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Finally ask box is open again!! ^^ Can I request Hanamiya, Imayoshi, Takao, & Kagami first kiss with their shy s/o? Bonus if they start making out :P Thanks! Your blog is amazing btw ;))

Hanamiya: “Hey! Stop running for fuck’s sake! ___!” he yells after you as you continue trying to put some distance between the two of you. He knows it looked bad, but it isn’t his fault that girl had straddled him! And you just had to walk in in that moment and you just had to not see him push her off. Fucking typical. Now he’s running after you, trying to clear thing up. He picks up his speed, catching up with you and grabbing your arm. “Let go!” you yelp at him, trying to break free and hoping he won’t see the tears in your eyes. And then it happened. He kisses you, hard, trying to get his point across in time. Somehow you understand, but the frustration doesn’t cease. So you kiss him even harder.

Imayoshi: These last couple of weeks you have been spending your lunch break with Imayoshi in the classroom. As today was no exception, there you were, sitting and joking around. He really likes this side of you because he knows he was one of the rare people who got to see it. As he thinks about topics he wants to mention to you next, he scribbles a small drawing that, even though it was small in proportion, perfectly displayed his artistic skills. Or more like the lack of thereof. When you see his drawing, you begin to laugh uncontrollably. “…..Hey.” he says in mock anger, grabbing your chin and kissing you. Now you were the one shocked and he just sits there with his usual smirk. After all, he always has to have the last laugh.

Takao: “…..” Takao peers at you from the other side of the room, hoping his stare would make you notice him. “…..hhnnggh…..” he makes a little noise in the back of his throat, staring even more intently. You still don’t notice him! How tragic! You type away on your laptop, not batting an eyelash at his childish behaviour. “Nee, ___-chan? When are you going to be done?” now he’s sitting next to you, having given up on catching your attention with noises alone. “Soon” you say in a distant tone, trying to focus. He looks at your face for a moment, mulling over an idea. He goes for it. Now he’s smiling like an idiot, looking at your shocked face. “There we go! Now you’re paying attention!” 

Kagami: Having trouble with English?…well so is he, sorry. He tries, but his accent just makes it hard for you to understand what he’s teaching you. As you giggle for the umpteenth time that evening, Kagami blushes the same way he did the first time. “ T-take this seriously…” he stammers, regaining his composure. As you fail to do the same, he does something neither of you expect: he kisses you. As he pulls back, face as red as his hair, he says “…at least you stopped laughing”. You had to admit it though, instinctual or not, that boy’s got game.

The Date Part 3 [Jughead Jones x Reader]

Part 1
Part 2

Summary : You and Jughead finally talk about whatever’s going on between you two.

After your date with Reggie, nothing more happened.You had a nice time at the cinema, but that was it. Reggie was a player, and he didn’t need a relationship at the moment. What were you expecting? You hoped that a relationship with Reggie was going to help you get over your best friend, but no. Reggie had to be a player. But it wouldn’t have been fair to you, or him. And hitting on some other guy was not an option.

So, there you were, in Jughead’s room, in an awkward silence. You were here because you wanted to sort out things with him.

You were sitting on the bed, while Jughead was at the desk, writing something on his laptop. You sighed and sat up, closing his laptop. He said an offended ‘Hey’, and you sat on the desk in front of him. 

“Dude, we need to talk.” You casually said. He rolled his eyes and looked at you. “Go on.” He sighed, looking away. “You think I  don’t feel the tension between us?” You said, grabbing his face, making him look at you. “Careful with face grabbing. You tend to do more than that.”He jokes, as you hit him behind his head. “You are such a dick!” You scoffed. “It’s my specialty.”He sarcastically smiled. “Can’t I just kiss you back and go on with our lives?” He added. Your eyes widened.

He sat up and put his left hand on your waist and with his right hand he was caressing your face. You were looking each other in the eyes, leaning in, until your lips connected, basically melting. It was a romantic and cute kiss. Up until the moment you threw your legs around his waist, as he deepened the kiss, placing both of his arms on your waist, lifting you up, and gently putting you on the bed, he pulled away.

