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Pietro Maximoff Imagine #7-Requested

Anon: Hi! Your writings are amazing. Could you please do a story where the reader is with the avengers and the twins (after defeating Ultron). They are in a party that organised Stark and Pietro likes the reader. He is a bit jealous when other team mates dance with Her. Finally in a truth or dare game he confesses his feelings and they both kiss as if there was no one else on the room. Thanks!

A/N: Yes I could do the story corazon! I hope you enjoyed it!

Yet another night where Stark was throwing a party. You shouldn’t really whine about it because you actually loved his parties because it was probably the most normal thing the Avengers ever did. Besides trying to teach Steve, Vision, and Thor how to use phones, Tony’s parties were the most entertaining thing. You decided to put on a teal dress that was had straps that crossed at the back, making an ‘x’. It hugged your body enough to make you look attractive but not slutty. It stopped around mid-thigh. You put on some matching heels that you bought along with the dress and put on some nude make-up. Your lips were painted a nude-pinkish color and the only make-up that wasn’t skin color was your mascara and eyeliner. You finished getting ready and headed towards the door. You opened the door and the sound of laughing and glasses clinking filled your ears. The party has started. You saw Steve and walked up to him, smiling and hugging him.

“Y/N, you look gorgeous as always.” He winked and you giggled , thanking him and giving him a compliment back. The music has started and everyone made their way towards the dance floor, dancing to the music with their date. You saw Wanda and Vision dancing together and it was the cutest thing ever.

Distracted by the adorableness of Vision and Wanda, you didn’t realize that Pietro was making his way over to you, about to ask you to dance until mindless Steve asked you. You had accepted his invitation and started to dance with him. Pietro stopped in his tracks and grumbled under his breath, going to the bar and getting a drink.

“I know what you feel like.” He heard someone state next to him. Pietro turned his head and saw Banner next to him. Pietro scoffed.

“How could you possibly know what I’m feeling right now?” He asked, knowing well that Banner didn’t like to get too emotional.

“Because believe it or not I’m going through the same thing as well.” He told Pietro, who looked at him in disbelief. Banner continued.

“I have mixed feelings about Romanov. I want to like her, I really do but I don’t want to other guy hurting her. So I distance myself from her.” He told Pietro. Pietro looked at Banner and took a sip of his drink.

“ I don’t have mixed feelings about Y/N. I know I like her more than I should but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to tell her. I know I won’t be good enough for her because she’s just so gorgeous but she doesn’t realize it. She’s so thoughtful and patient with everyone and always puts everyone before her. I’m the opposite. I’m quick tempered and selfish. It’s just hard to see myself being with her and being all that she deserves. She deserves someone that will treat her right and will always put her needs in front of his own.” Pietro opened up to Banner, who was shocked that the male Maximoff had come around and opened to him.

“It seems like that person should be you. I don’t think that anyone in this world would ever be as fond of her as you. It may not seem like it now because Steve is dancing with her but everyone can tell she likes you.” Banner assured Pietro. Pietro thought it over as Banner left, patting Pietro on the back. Pietro turned in his chair as he saw you dance the night away with Steve.

The party was now over and everyone was just lounging on the couch. You were sitting with Thor and Nat on one couch, Barton was at your feet pretending to play the drums with chopsticks, on the other couch Banner sat with Steve and Tony and across from you were the two twins along with Vision.

“Let’s play spin the bottle!” Steve suggested but everyone turned his offer down.

“I thought that’s what was cool these days?”  He asked confused but everyone just laughed at his attempt. He shrugged it off.

“I tried.” He said.

“What about truth or dare?” Nat piped in. Everyone turned their heads to look at Nat, confused. She never suggested to play any games but everyone should have known that the assassin would choose to play the game that she had an advantage. The game where she would be able to pull off a the best poker face.

As the game went on everyone was choosing truth over dare and neither you nor Pietro had been chosen for anything. It was as if they were avoiding you two.

“Y/N.” Stark grabbed your attention. You looked over at him.

“Honesty or bravery?” He asked you. You thought about it.

“Bravery.” You said.

