dan cursed. He was deathly afraid of spiders, and all Dan wanted to do was fill the bath with hot water to the brim, drop in his favourite lush bath bomb and chill out while listening to Muse for a few hours. But no. This spider obviously had some kind of vendetta against him and wanted to make this day hell for him. What was he going to do? He couldn’t go anywhere near that … creature. He had to get someone else to take care of the problem for him, but he lived alone and none of his friends lived anywhere near him.

Suddenly, a light bulb flicked inside his mind. After he slowly backed away through the bathroom door, he bolted through the hallway and out the front door, hastily made his way to the neighbour’s front door and took a deep breath.

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Between Years [pt. 2]

a/n: after many people cap locking me for it– here’s the 2nd part! enjoy

word count: 3.8k

masterlist // request // Part 1

February 15, 2014

It had been a year ever since Luke and you married. Your relationship was no better than before. You both still cursed at each other, made one another miserable and only spoke to insult or when needed to. Luke resented you for losing his girlfriend, and you hated him for taking your life away.

Fortunately, you two had been both busy for the past year. Luke was now a worldwide sensation, along with his fellow 5sos members. After releasing their new single, ‘She’s Kinda Hot’, they finally managed to reach the top of the charts, taking the world by storm.

You had finished college and were the youngest heiress ever to take over a company. With your intelligence and creativity, you had managed to bring your company to the top. And through hard work and determination, you –with great difficulty–, found yourself as one of the top hundred richest women in the world.

However, it was during one night when everything suddenly changed.

Luke had come home that night after a concert in the states. He was exhausted, being deprived of sleep for days straight, and hungry. When he arrived home, he expected you to be sitting in the dining room, having dinner like always, waiting for him with that annoyed look in your eyes.

But you weren’t.

Normally, he would have just brushed it off. After all, they weren’t on good terms. However, this was so unusual that he just had to wonder where you were.

“Helga,” he called out for one of his maids. Helga, a small teenage girl, immediately scurried over to him from the kitchen. “Yes, sir?”

“Do you know where Y/N is?”

“Ah, Miss Y/N! She got a call not too long ago from her parents. She’s in her room right now,” then the expression on her face became sour. “I think something terrible is happening right now. Y/N‘s mother was crying when she got the phone call.”

“It must be about the business,” Luke thought. Because he was technically part of the company, if anything ever happened to it, he would be worried too. “I see. I’ll just go to her room then. You’re dismissed.”

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Day 12

Sept. 12th, 2016

Name: Margeaux 

Age: 31

Career: Doctor

Interesting Fact: Recently traveled to Iceland

While the pressure of meeting someone new was weighing heavy on my mind today, I finally had the courage to go up to someone and start a conversation. I met Margaux, who was a pleasure to talk to. Though busy, Margaux was gracious to take time out of her day to talk to me. Her outgoing and witty personality made for an interesting conversation. While speaking to her I couldn’t believe she’s a doctor, she looks like she’s in her twenties! When asked how she likes her career she shared a few stories that left me speechless. Margeaux is an amazing person, who has a passion for helping those in need. Her intelligence and strong work ethic is something to look up to. A lot of people give up when things become hard, yet what I learned from our brief conversation is perseverance always wins. You don’t have to be the best right away, but with passion and a strong work ethic you will soon surpass those you once thought were better than you. Anything in this world is truly possible. One occurring theme I’m noticing with everyone I’ve spoken to, is they simply believe in themselves. 

Taylor Imagine for magcon99

i walked through the doors of magcon to find my boyfriend taylor. things haven’t really been going great with us lately but since we were both at magcon together now i was going to make a huge effort to change that. “hey babe” i said hugging taylor and kissing his cheek. “hey” he said not looking up from his phone or kissing me back. i frowned but said nothing. “i was thinking we could spent some time together tonight just you and me” i said smiling. “sorry can’t have plans” he said plainly. my face fell “okay” i said walking away slightly annoyed.

later that day i walked into taylor’s room. nash and cameron were playing video games as taylor sat on the bed. i walked over and crawled beside him hugging his waist. “whatcha doing?” i asked looking up to him. “nothing” he said bluntly. “do you wanna do something before you go to your plans?” i asked “no not really” he said still not looking up from his phone. “taylor..i’m your girlfriend why don’t you want to spent time with me?” i asked with pain in my voice. “fuck off! stop being so clingy” he said pushing me off him. i stood up awkwardly as cameron and nash stared at us. i said nothing as i walked out the door and ran to my room. as soon as my face hit the pillow i burst into tears. after what felt like hours i finally got control of myself as i checked my phone expecting to get a text or call from taylor but nothing. i sighed as i turned on the tv. it was late but i was waiting for when or if taylor was going to come and apologize.

i glanced at the clock to see it was 2am, i thought it was time to check his twitter to see if he was home yet, he kept tweeting pictures of him and some girl. i could feel the jealousy boil up inside me. i decided to look her up. her name came up straight away and i clicked on her pictures to see if she was pretty. my heart sank as the first picture that came up was one of her and taylor kissing with the caption “bae”. i felt like someone just tore my heart from my chest. i couldn’t even get the strength to cry.

i made my way to taylor’s room. i thought if i didn’t deal with this now i never would. i slowly opened the door to see taylor on his phone again. he didn’t even acknowledge my presence. i stood at the end of the bed waiting for him to do or say anything which he didn’t. i finally got the courage to speak “who is she?” i asked holding back the tears. he looked up with a disinterested expression “who’s who?” he asked. i said nothing i just took out my phone and clicked on the picture again. i shoved it in my face. he looked at it before looking up at me. he just sighed and rubbed his neck. “are you really not going to say anything?” i said after about  minute of pure silence. “what do you want me to say?” he asked “i want you to say you’re sorry and that you love me and won’t do it again” i said beginning to cry. “i could, but that wouldn’t be the truth and i don’t want to hurt you” he said standing up. “oh so you thought cheating on me wouldn’t hurt me?” i asked getting irritated. “i’m sorry, but i think we both know things between us haven’t been great lately” he said. “still doesn’t give you the right to cheat on me” i spat. “i know but things just aren’t the same between us….. i think we should break up” he said i nodded slowly looking away from him. there was a slight pause. “i just want you to know that i really did love you” he said attempting to hug me. “your words literally mean nothing to me anymore, don’t touch me”  i aid holding back my tears as i walked away from taylor for the last time