“What are you doing to me, Y/N?” He gently stroked your hair. “I’ve never seen this side of you. Are you sure you’re my Jughead?” You both smiled. “Don’t let it get to your head.” He said, getting up. “So, I guess that makes us…” You smiled like a child, but he interrupted you. “Yes.” 

You know the two scenes from the finale, where Nora leans against Ren and they have a personal moment and then in a later scene Nora leans against Jaune and they have a team moment?

I finally remembered what the scenes reminded me of. Here’s a snippet from Patrick Rothfuss’ The Wise Man’s Fear where one of the characters, Vashet, is explaining to Kvothe the differences between two kinds of touch and thus, what is intimate and what isn’t. 

Vashet looked thoughtful for a moment, then seemed to reach some kind of decision. “Here. It will be simpler to show you. Watch.”

I watched the familiar Adem impassivity slide over her face, leaving her face blank as new paper. Her voice lost most of its inflection at the same time, shedding its emotional content. “Tell me what I mean when I do this,” she said.

Vashet stepped close, making no eye contact. Her hand said, respect. “You fight like a tiger.” Her face was expressionless, her voice flat and calm. She grabbed hold of the top of my shoulder with one hand, and gripped my arm with the other, giving it a squeeze.

“It’s a compliment,” I said.

Vashet nodded and stepped back. Then she changed. Her face grew animated. She smiled and met my eyes. She stepped close to me. “You fight like a tiger,” she said, her voice glowing with admiration. One of her hands rested on the top of my shoulder while the other slipped around my biceps. She squeezed.

I was suddenly embarrassed at how close we were standing. “It’s a sexual advance,” I said.

It’s not 100% the same situation, but it explains wonderfully how the same action can have different meanings. 

God, the music even advanced through the song again.

*Slow exhale*

This was one hell of an episode. I was blown the fuck away at two separate moments, and on the edge of my seat besides. Yanked the rug out from under me at mach speed.

I… I’m glad the show finally got to this point, finally talked about the ethics of Malachite. I’m glad Lapis hates what she did. I’m glad we learned Jasper’s take on it.

I just hope we actually see a resolution between the two at some point in the future. They’ve certainly cracked open one colossal can of worms.

I rate episode 93, Alone At Sea, a 10/10.

Today’s second episode is definitely happening, but I’d like some time to shake things out and talk with the Discord for a bit (You’re invited! Check my About Me page).

See you in a while.

How they would kiss you

Despite being the eldest member, Jin’s kisses would be some of the most innocent. You two would be walking home after a date and he’d catch you by surprise at first, swooping down really close, snaking a hand around the back of your neck. He’d simply stare into your eyes for a moment, composed and intense, but after a couple seconds, he’d let out a giggle and lower his gaze in embarrassment. It’d be adorable and the two of you would laughing for a little while, then you’d be forced to initiate the rest, pulling him closer to dissolve the final distance between you.

Suga’s kisses would be slow and passionate, and he’d be one to take every possible opportunity for long yet casual makeout sessions, without expecting them to lead to “something more.” He’d absolutely love coming home from work to kiss you on the couch, hands resting gently on your waist as a movie plays dimly in the background.

Rap Monster would be one of the most romantic out of them all. He’d be one to plan your first kiss in advance, creating a perfect date to lead up to it. It would be incredibly cliche, with candles, wine, roses, chocolate, and everyone you’d expect to see in a cheesy rom com, but he’d pull it off chicly and make your heart flutter all throughout the night before carefully cupping your cheek and kissing you softly.

Jimin would absolutely love kissing, and he’d be incredibly diverse about it, too. Whether he’s pulling you aside during a shoot and making out in the dressing room while he’s on standby, or peppering your whole face with sweet kisses to wake you in the morning, he’d adore the closeness. More often than not he’d run his hands through your hair, or cup the back of your neck and gently play with stray locks.