“Finally! Someone whose brave enough to choose dare!” Nat chimed in. I laughed at her.

“I dare you to hand me that drink.” Tony said pointing at the drink in front of you. You looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Really Stark?!? The FIRST dare and you waste it on your laziness!” Wanda exclaims with laughter at the end. He shrugged as everyone groaned. The game went one with Barton having to drink a shot of soy sauce, Thor having to speak in modern day slang, Steve trying to life Thor’s hammer (failing), and Wanda telling us her most embarrassing moment that has happened while being in the Avengers. It was Pietro’s turn and he picked truth.

“Have you ever been in love?” Vision asked. Of course either Vision or Thor would have picked this question it was just a matter of time. Pietro thought about his answer.

“Yes. I am in love right now.” He said as he looked straight at you. The room fell silent as they anticipated as to how this was going to play out. Banner had a huge smile on his face along with Wanda and Nat. They were all aware of Pietro’s affection towards you. Stark was eyes widened and his mouth hung open, Vision seemed genuinely interested because he thought this might help him with Wanda, Thor looked around not knowing how to react and Clint stopped playing the drums and kept to himself. You just stared at Pietro. He stood up and continued to talk. Nat pushed you to stand up and you stood up, not knowing what to do.

“She’s this amazing girl who never fails to make me laugh or smile. She always put’s others needs before her own. She’s too nice for her own good. She’s absolutely gorgeous but she doesn’t know it.” Pietro said while making his way towards tour couch. He kept talking.

“She’s always looking out for everyone and she’s very thoughtful. When she’s scolds someone for getting hurt while helping them her eyebrows pull together in concentration as she mutters all the things the ways that could have gone worse.” Pietro stopped in front of you, looking down at you as you looked up at him., listening to every word.

“She thinks no one notices but she always checks her appearance in a nearby reflection to see how she looks when she is the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Her only flaw is that she doesn’t see how much I care for her.” He finished as everyone in the circle looked at the two of you.

“I’m in love with Y/N.” He said. You didn’t know how to respond so you just wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. You had waited for him to say that for such a long time. He didn’t hesitate to pull you closer by your waist. Your hands moved to his hair, to tangle themselves in it. You pulled slightly at his hair and turned your head to the right so you could deepen the kiss. The shared kiss went on for a few minutes until the others startedd to couch.

“Get a room.” Clint coughed but acted as if nothing had happened. Pietro pulled away and stuck his tongue out at him.

“I love you too Pietro.” You said as he sat smiled a huge smile.

“Finally. ” Banner and Wanda said at the same time. Pietro took your hand and led you out of the room, leaving the others behind.

“Where are you guys going?” You heard Nat call out.

“You told us to get a room!” Pietro called out behind his shoulder as the both of you went to your bedroom to cuddle and kiss more.

A/N: I hope you liked it! I’m done with the requests for today! I’ll start writing more tomorrow but it’s late and I have to finish homework . Thank you all so much for everything and the four new followers! 44!!! Thank you amores xx.

maybe this could last

Thank you @humongousvoidbear for letting me use your headcanon

Andrew becomes a teacher. “Why the fuck not?” he says when Neil asks, sprawled comfortably over the old sofa with King and Sir. It isn’t a question.

“You never seemed interested in teaching,” Neil replies anyway, looking up at Andrew lazily. He’s talkative today, brimming with curiosity. Andrew scowls and shuts his mouth with a hard kiss, and Neil drops the subject. Temporarily, of course, because god forbid Neil ever stop bugging Andrew.

“You need to stop asking questions.” Andrew isn’t in a talkative mood.

Neil laughs, undeterred, but lets Andrew be.


It isn’t as easy as all that. Andrew goes through several teaching courses before he even takes a class (Criminology, Neil says, raising his eyebrows a little, of course you would choose that.

Got a problem with it, Josten? Andrew replies easily).

The first few classes are rocky—Andrew isn’t exactly known for his patience (or sensitive, caring nature)—but he settles into his job just fine. The students learn quickly not to ask stupid questions like Aren’t you Andrew Minyard? Do you play Exy? Why are you teaching?

