finally someone drew this

♪♫♬ “Let me show you a world, shining, SHIMMERING, spleeeendid!

Ayo! Guess who finally drew some bees! I actually had someone a while ago ask me to draw Yang and Blake dancing together from V2′s dance, but hey better late then never, here’s to you anon!

I kind of loathe most all the dresses the girls had for that dance scene, so I decided to redesign their dresses for them. Yang’s dress kind of got the short end of the stick since I didn’t want her dress to cover up her pose, but eh, Yang’s dress will always get the short end of the stick I suppose. XD

“I was under the impression that the objective was to be terrifying-”

“You like the butterfly, you’re keeping it Spock! The point is to have fun, dress up, be somebody else for a while! We can be cute instead! We don’t have to be-”

“You could not look threatening in any capacity right now regardless, Captain.”

“Whatever you say, Spock.”

aka Jim and Spock dress up like cute clowns cause Jim got face paint out and Spock keeps insisting on cute critters and plants and shapes and Jim ends up changing their costume plans cause at least Spock is Cooperating with this (he loves it).

would anyone want to have a nancy drew group chat?? cause like none of us know each other and we could send each other fics and be friends and talk about HeRs impending doom 😩😩 we could use skype or group me or discord cause apparently that’s what people use?? 👀👀 reblog if your interested and if enough people are I’ll make an official post with the info maybe??

anonymous asked:

HeY yOu! Did anyone EVER tell you that you're a ball of sunshine and creativity? No? Yes? Well they should more often. Also,I'm afraid I have the 25 dollar question of the hour (that literally made no sense whatsoever...) May I ask how you draw a full body sketch? Lately I've been bummed out because I can never draw a full body sketch (I can only draw from the neck and up)... Also,how can you draw with symmetry? It's quite hard and is like an experts opinion on it. ThAnK yOu and have a great day

hello!!!! aH well i’m no expert myself since i’ve never gone to art school and my only source of Artistic Education™ are youtube videos lmao but i’ll try to explain as best as i can!!

when drawing a symmetrical full body, i personally find that it’s easiest to do it when you’ve already got the hang of the shoulders since theyre kind of the “starting point” to a full body drawing?? for me at least?? so here’s a bit of a tutorial i made to do just that + a tiny review about the shapes i use in a full body drawing (i’m only focusing on the shoulders for now so let me know if you need more explanation on that!)

(((also, you are about to be subjected to some pretty terrible handwriting. you have been warned.)))

and there you have it!! this is my first time drawing out a tutorial of any kind so idk if it helps at all but i hope it does! i’d love to help out some more if you’d like so just hit me up whenever! :)

About all this Lunafreya/NoctLuna hate..

I just need to say… Lunafreya deserves so much more fucking respect but that’s not what I’m the most annoyed about right now. The truly annoying thing is how people say she isn’t really valid to Noctis? Or like her and Noctis “weren’t” in love, they’re just friends blah blah. All this anti-noctluna mess. First thing is first; I do wish Square Enix would’ve given us more BUT they gave us enough to realize this:

1. They are fucking in love.

 I’m going to elaborate. I get the whole “but they didn’t even see each other for 12 years” okay but ya’ll act like they really chose not to???? Are we forgetting exactly why? The tragedy that separated them??? Hello? I’m sure they would’ve grown up, stuck to each other like glue had Tenebrae not been invaded.

 2. Noct’s Squad

 Seriously? They tease him about Luna sooooo fucking much. Were we playing the same game? Prompto is easily the biggest noctluna shipper. What about Noct’s (English) voice actor confirmation?

 3. The notebook

 To me, Noctluna is clearly something long distance to put it simply. I’m going to be real here and say Noctis did NOT have to keep up communication with Luna all these years but he did! He fucking did. He missed her, he fucking showed nothing but sincere worry/excitement/love whenever Umbra would show up with the notebook carrying her response. The same goes for Luna. “They didn’t see each other for 12 years” they fucking wrote to each other for 12 years!!! You think they didn’t learn anything about each other in 12 years? “They wrote like one sentence to each other” no, be quiet. It’s a GAME. The length doesn’t matter, Square Enix was trying to tell the players one thing alone with the notebook; THEY HAVE NOT LET DISTANCE GET IN BETWEEN, they LOVE each other and they tragically but romantically have been connected the whole fucking time. Luna captured, no, /has had/ Noct’s heart… for 12 years. Through a notebook alone, they loved so fucking hard– That’s what I got from the game, the lover’s notebook was heavily symbolic.

 4. Luna’s death

 Since Luna had a lack of screen time, her death wasn’t felt as heavily as it should’ve been. /To me/, it was a heavy hit still. You know who else it was especially a heavy hit for? Noctis. The argument here is, of course it was. They were childhood friends, yes. Makes sense but I couldn’t help but feel like this hit was the one that kinda drew the final straw for Noctis. Noctis is clearly someone who feels heavily. He is an open book. Anyone’s death would’ve crushed him but Luna’s death had him in tears multiple times. Gladio had a harder time snapping him back to reality. When Luna was saying her farewell, he reached out and his face– god, his face. And when she appeared in front of him.. I can’t help but to feel like Luna’s death had the biggest toll though all the deaths to take place were just as important.

 5. The ending (Wedding scene)

 The wedding scene in the end, whether it was the after life or whatever– or Noct’s fantasy, it was a sincere ending. This was the happiness Regis wished them, the ending they BOTH desired. In the end, light was restored and so was peace… and still, Noctis and Lunafreya married. Dead or alive. Yes, Square Enix should’ve executed things better but everything that pointed to Noctis and Luna’s relationship was symbolic and there. Maybe there wasn’t a lot of it but ya’ll can’t say that my ship wasn’t valid. Whether you like it or not, it’s canon and canon for much good reason.

 Rant done.