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ok u know what i may not ship Caryl but i am not opposed to a little romance between the two i mean idk if i just keep looking into this too much or what but it seems lowkey likely they’re gonna get together but IDK i mean i ain’t against some cute moments finally that are meant to be romantic from Daryl and Carol, you know like, fluffy Daryl? let’s see what he’s like

This episode had some really great and cute moments. My two favorites being…


BUT there is another hug in the episode that I REALL REALLY love and that’s this one here…

This hug between Star and her mother is really important I think. Star’s mom has always been portrayed as an overly strict and often distant parent (and if you look at Star’s personality you can’t really argue that she sort of NEEDS a strict person to instill upon her SOME semblance of responsibility) but here we get to see that despite that, she does LOVE her daughter. I loved that we finally get to see her mom well really be a mom….

Also Mrs. Diaz on her horse forcing her son into an awkward hug was perhaps my to date favorite Diaz family moment…. Poor Marco….

Between a Raven and a Hard Place

It had all led to this moment

Countless hours of preparation, surveillance, and some luck.  But, finally, he’d managed to corner her.  It certainly hadn’t been easy.  If it had been anyone else, he doubted they would have even connected the dots.  But, Jericho Swain was not just anybody

It had started small.  Practice, no doubt.  Just testing the waters, and the resistance they’d likely meet.  Several notable families had been burglarized in the last two months.  However, in addition to small baubles and trinkets would be records, memos and the like.  Burglaries made to look like burglaries, to distract from the real missing information.  Not a career thief, but a spy, then.  To whom, he could only guess, but that would remain to be seen to.  For now, Swain had other concerns.  Such as, how such a thief could break into some of the most secure houses in Noxus, and leave nary a trace?

Beatrice had proven herself time and again, and this time had been no different.  After noting that almost every target had been a family that had some connection to Boram, be it public knowledge or more…clandestine, he had Beatrice and her flock begin their watch.  It’d taken a week of sleepless nights and agonizing days, but it had been worth it.  The Flock had seen the thief.  Apparently, they had managed some form of magick that made them imperceptible to the human eye.  However, Beatrice saw beyond the human eye, and found the layers of magick almost blinding. 

After that, it had been mere child’s play.  Having Leblanc set up a party in one of Darkwill’s manors, it’d be one of the best times to strike the leadership of Noxus.  All he would have to do is have Beatrice lay her claws upon the determined room, and have an agent ready the soldiers, and he would have his trap at the ready.  However, this “phantom thief” intrigued him.  They possessed magicks that had yet to be determined.  They were smart, and careful.  If he had not had Beatrice, he doubted he would have found them.  This was too powerful and influential a piece to consign to the Pits.  No…He could use this.

The study of Kieran Darkwill was quiet, save for the echoes from the party downstairs.  Bookcases lined the walls, detailing the glories of Grand Generals past. Dark wood floors, mahogany desk, posh lamps…the very epitome of decadence and privilege.  Upon the desk sat a solitary chessboard, and the ivory and ebony pieces sat in play.  If Swain allowed himself a moment, he would think it almost appropriate, as he sat, and waited in the darkness. 

The pieces were now in motion, and the General played to win


Recommended Reading #011: Out of Time

Out of Time by thedandiestoflions / @ahealthylionisanonillion

This Kolyat Krios/F!OC(Indigo) drabble is really a great gem I discovered while dipping into a round robin of commenting in an FB group I’m part of. It’s a wonderfully intimate moment between the two that really has surprising focus and power for such a short piece. 

The movement of the writing is representative of the physical setting of the scene and seems to even follow the changes with the characters’ movements in the scene. It’s really stunning to read and see the emotional connection follow that blocking until the pair feel more emotionally connected when they finally do physically connect as well. 

In this metaphorical new beginning (or what seems like it to me–given some clues including Kolyat’s worrisome memories of his father), these two characters seem incredibly comfortable with one another. And while I have not read the companion WIP for this piece, I have placed it on my list of things I’d like to carve out time to read.