After a while, Andrew Minyard fades into obscurity, eclipsed by the brilliance of fresh Exy champions on the rise (such as Neil Josten), and he’s able to teach in relative peace as Professor Minyard.

Neil drops in at his office sometimes, for a quick kiss before he disappears to practice and god knows what else. Andrew’s convinced that Neil takes these visits to annoy him (Have I ever mentioned how cute you look in glasses?

Fuck off. Do you really have nothing else to do other than bother me?

I thought you said nothing bothers you.

Get out. And Neil does, after pressing a smiling kiss to Andrew’s jaw that keeps him in an unusually good mood for the rest of the day)

The domesticity of this life grounds him as much as it cages him, the routine of teaching and going home every day to Neil and King and Sir and their shared apartment, and it’s almost frightening the way that this has become normal. That there is a ‘this’, and it’s a lot more concrete than he ever would have thought.


Andrew has been content to stay out of the spotlight. The newer students don’t know who he was, who he is, and other than a few comments, no one’s ever really mentioned it. This is all ruined by Neil, of course. Andrew walks into his office to find a gaping student blocking the doorway. Neil is sitting on his chair, feet on the table. Andrew eyes him. “What are you doing? And take your feet off the table.”

Neil doesn’t budge, smile careless. “I thought I’d surprise you.”

“Leave,” he orders, and Neil huffs before swinging his legs off the chair.

Andrew glances over at Johnson, who’s still gaping at everything. Neil brushes slightly against him as he leaves the office, and Andrew can’t help it—his fingers close slightly over Neil’s arm and let go. Later, his eyes say. “I’ll see you at home.”

And Neil disappears, leaving Andrew with the dumbstruck Johnson.

Andrew sighs (in exasperation, he tells himself, not affection) and turns to his student. “Did you come to my office for a reason?”


“That’s… that’s… that was Neil Josten!”

“I’m shocked. I thought he was Kevin Day. Now, instead of stating the obvious, what are you here for?”


It was inevitable that gossip would sweep through the school. Andrew ignores it, teaching classes with his usual brusque manner. After three classes, there’s finally someone who’s stupid or clueless (or both) enough to brave his wrath, and asks, “Are you dating Neil Josten?”

Andrew spares her a glance. “One thing I know is that you have a date with me after this class, Miss Reilly. You appear to have failed to hand in your assignment.”

The girl flushes, but continues on her path of self-destruction. “… I… Can I have an autograph?”

Andrew’s voice is flat. “And why do you believe that you can ask this question in my class?” He turns, addressing the class. “Unless any of you want to fail or even fucking die in your sleep, I suggest you not bother me.” Miss Reilly receives a particularly scathing look.

He has to repeat this with the next class, and the class after that. At home, Neil looks amused when Andrew complains that Neil has completely ruined his obscurity. “It’ll be on the media next,” he says, tugging slightly at Neil’s hair.

Neil’s blue eyes are bright. He leans down to drop a kiss on Andrew’s lips. “Screw the media. I don’t care.”

You should, Andrew doesn’t say, instead pulling Neil down by the shirt. Warmth spills in him, collecting in his chest, strange and unidentifiable.

There is a ‘this’ and Andrew thinks that maybe, maybe this could last.

ZOOSK (If you're considering it)

Are you one of those lonely hearts people finally deciding the only way you’ll be brave enough to meet someone is by opening your wallet and dishing out enough for that glorious subscription?


I fell into this trap and only once I found myself surrounded by red flags, did I put on my skeptical spectacles and do some research. Apparently, Zoosk is full of fake profiles and a robot-dating site (no, not the fun kind with sexy androids in lingerie). What’s more, in most cases, even cancelling your subscription isn’t enough to keep them from drawing more money from your accounts. Paypal isn’t any safer and those who complained were rarely (if ever) satisfied with the results of pursuing justice.

Do your research before you buy ANYTHING. And steer clear of these sites! You are wonderful and people will be drawn to you if you stop worrying about being single. Even if you’re shy, someone is there who is just waiting for the courage to approach you. Don’t give up.

You are not alone. :)