You’re Not Crazy

Prompt: “No one said you’re crazy. We’re all just… Planning on whispering it to each other later.” for @gabriel-monthly-challenge​  Think I broke a rule in this too. I’m such a bad example. Also this fic sucks.

Pairing: Reader/Gabriel

Words: 1.506

Tags: @lacqueluster@waterkiss37@crazysocklovingfangirl@gabriel-monthly-challenge

Warning: NSFW. Smut. Wing Kink. 

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Tour Break Up?-A Niall Horan Imagine


The one where Y/N and Niall break up while she’s visiting on tour, but…

Well then, maybe you should leave!” he shouted, storming out of the room and letting the door close with a bang.

The tears didn’t take too long to fall, again.

You had been sitting in his room, rehashing everything that had just happened between the two of you. One moment you were in complete bliss, finally being with him after a few weeks of not seeing him. Then, you were arguing about the distance and this plus that, resulting in the two of you breaking it off. Harsh words were said, some that you hoped he didn’t mean and some that you definitely hadn’t meant. He had stormed out after you had started to repack all of your things.

You had sighed, turning to look over his room, before rushing out of his door. You didn’t know where he went or if the break up was completely for real. But you decided to just let it be, leaving because of the things that were said.

You were halfway to the elevator when you heard the doors open, you had hoped it was him coming back to stop you from leaving. But it wasn’t. It was instead Liam and Louis, laughing together as they hit the floor. They stopped, as did you, taking in your appearance and instantly letting their smiles drop.

“What’s happened, love?” Liam asked, walking closer to you, but slowly. You shook you head, not wanting to say anything, but still your appearance had given you away. “Did Niall do something?”

“N-no,” you stuttered out, moving your free had to wipe the tears off your face.

“That’s a lie,” Louis chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. “What did the idiot do?”

You hesitated for a minute before you finally spoke, “we broke up.”

The both had shocked expression, both speechless. Everyone would’ve thought, could’ve thought, that the two of you would’ve been together forever. Both of them stayed slient for a couple more minutes and it had felt really awkward.

“I need to go… I haven’t gotten a plane ticket back home yet,” you said, trying move around them. They didn’t budge though. You didn’t want to be stuck in the hallway, nor did you want him to come back and catch you still in the hallway after you had said you were leaving.

“Just stay,” Liam said, making you look at him like he was crazy.

It was later in the night, the city lights had been a sight to see on the ride over to the venue. Why you agreed to stay was beyond you, but you had agreed. The boys had shuffled your bags into their room, you taking Louis re-done bed and him taking the couch fold out.

They had been a little too convincing in getting you to go to the show. You had begged them to let you stay at the hotel, but they didn’t have it. They had left earlier, sending a guard and car for you later before the show. They had promised not to tell Niall you left, but you honestly didn’t ask them to do that because it would be useless.

Your heart had begun to pick up speed, the annoying feeling of anxiety starting to creep up on you. Seeing him was going to be awkward and you knew that nothing good would come from you showing up. He didn’t want you there, he said it himself. His words all came back, taunting you as you walked into the building.

You were ready to turn back around and rush out of the door when Liam had caught up to you. He had smiled, ushering you into the dressing room. He was talking, but you had no clue what he was saying. It was like you weren’t there, you weren’t focused. You were internally freaking out about seeing Niall.

He wasn’t in the room when you walked in. He wasn’t in sight, there hardly was anyone in there, but he was the one you were looking for the most. It was like an instantaneous thing when you heard his voice only a couple minutes after setting yourself down in a chair.

“But we didn-“ He was speaking, but he had stopped the moment he walked in and the two of you caught eyes. He had stared at you for a second, Harry patting his shoulder as he passed him while coming into the room. “Y/N?” he asked, looking really confused and hurt.

Everyone in the room seemed to sense the tension, all stopping to look at the exchange between the two of you.

“I asked her to stay,” Liam said, walking out the room. Niall had looked back at him before looking back at you, everyone starting to file back out of the room.

“I should go,” you said, it was only a moment after the last person had left the room.

“I thought you were already gone,” he whispered, blocking the door. You sighed, closing your eyes as a heavy feeling took over your insides. It felt like you breathe had been taken away.

“I was going to, but they stopped me.”

“I’m glad they did,” he said, making you open your eyes to look at him. “I didn’t mean anything I said.

It’s also a nice moment between these two women where Regina takes the opportunity to share some fears and concerns that she’s never been able to voice before. She opens up in a way that we’ve never seen. Emma’s her best friend. It’s a moment between these two women where Regina takes the opportunity to share some deep fears and thoughts. We’ve never really seen her have this confessional, I guess you would call it. It’s quite moving, it’s quite honest and vulnerable. She’s holding a piece of paper. I don’t want to tell you what that is, but you’ll see what that is. It’s the catalyst that opens the door for Regina to share all these feelings with Emma.
—  Lana Parrilla talking about Emma and Regina in the finale!
Rest of my Life

This was a request
Idk if I did it right though
I just went with the flow lol it’s trash
Enjoy this though maybe???

Title: Rest of my Life
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: “imagine of late night pills talk with Steve Rogers” 
Word Count: 1,037
Warnings: None

Your name: submit What is this?

            It had been a really long day, but finally you were able to catch a break. Just you, Steve, and some peace and quiet. Though he was a super soldier, even Steve was feeling a little sluggish. The two of you just laid in bed, appreciating your time together.

           There had been very few moments like this recently. The two of you were having more arguments than usual, and though they always worked out, there seemed to be a glass wall between you.

           "Y/N,“ asked Steve, pulling you into his arms.

           "Yeah?” you replied.

           "Do you ever regret this?“

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I have been waiting for this fight for fucking ages like

and I hope that I’d be some motherfucking epic duel between these two guys!

but firstly, let me make some popcorn…

well…I wasn’t ready for the feels! You’re a monster Oda! Don’t give us sad and heartbreaking flashbacks anymore! Please! You’ve just overused them for Dressrosa arc and it’s high time for you to give us, finally, create some new character with a positive and joyful, without ANY SAD MOMENTS, DEATHS, SUFFERINGS, ILLNESSES AND ACCIDENTS childhood!

Is it REALLY hard to do it Oda?

I hope Diamante is already dead! Any unconciousness are unacceptable!

I want this cunt dead! Just don’t ruin it Oda!

Robiiiiiin!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! YOU’RE BADLY INJUREEED!!!! I DON’T WANT YOU IN PAIN!!!!!!!!! NOOOOooo…..!!!!

okay! okay! I know it’s important to RE-remember this stuff but now hurry up and let’s give some info about Sanji and co.

I love this panel of how God Usopp uses two tall samurais as his godly throne! and even his pose. just look how sexy long nosed sniper of SHs can be here


Ok. I’ve changed my mind! It’s rather hillarious!!! XD

Hmm… this ‘fight' looks for me just like the one when Zoro fought with Monet. She was also attacking the weak ones, however, she was fighting more with Zoro.

Zoro, I love you!

why do Pika keeps asking about King Riku III? Isn’t he…?

no way! So Pika simply wants to smash everyone in the plateau???
Zoro, stop him!

nice plans but….


this is simply one big fucking NOPE!

poor Usopp….. hurry up with the plan Zoro!

ok… so how does it work?

ummm… but you can’t fly….. how will you…

Zoro’s wearing his bandana! Is it going to be some awesome attack in a form of Asura I’ve been waiting for since the TS???


Random Dragon Age: Inquisition headcanon -

(endgame spoilers and such)

I imagine that in the moments just before the final confrontation, as the Inquisitor and her companions are making their way to the Temple of Sacred Ashes, a brief but significant conversation between two old “friends” takes place.

Because it wasn’t as though there was time enough for any proper planning - and it may have been folly to think that there would be one day more to prepare, to concoct some sort of plan. And it wasn’t as though Morrigan had contingencies at her fingertips - so long had she relied solely upon herself and no others, so long had she kept herself at arms’ length, if not more, lest proximity prove a danger.

So it is then that the Witch of the Wilds turned arcane advisor asks a favor of Leliana (haltingly, bitterly) - that the former Chantry sister, her one-time travel companion made spymaster and perhaps Divine-to-be, would watch over her son. Protect him, at all cost (and bring him to… his father? the Hero of Ferelden? the Empress of Orlais? raise him as her own?…), should the world survive but she perish.

And Leliana agrees before the question is completely uttered, taking a solemn vow for that most desperate gamble, knowing full well the pain the witch suffers to even pose the inquiry, and knowing full well that Morrigan would find a way to hold her to her promise, regardless of her fate.

They stand together in silence at the edge of the valley for but a few moments before the sky begins to bleed in green and red, and then Leliana takes Morrigan’s face gently in her hands and delivers the softest kiss on her cheek. She steps away, and the witch doesn’t glare, doesn’t lash out.

Instead, somehow calm and comforted, she asks “Was that your farewell?”

“No,” is the reply. “I’m tired of saying good-bye to the people I love.” And before she recedes into the shadows, before she returns to the forces of the Inquisition waiting breathless on the periphery, the spymaster says “Fight well, as only you can.”

And Morrigan is left to ascend into the battle alone, with the scent of ash filling her nostrils, and the sound of grinding rock heavy against her ears. Her soul lifts under skin shifting, under wings unfurling - stretching across the darkness with the strength of scale and claw to guide her.

Bird Symbolism

Qrow and Raven. Ravens and crows.

So the finale left us with a few things to ponder, Ruby’s “special powers” for one. Who didn’t see that coming? But it seems they left a more subtle hint about the avian siblings. Let’s start with the obvious one.

The Qrow crow. Intriguing to say the least. But then there was another interesting moment that I only noticed after seeing the one with Qrow.

A raven. Or Raven?

Between the Maiden Powers and Ruby’s special eyes, I really wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if these two turned out to be shapeshifters. But even if they aren’t, we still see some interesting symbolism showing Raven and Qrow watching over Yang and Ruby respectively - and even though this has already been hinted at anyway, I thought the mystique of the finale’s bird symbolism was a really nice touch.

Waffles & Rookie Proposals

This is basically 2.5k of fluffy prequel to my blanket fort fic Under Cover. You don’t need to have read that to read this though, obviously.

Dedicated to @rookiesinlove who gave the aforementioned fic a glowing review and then demanded to know about the Waffle House rookie proposal. Which I thought about, and kept thinking about, until I finally sat my ass down and wrote it. Hope you enjoy, dude!

Patrick’s restless.

It’s 8pm on a Tuesday night, the second of a two-day break between games. They don’t have practice tomorrow, just a seven-thirty start time against the Caps. Technically he could be out right now, having some drinks, maybe trying to hook up. It doesn’t really sound appealing, for a couple of reasons.

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No but imagine overhearing Merlin and Eggsy sniping and snarking and trading barbs and threats over the comms.  

Imagine the others thinking that one day Merlin is just going to snag Eggsy up and teach him a lesson for being such a chatty little shit because one day Eggsy is just going to say the wrong thing to Merlin.

And maybe there have been moments where others (whether on shared comms or having overheard) think that the day has finally arrived where Eggsy just says something that crosses the line… only to be disappointed because their version of “inappropriate” doesn’t seem to match what Merlin thinks because he just continues about as if what Eggsy said equals “good morning how are you?”

And this goes on for YEARS between the two men and some just get used to it, some figure it’s just how they communicate, and others just remain baffled.

Because regardless of all the shit-talk they both dish out to one another, Eggsy will come at his fellow Kingsman if he feels that they disrespected Merlin, and Merlin will assign missions in bum-fuck nowhere should he discover anyone not giving Eggsy his utmost dues.

So yeah Merlin and Eggsy continue to trash talk and argue and call each other names and everyone (save for a few select – and very observant – individuals) waits with bated breathe for that one. big. massive. blowout between the two–

And then it happens.

Quiet.  Silence.  Absolute.

For one unforgettable week there is NOTHING BUT SILENCE between the two.  And the others note that Roxy Morton and Harry Hart are on edge because of it.  And the others wonder why because goddamn this is a nice change and why are those two so fuckin’ worried because isn’t Silence Golden or some shit?

And the others don’t exactly miss the pitying-slash-withering look Morton and Hart would give them, as if wondering how the fuck did they make it pass the recruitment stages and they still don’t get it… Until three days into The Silent Week That Shall Never Be Spoken Of Again.

Because that’s when they realize how miserable and out of sync and so quiet Eggsy (who is usually a stealthy, capable, and mouthy agent) is and how tense and angry and sad Merlin (who is usually so perceptive and fast and wise and snarky) is.  And they start to realize just how… WRONG the silence between the two are that eventually the others start MISSING the moments where Merlin would growl out “you little shit” to Eggsy, and Eggsy would roll his eyes and smirk as if the insult was as scary as JB himself.

That’s also when the others start to recall that despite all the name-calling and the shit talk, NEVER HAVE THEY BEEN EXCHANGED IN ANGER OR HATE.  

Needless to say everyone was glad as fuck when The Silent Week That Shall Never Be Spoken Of Again came to a fuckin’ spectacular end as they overheard Merlin on the comms ordering Eggsy to come home and Eggsy responding – fondly – back with an exasperated okay and something about being thrilled to see his fucking ugly face and Merlin sniping – with a hint of warmth – at him to shut the fuck up. 

And damn what kind of Kingsman were they when they missed the inevitable truth:  that Merlin and Eggsy, despite all the fights and the threats and the shit-talking between them, throughout their friendship there wasn’t a moment when they weren’t in love with the other.

And it is only in the Silence did their love spoke volumes.

Clary and Jace 1x07

So I know I usually wait a few days to do my fangirling but I can’t wait. This episode was too amazing and Clace were epic to wait. Now the last couple of weeks we have only been getting a scene or two with them but that changed this week. We got so much this week that I can’t fangirl about every moment so I’m break down some of my favorite things.

The Banter. How freaking great was the back and fourth between them. The closet scene was cute. Then Clary slapping Jace and them pretending to be a fighting couple. Greatness. Then the way he kept bringing up the slap. I also loved how she was determined to do everything on her own but she was also finally listening to him. They were working as a team and I loved every second.The elevator scene was so filled with sexual tension. It was amazing.

Then we finally got Clary realizing everything Jace has been doing for her. She freaking apologized and thanked him. It was beyond amazing to see her come to this realization. Then when he sorta brushed it of and said it was his job to help her because he was a shadowhunter Clary didn’t like that answer. She asked if he would do this for anyone. He responded with a joke saying not Simon. True to form when he was all business then joked his way out of a possible emotional situation. Dom is so great at showing Jace’s emotions but his feelings are still some Jace is struggling with.

Clary however became very aware of her feelings when she had to stab a demon with Jace’s face. When the demon didn’t exploded immediately she start freaking out at the thought that she could have killed him. You can see how shaken she was when Alec and Luke showed up and she wanted to get out of there as soon as possible and she ran straight into Jace’s arms.

Then the last scene was like the best scene ever. First we have Jace doing whatever it takes to find Clary but he doesn’t have to because she comes running into his arms. Then when she tells that she got the cup. He doesn’t care. He’s just glad she’s okay with was a contrast against what demon Jace did. When he asks her how she knew the demon wasn’t him she said she does listen to him sometimes. Jace attempts to put his wall back up but Clary isn’t having it she grabs him and kisses him. So freaking hot.It was literally the best thing ever. I’m so in love with them. If I wasn’t already obsessed with them I would be now. So I will be on cloud 9 with my clace feels. If you want to talk to me about this week feel free to hit up my ask or message me. Until next week Much Love.